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  2. For all you metafags, which I'm sure exist among the tulpafags, I've had a theory for quite some time about how one could legitimately go to Equestria, including any headcanon, OCs, personality changes, or really anything you could imagine being functionally cohesive. I'm bored and don't care enough about any shitstorm this might cause, so here it is.
  4. For this to work, you'll at least have to be open-minded. Even if you don't believe in the metaphysical stuff, I encourage you to read anyway (skimming over the new agey stuff, of course), since it could still yield benefits even if it doesn't work.
  6. The theory revolves around the practice of astral projection, the fairly common practice whereby the practioner purportedly leaves his/her body to explore other realms of existence known collectively as the "astral plane." The astral plane could be described as a lucid dream on steroids, where you can meet others and find spirits. as well as a bit of multiversal theory. The multiverse is the collection of anything that you could possibly imagine with any configuration, laws of physics, or lack thereof, and more. It encompasses everything from the alternate timeline where you DIDN'T spaghetti your brains out in front of that girl last week, to places like Equestria, to a reality literally made of color.
  8. Alright, now that that's out of the way, the basic idea is to first achieve astral projection (which can be difficult, depending on who you are), imagine yourself in the Equestria you want (making sure you're not going to a "tulpa reality" (a reality you create in the astral plane, like a tulpa, but it's a place), then using one of several techniques to enter that reality semi-permanently.
  10. To Astral Project:
  11. 1) Get completely comfortable, lying down
  12. 2) stay completely still, you should eventually feel a sort of numbness all over your body
  13. 3) Use a Separtation Technique
  14. 4)Move away from your body.
  15. 5) Focus, and will yourself into Equestria.
  17. Separation Techniques:
  18. 1) Floating Method- Imagine yourself floating out of your body. Imagine balloons and such pulling you out, if you'd like.
  19. 2) Rope Method- Imagine a rope above you. Imagine your arms pulling yourself out of your body using that rope. Try to imagine the feeling of the rope in your hands, rather then picturing it.
  20. 3) Rock and Roll Method- Rock gently, creating a sort of wave through your body, and when you're ready, roll out of your body.
  21. 4) Point Method- Imagine an immovable point in space. 'Prod' it with your mind, make sure it's unmoveable. Imagine your arms reaching out and grabbing the point, and using it to pull yourself out of your body.
  22. 5) Moving Point Method- Do the Point Method, but instead of pulling yourself out, imagine the point itself moving and pulling you out.
  23. 6) Fall Method- Imagine yourself falling out of your body.
  25. TIPS:
  26. Some people say Binurial Beats help.
  27. Quartz is said to help with the process. At worst, it's a placebo effect that'll help.
  28. Stay positive! Constant reaffirmation will help. "I'm going to do this! I can! Tonight!"
  30. To enter the reality:
  31. 1.) You can go to the Equestria of your perverted dreams with the added condition that a body you can rejoin, the same way you would if you were returning from a normal AP trip, just so happens to be there randomly. You don't even have to specify how.
  32. 2.) You can (again) go to the Equestria of your dreams with the added condition that the reality you go to has some extra law(s) of physics that allow you to become physical. The sky really isn't the limit here, but I'll outline a few ideas:
  33. a.) It's a one-time law of physics that only works for you. Either you just magically become physical, or you jerk off to best p0ne and do the hokey pokey, or whatever floats your boner.
  34. b.) It can work for anyone, you just have to concentrate on becoming physical, perhaps.
  35. c.) There's a magic rock that makes ghosts around it physical
  36. Really just do whatever appeals to you the most.
  37. 3.) If you really want, you could do something convoluted where the one of the Princesses pull you in, Twilight is casting a solidification spell, or again, anything that makes sense to you.
  39. Some quick notes and precautions:
  41. * I suggest that unless you have a LOT of difficulty APing (where even one attempt may be your only attempt), you practice until it becomes second nature to you just in case your version of Equestria doesn't work out, or you miss your family or some bullshit (actually, more on this later)
  42. * When you finally do AP and are carrying it all out, be sure to do it relatively quickly. If you're APing for too long, you'll eventually wake up and you'll have to do it all over again. Once you get a body in Equestria, this shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  45. * What happens to my body when I do this? >From my thoughts and research, your body will go into a technically permanent coma. It'll still be physically alive, but there won't be anything there.
  46. * What if I miss that little fucked up planet we call Earth/my family/friends? >The process is reversible, and in fact you can go back to this reality and rejoin your comatose body, or even go back in time (or go to a timeshifted reality, but semantics) and rejoin before you even read this. In addition, you can actually bring anyone you want with you to Equestria - you just have to have that in mind when you go there. Also bla bla existentialism because "is that really my friend?" There is literally an infinite number of perceptual clones of you in every conceivable universe possible. CLOSE ENOUGH.
  47. * But what about my dreams of being my OC? >Entering Equestria doesn't limit you to being human. If you really wanted to, you could be a 9-legged pirate eldricht abomination and destroy everything.
  48. * ...but I want to be Rainbow Dash... >Creepiness and the drama that would cause beside, you can be. In that case, you would go to the universe where they are actually a perceptual clone of you (this could lead into the concept of higher selves, but you have Google you lazy bastards).
  49. * Will my personality change? >It should somewhat, actually, depending on what kind of body you choose to have. From what I can tell, having the brain of, say, a young colt would cause you to have the same mental/maturity level. If your OC is defined as brave and daring, and you're the spaghetti equivalent of Fluttershy, you will have a tendency to be at least a little brave and daring.
  50. * Can I change things after I get there? Generally, no, unless you AP again and go to a different Equestria.
  52. http://tinyurl.com/ceeawlk has a general AP guide
  53. http://tinyurl.com/d33l4b4 has a project to Equestria guide
  54. http://pastebin.com/b190xN7i has a mental projection guide
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