Standard Magic newfags guide

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  1. 1. Never spend your wildcards until you've obtained the 10 free decks. You'll obtain them in 6 days.
  3. 2. I'd recommend watching this vid to understand more about the MTG Arena economics. [Open] basically, never spend your gems earning gold, always spend your gold towards obtaining gems or earning gold
  5. 3. I would highly suggest buying the 4.99 starter pack. It gives great value for your 4.99 and lots of gems too.
  7. 4. I would also highly suggest installing tracker and mtgatracker. Both are very useful in tracking your win / loss, target deck needs and missing and your collection
  9. 5. in starting decks, you can check out Monoblue aggro and Vampire Budget You'll probably be able to make Vampire Budget with the 10 decks parts and you can probably make a serviceable MonoBlue aggro cashing in a few of your rare wildcards
  11. 6. In Drafting, learn the acronym B.R.E.A.D and just watch lots of youtube vids about drafting. Guilds of Ravnica drafting (GAR) is pretty straightforward and the AI drafts like a retard. You'll either end up with Dimir or Boros since the AI tends to pass up a lot of cards involving these 2.
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