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  1. Sales and Deals
  2. ---------------
  3. DLGamer: https://www.dlgamer.com/us/search?keywords=the+elder+scrolls+online
  4. G2A: https://www.g2a.com/?search=elder%20scrolls%20online
  5. Kinguin: https://www.kinguin.net/catalogsearch/result/index/?q=elder+scrolls+online
  6. There's also ESO's site, of course: https://account.elderscrollsonline.com/store
  7. And Steam, installation with which requires you have vastly more disk space free (current total is apparently ~155GB), in addition to possibly introducing various other problems, such as difficulty resolving billing issues and being unable to log in under certain (albeit rare) circumstances: http://store.steampowered.com/app/306130/The_Elder_Scrolls_Online/
  8. NOTE: If your account is already at the mercy of Steam, an anon has claimed that buying the Standard Edition of the game through the official ESO Store on your account will release it of its bonds. You know, if you don't mind throwing money at the problem. If this works for you, or doesn't, please comment in the thread and mention this pastebin.
  10. Recommended Addons (Also recommended: go to www.minion.gg and download it for managing your addons!)
  11. ------------------
  12. NOTE: This list was taken from multiple users and has not been fully tested for compatibility. Addons with a given number of grouped asterisks by their names denote expected possible conflicts, hopefully helping you narrow down a problem if something goes wrong. This may also be dependent on which modules or options you enable for a given addon, especially AUI, Destinations, and Map Pins. And if you go trying to use more than one minimap at a time, then that's on you, man.
  13. ------------------
  14. Action Duration Reminder (shows skill durations, including skills from your inactive bar)
  15. Advanced Filters (adds more filtering options for better item management)
  16. AP Meter (Alliance Point tracking and other features for PVP)
  17. * **** AUI - Advanced UI (modular addon with a great number of optional UI enhancements)
  18. AwesomeGuildStore (makes the Guild Store interface much more robust)
  19. * ** Azurah - Interface Enhanced (allows moving many UI elements around, plus additional misc. features)
  20. Clock - Tamriel Standard Time (provides approximate in-world time, moon phase, and date)
  21. * Combat Metrics (in-depth combat analysis addon)
  22. CraftStore (robust interface for managing your crafting skills)
  23. Daily Alchemy (automates the process of crafting for daily Alchemy writs)
  24. Daily Provisioning (same as above -- and same author -- but for Provisioning)
  25. *** Destinations (provides a great deal of location info on your map, such as unexplored locales and vampire/werewolf spawns)
  26. Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter (for crafting writs, both daily and master)
  27. Dressing Room Reborn (for easily switching gear sets and ability bar contents)
  28. Dustman (helps deal with items that are not worth keeping)
  29. EasyTravel (automatically scans your friends and guildmates to attempt to jump to a given zone at no gold cost)
  30. Enchanted Quality (allows you to see the quality of an item's enchantment, because it's not always the same as the item itself)
  31. * ** Foundry Tactical Combat (FTC) - Murkmire (various combat-oriented interface enhancements)
  32. Harven's Improved Skills Window (provides a lot of extra information in the Skills interface)
  33. Harven's Thieves Troves Marker (use to keep track of discovered troves if you have Thieves Guild)
  34. HideHousePreviews (if you want to get rid of the house icons all over the map)
  35. InventoryGridView (if you're not into the default list view)
  36. Inventory Insight (if you want to easily track the contents of multiple characters' inventories and your bank)
  37. Light Attack Helper (if you're having difficulty with timing while weaving)
  38. *** LoreBooks (shows you where they are)
  39. *** Lost Treasure (shows you where to go for treasure maps and surveys)
  40. *** Map Pins (has many features similar to Destinations; this addon has been specifically recommended to help with the Psijic Order "Staff of Towers" questline)
  41. Master Merchant (shows SALE data for a given item, taken from your own guilds)
  42. **** MiniMap by Fyrakin (if you want a minimap that's not AUI's)
  43. ** More Target Information (lets you see another player's race and class)
  44. No, thank you! (redirects annoying client messages and changes the behavior of some parts of the interface, worth a look)
  45. pChat (adds a lot of chat-related options, including automatic syncing of chat settings (including guild colors) between characters)
  46. Potion Maker (if you're into Alchemy)
  47. *** Quest Map (adds pins for completed and uncompleted quests to the world map)
  48. Screenshot Helper (for tidier screenshots with better camera positioning)
  49. *** SkyShards (shows you where they are)
  50. SpentSkillPoints (shows points spent in Skill categories and subcategories)
  51. Tamriel Trade Centre (lets you see LIST (not SALE) data for a given item, taken from tamrieltradecentre.com)
  52. Votan's Adaptive (Video-)Settings (automatic graphics settings manager, can help keep framerates up if your hardware is struggling)
  53. Votan's Keybinder (sync bindings between multiple characters)
  54. **** Votan's Minimap (if you want a minimap that's not AUI's or Fyrakin's)
  56. Assorted Links
  57. --------------
  58. The Elder Scrolls Online Roleplaying Community: http://www.eso-rp.com/
  59. ESO Academy (good reference for ability information and such): http://esoacademy.com/
  60. ESO Fashion: http://eso-fashion.com/
  61. Eso-Styles (more fashion): http://eso-styles.faerylands.eu/
  62. Tamriel Trade Centre (there's also an addon here): https://tamrieltradecentre.com/
  63. UESP Build Editor: http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildEditor
  64. Online Map: http://esomap.uesp.net/
  65. Making gold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i9gzyTCqIY
  66. Animation Canceling primer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLZzGoPp9Ug
  67. Alcast/Deltia Guides: http://pastebin.com/Y9vRAcwm
  68. Lore and General Info:
  69. http://www.imperial-library.info/
  70. http://uesp.net/wiki/Online:Online
  71. http://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com
  73. Tweaks
  74. ------
  75. //You may be able to free up a bunch of space
  76. by deleting the vo_fr and vo_de folders (assuming you want English) in ESO's install directory (like \Program Files\Zenimax Online\Elder Scrolls Online\).
  78. //Tweak image from some r*dditor
  79. https://imgur.com/a/7xT6g
  81. //And a whole lot more
  82. http://www.dieguild.com.au/forum/m/6125981/viewthread/13085492-eso-technical-compendium-fixes-tweaks-mods-addons
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