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  1. <align="center">Welcome to the Chameleon SCP Secret Lab Server! There are a few rules for playing:</align>
  2. - Team killing is allowed, but don't try to ruin the game for everyone
  3. - Cheating is NEVER allowed
  4. - Admin abuse is fine :)
  5. - Teaming is ok, even if it has no benefit to your role
  6. - Do NOT intentionally delay the game end
  7. - No mic spam, or playing songs. Its really annoying
  8. - ANY discrimination or hate towards a sex/religion/race will result in a perm ban.
  9. Other than those rules, you can do anything you want, even teaming with the scps to create a cult. If you want a rule added/changed, email me at
  11. Click-><link="">Discord</link>
  12. <align="center">Discord Rules:</align>
  13. - No dsicrimination/hate towards sexes/races/religions
  14. - Spamming is not allowed
  15. - Swearing is ok, but don't use the n-word and do not use any words offensively
  16. - Do not beg, I've stopped responding to beggers
  17. - Be friendly
  18. - Do not say lizards are bad
  20. <align="center">IP:</align>
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