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Sasara's Winter Costume Story - I want you to only have eyes for me

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Sep 16th, 2020
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  1. Sasara's Winter Costume Story - I want you to only have eyes for me
  3. Sasara: Fuu~ Great work there Asuka!
  4. Asuka: Thanks Sasara-san, you too.
  5. Asuka: Your backup really saved us there today.
  6. Sasara: You're welcome.
  7. Sasara: Now, what time is it...
  8. Sasara: Wha? It's this late already?
  9. Sasara: I have to go now...
  10. Asuka: Oh~ Do you have something urgent to do?
  11. Sasara: Yeah, I wanted to buy new clothes!
  12. Sasara: I have plans for tomorrow, so I wanted to get everything ready today.
  13. Asuka: Understood. You can leave it to me!
  14. Sasara: Huh? To you?
  15. Asuka: Why are you giving me that look?
  16. Sasara: Well... do you even know anything about fashion?
  17. Asuka: Mmm? How rude!
  18. Asuka: That said... I am normally wearing my uniform...
  19. Asuka: So I'll let the facts speak for themselves here!
  20. Sasara: ...In other words?
  21. Asuka: I, Tatsuki Asuka
  22. Asuka: will amaze you
  23. Asuka: with the coordinator techniques I've acquired after day after day of research
  24. Asuka: Fumu~
  25. Asuka: Fummu...
  26. Sasara: Asuka... are you done? The store is about to close...
  27. Asuka: Ah! Not yet!
  28. Asuka: I still haven't decided on either pants or a skirt...
  29. Sasara: Not even that!?
  30. Sasara: ...Look, I appreciate your help
  31. Sasara: but it's about time we choose something already.
  32. Sasara: Mmm... I'm at least getting this coat...
  33. Asuka: !?
  34. Asuka: T-That's it!
  35. Sasara: Huh?
  36. Asuka: Let's go with an outfit that matches that coat!
  37. Asuka: Sasara-san! What's your budget!?
  38. Sasara: L-Let's see... I brought all the money I got for new year.
  39. Sasara: So, enough for 2 or 3 more clothes
  40. Asuka: Alright! Leave the top and bottom to me!
  41. Asuka: Don't worry, I'll put together an outfit that'll be just perfect for you!
  42. Sasara: Perfect....
  43. Sasara: You might know more about this than me after all
  44. Sasara: Alright, I'll leave it to you!
  45. Asuka: Yes!
  46. Asuka: The coat is slim so...
  47. Asuka: How about we go with a skirt for the bottom to accentuate your figure,
  48. Asuka: it'll give your outfit some nice contrast!
  49. Sasara: Mmph, so you do know your stuff...!
  50. Sasara: I'm home~
  51. Sasara's dad: Welcome back, you're late today.
  52. Sasara: Y-Yeah, I went shopping with a friend...
  53. Sasara: ...Can you wait there for a moment?
  54. Sasara: ...W-What do you think?
  55. Sasara's dad: Wow, you bought new clothes? They suit you...
  56. Sasara: Really? Thank you dad!
  57. Sasara: (I was a little worried)
  58. Sasara: (But I'm glad I left it to Asuka!)
  59. Sasara's dad: Don't tell me, Is that what you're wearing when we go out tomorrow?
  60. Sasara: ...
  61. Sasara: ...O-Oh yeah! Maybe...
  62. Sasara's dad: I'm looking forward to it~
  63. Sasara's dad: It's been a while since we last went somewhere together.
  64. Sasara: Yeah...
  65. Sasara: I'm really... looking forward to it...!
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