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  1. Dataset člankov s portala Hacker News. Najdite članke, ki so bili ustvarjeni leta 2016 in izpišite domeno URL-ja, kamor je članek zalinkan.
  3. data = '''id,title,url,num_points,num_comments,author,created_at
  4. 11964716,Florida DJs May Face Felony for April Fools' Water Joke,,2,1,vezycash,6/23/2016 22:20
  5. 11919867,Technology ventures: From Idea to Enterprise,,3,1,hswarna,6/17/2015 0:01
  6. 11587596,Custom Deleters for C++ Smart Pointers,,59,18,ingve,4/28/2016 10:01
  7. 11610310,  Never send another OOPS message,,1,1,validly,7/19/2015 12:05
  8. 10760605,The Sad State of Personal Knowledgebases,,115,106,zzzmarcus,12/15/2015 17:56
  9. 12210105,US Robotics Network Taps,,1,2,mkj,2/26/2016 14:35
  10. 10626668,Small Indiana county sends more people to prison than San Francisco,,61,63,GabrielF00,9/14/2016 23:32
  11. 11939260,Charles River Ventures Puts F*CK Trump on Their Website,,3,2,smb06,8/25/2016 1:25
  12. 11783331,The reverse job applicant (2010),,51,26,sheldor,11/25/2015 11:36
  13. 11037937,'The details of your involvement will be gruesome' if you continue suing us,,2,2,openmosix,5/27/2016 1:48
  14. 11774850,Researchers have trained a machine to spot depression on Instagram,,38,6,pmcpinto,8/24/2016 8:24
  15. 11548576,"Bitcoin Is Back, But It Never Really Left",,29,15,Amorymeltzer,11/13/2015 14:36
  16. 10636601,Obama on Climate Change: The Trends Are Terrifying,,63,112,smacktoward,09/08/2016 21:46'''
  19. # rešitev
  20. for line in lines:
  21.     #print("LINE\t\t",line)
  22.     leto = int(line.split(",")[-1].split()[0][-4:])
  23.     if leto == 2016:
  24.         print("DOMENA:\t",line.split(",")[2].split(".")[1])
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