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Dec 8th, 2011
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  1. <ZarroTsu> hell why aren't barriers in kart mode I wonder
  2. <ZarroTsu> if rings/coins had kart mode use, magnet barrier would be boss; whirlwind is pretty much the feather; elemental barrier could be something to let you drive on water; and armageddon is the 'make everyone else wipe out' sort of item
  3. <ZarroTsu> actually
  4. <ZarroTsu> idea
  5. <ZarroTsu> all barriers only last a few seconds
  6. <Iceman404> also, GBA header will allow water skipping
  7. <Senku_Niola> barriers last 7 seconds!
  8. <ZarroTsu> whirlwind lets you jump once, magnet is instant use all-coins-nearby-go-to-you, etc.
  9. <Iceman404> Zarro
  10. <Iceman404> That magnet is unnecessarily OP
  11. <ZarroTsu> and then the shield barrier just reflects anything that hits you one time
  12. <ZarroTsu> which is why I say one-instant-use
  13. <ZarroTsu> and probably also only a short distance
  14. <ZarroTsu> map makers would need to be careful not to put a giant square of rings somewhere
  15. <ZarroTsu> else a magnet user skullfucks the map
  16. <ZarroTsu> also when I think about it, to make barriers different from other Mario kart items, have them act like normal barriers otherwise
  17. <ah2190> armageddon shield in Kart = POW Block
  18. <ZarroTsu> <ZarroTsu> ; and Armageddon is the 'make everyone else wipe out' sort of item
  19. <ZarroTsu> if barriers were items, have the first item use button press form the barrier on the player
  20. <ZarroTsu> this would have it function to absorb an item that hits you
  21. <ZarroTsu> if so it cancels
  22. <ZarroTsu> but if you press the button again to use the barrier, it cancels but does its effect
  23. <ZarroTsu> save for shield barrier which just reflects the item
  24. * Iceman404 is now known as Iceman404|Gone
  25. <ZarroTsu> so you could use a whirlwind barrier, then use triple green shell, and when all shells are gone, then the no-item button press will activate the barrier
  26. <ZarroTsu> let you jump about a blue spring high
  27. <ZarroTsu> spring sfx included :[
  28. <Senku_Niola> What if it spawned a temporary spring?
  29. <ah2190> Hmm... I'm gonna need someone who's not doing a CTF map for the current OLDC to help me out somewhat
  30. <Senku_Niola> If a player is fast enough they could "borrow" the same spring
  31. <Senku_Niola> It would only last 1-2 seconds
  32. <ZarroTsu> if it can, but it'd have to guarantee user touch in any situation, and disappear immediately after
  33. <ZarroTsu> well
  34. <ZarroTsu> spawning a spring seems silly
  35. <ZarroTsu> unless there's a spring ITEM
  36. <ah2190> ^
  37. <MIDIMonster> Heheh, spring item
  38. <ZarroTsu> that drops a one-time use spring behind you, or thrown in front of you
  39. <ZarroTsu> which would be awesome
  40. <Senku_Niola> Screw barrier, add spring then
  41. <ZarroTsu> when I say barrier I mean all barriers :x
  42. <ZarroTsu> I mean it IS srb2 still
  43. <ah2190> Indeed
  44. <ZarroTsu> and they CAN be pretty cool items if done right
  45. <MIDIMonster> Yeah, spring item seems an interesting idea
  46. <Senku_Niola> Use as a shortcut or screw people up and throw it behind you near a turn/cliff
  47. <ZarroTsu> heh
  48. <MIDIMonster> Though, come to think of it
  49. <MIDIMonster> Would it have much use in the current MK mode maps?
  50. <ZarroTsu> trying to think of how many ways a spring can both fuck someone else and help you
  51. <ZarroTsu> like a low ceiling, bounce a person into it's front
  53. <MIDIMonster> Lol
  54. <Senku_Niola> Throw in front of you, use it, player behind you attempts to use the spring, it poofs, pit, whee
  55. <ah2190> Bye bye.
  56. <ZarroTsu> or if there's a short wall that the track S-turns around then you can jump the bracket and shave off a good second
  57. <ah2190> lulz
  58. <ZarroTsu> problem is you have to be really skillful in throwing an item as to get its distance right
  59. <MIDIMonster> Not to mention there'd actually have to be such a wall to use it on
  60. <ZarroTsu> and another problem is if a map maker fucks the map in that jumping a wall means you miss a checkpoint
  61. <Senku_Niola> player ahead of you, hit a boost pad, use your spring, fly over other player :D
  62. <ZarroTsu> like black bliss zone
  63. <ZarroTsu> ^@senku
  64. <ZarroTsu> Jesus that makes bananas hit yourself so often
  65. * Majro ( has joined #srb2fun
  66. <ZarroTsu> actually
  67. <ZarroTsu> more often it's when you boost into a spring and use an item
  68. <ZarroTsu> so you could technically
  69. <ZarroTsu> spring jump at the height of a spring
  70. <Senku_Niola> I hit my own banana's all the time in MKWii somehow from throwing them BEHIND me >:<
  71. <Senku_Niola> *bananas
  72. <MIDIMonster> Heh
  73. <ah2190> Double Jump
  74. <ZarroTsu> ^
  75. <ZarroTsu> whirlwind barrier followed by spring or vice versa
  76. <MIDIMonster> Now the idea of a bumper item comes to mind
  77. <Senku_Niola> red spring, oh god
  78. <ZarroTsu> although if barrier is done right you wouldn't be able to use it until after you fire your item off
  79. <ZarroTsu> UNLESS
  80. <ZarroTsu> there's a button to activate barrier
  81. <ZarroTsu> such as the flag throw button
  82. <ZarroTsu> which would mean
  83. <ZarroTsu> barriers would be different from items
  84. <ZarroTsu> which is also a good possible idea
  85. <ZarroTsu> maybe
  86. <ZarroTsu> you get one at the end of a lap
  87. <ZarroTsu> like a random item box only with barriers
  88. <ah2190> Like how Weapon Rings are different from shields in Vanilla SRB2
  89. <ZarroTsu> derp
  90. <ZarroTsu> say the end of a lap it triggers a secondary item reel for barriers and you get the random single-use barrier
  91. <Senku_Niola> 1st place gets OP barrier, oh well!
  92. <ZarroTsu> nah
  93. <ZarroTsu> first place would only get something like shield barrier
  94. <ah2190> A weak shield barrier
  95. <ZarroTsu> when I say shield barrier I mean it'll act like every other barrier's "absorb if hit" thing, but will instead reflect it
  96. <Senku_Niola> Also red shells need fixing :<
  97. <MIDIMonster> In what way, Senku
  98. <ZarroTsu> unless we throw in the neutral barrier from sonic 1
  99. <ZarroTsu> which is the dud item for first place people
  100. <Senku_Niola> Follow the damn track to the nearest target ahead of you
  101. <Senku_Niola> :<
  102. <ah2190> Only lasts one hit, but certain items (Blue Shells) are not nulled by it
  103. <ZarroTsu> yeh
  104. <ZarroTsu> although shield barriers vs blue shell...?
  105. <ZarroTsu> I suppose shield barrier would actually absorb the blue shell unphased
  106. <ZarroTsu> but obviously not reflect it
  107. <ZarroTsu> well
  108. <ah2190> But it will short the whole shield out, no matter how strong it is
  109. <ZarroTsu> maybe the shield barrier has two hits anyway
  110. <Senku_Niola> reflect shield would bounce the shell behind you and hit anyone tailing you
  111. <ZarroTsu> first hit reflects and can absorb the blue shell
  112. <MIDIMonster> Then it'd be a Force Shield
  113. <ZarroTsu> second hit is the dummy normal hit
  114. <ZarroTsu> which absorbs shells but doesn't block blue shell
  115. <ZarroTsu> person in first will always get the dummy half-shield
  116. <ZarroTsu> which is still useful vs redshells and bananas
  117. <ah2190> But useless against the Blue Shell
  118. <ZarroTsu> duh
  119. <Senku_Niola> lightning bolt?
  120. <ZarroTsu> but single use hardly gives much of an edge
  121. <ZarroTsu> yeah doesn't block lightning either
  122. <ZarroTsu> maybe Armageddon
  123. <Senku_Niola> Mega mushroom?
  124. <ZarroTsu> if Armageddon is just an instant-banana-peel for everyone
  125. <ZarroTsu> I question how it would block things like stars or megashrooms
  126. <ah2190> Armageddon should ignore all shields, but keep them intact.
  127. <ZarroTsu> <ah2190> Armageddon should ignore all shields, but keep them intact. <- sure
  128. <ZarroTsu> person in last is most likely to get Armageddon anyway
  129. <ZarroTsu> so the edge is needed
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