Fluttershy C/anon/ request (SCAT)

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  1. >Fluttershy burst through her door, holding her stomach in one hoof.
  2. >She had just feeding her animal friends.
  3. >They were pretty greedy today, and it took quite some time before they let her leave.
  4. >Her body had a schedule, but her animal friends took priority.
  5. >By the time she had finished, a sharp pain had amassed in her bowels.
  6. >Fluttershy needed to poop. Badly.
  7. >*Gurgle!*
  8. “Ugg! Oh, my!”
  9. >Limping to the bathroom, she bursts in, and puts her weight against the door.
  10. >It is at that point that she sees the pegasus on her toilet.
  11. >C/anon/ had been staying at her house lately, providing help where ever he could.
  12. >Blushing, Fluttershy turned to go back through the door.
  13. “Oh! I um… Didn't see you there. Sorry. I’ll use one later.”
  14. >She didn't know if she could last until later, her bowels were at their breaking point.
  15. >The nearest available toilet was at Rarity’s house.
  16. >It was either that or go out in the woods.
  17. >She had only used the woods as a bathroom once, and that was because she was attacked by timber wolves and had pissed herself.
  18. >”Wait, why don’t you stay a minute.”
  19. “Oh! But it would be so rude for me to-”
  20. >“I don’t mind. Infact, I’ve been waiting for you.”
  21. “I- Um…”
  22. >”I know your body, Fluttershy. You need to go. Why don’t you join me, and we can go together?”
  23. >Fluttershy felt butterflies in her stomach, here was a stallion, who just invited her to go to the bathroom with him.
  24. >As if to encourage her, C/anon/ presented himself to the mare, pushing slightly and revealing a brown head.
  25. >The sight of it made Fluttershy clutch her stomach harder. She had no choice.
  26. “Okay…”
  27. >Fluttershy walked over to the toilet, C/anon/ getting off.
  28. >Squatting down, she begins to start the release.
  29. >”Wait!”
  30. >Fluttershy halts, a slight head poking through.
  31. >She can’t wait any longer, every second is pure torture.
  32. >”Here, move over this way. I want a good view of this.
  33. >He adjusts Fluttershy so her anus is just peaking over the toilet, the brown head now a little over an inch out.
  34. “Now?” Fluttershy squeaks out.
  35. >”Yes, you may begin.”
  36. >As soon as the words leave C/anon/’s mouth, Fluttershy’s anus opens.
  37. >A long hard mass slowly pokes through, sliding out every so slowly.
  38. >The turd grows in width, and the smell permeates the room.
  39. >Eventually, it stops growing.
  40. >”What’s wrong? Why have you stopped? I know what you’re capable, Fluttershy. This it not it.”
  42. “Its just… I-
  43. >*Guuuuuuuugle!*
  44. >Fluttershy grabs her stomach again, her bowels in pain.
  45. >”It’s okay, push out that crap. Here, I may know of something to help.”
  46. >C/anon/ reaches over, putting his hoof on Fluttershy’s delicate teats.
  47. >”Easy now, I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to help.”
  48. “C-C/anon/!”
  49. >’Pbbbbbbbbbbbbllllllsssss’
  50. >Fluttershy’s ass explodes as gas tries to find it’s way around the blockage.
  51. “I can’t! It’s too hard! I’ll try again later!”
  52. >”You won’t need to, let me help.”
  53. >C/anon/ wraps his hoof in toilet paper, gabbing the turd still sticking out of her rectum.
  54. >With a quick pull, he dislodges the shit, and Fluttershy is finally able to relieve herself.
  55. >Her asshole explodes in a fury of liquified chunks, coating the inside of her toilet.
  56. >C/anon/ drops her turd into the toilet, mesmerized by the liquidity of the shit.
  57. >The shit flows down the back of the toilet, and collects at the bottom.
  58. >It has a reddish tinge to it, and has made the water a dark color.
  59. >It stinks like nothing he has ever smelt, almost like rotting food.
  60. >”You’ve had that inside you for a while now, haven’t you Fluttershy?”
  61. “Yes! Thank you, but I need to-”
  62. >”Leave it to me, I know that’s not the only thing you came in here for. If you need to, just go. I’d rather enjoy it.”
  63. “Oh- Okay.”
  64. >C/anon/’s hoof on Fluttershy’s crotch grows damp, she had started pissing on him.
  65. >Member and wings already erect, C/anon/ watches the yellow liquid trickle around his hoof.
  66. >Because Fluttershy had been seated at the end of the toilet so C/anon/ could watch, most of her urine ended up on the floor.
  67. >He didn't mind, he would offer to clean it up later. Right now, he was watching a sexy mare with diarrhea shit into a toilet while he watched. He couldn't be happier.
  68. >Finally the mare finishes, and he wipes her off.
  69. >”Alright, you may go. That was lovely.”
  70. >As much as Fluttershy wanted to leave because of the smell, a part of her still wanted to get the same show he did.
  71. “Um.. If you still need to go… I was wondering if I could, watch?”
  72. >”Certainly, my dear.”
  73. >C/anon/ gets in the same position Fluttershy was in, and begins to push.
  74. >A long brown log makes it’s way out, this time not slowing down as Fluttershy’s did.
  75. >Although it was not as noisy or as violent as Fluttershy’s crap, this was by far the longer one.
  76. >Nearly a foot wide, he pinches off the loaf and lets Fluttershy clean up as he did to her before.
  77. >He turns to the yellow mare, stealing a kiss on her lips.
  78. >”Same time tomorrow?”
  79. “I’ll make sure to have lots to eat.” Fluttershy says, beaming.
  80. >The toilet flushes, sending the scat away for some other pony to deal with.
  81. >Fluttershy went into the kitchen, ready to binge on food so she could impress him tomorrow.
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