Getting links indexed in Bing

Jul 2nd, 2020
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  1. Getting links indexed in Bing
  2. Hope you're all having a good holiday period,
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  14. I've got a few links that haven't been indexed in Bing. I was wondering if anyone had any techniques to get Bing to crawl these links?
  15. I don't want to fire a load of spam if possible - weird that they haven't been indexed in Bing as they're high power links. All other search engines have caught up.
  16. Have you tried this? It is the first thing to do, if you haven't.
  17. https://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster
  18. Have you tried this? It is the first thing to do, if you haven't.
  19. https://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster
  20. They aren't posts on my site, these are backlinks to my site posted elsewhere. I'm already signed up to Bing Webmaster - appreciate the suggestion
  22. Oh sorry. I mistook.
  23. maybe your problem solved
  24. Chinese Ecommerce Giant Alibaba’s Cloud Activity Contributes to Record Growth
  25. The cloud activity of Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba has contributed to the company reporting record growth. Alibaba Cloud (also known as ‘Aliyun’) is Alibaba Group’s cloud division. Established in 2009, the company has head offices in Singapore and caters to more than 2.5 million customers. It provides a range of scalable cloud computing and data management offerings and has a presence in the Middle East, Europe, Australia and Japan. The company’s revenue from cloud computing activity has reportedly jumped 101%.
  27. Alibaba Group has reported a 47% increase in net profit for the 2020-2020 fiscal year. The bulk of the group’s revenue is generated by its Ali Express and Ali Baba online trading platforms, both of which have benefited from an increase in smartphone-driven sales. In total Alibaba Group’s first quarter revenues are reported to have topped $10 billion. Its year-on-year revenue was 250.27 billion yuan ($39.30 billion). Its digital media activity also increased by 33%.
  30. 41. Sell Used Books
  32. There are scores of websites where you can sell used books. This can be a very profitable business provided you spend time buying used books. You can find several sellers within your neighborhood.
  34. Also approach schools, colleges and universities that wish to get rid of old books from their libraries. It is possible to buy and sell used books on Craigslist.
  36. Some excellent websites where you can sell used books include Powell’s Books, Amazon, Halfpricebooks and Bookscouter, among others.
  38. 42. Sell Stuff Online Getting links indexed in Bing
  40. If you are a graphic designer or commercial artist you can design custom logos, trendy designs and inspirational quotes and showcase them on sites like CafePress and Etsy which will sell them for you, for a share in the profits.
  42. Of course you need to be creatively inclined and great at coming up with awesome ideas consistently to make good money, but that’s where the real pros’ come in, right?
  44. 43. Pawn Your Valuables
  46. Pawning your valuables such as jewelry, an expensive watch or even electronic items is not exactly a way to make money fast. This is because pawnshops will pay fraction of the market value for your precious stuff.
  48. Further, they charge a heavy interest should you wish to redeem the valuable at a later date. Failing to repay means the pawnshop forfeits your valuable and can legally sell it to any customer, after completing legal formalities.
  50. Pawning your valuables is an ideal way to make money fast if you are confronted by some emergency and desperately need funds.
  52. Before entering a pawnshop, find its reputation in the market. Pawning can be a fairly shady business and you could get much lesser money for your valuables.
  54. 44. Wash / Wax / Detail a Car
  56. Washing, waxing and detailing a car helps make money fast. As the term implies, this task involves thoroughly washing a car. This is followed by a full waxing of its exteriors and interiors to give it a spanking new and bright look.
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  64. make money just by walking
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