fu annoyed by human insolence

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  1. [20:36] [user]F u[/user]: Two digits, one lilac man twirling them towards one violet swirl. This was no smoothie, though. This was a nice heaping ghastly hue of a dark energy siphoning itself out of a rippling window of distortion. One bone-chilling stream of a negative energy, that only certain few wield and even lesser can withstand. Like a conductor of a black symphony, said lilac man guided this energy... straight into a jar! "... heheh, nice try, Mechi-san..."
  3. [20:40] *[user]Haylee Comet[/user] was sitting just outside of her ship, resting at the edge of Mesmersnow when she felt a strange disturbance about her, her eyes narrowing slightly as she thought to herself for a moment, trying to recognize the energy, or if it was something she hadn't encountered yet.  It didn't feel...right.  Admittedly probably the wrong person to go on about right or wrong, but it wasn't the same feeling as the ones from the Watch...
  5. [20:45] [user]F u[/user]: [i]Plop.[/i] A cork seals the jar of sheer darkness. A foolish idea, sure, but as far as Fu was concerned, it was working good enough! Holding it in his hand, the boy inspected it. Such a vicious power! Though it emitted a sickening light, no warmth bounced off of the scientist's lens.. Neat.
  7. [20:49] *[user]Haylee Comet[/user] tapped her lips from a moment, then closed her eyes and opened her senses, trying to figure out where that strange emanation was coming from before she lifted herself off of the ground and flew towards the rather sickly sensation, the hatch to her ship closing behind her, the entire vessel going into standby mode and ready to be summoned if necessary.
  9. [20:55] [user]F u[/user]: One hand holding that sealed viciousness, the other one does something more... gentle. Opening palm, Fu's outstretched arm ripples that rippling window. A Space-Time distortion left by whatever battle before... For once, the invisible canvas would have wounds healed, as the young demonic mutant got to work absorbing [i]that[/i] one. "Easy 'nuff..." He mumbled, as a lofting forearm finishes tugging those last shimmering bits.
  11. [21:13] *[user]Haylee Comet[/user] continued to fly towards the strange power reading, her eyes opening slightly as she maneuvered, her own power level being able ot be read despite her best efforts to keep it as low as possible to prevent others from feeling what she was truly capable of.  This felt strange ot her though, almost as if it was contained by something although she wasn't sure what, and there was another aura, familiar yet...different..
  13. [21:15] *[user]F u[/user] , no longer having much reason to stick around, floated off to the next rift. Much of the same could be expected. A simple jar becomes a lantern for a cold flame.
  14. [21:28] [user]F u[/user]: With two off those abyssal packets in hands, Fu gazed at them...
  15. ... this much dark energy. Phew, what the heck was Mechikabura up to by setting those up for him? Was he trying to corrupt the dear boy? Ah well, at least Fu now got a nice helping sample of it. The raw power of a demon god's ire. "
  17. [21:37] *[user]Haylee Comet[/user] may have been a bit slower than the Lilac man but she was soon floating behind him, her head cocked to the side as she looked at what was in his hands.  "I'm not so sure I want to know what those are for Fu."  she said with her soft voice, her cloak floating a bit behind her and was it flapping, had to be the disturbances from the rifts.
  19. [21:41] [user]F u[/user]: Fu, still intently locked on that horrible power, didn't turn towards Haylee. "It doesn't matter to you, miss...." Finally, he does turn around, smiling ever so friendly. "Well, for now!~ It's better that it's not."
  21. [21:45] *[user]Haylee Comet[/user] cocked her head ever so slightly.  "If it's a concern for my Lord than it is a concern for me as well."  she rarely smiled when out and about but something wasn't.  "You've changed a bit Fu, last I saw you, you were popping in and out of a desert trying to be friendly to everyone, now.. you seem friendly, yet you don't."  her golden eyes looked him over, was he more mature?  No that couldn't be it.
  23. [21:50] [user]F u[/user]: "Your precious [i]Lord[/i] ain't gotta be concerned, as this doesn't concern him in the first place! ... in the best case scenario." Fu replied, crimsons behind those limey glass lens a chill shimmer. His gaze settled to her scanning stare, one of his snowy brows calling a Lyft to his forehead. His smile yanked itself into a deep smirk. "Changed a bit? I've not a clue what you're talking about... this ain't a desert."
  25. [21:58] *[user]Haylee Comet[/user] felt her face go completely neutral.  "I don't worry about the best case Scenarios, I worry about everything."  she replied to him, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly.  "You're right, this isn't the desert, this is a rift.  One that defies sensors."  she folded her arms across her chest as she looked at him.  "I'm not your mother, and I'm not going to ask why you are out here.  But I do find the energy you are carrying rather...curious, it's like nothing I have sensed before.  Or was it the manipulation that I felt?"
  27. [22:05] [user]F u[/user]: Those volatile vessels hovered over hands, spun in place, and became bound in an incandescent orb. "It's Darkness straight from the Dark King itself. It's meant for me, so by all means, Miss, it ain't really any of your business... unless you wanna, y'know, die and stuff." Fu lofted his shoulders, canting neck matter-of-factly. As his palms pointed upwards, a pair of fingers snapped. The rift behind him vanishes, wiped by some invisible rag..
  29. [22:22] *[user]Haylee Comet[/user] narrowed her eyes slightly.  The threat of death was really nothing new to her, she was nearly fanatical in her missions.  She wasn't even really scared but the darkness right from the dark king himself, that was something she should be concerned about, admittedly he did get rid of the rifts which had been a notice of a few things.  "It may be meant for you, but if you are being powered up by the Dark King, then it becomes a concern for everyone that was pulled here."  she said softly.
  31. [22:28] [user]F u[/user]: "Ah, don't worry. I'm far from the dude you all oughta be worried about!" Such peppiness! [i]Laced in ice.[/i] Fu's grin, as white-teeth and bright-eyed as it was, held no amicable warmth. He began to walk off...
  33. [22:39] *[user]Haylee Comet[/user] looked up to the sky, before her sword appeared in her hand.  "I know that the Dark King himself is going to be a problem, but I currently can't get into the demon held area's something about a barrier in the way.  If you have a way for us to get in there, then by all means share it.  Otherwise, you should probably disperse that so as to prevent others from inquiring about it.  I can think of a few who would like to know off the top of my head."
  35. [22:42] *[user]F u[/user] began to float now, a cackle pounding his chest! "And why do I caaree about sharing that information? It's all your problem, not mine!~" Now he drew his sword. The black steel gleamed as he angled.
  37. [22:47] *[user]Haylee Comet[/user] went into stance as he drew his blade, her own golden one gleaming with an inner light.  "You're right it is our problem, but with any bit of experimentation nothing goes anywhere without a bit of knowledge." she replied to him, her eyes studying him and his weapon, all pretense of her hiding herself gone as her aura crawled about her body, deep blood red with gold tracings through out it.
  39. [22:50] [user]F u[/user]: "Ask me again when you've got somethin' worth it, deal?"
  41. Fu's drawn weapon wasn't a threat! It was actually his own pre-tense of giving the air enough of minor slice to leap forward, disappearing into a blur
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