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Dec 11th, 2012
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  1. Farseer Idranel sighed as she unzipped her robes and looked over to Farseer Caerys who was already sitting in her underwear, which were pure white with a laced trim around the edges of both the bra and panties. Idranel let her robes drop and instinctively brought her arms across her chest, pouting slightly that she had been made to do this “Fine, I've done it, now can I put my robe back on?” she said, emphasising the word now as Caerys stood up from her chair and moved towards her and gripped Idranels' hands and brought them, with some resistance, to their owners side “No, you may not” Caerys said with a surprising amount of authority on the matter “Now, keep them by your side or there'll be trouble!” she said laughing, Idranel just gave a sarcastic tut and sigh as Caerys began circling, slowly, around Idranel as she did so Idranel decided to carry on her earlier conversation in order to over come her embarrassment, something which she did not like feeling, “So, you said you had something which could improve my psychic powers?” she asked as Caerys began circling her for the second time “I doubt you have anything of---” she cut her sentence short as Caerys stretched her light sapphire panties away from her body by inserting her index finger down the small gap between cloth and butt crack “Hey!” Idranel shouted as she grabbed Caerys offending hand and turned her face to look at the culprit “What do you think you're doing?” Idranel spoke angry as she looked in Caerys eyes, which were completely calm and without fear “Nevermind” Caerys replied “I was just checking a rumour...” she trailed off as relaxed her hand do she could slip out of Idranels' tight grip “What rumour?” Idranel asked, still in the same position, still as a statue “Oh, just that you're not as” Caerys thought for a moment of word to use “Aesthetically pleasing in your curves as other Eldars are” Caerys smiled, bringing both her hands to her own beautifully shaped and proportioned hips “But, it seems like they were miss placed, I don't see anything I don't like” she smiled, looking up and down Idranel who had now turned back to her original position, hands back at her side “Well they are wrong. Unlike other Eldar, I wear clothes and armour which reduces my shape and therefore reduces my overall profile size when fighting double Mon'keigh's and others who would dare stand before me, just because they don't see me like th---” she was cut off again as Caerys hand moved closer and using both hands, had grasped both of Idranels' breasts and gave them a good and strong squeeze “Caerys! LET GO!” Idranel screamed as she tried to remove Caerys wandering hands, it took some effort, but eventually she did, before pushing Caerys onto Caerys' nearby bed “I knew this was a stupid idea. You can't help, I'm leaving” Idranel said with sternness which hid her embarrassment well, as she picked up her robe and began to put it on, bending over in front of Caerys, giving her a good view of her taut ass “You're embarrassed by your body, aren't you?” Caerys asked, still staring at Idranels' ass as she pulled the robe up and straightened her hazelnut hair in a nearby mirror “You are mistaken” Idranel spoke, not even turning to face Caerys who by now was behind her again “I am not, you know I am attuned at sensing feelings, emotions and thoughts and you were filled with embarrassment when I pulled your panties, but when I grabbed your breasts, you were filled with displeasure and embarrassment” Caerys said while putting both her hands on Idranels shoulder “Of course you sensed displeasure” Idranel said, walking away towards the bedroom exit, feeling Caerys arms fall off her “You grabbed my breasts without my permission and you brought me here on a Harlequins errand” she finished before pressing the electronic pad to open the door “You know it wasn't” Caerys said before Idranel exited, folding her arms in the process “You know damn well it isn't” but this didn't stop Idranel, who hesitated before heading out the door and straight towards the exit which lead onto the main Craftworld plaza, before she could exit though, Caerys had grabbed her hand, which Idranel did not pull away, before adding “I can help”
  3. The two Farseers walked together as they went through the plaza, the trees growing out of the ground lined pathways leading to elevators to other levels of the Craftworld, other Eldar walked around and children played “Catch the Mon'keigh” on the other side of the plaza. The two Farseers were silent, Caerys played with her obsidian black hair which was tied into a pleasing pony tail before she broke the silence “Look, I know you knew what the rumours were and I know you feel embarrassed about it”
  4. “I do not” Idranel added, still trying desperately to hide the fact she was embarrassed over here breasts, or what she perceived as lack of them “Look, stop that, I know you feel your breasts are too small, not only can I read your emotions but when we fight the Mon'keighs, you take effort to humiliate any of them that have larger breasts than yours” Caerys said, watching the Eldar children chase the Mon'keigh before catching and pretending to kill the victim “I don't do that!” Idranel snapped turning her head towards Caerys and she walked, she was slightly taller than Caerys but was still met with a sarcastic facial expression stating outright that she did not believe her words “Fine, you're right, I do, but there is nothing I can do about it” she conceded as they stopped to allow the Mon'keigh to run pass them, followed by half a dozen giggling Eldar children “You're right, there isn't anything you can do permanently to fix this problem” Caerys said, turning on the spot to face Idranel who was still following the happy Eldar children down the tree lined pathway “But, if you're interested, you can experience what it would be like to have bigger breasts, bigger hips the works....But you probably won't go for it” Caerys said as Idranel hadn't turned to face her yet “I'm listening” she said, turning now to face Caerys who was by now smiling that her words had brought a reaction “Well, to cut a long story short, I came into some stuff that was left behind after our Dark Kin had raided a Mon'keigh planet” Caerys was cautious on what she said, she knew Idranels' hatred of anything Mon'keigh related “What kind of stuff?” Idranel replied, raising her eyebrows and folding her arms “It doesn't matter, but basically, what it does is turns you into a Dark Eldar” Caerys replied, although Idranels' hatred of Mon'keighs was limitless, her hatred of her Dark Kin was very strong as well “What?! It turns you INTO one of them? Why in Khaine would I want to do that?” Idranels' curiosity had been replaced by shock and anger.
  5. “It'll give you body you want! Come on, don't you want to feel different? The way you want?” Caerys tried to calmly respond to Idranel who was by now pacing on the spot
  6. “I do, but I won't go to such depths to do so! We are definitely done here!” Idranel spoke, harshly as she turned and headed back to the Habitation area and her abode. Caerys knew that unless Idranel experienced this, her psychic powers would become dampened by her emotions and she could lose her life, Caerys remembered something and it was her last chance to get Idranel on board “It's temporary! It's not permanent!” she yelled to the storming off Idranel, who, upon hearing this, stopped in her tracks.
  8. “So, how does this work then?” Idranel asked, still unsure on what she was about to do, she picked up a glass vial filled with a pitch black liquid and tapped the vial it was in “This is going to turn me into a Dark Eldar?” she asked as Caerys took the vial out of her hand and placed it into a mechanical machine that was attached with several tubes, two of which were opaque and led towards two glass biochambers which contained a green liquid which bubbled, there were many others in the room, but only these were bubbling “Basically, what happens is, we get into the Biochambers, the same ones that help us recover from battlefield wounds, and this machine” she said whilst patting it “Will inject this liquid” she pointed at the vial now in the machine “Which will enter the Biochambers” she pointed at the tubes “And will turn us into Dark Eldar”. Idranel stood with expressionless face “I know that much, I'm not a Mon'keigh” she scoffed “How does it make me a Dark Eldar” she asked impatiently
  9. “Well, we're not completely sure, but we believe this liquid was used by Dark Eldar in order to increase their own body parts, making breasts bigger or male members bigger, that sort of them” Caerys was not at all embarrassed by saying this, but she could see that Idranel was so she hurried on “For us, those who did not Fall, it changes us in Dark Eldar, but because our DNA is slightly different, it does what it is supposed to, but makes us much more like our Dark Kin, as time wears on, our immune system will eventually fight it and we will transform back to our normal selves, cool huh?” Caerys spoke as she checked dials and screens around her “All I heard was 'not completely sure'” Idranel said, folding her arms. Caerys had nothing to respond to that, so instead she pressed on as if Idranel had said nothing at “Now, take your clothes off, all of them, use the stairs and drop yourself into the Biochamber from above” Caerys spoke as she herself began to take off her clothes “I know. I've been in these much more than you have” Idranel said as she followed suit, but was a lot slower as she did so, by the time her robe was off, Caerys was completely naked and heading towards the ladders into the Biochambers, Idranel noticed how beautiful Caerys was naked, her sublime body, her obsidian coloured hair from her head matched the colour of her pubic hair, her beautiful buttocks were perfectly shaped, but most of all she had ample breasts, round and full with nice sized nipples are the end, completely her overall beauty. Idranel hesitated to get naked, she had never thought this much about it before, this coupled with the constant rumours in her head from the other Eldar, she really didn't want to have to do this “Come on Idranel, you don't have anything I don't have” Caerys called as she dipped her feet into the green bubbling liquid and sat down on the entry ledge, Idranel just stood there and continued to until Caerys added “Is the mighty Idranel, scourge of double Mon'keighs everywhere embarrassed to show her naked body to her own kind?” Caerys mocked as she full entered the Biochamber and began to tread water. This had the exact effect she wanted, Caerys knew exactly how to play Idranel who was quickly removing everything, revealing her naked body underneath before quickly making her way to the entrance to the chamber. Caerys managed to see enough though, Idranel had a stunningly shaped and proportioned ass, her luscious and shimmering hazelnut hair was flowing freely as she had undone her bun which kept her hair together, her pubic hair was carefully maintained into a small tear-drop shape, enough to show her maturity but no more, it was a sepia colour, which was darker than her head hair, while Idranel was quick to enter the Biochamber, Caerys managed to get a view of her breasts, which while smaller than hers, were perfectly round and pert, with small pink nipples at the end, Caerys felt a slight stirring in her loins as she watched Idranel enter the Biochamber, but quickly expunged it from her mind. “Ready?” she asked watching Idranel who was staring straight forward at the other ranks of Biochambers “Let's get this done quickly” she said and at this Caerys turned to face the same way as Idranel before saying “Close Biochambers one and two hatches and administer vial in nutrient feed Alpha” at this command, the wiring of machinery started, the hatch above them both slide over, forcing both of them to enter the liquid fully. The both of them closed their eyes, and meditated as the liquid has to enter the body in order for healing to be complete and well done, when this occurred, both Farseers go unconscious, all the better for a healing body, it was at this point, when the electronics had read they were both unconscious, the vial liquid was injected, the nutrition tube was used for those Eldar who were so badly injured that it would be weeks before they recovered, even in the Biochamber and nutrients was needed to be added. This, however was not the case and the black liquid made it's way to the Biochambers they were in, the green liquid quickly turning black as it entered. It was done.
  11. Idranel awoke, spluttering and coughing as she felt liquid drain away, she watched the dark liquid flow down the exit tube and the door at the front of the Biochamber opened, allowing her to step out. As she did so, her mind turned towards what she agreed to do, which at the moment she was glad she felt no different, she picked up her warm towel which was dispensed for her on her exit and began drying herself, it was at this point she turned to the still coughing Caerys who was wrapped up in a towel and drying herself, Idranel turned away and began rubbing her crotch and buttocks, she didn't feel anything different, it was only until she began drying her chest that she noticed it, she noticed her lumps were not as small any more. She slowly looked down, shaking and watch she saw made her stumble back into the now closed Biochamber door, her pert round breasts had been replaced with much larger rounded breasts, in essence, she had gone up several breast sizes, her nipples had also increased in size to match those of her breasts, she dropped her towel and began rubbing them, feeling them, touching them, she couldn't believe what she was feeling, it was at this point she suddenly noticed the extra weight on her chest, but it wasn't painful, it seemed as her back had strengthened up in order to support the extra weight. She ran her hands down her body, feeling everything, she reached her crotch and felt her pubic hair, which had become more coarse and less thick, she tentatively ran her fingers up and down her labia, inserting it slightly so it parted her lips and she felt a renewed tightness in her, Idranel was no stranger to self-pleasure, but this shocked her. “Well then, what do you think?” Caerys said, standing before Idranel, legs astride, arms wide, showing herself off to Idranel who quickly remembered her embarrassment and brought the towel up to cover herself “Will you stop that? I've seen you naked as both an Eldar and now as a Dark Eldar, covering yourself up won't make me forget” Caerys spoke, annoyed at how frigid Idranel was still “So, what about me?” Caerys asked again, still keeping her pose Idranel started using her towel to dry her hair, only to notice it was now jet black, she hadn't noticed it on Caerys as she always had black hair, Caerys herself wasn't much different, her breasts were larger, but not a remarkable difference, unlike Idranels, her ass was tighter and firmer and her pubic hair was now as dark as her normal hair as well. Her head hair was still in her ponytail, but had become fuller and thicker, it was like the hair was purposely spiky. “You look... Different” Idranel said, going for her clothes and beginning to put them on, as she pulled her panties up, her mind came to a sudden realisation, what were they going to do now, she began to panic, which was very unlike her, she was in an Eldar Craftworld and looked like a Dark Eldar, if there was any other way of getting a death sentence so easy, she didn't know about “By blessed Lileath, help me get through this” she said allowed as she quickly put on the rest of her clothes, she looked over to Caerys who was casually putting hers on, this annoyed Idranel and caused her to outburst “How do we get out of this huh? Why did I listen to you? You always talk me into things I don't want to do!” Idranel yelled before lowering her voice and tying her hair up in her usual bun, finding the extra length an added obstacle “Don't worry, I've put helmets in that locker over there, we put these on and head to the WebWay, with one destination in mind!”Caerys said expectedly as she began putting her robe on “And what would that be, huh? Commorragh?” Idranel said jokingly as she headed to the locker Caerys had pointed to and began putting her helmet on “Wow, I didn't know you were so good at reading thoughts!” Caerys said making her way to Idranel, with just enough time to see her face go white as the helmet slipped on.
  14. “This is insane. Why are we doing this?” Idranel asked as Caerys finished putting on her new Dark Eldar appropriate clothing, something Idranel put on quickly“Because, my dear Idranel, you are not only sexually frustrated, but you have breast envy, this is the perfect place to solve both of these issues” Caerys said with a smile “Oh, and by the way, you're name will be Idrane while we're there, and mine will be Caeri, OK?” she asked
  15. “No, it's not OK” Idranel pouted, amazed she had gotten this far without completely freaking
  16. “Too late now!” Caerys laughed as she linked arms with Idranel and jumped into the Webway. They both arrived in Commorragh, both of them looked around at what greeted them. High spires trailed into the sky, thousand-foot idols of warriors lined the pathways, to the north, a great collection of the highest spires imaginable lay, while to the west lay buildings of smaller size, but not grandeur, it was from this area that large amounts of noise could be heard “That's where we want to go” Caerys said calmly as she started walking the pathways towards it “Where are we?” Idranel whispered
  17. “Don't do that, talk normally, we don't want to attract unwanted attention, but to answer your question, we are in High Commorragh, I got the secret portal to this place from a Dark Eldar who was wounded on the same planet we got the vials from”
  18. “And you trusted him? A Dark Eldar?” Idranel asked, concerned she had been led into a trap
  19. “Oh, he didn't tell us willingly, he was wounded but out of his mind on narcotics, he was naked and was sporting the largest erection I have ever witness!” she giggled as they made their way to the gradually growing noise “Well, I'm glad you find it amusing, I'm not finding anything to laugh at”
  20. “Well, he was basically out of it and I read his mind, it was basically him thinking of him using this Webway portal to get back to Commorragh and act as if he survived the ill-fated Dark Eldar raid, I feel sorry for whoever had to endure that erection!” Caerys continued, spluttering into laughter again. Idranel said nothing, she was on edge, she wanted to go home, this was a mistake. By now they were in the location of the laughter, all around them there were laughing Dark Eldar, drinking, smoking, taking narcotics, slipping into ally ways with each other, Idranel was watching one couple remove each others clothes before Caerys said “That's the place. He thought specifically of this place. Dread Seduction, interesting name” she finished heading in that direction. Idranel wanted to run, she wanted to kill all these Dark Eldar, those who gave into pleasure for pleasures sake were here, it was their home, she could do so much damage, but that would mean risking Caerys life and she was not prepared to do that, she sighed and headed towards the door where Caerys was waiting.
  21. Upon entering the Dread Seduction, Idranel and Caerys senses were all assaulted, their ears were assaulted with loud music, that had strange beats and notes, each thud felt like being pricked with a pin, their noses were assaulted with the smell of sweat, smoke and various types of drug fumes not to mention the alcohol being served at the bar to the side. Finally, their sight was being assaulted, not just by the smoke and fumes which made their eyes sore, but the colours and imagery around them. The colours were a mix of deep dark tones, such as black, purple and deep red, contrast with bright pink, crimson and various mixes in-between, the art on the walls depicted graphic sexual acts, graphic torture scenes and graphic violence. However, none of this was compared to the Dark Eldar which showed themselves off to the pleasure of others, while both male and female Dark Eldar performed on the stages, dancing erotically and suggestively, there were many more female than male. “Come on, let's not just stand here, let's get a drink” Caerys said as she made her way to the bar, Idranel followed her, her eyes adjusting to the fumes and her ears adjusting to the nose, as she passed a couple of patrons, both were mutually pleasuring each other, as the Dark Eldar female ran her hand up and down the males penis in long, slow motions, he was inserting his fingers inside her vagina, they did this as they both watched a male and female dancer make out and grope each other in front of them. Idranel watched them long enough for Caerys to hand her a drink, Idranel took a quick sip, it was a harsh and strong taste, but when she swallowed she came over with a sense of pleasure as if she had just quickly stood up from a chair. It was at this point Idranel gave in, she couldn't do anything about where she was, but if this was going to help her fight her peoples enemies better, she'd do it, with that, she downed the entire thing, letting out a gasp as both the pain and pleasure of doing so washed over here. “OK, Caeri, let's do this” she said, handing the empty glass back to Caerys, who smiled and handed her drink to Idranel “Shall we get a seat then?” she smiled.
  23. Idranel and Caerys sat down, drinks in hand, in a large corner seat, in fact it was more like a bed in it's size, but they sat on the edge and placed their drinks on the table in front of them. “So, what do we do now?” Idranel asked, finishing her second drink and automatically asking for another one, which was brought over in great speed by an attending human slave, which contained a shock collar and had a loin cloth as it's only clothes, as it turned away Idranel noticed huge gaping whip marks on its back, with huge zing-zagging scars covering any other area, it was basically a huge scar. Idranel winced, even her hatred of Mon'keighs didn't go that far and that was saying something. Caeyrs put her own drink down and was looking at Idranel watch the human shuffle back and forth with drinks “So, what do you feel like doing?” Caeyrs asked, leaning forward slightly, hands together “I don't know what I am supposed to do, I was supposed to get rid of what you said I had” Idranel couldn't bring herself to say it “OK, that's a start, so, follow my lead” Caerys said, slipping off her skin-tight black leggings, revealing her naked lower half of her body, Idranel quickly looked away, embarrassed about what she saw “Why don't you have underwear on?!” she asked, still looking away, not that it helped as the entire room was filled with naked dancers or patrons. “It's not Dark Eldar like, is it?” she said taking her top off, revealing her breasts underneath “Now, you going to watch and follow or are you going to look completely out of place and get yourself killed?” she asked, making her way to the back of the sofa and leaning against the backrest “So, watch me, do it yourself, if you don't follow suit, we're both in for it” Caerys repeated spreading her legs open, Idranel turned around and saw this, saw Caerys sex before her but she resisted turning away and made her way to the back of the sofa and took off her clothes, spreading her legs just like Caerys “Now I assume you know what comes next?” Caerys asked, as she moved her hand down to her womanhood, Idranel nodded in response and followed suit, hopefully this will please Caerys enough and they can go home. By the time Idranels fingers touched her labia, did she see Caerys was in full motion already, she watched as Caerys rubbed her clitoris with her index and middle finger, pressed together, letting out small moans as she did so Idranel watched intently as Caerys continued this motion whilst rubbing her breast with her spare right hand, occasionally tweaking her nipple, Idranel noticed that both Caerys' nipples were erect and so was her clitoris, Caerys eyes were fixated on one of the female dancers in front of her, she rubbed her clitoris thoroughly, occasionally pressing deeply into it, letting out small gasps as she did so, whilst completely oblivious to Idranel and her lack of action. It was at this point the Dark Eldar dancer noticed them both, but Caerys specifically, who was staring intently at her, the Dark Eldar dancer made her way seductively over, this caused Caerys to increase her hand motions as she rubbed her clitoris and massaged her breast “Hello there, I've not seen you before” the dancer said with a sweet sultry tone, “My names Rarli, what's yours?” she continued as she began to dance on the podium in front of them “C-Caeri” Caerys said between gasps of air.
  24. “And who's your friend?” Rarli asked, rubbing her own breasts and bending forward to look closer at Idrael “My names Idrane” Idranel replied, it was at this point she noticed the tip of her fingers were wet as she had inserted the tip of them into her vagina, the mix of sound, smell and the sights around her, coupled with the drink had made not only her nipples erect but her clitoris too and her love honey was indicating that it needed some attention “You're cute, why doesn't my friend come over and give you a dance?” she asked as she whistled to the male dancer at the other side of the stage, he made his way over, his chest was muscled and ridden with scars, his penis hung like a Shuriken pistol from his crotch “Idrane here would like a dance, care to help out Troxval?”
  25. “Not all all” came the deep, husky reply from the Dark Eldar named Troxval, he too continued his dance in front of them. Idranel couldn't resist, her body was calling out for her, she couldn't say no, it was what they were here for, risking their lives, so when she inserted her fingers into her tight vagina, the feeling of being found out only heightened her arousal. Caerys was in full swing of things, watching Rarli dance in front of her, plunging her fingers in and out of her vagina, whilst grasping hold of her breast and rubbing it vigorously, she had by now sunken into the seat abit, her knees now up as she moaned and gasped her way to her intended goal. Idranel was also into it, using her left hand to finger herself, she used her right hand to massage her clitoris in a clockwise motion, over and over she would plunge deeper and deeper, going as far as he fingers would go. The dancers were now in another stage of dance, Rarli was using a nearby pole to press her labia against, so the pole parted and was covered in a thin layer of her juice as she rubbed up and down, the action becoming smoother and smoother as more juice was applied, while Troxval was rubbing his now erect penis up and down Rarlis butt-crack, all four of them increased their motions at they aimed to climax, Rarli was the first to go, climaxing as she pressed deeply against the pole so that her lips could nearly close round it, Caerys was next, coming at this sight at letting out a restrained squeak as she clamped both her hands on her pussy and rolled over, shuddering, Troxval was now being assisted by Rarlis' hand as she quickly rubbed up and down the shaft, using the pole as support as she leant on it, Troxval was looking at Idranel as she was looking at him, as she began to climax, Troxval finally came, sending his hot seed all over the table in front of them, a few drops managed to land on Idranels now toe curling toes as she too climaxed, feeling a huge sense of relief, she too collapsed to the side, breathing heavily, as she looked at Caerys face, which was flushed with content and euphoria, Caerys just smiled back. The silence was broken by Troxval “You girls up for some more?”
  27. Caerys and Idranel steadied themselves as they brought themselves up right, they had just climaxed, possibly the best in their lives, and this Dark Eldar wanted more? They were just Eldar, they were not used to this type of constant need to pleasure. Rarli straightened herself up and kissed Troxval on the cheek “Not for me, I have my eye on a cute Archon who has just walked up to the bar, but you go ahead” Idranel and Caerys were surprised at this kind of affection, but quickly dismissed it as them being intoxicated “So, are you?” Troxval asked again, stepping down from the stage, his penis now semi-flaccid with a dew of semen forming at it's tip. Caerys and Idranel looked at each other again before turning back to the Dark Eldar dancer and nodded. Troxval lead the two Farseers to another room of the building, this room was filled with a huge bed, capable of fitting a dozen Eldar easily, it was furnished and decorated like the main room and still assaulted the senses. There was a large black wardrobe on the side of the room, but apart from that, nothing was much different. Troxval closed the door and jumped onto the bed as a child might do for a game “So, who's first?” he asked before falling onto the bed, Caerys and Idranel looked at each other again, with Caerys speaking first “You need this more than I do” she smiled before pushing her towards to bed and the awaiting Dark Eldar. Idranel moved her way up to the head of the bed, where mounds of pillows lay and rested her head on one, a head which was spinning, it was as if she was drunk but in a much higher state of pleasure and calmness, she didn't have time to enjoy this feeling before the Dark Eldar dancer loomed above her “So, you ready for some fun?” he asked, Idranel couldn't speak, she wasn't over her last experience, but before she could decline, he had parted her legs with his hands, before thrusting his penis into her, hard. Idranel yelped in pain “Wow, I wasn't expecting this” Troxval said smiling as he looked down on her, he was handsome, for a Dark Eldar, had spiky black hair, with nothing else, no ponytail, no earrings, no studs, Idranel lay there as he began pumping again, she could feel his member moving up and down her vagina, she could feel it's warmth and the wetness of her pussy as he loosened up the extremely tight vagina she had. After the initially pain had passed, it had been replaced with pleasure never experienced before, she had never had anything other than her fingers inside her before, and here was a Dark Eldar thrusting his penis in and out of it at and alarming rate. She moaned and gasped as he looked down on her, when he moved his head down to suck on her nipples, she got a chance to look at Caerys, who was sitting in a chair, masturbating as before, but this time, was watching them. Idranel wrapped her arms around Troxvals sturdy frame and felt the muscles and scars on his back as his thrusts became deeper and more frequent, as Idranels moans and gasps became more frequent, so did his thrusts, as if he knew exactly what to do to get the most pleasure out of somebody. Idranel could feel her head spinning her moans became almost constant, it was at this point Troxval lifted her legs upwards and began thrusting all the harder, this caused Idranel to lurch forward in shock as his penis was even deeper inside her now and was pressingly deeply on her vaginal wall, as she tightened her gripped around his neck, she wrapped her legs around him, it was at this action that he pulled his penis almost all the way out of her, before ramming it back in with great power, whether she screamed or moaned or a combination of the two, is unknown, but his Troxvals penis managed to press deeply against her cervix before unleashing a flood of hot seed into her, as she moaned and spasmed, he thrusted the last few amounts of pleasure out of himself before pulling out and waiting for Idranel to stop shuddering. Idranels mind was completely blank, it was now just pleasure, nothing else, no emotions, just pleasure. It was probably this state of mind that caused her not to see Caerys get up and head towards the wardrobe and take something out. As Idranel laid there, tiredness taking over, she thought she'd fall asleep until she was awoken fully by something entering her ass. She yelled in pain and turned her head around “Caerys... Caeri, wh-what are you doing?”
  28. “I'm sorry Idrane, I tried to resist, I really did, but, I couldn't, you're just too beautiful, I couldn't... I'm sorry” Caerys tears welled up in her eyes as she thrusted again, Idranel grimaced again as she looked down and saw that Caerys had inserted a long and thick, solid rubber-composite tube into her vagina, but this was also connected to Idranel as it was now inside her butt “S-Stop, I don't want this!” Idranel said as she tried to move away but was too tired to do so
  29. “Don't worry about it, just relax, it won't hurt as much” Caerys said, applying pressure on the tube so it pressurized Idranels sphincter muscle, which was stretched as far as it could go by the object, Caerys thrusted again, harder this time which once again made Idranel yell out, Caerys put her arm over Idranel and pulled her closer, the tube bending to the new position and making both Farseers insides quiver with pleasure, Caerys continued her pumping, the object moving in and out with ease due to the copious amount of lubricant applied to it, Idranel gritted her teeth as she felt the objective move up and down her insides, causing both pain and pleasure to erupt from her ass. It was at this point that Troxval had finished applying the lubricant to his member and had shoved it into Caerys own anus, which caused her to moan as well, fully ignoring the pain and concentrating on the pleasure, as he pumped, Caerys would mimic the pump on Idranel, Caerys now holding Idranels hips and angling herself better so the tube would enter better. This communion continued, the room filled with the sound of Farseer and Dark Eldar moaning, gasping, yelping and the sound of tube entering and exiting sloppy rectums. “How does it feel? Please say it feels good” Caerys whispered to Idranel directly into her ear before biting it lightly, an act which caused Idranel to shudder, she couldn't lie, it did feel good “It does, it feels so good” Idranel didn't care what she said, she wasn't Idranel the Farseer, she was Idrane Dark Eldar and this is what Dark Eldar did. As Troxval increased the power and frequency of his own thrusts, so did Caerys and the room was now filled with loud moans and gasp, both Farseers were so close to climaxing, they just needed something to tip them over the edge, it came from Troxval, who moved himself so he was angled horizontally to Caerys, who, herself was angled the same for Idranel. Like he had done with Idranel earlier he removed most of his penis from Caerys anus, much to her displeasure as she tried to move herself so it would go back in, what she didn't know the Dark Eldar need no such help and he timed it perfectly, he thrusted deep into Caerys, so far Caerys had never felt anything like it, it was timed perfectly as she had just removed most of the tube for her own method, but forced from behind by a strong Dark Eldar, she forced the tube which was much thicker than his penis, at roughly the same speed, deep into Idranels rectum, so far that it entered the beginning of her intestinal tract. With this act, Idranel yelled the loudest she has ever done as she climaxed from being fucked in the ass. Caerys came too, just as hard, as she came not just from vaginal climax, but from the feeling of both the tube and the Dark Eldars penis feeling as they rubbed each other through the walls, Troxval came too, like he has thousands of times before and injected another load of sperm into another Dark Eldar, Caerys felt the hot liquid run through her as it made it's way out of her anus and onto the bed. Troxval got up and exited the room, this was nothing in his life, but Idranel and Caerys were spent, Caerys pulled Idranel as close as she could, smelling he sweet scent and Idranel turned around to face her, they kissed passionately on the lips before exhaustion took over them.
  31. Idranel awoke and instead of being greeted with the intoxicating aroma of the Dread Seduction club, she was greeted with the smell of sewage, despair and fear. She opened her eyes and looked around, she noticed her chest didn't feel as full or heavy and she looked down, in terror she was alarmed to see her breasts had returned to normal, the round, plump and large breasts had been replaced with familiar pert and perky breasts with small pink nipples. It was then she noticed her hands were bound behind her by metal restraints and she was against a wooden pole, she looked around, all she could see is high dark walls, on the floor was littered remains of various alien species, from humans and Tau to Hrud and Jokero not to mention the ones even she couldn't identify. She looked around her, still in panic and noticed to her right was Caerys, tied as well to a wooden pole, Idranel heard Caerys weeping, noticing her tears falling to the ground below and soaking into the dirt. “Caerys? You OK?” Idranel asked, trying to assess the situation. No reply “Caerys, are you OK? Where are we?” Idranel asked again, trying to loosen the binds
  32. “I'm sorry” came the reply, followed by more tears
  33. “Sorry, sorry for what? Where are we?” Idranel asked, concerned that an experienced and well trained Farseer was crying her eyes out.
  34. “Our disguise, our bodies, we lost it, we lost it... We are Eldar again....” She said, whimpering
  35. “Well, where are we? What happened?” Idranel asked, her head still spinning.
  36. “Where are you?” came a voice over a loud speaker which sounded like it came from every direction “You're in The Pits” it continued “The best entertainment in Lower Commorragh!” this was followed by a incredibly loud cheer, as if from tens of thousands of people, it was at this point Idranel looked up and saw that the high walls, were not walls in the normal sense, but walls of a large oval stadium which surrounded them. They were in a gladiatorial arena. In Commorragh of all places. “Ladies and murdermen! We have a special treat for you today, something we don't see very often here in The Pits! Below you is not one, but two Eldar Farseers!” the crowd roared again and hooted as the announcer tried to settle them down “Not only are our misguided Kin here in our home, but they had the guile to disguise themselves as one of us!” he continued “That kind of action is what we Dark Eldar are famous for! Maybe we've made a mistake!” the crowd roared in laughter. “But, that's not all, you won't guess where we found them! We found them in bed together in the Dread Seduction! We all know the penalty of those not of noble blood entering Higher Commorragh is, don't we?” the crowd cheered again, thundering they feet on the stone below them, creating a thunderous sound. “But we thought, why have any old gladiator or alien kill them? Why don't we play with our food for a bit, I say we release The Long Limbed One!” this announcement was met with the loudest of all the crowds responses, Idranel had never heard of this “Long Limbed One” and she had no intention to, she had to get back to her Craftworld “I'm sorry Idranel, you said we shouldn't of come here, I just wanted to help...” Caerys wept as both their shackles were released and she fell to the floor on her hands and knees, crying heavily, Idranel ran over to her and lifted her up, Caerys face was red and raw from all her tears “Shh, It's OK, we're alive, it's OK. Don't worry, we're Farseers, we can fight anything” she said bringing Caerys close to her, both were still completely naked and she felt Caerys breast press against hers as well as her heartbeat “Aw, isn't that sweet? I'm sure the LLO will have great fun with you two, so, let's begin shall we?” the announcement cut off and the sound of a large metal grate could be heard in the distance opening, this was so replaced with a loud and disturbing gurgling noise, the two Farseers broke their embrace to look at what was approaching. The thing was a gigantic mound of flesh, it was covering in eyes around it's huge cone shaped body, where the head and the body began and end was not possible to know, the creature moved like a Terran snail, leaving behind a slime which glowed with a green colour. The beast itself was a mixture of green and purple, it looked like it was almost camouflage, but if the creature knew anything about concealment, Idranel didn't know. The most obvious feature of the LLO was that it had dozens of long, slender arms which ended with an almost flower like bulb. The creatures eyes immediately locked on to the two Farseers and started to increase it's speed towards them, Caerys was still weeping when Idranel slapped her across the face and shouted “You're a Farseer, now I need your help to kill this thing! I've done what YOU want, not do what I want!” Caerys expression was that of shock, but at least she had stopped crying. Idranel stood up and pulled her hand back before unleashing a bolt of lightning from her palm into the creature “Oh! That's got to hurt! It's seems as our two lovers have some fight left in them!” the announcer said, mockingly, followed by the usual roar from the crowd. The creature had been hit in one of it's many eyes, which was now a singed mess of flesh and cartilage, other than that, it seemed to have no effect in slowing it down, let alone killing it “Caerys, get up and help me!” Idranel yelled and was soon rewarded for her harshness as Caerys let her own bolt of lightning out towards the creature, inflicting the same amount of damage. Idranel tried to follow her first attack with another one, but instead of a powerful bolt of lightning being released, her head throbbed as if she had just been kicked in it, Caerys experienced the same response when she tried “What's going on? Why can't I do anything?” cried Idranel holding her head
  37. “I don't know, I think the clubs fumes have clouded our minds, it hasn't cleared yet!” Caerys spoke through gritted teeth at the pain she experienced. The LLO had increased it's speed further and seemed infuriated, not weakened, by the efforts of the two Farseers, it had closed the distance so rapidly during the period of pain the two Farseers felt that it was in range to use it's long, almost tentacle like arms, to restrain the Farseers, it was one such arm that made it's way to the still reeling Caerys that caused Idranel to unleash a bolt at the arm, scything it in half, leaving the removed piece to twitch and flop about on the arena floor like a fish out of water. The creature let out a terrible gurgling noise, as close to a screech as it could possibly do, while one arm was down, there were many more where that came from and one on the left side of the creatures body reached out and grabbed Idranel up, lifting her into the air, crushing her arms to her side and her entire body. She yelled in pain as Caerys tried to cut her free, but the bolt missed, her mind too frazzled to aim properly, it was after this failed attempt that the creatures right arms grabbed Caerys too, hoisting her into the air as well. “Well, it took longer than usual folks, but now for the main event!” came the announcement and the cheers of the crowd followed. Caerys and Idranel tried to cast something, anything, to break free, but were unable to do as the pain was too much from both the head and the creatures grip.
  39. It was at this point that the creature turned Caerys so she was horizontal, and brought its other arms in close proximity to her “What's it doing? What's it doing Idranel?!” came the frantic question from Caerys as the additional arms wriggled and swirled around her “I don't know, I don't know” came the reply, but they didn't need to wait long as the creature stabbed one of it's arms into Caerys vagina, it's bulbous end causing her vagina to stretch greatly, this naturally caused Caerys to call out in pain as the arm up and down her insides, the bulb at the end pressing strongly against the walls, as well as pressing against her cervix “It hurts Idranel! Make it stop!” she cried out, but it wasn't going to hurt as much as what was to come next. The creature used another one of it's arms to press itself against her anus, this of course was met with resistance, but the creature was not to be denied and it forces it's way inside of her, causing Caerys to scream at the top of her lungs, the screams only ended when yet another arm thrust itself into her open mouth, muffling out the sound. Idranel looked on in horror as her fellow Farseer was filled with the pulsating arms of an alien creature, all the the great amusement of the crowd. Idranel saw the arms appearing around her, she knew what was coming next, but even this knowledge could not help her suppress the pain and one by one the creature repeated it's actions on her. For what seemed like hours, the creatures' arms moved in and out, up and down, side to side inside both Farseers' bodies, they could feel the bulbs in both their rectums and vagina pressing against each other as if they were side-by-side, if they could scream, they would, but the bulb was going deep down their throats, their gag reflex could do nothing. “Well, this is fun isn't it? Why don't you give the crowd a wave with your hand there, you can still move that, can't you?” came the announcement over the voice system, following my laughter from the crowd. The arms continued that passage in and out of their bodies, both completely helpless to the creatures whims. However, their luck was about to change. As they surprisingly began to reach climax, there was a loud explosion coming from the north-west part of the stadium, this caused the creature to release it's grip slightly, the first explosion was followed by another, screams and shouting filled the air, both the Farseers climaxed, unable to express this apart from muffles through their arm filled mouths, but it was this climax that allowed both Farseers to unleash an unexpected Eldtrich Storm, storms of such intensity and power that the creatures arms around them were vaporized, the body of the creature began to melt as the many eyes on it began to burst. The two Farseers fell to the ground, exhausted and in severe pain from their experience, but it was Idranel who got up first and dragged Caerys to her feat. The creature was on fire, already dead, the two Farseers headed straight to the entrance the creature came from. As they ran, as best they could, towards it, more explosions filled the stadium, with bodies flying everywhere, landing all around them, mixed with limbs and rubble, gun fire was heard over the loud speaker system, followed by a “Down with Asdrubael Vect! Long live Xerzic Traal!” as the fire and screaming continued, the sound of Ravenwings could be heard overhead, dropping their payloads into the stadium, it was pure luck that one landed right next to the gate and allowed the two, still naked, Farseers to run through. From here, they fought their way to a nearby Web Portal, it was with this that Caerys activated a path back to their Craftworld. With a thud the two of them landed at the portal, which was thankfully clear, they carefully made their to the Biochambers and entered them once again, hoping to regain both their physical and mental health over what they endured and experienced “So” said Caerys as she entered the pool, sighing as the cool liquid soothed her friction burns around her body “Was that worth it?” she asked, treading water as best she could
  40. “It was, interesting, but...” Idranel continued, entering her own Biochamber
  41. “But, what?” Caerys asked, as she nearly drifted off to sleep there and then
  42. “Next time, just ask me for a fuck. I don't think I can cope with another trip to Commorragh” she smiled, but in a great deal of pain. “Deal” came the reply “Close hatch on Biochambers 1 and 2” she said finally as she let herself go into the water and the hatch closed over ahead. Idranel thought to herself while she waited for her body to run out of air “Did Caerys do all this just so she could fuck me?” This question would have to wait, as she drank the liquid of the Biochamber, and fell into the oblivion of unconsciousness.
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