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  1. <b>[Section 1]</b>
  3. [Verse 1]
  4. Woke up this morning hungry, I walked along the Bay of Kotor
  5. There's a market down there, past the sailboats, down the gravel road
  6. I went looking for the kittens that I saw last night, and their protective mother
  7. I found two short-haired cow-print kittens and the little gray one, they were all cuddled up
  9. [Verse 2]
  10. The little gray one didn't look up, I blew her kisses
  11. She never turned her head, I petted her with my index finger
  12. Felt her spine, she was all bones, not much flesh, she was dying
  13. The other two kittens each had an eye missing
  15. [Verse 3]
  16. The mother sat close by and got up once to lick them
  17. They sat quietly in an opening of the stone wall along the water
  18. A rectangular shaped hole in the middle of the wall with rusty iron bars
  19. And as I watched, I heard another kitten cry
  21. [Verse 4]
  22. From the other side of the wall, which stood about ten to twelve feet high
  23. There's nothing I hate more than the sound of hungry animals crying
  24. There's nothing I hate more than the sound of hungry animals crying
  25. There's nothing I hate more than the sound of hungry animals crying
  26. There's nothing I hate more than the sound of hungry animals crying
  28. [Verse 5]
  29. Finding footing in the nook, I climb the stone wall
  30. The dog walkers looked at me as if I was mentally ill
  31. I saw another black-and-white kitten on the other side of the wall
  32. Meowing "please mommy, please feed me, I'm hungry"
  34. [Verse 6]
  35. She was looking into my eyes from the field of purple flowers
  36. She was pawing at the wall, trying to get to her mother, and her sister, and her brother
  37. Stretched out from back to front paw she was maybe a foot long
  38. And she cried, "waaah, waaah, waaah, waaah"
  40. <b>[Section 2]</b>
  42. [Verse 7]
  43. She had about five feet there, to get up to the nest
  44. Of her siblings, to her mother's love, for that kitty in the purple flowers
  45. Her mother didn't budge
  47. [Verse 8]
  48. I could've hurled myself over, to rescue the little one
  49. But I would've broken my ankle like Dustin Hoffman in <i>Papillon</i>
  50. I walked further down the street to the market on the corner
  51. Where the locals and the tourists are gathered at 7 o'clock in the morning, waiting for the store to open
  53. [Verse 9]
  54. When it opened, I walked up and I down its lonely lanes
  55. Listeneding to the customers and clerks speaking various foreign languages
  56. I bought oranges and water, sardines, and bananas
  57. Two mega-sized cans of tuna and carried the groceries past the dog walkers
  59. <b>[Section 3]</b>
  61. [Verse 10]
  62. I saw the mother cat with the two kittens, but the gray one was gone
  63. Maybe her mother pushed her over, down to the purple flowers, to join the other one
  64. When I petted the gray one earlier her chin was leaning on the edge of the wall, faced down towards the flowers
  65. I thought of Mickey Rourke in <i>Spun</i>, he said, "My mom was drowning puppies in the bathtub. Why keep what you can't feed?"
  67. <b>[Section 4]</b>
  69. [Verse 11]
  70. I opened the cans of tuna, with the lid, and tossed them tuna over the wall
  71. Aiming for the spot where I've seen the hungry kitten trying to crawl
  72. And I sat the cans down near the kittens nest, two healthier cats smelled the tuna
  73. Slouched their way over, one black, one butterscotch vanilla
  75. <b>[Section 5]</b>
  77. [Verse 12]
  78. Jet-lagged, a big wave hit me
  79. I did all I could've done
  80. I walked to the hotel breakfast room
  81. With a maid who seems to have taken a liking to me
  82. Mirjana, saw me eating my eggs like a hungry prisoner and said
  83. "Easy, easy!"
  85. [Verse 13]
  86. I came back to my room
  87. A book has been on the bedside stand since I arrived here
  88. I'm not sure what language it's in, but it says
  89. "Svetski bestseler #1, Danielle Steel"
  90. The four biggest words on the book were spelled like this:
  91. "K-N-J-I-G-A
  92. S-A-D I Z-A-U-V-E-K"
  94. <b>[Section 6]</b>
  96. [Verse 14]
  97. I couldn't fall asleep, Mirjana came and knocked on my door
  98. "Here are some towels. Come, eat, Mark! Eat, eat, you must eat some more!"
  99. "Give me a few minutes", I said, "I'll be right over"; "Oh, you, Mark! Come down!"
  100. And when I walked towards the breakfast area she ordered me to get the others, she said, "Mark, g0o get them now"
  102. [Verse 15]
  103. I said, "I can't wake them", I told her, "they're sleeping and they need some rest"
  104. "Tell me", she said, "why do you look like this? So sad all the time... so sad... why, Mark? Why Do you look like this?"
  105. "'Cause I'm jet-lagged", I told her, "and then my clock is off
  106. Please knock on my door around 5 p.m. to wake me and you might just see a happier Mark"
  108. [Verse 16]
  109. "You might even see a smile!"; And she said, in her Serbian accent, "I will do that! Do you know who you remind me of, Mark?"
  110. "Who?", I said; "John Malkovich"
  111. I ate some cereal and scrambled eggs and went back to bed
  112. She knocked on my door an hour early, 4 p.m.
  114. [Verse 17]
  115. "Mark, wake up! Wake up!"; I picked up my pants from the floor
  116. I put on some slippers and my t-shirt and decided to swim in the Bay of Kotor
  117. The same shirt I've been wearing for the last three days
  118. And I walked down the path of oleanders, wisteria, and agave
  120. [Verse 18]
  121. And the palm trees to the bay; my stomach growled with hunger so I kept walking past the boats and the sunbathers
  122. The dog walkers with their dogs on their collars, and the stray dogs, and the skinny cats, to a restaurant called "Ellas"
  124. <b>[Section 7]</b>
  126. [Verse 19]
  127. A waitress named Sandra came and took my order
  128. "Fish soup with Greek salad, please, and a large bottle of sparkling water"
  129. I looked across the Aquafresh-Crest-toothpaste-colored water
  130. At the town of Muo with the little stucco houses with the Spanish roofs
  132. [Verse 20]
  133. I asked Sandra what the orange things were, floating in the water
  134. She said, “They’re called 'bova' and they have nets and they harvest black mussels”
  135. On my walk back to the hotel I jumped into the Bay of Kotor
  136. As I walked along the mossy rocks the moss soothed the bottom of my feet
  138. [Verse 21]
  139. I was wading out in the seaweed looking at the girls layin’ out in their bikinis
  140. I never wrote a song about girls in bikinis; if I did, maybe I’d have a hit like The Beach Boys
  141. I saw a bandmate walking down the road
  142. He noticed me out in the water and said, "Hey, Mark, soundcheck' s pretty soon, we better go”
  144. [Verse 22]
  145. While we were rehearsing, Mirjana heard the music echoing around the tile floor
  146. She knocked on the door and asked if she could come listen, and we said, "Yeah, sure!"
  147. She heard two songs, we said, "What do you think?; she said, “Sounds like Steely Dan, but crazy!”
  149. <b>[Section 8]</b>
  151. [Verse 23]
  152. Sea Rock Festival, July 21
  153. From the start my guitar was out of tune
  154. So I sat it on the stand and walked towards the front of the stage
  155. Howled to the castles up in the mountains and sang tunefully to the moon
  157. [Verse 24]
  158. Ramon on guitar, Chris on Piano, they held their end stoically and steadily
  159. A nice, receptive, family-oriented crowd; I didn’t make adjustments for them
  161. [Verse 25]
  162. I gave them the good, the bad, the ugly
  163. I sang <i>Mother’s Love</i>, and <i>666 Post</i>, and I encouraged them to cheer
  164. for Andrew Golota, though I doubt many there heard of him in Montenegro
  165. It was a fun night, cathartic and exhilarating
  167. <b>[Section 9]</b>
  169. [Verse 26]
  170. The next day at lunch a stray dog kept me company over at Ellas
  171. The waiter came by and had the check in his hand in an oblong folder
  172. He was asking me in Serbian if I was ready for the check
  173. (I thought that’s what he was asking)
  175. [Verse 27]
  176. And when I nodded, "Yes", he smacked the dog on the butt
  177. The dog let out a high-pitched "Woof!" and ran off
  178. I stood up and said, "Why did you do that!?"; he said "Dogs are problem here"
  179. I went and found the dog and petted his head
  181. [Verse 28]
  182. Lured him back to my table with a piece of French bread, he sat next to my table
  183. I told the waiter, "Don’t ever do that again
  184. It’s ok. I like the dog near me"
  185. The dog was picky and didn’t like the bread
  186. So I put a piece of penne pasta up to his nose instead
  188. [Verse 29]
  189. And he bit my hand, finicky stray
  190. "That’s OK", I told him. "Bite my hand all you want
  191. Keep me company awhile. Your bites are nothing compared to the sick feeling I suffer
  192. Every time I turn on American TV news channels"
  194. <b>[Section 10]</b>
  196. [Verse 30]
  197. I paid the check and left with my large bottle of sparking water
  198. And when I got up, Mirjana had just been seated at a nearby table with another maid
  199. She said, "Mark, I must tell you. You are like a machine
  200. You Sleep, you eat, you shit, you make music. You are a machine"
  202. [Verse 31]
  203. I said "I guess so" and I went back to my room.
  204. At about 9 p.m. Chris knocked on my door and woke me
  205. Chris and Ramon and I took a cab into the old part of town for dinner
  206. But before we left, three maids, including Mirjana, who are always sitting down the cement walkway from me
  207. Drinking wine, coffee, and smoking cigarettes
  208. Observing the coming and goings of passersby, started talking to us
  210. <b>[Section 10]</b>
  212. [Verse 32]
  213. ...Chris and Ramon, with me standing right there, "I told Mark today
  214. He is a machine. He eats, sleeps, shits, and plays music. This man is a machine"
  215. Then she introduced us to Ljiljana, whom I already met a bunch of times
  216. And the other maid who has never spoken a word to me, Milica
  218. [Verse 33]
  219. Mirjana pointed to Milica and said, "Mark, Milica has something to tell you
  220. She wants to marry you", I took a step back
  221. Then I smiled and said "Her and I have never spoken a word
  222. But, yeah, If I lived in Kotor, sure... why not... I would marry her"
  223. Then Milica corrected Mirjana in Serbian
  224. Mirjana then said to me, "Oh, I misunderstood
  225. Milica said she wants to fuck you”
  227. [Verse 34]
  228. Ramon and Chris and I let out an awkward giggle, then we were speechless
  229. I then politely asked Mirjana what her friend’s name was again
  230. "It’s Milica, you crazy man! You are crazy!"
  231. Ramon saved me, “Hey you guys, I want to get going, I just wanna get a cab"
  232. That was our segue and Chris and I followed along
  234. [Verse 35]
  235. But not before I told the maids, "Hey, you all have a nice life here
  236. Drinking wine among friends, looking out at the bay
  237. I’ve seen you all at the restaurant down the street and laying out on the beach
  238. This is a nice life you have, ending your days this way
  239. It’s beautiful here - the smell of the salt water and the Italian pines"
  241. <b>[Section 11]</b>
  243. [Verse 36]
  244. "Fuck you, crazy man! You join us in the kitchen tomorrow!
  245. Work with us and see how good this life is, you fuck!"
  246. "Hey", I told her, "We all have to go to work
  247. You think this life is glamourous? It took me 30 hours to get here
  248. And I'm gonna spend 30 hours in airports and on airplanes to get home"
  250. [Verse 37]
  251. She said, "I know, I know, you work hard, Mark, It’s true, I know
  252. You know something? You look like John Malkovich"
  253. I said, "I know, you told me that earlier"
  254. I'll never forget Mirjana
  255. I think I’ll send her a postcard when I get back to San Francisco
  257. <b>[Section 12]</b>
  259. [Verse 38]
  260. After having dinner in the old part of town, Ramon stayed to see some jazz
  261. And Chris and I came back with a plan to meet in five minutes down by the gate and go for a walk along the bay
  262. I walked down to my room and Milica appeared with a large empty water bottle
  263. "Water?", she asked; I think it was Freudian, to see if I wanted to fill the bottle
  264. I said that I'd be ok, but for her to please wait, and that I’d bring her a CD
  265. (Mirjana said that Milica wanted a copy of my music)
  266. I gave her <i>Mark Kozelek Night Talks</i> and she shyly walked off towards their little smoking area
  267. And that’s the last I’ve seen of her before the night
  268. I know the loneliness of the road but in that moment I knew the loneliness of the live-in maid
  270. [Verse 39]
  271. Chris and I then walked along the bay and to my usual spot, Ellas
  272. The same place where the waitress explained the orange things that harvested mussels
  273. And where the guy whacked the dog on the butt.
  274. We had sparkling water and ice cream
  275. Howe Gelb stopped by and said hi
  276. I’m back in my room now
  277. I’ve not turned on this TV since I’ve been here... bliss
  278. It’s 3:29 a.m.
  279. Goodnight from my hotel room
  280. Kotor, Montenegro, 7/23/2018
  282. <b>[Section 13]</b>
  284. [Verse 40]
  285. Today I awoke at 6:55 a.m, in time for breakfast
  286. Mirjana said to me, "This thing you say last night... about how we have a good life... why... why did you say that to us?"
  287. I think she thought I was being patronizing but I wasn’t
  288. I said, "I told you that because I grew up in the middle of a bunch of cornfields, nowhere near the Adriatic Sea or the Bay of Kotor"
  290. [Verse 41]
  291. "You seem to have a nice bond with your co-workers and it seems like a nice place to relax
  292. And at the end of the day to look up at the stars
  293. But this is my weekend trip and this is your everyday, so I understand if you’re upset by what I said”
  294. She said, “My friends only think of themselves. Never mind all of this beauty you see. It’s inside of here!", pointing to her chest
  295. Inside of here, Mark, is shit. They tell me, 'Do this! Do that!' This life is shit!"
  297. [Verse 42]
  298. I got up and hugged her and told her that I meant no harm, that I meant well
  299. That I understood she works very hard, and we hugged for a long time, no nervous pats on the back
  300. She said "What will you do now, after breakfast?"; I said "The same think I always do - go back to my room and get some sleep"
  301. She told me, "Please, come back before 10 o'clock in the morning and eat some more", and I said I'd try
  303. [Verse 43]
  304. She wrote her name on a piece of paper; I told her I’d send her a postcard if I didn't get a chance to say goodbye
  305. I went back to bed and woke up at 12:25 p.m.
  306. I'm gonna walk along the road to Ellas, past the stray cats, and dogs, and oleanders, and agave, and palm trees, and sailboats, and sunbathers again
  307. Taking a towel and plan to wade around in the Bay of Kotor one last time
  309. [Verse 44]
  310. 3 a.m. call for our flight back to San Francisco from some place in Croatia tonight
  311. I’m back in my room; it was overcast and I skipped swimming
  312. I just shadow boxed four three-minute rounds with a bottle of water in each of my hands
  313. 3:12 p.m, Kotor, Montenegro, 7/23/2018
  315. [Verse 45]
  316. I wrote those then words then back in July, but just sending them today, August 15th, 2018
  317. It's day 6 of the six-day recording session, we're wrapping up this record with a recording of [?] and [?]
  318. Last night I told Nathan, "Man, my ears are burned out, I'm so fucking tired. Let's go to Colombo tomorrow, the town they discovered gold
  319. Back on January 24th, my birthday, but, you know, 1828"; Nathan said, "Sure, ok. We'll go"
  321. [Verses 46]
  322. So we drove out there this morning and got in the water and I swam from one side of the American river to the other, and back
  323. I picked some blackberries and put them in my bottle of water, and planted a cactus that was getting too big for my appartment
  324. It was nice to see all of the apple orchards and cows along the way; we talked about what guys have been to Vacaville, what guys have been to Folsom Prison
  325. I need to go out there and do all that to be able to do what I just did
  327. Goodnight
  328. 9:55 p.m, August 15th, 2018
  329. San Francisco
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