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Sandra in the Sun

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  2. Chapter One
  4. She was beautiful. I wonder if she knew it. I couldn't help but looking at her. She sat there so lovely, with her pencil in her hand solving math. The way her pencil danced across her book, the way her fingers tenderly loved each button on her calculator, even the way she flipped the pages. It was so perfect. I just looked at her. I couldn't help it. I had to. She was like a lamp is to an insect. You really don't want to go there, but you have to. You can't help it. Some invisible force was pulling my sight towards her. Her eyes had met mine several times. Her eyes were perfect. And the way she looked at me was even more perfect, if it was possible. Her eyes smiled a loving smile to me. A smile that told me she was more than just my pupil. Then a tiny voice snapped me out of it.
  6. "Sir" I blinked a fast a couple of times and shook my head a bit to clear my mind.
  8. "Sir!" Her voice was getting rather irritated now. It was Alice. Her arm was high up in the air.
  10. "Could you help me please?" I got up from my chair.
  12. "Sure" I stole one last glance from her as I walked over to help Alice.
  14. Maybe I should begin from the start, or from where what was a mix of heaven and hell began. My name is Albert. I'm 21 years old, or I was 21 when it all began, and I'm a teacher at the local high school, teaching pupils aged 13-16. Can't handle anything younger than teenagers. I'm a science person, loving mathematics and physics. It may seem strange, but after a couple of years at the high school I got my PhD in Astrophysics at the age of 23. Someone called me autistic, but I don't feel like I fit that description. I'm more of a hardcore nerd. Although I am a nerd, I don't look like your standard scrawny math teacher with glasses. I come from a rather unmechanised farm, so there was a lot of heavy labour on my youth, and somehow I've managed to keep up my good shape. God has smiled to me for once. A girlfriend of mine told me that when I began I would be every schoolgirl's wet dream. Young, muscular, but not the type that have spent way too many hours in the gym, tall, and quite handsome. I was flattered and told her that that sort of things only happened in movies and stuff like that. But God how wrong I was.
  16. Her name was Sandra. First time I saw her I thought about the song by Lou Bega where he sings "A little bit of Sandra in the Sun", cause she looked like she had been in the sun. She had an almost perfect tan. Dark, but not so dark that it was nasty. Just enough so that she didn't look pale white. Her hair was pitch black, a bit longer than her shoulders. Sometimes she had it in a ponytail, sometimes she would just let it hang. That was when she turned me on the most, when her hair was free. I imagined how it would be if there was a strong wind. Would her hair fly like her pen, float like her fingers? The first day I didn't learn any names than hers. Sandra. Sandra in the Sun. I tried to look somewhere else than at her, trying not to get too much attention. What I did notice was that my friend was right. Damn her. Almost all of the girls had their mouth's shut, staring at me as I introduced myself. The highlight of the day was probably when I removed my jacket and was standing in my T-shirt, showing off the muscles of my upper body. I didn't try to, it just happened. I remember when I was walking towards my car at the end of that day I overheard some of the girls from my class talking and standing next to the parking lot. They weren't aware of me since I came up form behind them.
  18. "Oh my God. Our new math teacher is like SO hot." That was a girl that I later learned was Alison.
  20. "Yeah. You should totally see him Amber. He has like the greatest upper body ever. Big muscles that just wants to hold around you." That was Mary. As I came around the corner I smiled to them "Good afternoon girls." Alison and Mary turned red in a quarter of a second. Amber stared at me with her mouth open. I walked past them to my car. In the distance I could hear them giggle.
  22. So my dream, or nightmare, had come true. Most of the girls in the class I was teaching had a crush on me. It was the stupid high school crush, but it still. For the first time I was the one every girl in the class was staring at. I had to laugh. I was young and ambitious, eager to show the school authorities that I was not only a man with good grades from university, but also a very good teacher that could connect with the kids. I never thought it would go so far as it did though.
  24. Since I was so eager in my job I had no problem helping the kids during class. Naturally the girls asked for my help almost constantly. Alison and Mary in particular. I don't know if they were stupid or if the just pretended. I think it was a mix of both. Everytime I had answered their question and walked away I could hear a silent giggle from them followed by intense whispering.
  26. Sandra however, was a different story. She was the quiet girl in class, but really smart. She only asked for my help a couple of times, usually wondering if she had done it right, which she to my surprise had. She managed the hardest problems without much problem. Maybe that was the trigger in my head that made me look at her twice. If she had been just another dumb bitch like Alison and Mary I would probably just have ignored her.
  28. I talked to the other teachers about her, and they told me that she was just as good in all the other subjects. The one thing that struck me was that she was not so quiet in the other classes. She was very lively and social. That made me take the first move.
  30. On Fridays I had them in the last two classes of the day. I was puzzled about why Sandra was so shy during classes. She used to be one of the last to exit the room. She always wanted to finish the math problem she was working on before she went home.
  32. "Sandra" She looked up. "Could I have a word please?" She seemed a bit shocked. She just nodded her head, wondering what it was now. What she had done wrong. I smiled to her. My smile seemed to help her relax a bit.
  34. "First of all, I must confess I'm impressed by your performance. You are without doubt the best in class in math." She smiled. Her smile was lovely. Cute and innocent, yet still settling. I could feel all the worries in the world would be lifted from my shoulders if she smiled to me like that.
  36. "But I talked to your other teachers, and they told me you usually aren't that shy in the other classes. Is there something wrong?" She seemed like she was thinking quick about what to answer. Her wheels spinning fast.
  38. "Oh, it's nothing. I just feel like concentrating on maths. Not fooling around so much. Not the easiest thing in the world you know." I knew she was lying. She was looking down in her book. She did seem a bit shy. I figured it was best not to push her.
  40. "Okay. I understand. If you need anything I'll be here. Since I'm a teacher I have a vow of silence you know." She smiled again.
  42. "Sure thing sir." She packed her bags and walked towards the door. When she reached the door she stopped, and turned around.
  44. "Sir?" I looked up
  46. "Yes?"
  48. "Ummm. I was wondering about one thing."
  50. "Go ahead" She looked down in the floor. Embarrassed, shy, worried. She probably went through every schoolgirls emotions at the same time.
  52. "Ummm" She hesitated. "I have like a crush on a guy" That was probably the reason. The guy she had a crush on was probably in her math class. Who could it be I wondered. Maybe it was Zach, as they called him. He was the standard high school cool guy. Looked decent and all that, but his understanding about maths were like your average man's understanding about the currency in Kazakhstan.
  54. "Well that's nice. Isn't unusual with a high school crush you know." She giggled, her face turning red
  56. "Well, since you're a guy you probably know this. How should I approach him?"
  58. "Hehe. Well the most important thing is that you show confidence in yourself. Don't appear shy and uncertain. And if he against all odds should say no don't run off crying. If he says no then he is retarded and isn't worth crying over." She looked up at me.
  60. "Why you say that?"
  62. "Because you are a smart and beautiful young lady." FUCK. I spoke without thinking. I shouldn't have said that, but I could see that a large grateful smile came across her face.
  64. "Thank you sir. Wish me luck. Bye" She almost ran out.
  66. "Bye" I whispered. Maybe I would see her and Zach holding hands on Tuesday. I smiled to myself. If this doesn't give me good karma, I don't know what will.
  68. Two days later, on the Sunday, I was sitting outside my house having a cold drink in the sun. I'm usually not the type to sit out in the sun, but I had a cold coke and a book about the Alpha Centauri star system. I really loved astronomy. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice.
  70. "Good day sir" I looked up. It was Sandra. And this time she was definitely Sandra in the Sun. I couldn't decide which one was hotter, the sun or her. She was wearing a white t-shirt and tight jeans hotpants. Through her white t shirt I could see a pink cute bra. It suited her.
  72. "Hey Sandra" I smiled to her. "What brings you to my humble place?"
  74. "I was wondering about something"
  76. "Come on in." She opened the gate and walked towards me. Her movement was gracefully, like she had practiced hours on it, just to make it perfect. "Please, sit down. Need something to drink?"
  78. "No thank you sir"
  80. "Please. We're not at school now. You can call me Albert if you want."
  82. "Ok, Albert" She giggled as she said it.
  84. "Now, what was it that you were wondering about?"
  86. "You know the boy I told you about?"
  88. "Ah. The one you had a crush on. How did it go?"
  90. "Well, I haven't done it yet. I haven't had the time."
  92. "Ah, ok. What about him?"
  94. "Do you think he would say yes to me?"
  96. "Of course. He would be retarded if he said no" Godfuckingdamnit. I had to stop speaking before thinking.
  98. "Would you say yes?" I had just taken a zip of my coke, and the question made me swallow it down in the wrong hole. I started coughing like crazy. After a minute I had caught my breath and looked at her.
  100. "What do you mean?"
  102. "If I told you that I had a crush on you, would you be my boyfriend?" I was shocked. She, had a crush on me, And she had the guts to come and say it to me.
  104. "I would have to say no." Her face turned from hopeful to sad.
  106. "Why?"
  108. "For two reasons.
  110. 1.You are just 15. If you were 16 it wouldn't be much of a problem." She interrupted me before I could say anything else.
  112. "I'm turning 16 in 3 months" If I wasn't shocked already, I certainly would have been now.
  114. "Second, I'm your teacher. If I messed around with one of my students, like you, I would be fired."
  116. "I knew you would say that, therefore I checked it out the rules for the school and the law. The school doesn't have any rules about it, and the law says that as long as you're not my teacher it's okay. You can be a teacher at the school and be my boyfriend as long as you don't teach me." She was so satisfied. She wasn't just smart, she was bureaucratic aswell. Damn.
  118. "Wow. You obviously did some research."
  120. "Mhm"
  122. "I gotta think about this" I've never felt so confused about anything in my life.
  124. "What's there to think about?" She crossed her legs in what must be the sexiest way possible. Slow enough for me to notice it, but not so slow that it was obvious. Just slowly lifting her right leg over her left.
  126. "You either want me as your girlfriend or you don't"
  128. "It's not that simple."
  130. "You thinking about the gossip?"
  132. "Hell no. What people think doesn't bother me at all." I sat up in my chair. "The thing is that I don't think you can be my girlfriend until you're 16. That means three months without us holding hands, kissing or sex. You are fully aware of that, aren't you?"
  134. "Yeah, of course. But if you can wait, I can." I could feel my dick growing. Thinking about her as my girlfriend made my mind spin. She got up and kissed my cheek. "See you in school on Tuesday, sweetie." I was speechless as she walked out of my yard, leaving me stunned and horny.
  137. Chapter Two
  139. The next three months were pure torture. Every day I saw her my feelings grew stronger. I thought about holding her body next to me, kissing her forehead, stroking her hair like a loving boyfriend should. During class, if I wasn't looking directly it had her in the corner in my eyes. The other girls in the class giggled and whispered, looking up at me once in a while, before giggling again. I guess they talked about me. I wondered what they would say when they found out about me and Sandra. Maybe they would burst into tears. Maybe they would be mad at Sandra, blocking her out of their gang. Sandra had told me that she didn't care if they didn't want to spend time with her because of me. If they were that shallow, so be it. It was only 6 months before they went on, away from this school. Or maybe they would pump Sandra for every single possible detail about our relationship. You never knew when it comes to girls that age.
  141. Finally the day came. Sandra turned 16. I had been looking at my calendar, crossing out every day that passed. With big letters it said "Finally". I had never been so excited before in my life. I had hesitated three months earlier, had my head filled with reasons why not to start a relationship with her. Now my head was filled with reasons why I SHOULD start a relationship wit Sandra.
  143. On Thursday I had the first class of the day with Sandra and her class. She looked more beautiful than ever. Had she done something special for today, or was it just that she now was 16 and I looked upon her in a completely different way. When we had done the standard Good morning class, good morning sir greeting and the class had settled down, Alison reached up her hand.
  145. "Sir!"
  147. "Yes?"
  149. "Sandra is turning 16 today. Can we sing for her???"
  151. "Really?" I tried to sound as surprised as possible. "Sure. Go ahead and sing." Our eyes met and she seemed a bit disappointed. I quickly realised why. As the class began singing "Happy Birthday" she turned red. Seemed like it was easy to make her feel embarrassed. I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. I was so going to get it for this. After the singing stopped and the applaud had silenced it took a couple of minutes before her face turned back to her normal tanned sexy colour. I began teaching as nothing had happened, although I had serious problems concentrating about math. My head had travelled with Sandra back home to my place. To my bedroom. In my bed with Sandra. I blinked several times to get my focus straight.
  153. After class Sandra was late as always with her books down in her bag. I approached her.
  155. "Hey" She smiled to me
  157. "Hi"
  159. "Happy birthday"
  161. "Thanks" She smiled again.
  163. "Here" I handed her a small gift. "I bought you a birthday present."
  165. "What? For me?"
  167. "You see anybody else that's turning 16 today?" She laughed.
  169. "No I guess not." She unwrapped the gift and opened the casing. Inside was a silver necklace with a gold heart. Simple but beautiful.
  171. "Aaah. It's lovely" Her eyes showed that she wasn't lying.
  173. "Glad you liked it. I don't think you should wear it at school today. Some of your friends might see it and start asking questions. I thought you should now that I'm going to talk to the principal today. I've had a chat with a friend of mine. He's a lawyer. He told me that as long as I don't teach you the school can't do anything. Can't fire me and they can't arrest me. Only obstacle left I guess is your parents"
  175. "Ha. I don't think they will be a problem. My dad is 8 years older than my mother. They married when she was 19, so they aren't allowed to say squat" I smiled. This was one determined young lady. I thought that if I ever thought about being the boss in this relationship I would be more wrong than Hitler when he found out it was a good idea to invade Soviet. But I had fallen in love with her, so I honestly didn't care.
  177. The meeting with the principal went better than expected. I thought he would yell at me, call me a paedophile and similar things, but he didn't. He was quite understanding and thanked me for coming to him before doing anything with Sandra.
  179. "I'll be transferring you to other classes today. But you know that this means you can't have anything to do about her test results in any subject, not even the ones you don't understand."
  181. "Of course. I'll keep my hands off the other teachers."
  183. "Good. And good luck with your girl. I wish you the best." I was shocked by this remark. The principal gave me the go ahead to fuck one of his students.
  185. "Thank you sir. I really appreciate your support"
  187. "You are a good teacher. I will do anything I can to keep you."
  189. "Thank you sir." We shook hands and I left his office. I've never felt anymore relived.
  191. The next weekend I had invited Sandra over for a late birthday dinner. It was just a nice long phrase for "first date". I was nervous. Extremely nervous. I hadn't been on a date since I was 19. I spent the last two years being single, fapping to lousy internet porn. Or most of it was lousy. Believe it or not, but I'm actually a decent cook. Living 3 years alone you get really tired of take out and frozen pizzas. So my cooking skills developed. My friends say that the best thing I make is steak.
  193. One of my friends actually said ‘Jamie Oliver sod off' after having one of my steaks. So that is what I decided to make to our dinner. I think I must have gone trough 14 different scenarios of what to do if I burn the steaks or anything else. At one point I thought of just buying twice the ingredients needed for two, and having a backup steak with accessories ready just in case. Take out menus were ready in case she didn't like steak or if she was a vegetarian. I felt that if she was a veggie I would really have hit the dirt. The most beautiful woman/girl I've ever seen, and she is fucking rabbit.
  195. I shook my head, disregarding that thought. No point in taking the sorrows in advance. But I had to have a salad. I could have done with the steak, roasted potatoes and béarnaise, but she was woman. Women always want salad with their meal, unless their meal is one big fucking salad. I fixed up a nice and easy salad, with a simple dressing. I thought that should be enough. I had no idea what she wanted to drink. Did she drink beer? Or whine? White or red? I had no clue what 16 year olds drink these days. I ended up with a six pack of beer, a bottle of white wine and a bottle of red wine. I had no idea what the wine tasted like. I wouldn't like it, but for her I could swallow down any type of wine. I had some coke as well in case she didn't want to have any alcohol. I looked at the clock. 6 o'clock. She was supposed to be here at seven. I had some time. I went upstairs and got a shower and shaved. The shower felt good. It cleaned away some of the nervousness, but I was still rather shaky. Just pure luck I didn't cut myself while shaving. I prepared everything so that it was just for me to throw the potatoes in the oven and put the steaks in the frying pan. I opened a can of coke and had another look at the clock. 6.45. 15 minutes to relax.
  197. At precisely 7 PM the doorbell rang. I walked to the door, tried to act cool, and opened it. As I opened it my eyes turned wide and if it was humanly possible my jaw would have dropped at the floor. There she stood. My Sandra. She was wearing black high healed shoes, a strapless black dress reaching down just above her knees. I don't know if she filled out the dress or if the dress filled out her, but it was a perfect match. The dress enhanced her perfect curves. Her flat stomach, somewhat broad hips, and her ass was cute as hell. Her breasts looked several numbers larger in the dress. Her pitch black hair was hanging down. And most visual of everything was the little necklace I gave her one and half week earlier.
  199. 'Hi' Her smile was full of confidence, and was cuter than sugar. I blinked my eyes several times and smiled back
  201. "Hi"
  203. "You like my dress? I bought it for the occasion. Or me and mom did"
  205. "I like it very much. You look great. Come on in" I stepped aside, letting her in.
  207. "Thanks" She stepped inside. The way she moved made my eyes go into zoom mode onto her ass. It almost screamed "Grab me, with both your hands" I managed to avoid the temptation, barely.
  209. "Wow, really neat place you got"
  211. "You think? Thank you" In my mind I was more than just gratefull. I had spent almost an entire day cleaning it up. A young man that lives alone doesn't have the cleanest residence in the neighbourhood. She followed me into the kitchen, where I began to geat ready the dinner.
  213. "Want anything to drink?" She thought about it for a few seconds, before she surprisingly asked me
  215. "Do you have any white wine?" I didn't know if she asked for it because she liked or if the reason was that she wanted to appear a bit more adult. I didn't care. I went to the fridge and found the bottle I had bought the same day. Since I am no big fan of wine I just poured her a glass, gave it to her, and started on our steaks.
  217. "How do you want your's?"
  219. "Bloody" I looked at her with a "Haha, very funny" look before she laughed
  221. "Haha. Medium to well done please". She jumped up on the counter and made herself comfortable sitting there, watching me as I made our dinner. She was 16, not a little girl anymore, but she wasn't a woman yet. From the way she acted it made sense. Her looks, her sexy dress and the glass of wine in her hand was somehting you would expect from a young woman, but the way she was sitting on the counter and moving her legs around, kicking in the air, showed that she hadn't gotten rid of her childhood yet.
  223. After about 15 minutes the dinner was ready. I told her to find a seat and found two plates and placed the food on them. I was actually quite pleased wih my cooking, but I was more concerened about what Sandra would think about my food. I carefully watched her as she pinned the steak down with the fork, grabbed the knife and cut of a piece. It was all done so gracefully. Even the way she put it in the mouth and chewed it was perfect. I almost envied the meat in her mouth, beeing rolled around in every corner of her mouth, her tongue playing with it to get out every taste that was in it.
  225. "How was it?" She just closed her eyes in response
  227. "It tastes delicious. Wow. I must admit that I had thought you would have something like chinese take away or something ready, but this is incredible"
  229. "Thank you. Glad you liked it" I took a bite of my own, and realised that it was pretty good.
  231. During dinner we chatted about everything and nothing. She was doing quite well at school, but she was sad I wouldn't be her teacher anymore, and finished the sentence with a little wink. I must admit I blushed a bit.
  233. After dinner I cleaned of the table and got the dessert out of the fridge. Home made chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce, a recipie my mom gave me when I moved out. At that point things got a bit more... intimate. I guess it's true that chocolate is an afrodisiak.
  235. After only two spoons of the pudding, which she loved aswell, I could feel something touching my foot. I looked up and saw a smirk on Sandra's face. The feeling went further up along my leg, and the smirk on Sandra's face got bigger with every inch her foot moved up. Just below my knee she stopped, and slowly started stroking my leg. I would lie if I said that it had no affection on my dick. It went harder. Then she took a small spoon of pudding and slowly moved it towards my mouth. It wasn't a mystery who was the boss here. I slowly opened my mouth and let her stick the spoon in. Her pudding tasted much better than mine. I thought I should repay the favour and took a spoon of my own and brought it to her mouth. She opened her mouth slowly, and slowly closed it again with my spoon in her mouth and not breaking eye contact with me fore one second. I'm not even sure if she blinked. A drop of vanilla sauce fell down on her chest, just an inch above her dress. If it was intentional from her side or just an accident I don't know, but she even made spilling looked sexy.
  237. She looked down on the yellow spot on her chest. "Whops" She giggled before she slowly wiped the drop off with her fingertip and then sucking the sauce off.
  239. After we both had finished our desserts I cleaned off the table.
  241. "Do you want me to help you with the dishes?"
  243. "No you don't have to do that. I'll fix it in the morning"
  245. "You sure?"
  247. "Yes. Now go into the livingroom and see if there's a film you might wanna see"
  249. "Yes sir" I had to smile. For some reason I found it a bit arousing when she called me "Sir".
  251. When I came to the livingroom she was sitting in thhe couch, legs crossed in what must be the sexiest way I've seen in a long time, with a DVD in her hand. I was glad I had hidden away the porn earlier. It wasn't much, only a couple of girl-girl movies, but I didn't want to scare her away. I was afraid that she had found a romantic comedy or something boring shit like that, but she had actually grabbed one of my favourites, "The Green Mile".
  253. "I haven't seen this. Everyone says it pretty good". I placed the bottle of wine on the table and had brought two glasses. I thought to myself that I should try to be a bit romantic and drink wine with this very sexy young lady.
  255. "It's one of my favourites. I'll put it on"
  257. As we saw the film we sat next to each other, drinking our wine and having a great time. We didn't talk much, but it didn't matter. She was sitting next to me and I had my hand around her. When the film came to the end where they execute Coffey I could hear sobbing from Sandra. She was gripping my shirt and crying. As a comforting man I let my hand glide up and down her arm, showing her that she wasn't alone. When it was finally over she looked up at me, tears running down.
  259. "It was so sad" I came with a comforting smile
  261. "It's only a movie" I wiped her tears away with my fingers. I didn't dare to tell, but even though I had seen it several times before it still gives me a lump in my throat when I see it. Then it happened. She leaned towards me and stopped right before our lips met, probably to await my reaction. It was like a movie, where you feel that a single second lasts forever. I took my chance. I slowly leaned towards her until our lips met. It was like kissing water. Her lips were soft, but firm. It felt like she had done this several times before. Our kiss quickly developed from a "test" kiss to a more pationate one. I leaned back, allowing her to lay on top of me. My tongue crashed with hers as I explored her mouth, then letting my tongue be played with as she had done with the chocolate pudding a couple of hours earlier. My hands started gliding all over her back, up and down, before finding her ass. She let out a little yelp as I squeezed her ass. Her hands went through my hair, almost pulling it as the passion took over. My mouth grabbed a hold of her lower lip, and I began sucking it, then nibbling it. As I released from her she looked me in the eyes, smiling, but with a look that I really couldn't place. Was she confused? Or worried? Maybe she was afraid of what was going to happend next. Before I could think of an answer she had looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost 2 AM. The dinner and dessert had taken it's time, so had the movie.
  263. "I think I should be getting home now" She just looked at me
  265. "Maybe you should"
  267. "I think it would be for the best". Seconds after we were in a pationate kiss again, hands all over eachother. My hand was on the back of her head, almost forcing her down on me.
  269. After a couple of minutes she broke the kiss again and got up.
  271. "My parents are going to worry if I don't show up soon" I was a bit dissapointed, but after all, she was just 16.
  273. "Don't worry. We'll get another chance sometime." She stroke my chin as she smiled to me.
  275. "I'm sure we will"
  277. I walked her to the door, watching her ass as I walked behind her. She had only had two or three glasses of wine, but I could see that it had affected her. She had serious problems standing straight as she put on her shoes.
  279. "Are you sure you're all right? No need to call your parents or anything?"
  281. "No, not at all. Just a bit tired that's all." I helped her put on her coat, like a real gentleman should. When she was ready to leave she gave me a quick, but pationate kiss.
  283. "I'll call you" And what felt like as quickly as she had showed up she walked out of my house and home. I didn't even manage to say "I'll wait for you" before she was gone. But I was far from dissapointed.
  286. Chapter Three
  288. The next day I woke up to my phone ringing. I had a look over at my clock radio. 1 PM. I didn't usually sleep that long, but after Sandra left I had a couple of beers, so I wasn't in my best shape the morning after.
  290. "Hello?"
  292. "Hey Albert, it's me"
  294. "Sandra!" My face lit up and I felt I had downed a pot of coffee. "How are you?"
  296. "I'm fine. Did I wake you up or anything? You seem kind of sleepy"
  298. "Nah, I'm just a bit tired. Usually that on Sundays. I'll probably go out for a walk in the forest, get some fresh air."
  300. "Mind if I join you?"
  302. "No, not at all"
  304. "So when you going?"
  306. "In about an hour or so."
  308. "Great. I'll be at your place in an hour. Bye"
  310. "Bye." Damn. I wasn't really going to take a walk to get some fresh air. I hadn't been meaning to take a walk at all, but now I was rather forced to. I went for the shower. Why on earth did she want to go for a walk with me out in the forest? Was it just to spend time with me, or. I could feel my cock stiffen. The "or" thing went through my mind. Was our first time going to be in the forest? Naked on the forest floor. My dick grew harder, the water coming from the showerhead almost hurting my head, but it felt like a rough massage. I began to slowly stroke my dick. I closed my eyes, thoughts wandering to Sandra in her tight dress. I wondered if she had been wearing any underwear. My strokes became harder. I could feel how my thumb and index finger rubbed against my head, causing a wonderful friction. My hand went to the top of the shower cabinet, increasing the strokes as I began to move with my hips. My hand stopped moving, and I turned from stroking my dick to fucking my hand. With the thoughts of a naked Sandra in my mind, it didn't take long before I came. I screamed her name as I started shooting cum onto the shower floor, spreading my legs so I wouldn't step in it. It took me a couple of minutes before I caught my breath. I turned off the shower, and got out. I looked at my wrist watch next to the sink. Curses. She would be here in a couple of minutes.
  312. *Ding dong.
  314. Fuck. I hated it when people was early
  316. *Ding dong
  318. Never thought she was that impatient. I walked towards the door, wrapped only in a towel, my hair still not dry.
  320. *Ding dong
  322. "Yeah yeah yeah, I'm coming." I opened the door. There she stood. My Sandra. She was wearing a grey sweatshirt, grey pants and white sneakers. I wondered what sort of underwear she was wearing. Maybe a black sports bra, and thong. Or maybe she didn't wear a thong after all. She probably wore a bra, because if we would be running, her tits would bounce up and down most likely. Would be a lovely sight, but probably a bit impractical for her.
  324. "Ready?" She looked at me, standing before her in a towel, still wet.
  326. "Have a guess."
  328. "Not quite ready yet?"
  330. "And we have a winner. Come inside while I get dressed"
  332. "Okay"
  334. She stepped inside and followed me.
  336. "Help yourself to the fridge, I think there should be something there"
  338. "Sure" She walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. The way she bent over to look inside got me thinking again. Her ass looked great, even in baggy sweatpants. Was there anything that she didn't look good in? I shook my head and went to get dressed.
  340. After 5 minutes I was ready to go out and be healthy. Now as you probably know, I'm a science nerd and don't have the best stamina in the world, but I can survive long walks. There are several paths in the forest we were walking in, but I always prefer walking off-road the few times I bother to take a walk. We were walking around on a path, not saying much, just enjoying being together.
  342. "Hey, wanna head into the woods? Into the darkness without the paths?" She looked at me
  344. "Why?"
  346. "Because I thought I could rape you, kill you and dump you in one of the lakes. Best not to do it next to a path you know. Lesser chance of being detected then." She laughed. I loved it when she laughed, especially when she laughed hard, her hair floating around like the wind was toying with it.
  348. "So that's your evil plan?"
  350. "Yup, and there is nothing you can do about it. Muahahaha"
  352. "Then I guess there is nothing I can do but follow you. But please. Be gentle"
  354. "Won't promise anything" She laughed again as I took her hand and kissed it. We went into the forest holding hands, both being rather cheerful.
  356. The forest itself wasn't really thick. It consisted mostly of pine trees with almost no branches for the first 5 meters, so it was a nice walk, even though it was a bit darker. The reason I chose terrain, and not path was that it was better for my knees. Doctors orders.
  358. "So, how you managing at school without me?" She moved closer to me, leaning her head to my arm as we walked
  360. "It's rather boring. Your classes used to be the highlight of the week, but now everything just sucks."
  362. "Haha. I'll take that as a compliment"
  364. "You should." Her hand let go of mine. Instead she placed it around my waist.
  366. "You know, after our relationship got official, a lot of my friends began to constantly interrogate me about you."
  368. "Oh, about what?"
  370. "If you have a six pack, if you are a good kisser. They even asked me how long your dick is." I had to laugh. I knew teenage girls talked a lot, but I was still rather shocked.
  372. "Well, I'm sorry to inform you that I don't have a six pack. I'm to fond of beer and to lazy to have that." She laughed again.
  374. "Haha, yeah, I can see that" She patted me on my stomach.
  376. "And the kissing part I guess you found out yesterday"
  378. "Yes"
  380. "What's the verdict on that one?"
  382. "Hmmm. One out of six"
  384. "What? Cum on, I wasn't that bad was I?"
  386. "Hehe, nah. I'm just kidding. A good five out of six"
  388. "That's better. A good ego boost for me"
  390. "And the dick size?" She looked up on me, anticipating my answer.
  392. "Hmmm, I've never measured it, so I can't give you an exact number. And I think you'll find out that by yourself when the time is right"
  394. "So you won't tell me?"
  396. "Nope" Her hand slid down my stomach, stopping right above my groin
  398. "Which means I will have to find out myself?"
  400. "Yup" Strangely I hadn't notice her hand sliding down. Suddenly she touched my dick. The response was immediate.
  402. "Oooh. Someone wants to show me" I looked down on her, filled with anticipation and hope, but yet a bit worried.
  404. "Are you sure?" Her face was more serious now than I had ever seen before.
  406. "I can't think of when I've been more sure about anything. Will you let me?" I couldn't help but smile.
  408. "My dad always said not to argue with a woman that knows what she wants" A smile came across her face.
  410. "But I've never done it before" She seemed a bit worried now.
  412. "Don't worry. I'll guide you through it. I bet you'll learn the technique pretty fast. You are a quick learner in everything else" The comment seemed to settle her.
  414. She went down on her knees in front of me, and began to fondle with the knot on my pants. It didn't take long before both my pants and my shorts were around my ankles. My dick was hard already. The soft breeze was brushing against my head, making it throb.
  416. "Wow. I thought it would be big, but not this big" My dick is seven inches, so no wonder she was shocked since she was 16 and not very experienced.
  418. "I don't think I can fit it all in my mouth"
  420. "That doesn't matter. You just stick what you can in your mouth. No reason to choke yourself." I didn't care. If she could only stick my head in her mouth it wouldn't matter. Right now I wanted a blowjob and to cum, badly.
  422. She began softly stroking it, up and down.
  424. "A little firmer grip, and remember that the head is the most sensitive part, so focus on that" She listened to me. Her grip became a bit tighter, almost perfect, and she rubbed the head an extra few times on every stroke. It was by far the best handjob I had ever received.
  426. "Should I try with my mouth now?" I just nodded. I was too horny to say anything unnecessary. My mind was floating, like I was high on a drug or something. That feeling intensified as I felt her mouth wrap around my head.
  428. "Oh God!" She quickly pulled back
  430. "What? Did I do something wrong?"
  432. "No. It felt great. Please, keep going." She wrapped her mouth around my head again and I let out another moan. This time she didn't pull back. I could feel her tongue on my head. The feeling was sensational. It seemed like she didn't know where to put her tongue to go further in, and while she felt for room she brushed my head with her soft tongue. I let out another moan. She found out that it was best to place her tongue under my dick. Then she slowly moved her head forward, my dick moving further inside her mouth. She got about halfway before she stopped. I could see that she couldn't go any further. I just smiled and nodded. When she saw me nodding she began to pull back, slowly, teasing me as her lips reached my head. I moaned again. She moved forward again. Oh the sensation. It was indescribable.
  434. "Don't use your teeth so much, just your lips. And try to suck it, like when your drinking soda from a straw" She just nodded, with my dick still inside her mouth. She then pulled back, no teeth and sucking. I gasped before I let out another moan. One more back and forth movement. She removed my dick from her mouth and began stroking me, a bit faster than the first time.
  436. "It actually tasted pretty good. And it felt like sucking on a huge straw." She giggled as her fingers went up and down my shaft, squeezing my head a bit every time she reached it. Then her lips went around my head again, and my dick went in her mouth again. This time about 4 inches of it went in. I could feel the back of her mouth every time she stopped. Without me saying it she placed her hand right next to her mouth, and began stroking me as she her mouth took my dick in and out. Her hand just reached the bottom of my head before she went back in again. At this time I was constantly moaning low moans. Suddenly she began to giggle. I don't know why, but the vibration from her giggles did it. I could feel my balls tighten, and the heaviest orgasm in a long time build up.
  438. "Oh God. I'm coming, I'm coming hard" To my surprise and extreme pleasure she didn't pull back. She increased the speed, her head moving back and forth fast. My eyes rolled back as I let out a loud moan and started pumping in her mouth. I could almost feel my cum hit the back of her throat as I came harder than I could remember. After four or five squirts I pulled out of her mouth and looked down. Her mouth was full of cum, and it was running down her lips.
  440. "Wow. You came a lot, but I was expecting a bit more though."
  442. "Only reason I didn't come more was because I masturbated in the shower just before you came over. The thought of you was almost enough to make me cum" She giggled again
  444. "Hihi. And it doesn't actually taste that bad. Everybody says it tastes bad, but I kinda like it" That remark almost made me cum again.
  446. "Was I good?" I had finally managed to catch my breath
  448. "Honey, you were great. That must be the best blowjob I have ever had in my life. Are you sure you haven't done this before?"
  450. "Yup. Pretty sure. Only things I know about sex is what I've seen from porn and what we've learned in sex ed at school." I was amazed, and extremely pleased.
  452. "Oh good God. That was just excellent. You learn fast"
  454. "Thank you" She smiled. She had swallowed my cum, but she had still something running down from her lip. She noticed it, and licked it up. I could feel myself getting ready again. I pulled up my pants, scared of anyone hearing us. My moans could have awoken the dead.
  456. "I guess I owe you one now" She giggled
  458. "Maybe you do" I lifted her up from the ground.
  460. "I think it would be best if we continued at my place. Someone is probably coming."
  462. "Lead the way".
  464. The trip back to my house took an eternity. In reality it only took like 10 minutes, we hadn't come very far away, but for me that was 15 minutes too long. During the trip back we were kissing and hugging. Her hand was almost constantly on my ass.
  466. "Why do I have a feeling that you like my ass?" She just smiled.
  468. "Because I do. I'm glad you didn't bend over or anything during class. I'm afraid I would have done several trips to the ladies room then" I could feel my ego grow, and my dick.
  470. We finally came to my place. We kicked of our shoes and I lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me as I held her up with my hands placed on her ass. I managed to close the door and lock it with my hand. Our kisses turned more passionate now. I could feel her chest rising as she clung on to me. I wanted to do her on the floor right then and there, but somehow the sense got to my mind. If she was a virgin, she didn't have to be even though she had never given a blowjob before, it would be more comfortable in my large bed than on the floor next to our shoes. The trip up the stairs was a bit difficult. Not because she was heavy, she actually felt light as a feather, but since she kept digging her tongue in my mouth she almost made me loose my balance.
  472. "Are you struggling? Am I too heavy?"
  474. "Far from it. You're kissing is throwing me off balance"
  476. "Want me to stop?"
  478. "Don't even consider it." She smiled before she attacked my mouth again. I almost ran into my bedroom, I could feel my dick throbbing, ready for some action. I almost threw her on the bed and I lay on top of her. Our kisses were longer now, not so hard and rough, but the passion was far from gone. She was really good at this. Her teeth took a grab of my lower lip. She nibbled and sucked on it, the sucking reminded me about the blowjob half an hour earlier. I stuck out my tongue to brush over her upper lip. Her eyes closed as my tongue caressed her lip. She let go and I lifted myself up a bit from her. She got the point and began pulling the sweatshirt off. The grey piece of clothing fell on the floor, leaving her almost topless. I laughed a bit for myself.
  480. "What?"
  482. "I just remembered. When I opened the door I wondered what you were wearing under your sweatshirt."
  484. "And were you right?"
  486. "Yup" I nodded, full of pride.
  488. "You sure you weren't peeking when I was dressing at home?"
  490. "Nope, but if you want, I could come over and look through your bedroom window once."
  492. "Oooh. Kinky. My own personal peeping-Tom." The thought of sitting in the bushes with binoculars watching her masturbate was surprisingly arousing. Maybe it was because she said she wanted it. I began kissing her neck. My lips sucking on her neck like a leach, determined to leave a mark for all her friends to see, marking her as mine. I dug my teeth in her neck. Not hard, quite soft actually, but hard enough so that she noticed them. My biting went further down her neck until I reached her chest. The black sports bra. My arms were fast around her back, undoing her bra, releasing her tits. They were beautiful. More beautiful than I had ever imagined when she sat in class, her tits pushing against the fabric of a t shirt that looked several numbers to small. I placed my hands on them, one on each tit. I slowly began to rub her tits with the palm of my hand. She let out a little moan. I loved the way the almost silent, soft moan escaped from her lips.
  494. I could see that her nipples were rather sensitive, so I began decided to throw in my best weapon. My tongue.
  496. I slowly bent over her, letting her know what my intentions were, but still keeping her waiting. Her eyes were begging me to move fast and use my mouth on her nipples. They were strutting. If they could speak I bet they would have been arguing screaming "Pick me, pick me". Finally my mouth reached her left nipple. I gave it a gentle kiss and the moment my lips touched it she let out a loud moan, mixed with pleasure and relief. My kisses were gentle and loving, the type that you expect two lovers to share. I let my tongue play a bit around her nipple, brushing it with the side of my tongue. Then, I attacked, with what you can call full force. I licked, sucked, kissed and nibbled on her nipple, giving it all my attention, loving it. She let out a cry as I played with it. I loved the way the little knob was sticking in my mouth, it almost felt like a lollipop.
  498. "Please. The other one." I heard her command and obeyed. I quickly switched to the other tit. It tasted just as good. My tongue was all over it, not only on the nipple. My tongue went up and down, back and forth, focusing on the area around her nipple. She produced more moans. Each moan turned me more and more on, and my licking became faster and faster. In the end I couldn't hold back anymore. I had to taste her pussy. I had to feel it in my mouth, feel the juices run down my lips. I started to slowly kiss my way down from her tits. As I reached her belly button I let my tongue take a couple of seconds to lick her there. She squealed as my tongue buried itself inside her belly button.
  500. As I reached the linings of her pants I began to touch her thighs. My hands moved slowly up and down, squeezing them every now and then, letting her pussy now my hands were nearby, but not as close as she would want it. I began to untie her pants with my teeth just to stall the time. Her eyes were begging me to go faster.
  502. "Please. Don't slow down. Don't be so evil" I couldn't resist those deer-like eyes. And I remembered that she hadn't been evil with me at all. Quite the contrary. I leaned up and gave her a big kiss. "Your wish is my command" She smiled by the remark. I signalled to Sandra to lift up her ass so that I could slide off her pants. She was quick to get up. When her pants were off and on my floor she was almost completely exposed, only covered by a pair of white panties, with a rather large dark spot between her legs. I began stroking her pussy on the outside of her panties, gently, applying enough pressure so that I wasn't teasing her, but not enough to push her over the edge no matter how long I did it. I could feel the wetness, and my fingers were getting moist. My hand slid out to the side, and with a little nod she lifted her ass and allowed me to slip off her panties. It was all done so gracefully, even how she lifted up her legs so I could take them off all the way. Her pussy was lovely. A small strip, guiding me down to the spot. I gently spread her legs, giving me a perfect view. My dick was throbbing, and Sandra noticed it.
  504. "You like it?"
  506. "Like it? I love it." With those words I went down and slowly began to kiss her fantastic pussy. She let out an almost inaudible moan, like she whispered. My lips touched her lips, gently caressing them. A small gasp escaped from her mouth. I kissed her harder this time, keeping my lips on hers. My lips moved around, like I was making out with her pussy, but I kept my tongue back. It almost felt like her lips were kissing me back as I nibbled on one of her lips, causing small squeals from Sandra. Her body was twitching now. I took it as a sign to move on to the clit. Her pussy tasted fantastic, and as I reached the clit juices were beginning to flow out. It tasted sweet, and knowing that it came from the hottest student in school made it taste even sweeter. My lips went around the clit, careful not touching it. I slowly began to suck, causing her moans to increase in both intensity and volume. I enjoyed my position and wrapped my arms around her hips, making sure that she wouldn't move away until she came. I began to suck harder, and then applied my tongue. Her screams filled the room, and probably the house as well. Her hips were moving furiously as she was about to climax. I had problems holding on. As she was moving her body began to shiver. She was almost constantly moaning, screaming for more. With one last lick and suck her body tensed. With a high pitched long lasting moan her juices came streaming out from her pussy. I began licking it up, until she pushed my head away.
  508. "Please. I need a couple of minutes to relax." I smiled. I had obviously done a good job. Her face was red, she was panting, almost gasping for air, her body was totally relaxed.
  510. "How was it?" I was lying next to her now, smiling as my fingers were gently stroking up and down her stomach and chest.
  512. "Incredible. Indescribable. It felt fantastic. You done this before?" She was just lying flat out, not being able to move a muscle.
  514. "A few times, yes"
  516. "I could feel that." I just laughed. She finally managed to get the strength to roll over to her side and look me in the eyes.
  518. "Can we go all the way now please?" I looked at her.
  520. "You mean penetration?" I asked
  522. "Yes" I leaned forward and gave her a kiss.
  524. "If you really want to, I would love to have sex with you" She just smiled.
  526. My dick had been waiting for this for a long time. Me however, didn't care to much about the pleasure of sex. It was more the fact that she fully committed to me, and would allow me to take her virginity, to be the man that transforms her from a girl to a woman. Although the thought is quite over romantic, I must admit that it was a turn on to think that. I could worry about the blood and the mess later.
  528. Sandra looked me in the eyes, half worried, half excited.
  530. "Please be gentle. And push it through quick" I nodded. Right then I was glad I wasn't a girl.
  532. "Oh, I almost forgot."
  534. "What?"
  536. "Condom" I reached for the drawer on my nightstand.
  538. "Not necessary. I'm 16. I'm on the pill" I was a bit shocked. She smiled as she saw the surprise on my face.
  540. I looked down and focused on her pussy and my dick. I grabbed my dick by the base and touched her lips with it. I could feel she was soaked just by touching her lips. I began stroking my head up and down her slit, teasing it. I loved the wet and slippery friction I got from her pussy. It felt so smooth, so pure. My head was poking around the entrance now, preparing to go inside. She was so wet and my head was also pretty wet that my head almost slipped inside, with almost no pressure at all. Sandra gasped, and tightened every muscle in her body. She was tight, almost so tight that it was hurting. I let out a moan. I started slowly moving, letting us both get used to each other. Her small yelps would have turned me more on if it had been possible. I moved back and forth slowly, making her used to the movements, but it was still only my head that was inside her.
  542. After a minute or so I went deeper inside her, and could feel her hymen. She twitched a bit from the first contact. I just looked at her, preparing her for the worst part. Sandra looked back at me. I could see her hands grab the sheets, tight, while biting her teeth together.
  544. "I'll go fast through, ok?" She just nodded, ready for the pain.
  546. With one quick thrust I broke it. I didn't push far inside, only so that my head went through the walls, but it still was enough to make me moan. To my surprise Sandra had been silent, just responding with a little twitch. I thought everything was fine until I saw a tear rolling down from her closed eyes.
  548. "You want me to pull out?" It took a while for her to respond. She just nodded. I slowly pulled out, trying to make her feel it as little as possible. She was taking small short breaths, and I thought I could hear small sobs. When I finally was all the way out I could see a lot of blood on my dick, also a lot coming from her pussy. I didn't care about it. It didn't freak me out. All that was in my mind now was to comfort Sandra. I lied down next to her, and gently stroke her hair.
  550. "Are you ok?" I asked with a gentle voice, close to whispering.
  552. "I'm sorry"
  554. "Sorry for what?"
  556. "For not letting you finish, but it hurt so much. The pain was so-" I interrupted her with a finger on her mouth.
  558. "Shhh. You have nothing to apologize for. First you give me the blowjob of a lifetime, then you let me taste the sweetest thing I've ever had in my life, and then you let me take your virginity." I kissed her forehead "You have far from anything to be sorry for, except being so damn hot." The remarks seemed to cheer her up a bit, and swear I could hear a laugh between the small sobs.
  560. "Thank you" She kissed me, tenderly. I held her close to me, wrapping my arms around her and resting her head on my chest. I looked down and saw the blood between her us, and on the bed.
  562. "I think we should both take a shower and clean ourselves up a bit, don't you?" I could just feel her nodding. I kissed her forehead again and helped her get up. She was still shaky from the orgasm and the pain.
  564. As we walked towards the shower my dick was standing up, hard as a rock, almost like it was leading the way. The blood on it was a bit turn off though. I guess most guys would have had a hard on when walking next to a naked beautiful woman. The thought crossed my mind. She was a woman now, not a little girl anymore.
  566. As we were walking I was holding around Sandra, doing my best to comfort her. Stroking her hair and kissing her, telling small jokes. The walk took longer than I should since she was so shaky. I was afraid that she was going to collapse several times.
  568. When we finally got to the bathroom I leaned into the shower and turned it on, still holding around Sandra. She had stopped crying, and when she finally dared to look up on me I kissed away her tears, trying to make her feel loved.
  570. "I feel ashamed" She looked down on the floor. I raised her head and looked her in the eyes.
  572. "You have nothing to be ashamed of. You think all the other girls are a freaking porn star first time they have sex?" She just looked at me "You are a beautiful girl that just needs a bit time, that's all. In the mean time we can just have oral sex". I kissed her forehead. "You'll see that in a short time you'll be just like a sex goddess, making me cum just by looking at me." Her face brightened up "Really?"
  574. "Yup. Now get into the shower and lets clean up" She stepped inside the shower first. The way her hair began to get wet made her look even hotter. She just began cleaning herself, running her hands through her hair, letting the water fall down on her breasts. I could see she liked it.
  576. "Mmmm. This feels so great. Come join me." She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. I was now standing behind her, my ass just a quarter of an inch from her ass. She leaned back towards me, making my dick point upwards as my shaft ended up between her ass checks and my head sticking out right above her crack.
  578. "Hmmm. Someone's ready for some action" I had to laugh. Not too long ago she was almost crying, saying that she wasn't capable of anything, ready to go into celibacy. Now she was horny, acting like she could take several dicks at once in every hole.
  580. "Your fault" I concluded
  582. "Oh really?" She turned around "It isn't my dick standing straight up, ready for a sex marathon."
  584. "No, but you're the reason my dick is ready for a sex marathon." She looked down on my dick. The blood was almost washed off now.
  586. "Well then, maybe we should test the stamina of our little runner." I could feel a finger stroking up and down the bottom of my shaft. My head tipped back and I let out a soft moan. She giggled. "Quite sensitive, aren't we?"
  588. "Well, undressing you, licking your pussy, giving you an orgasm, tasting your juices, knowing that I took your virginity and taking a shower with you is all in all quite a turn on" She laughed. "Well, just knowing that I'm with you makes me pretty wet. And this thing here" She took a firm grip around my dick "doesn't exactly turn me off" I let out a small moan as her hand stroked my dick, although she only did it once. The second I moaned she bit me. She had taken my entire nipple and the area around it in her mouth and left her mark
  590. "Ouch. That hurt. What you did that for?"
  592. "Because you liked it."
  594. "What?"
  596. "I could feel your dick give an extra throb when I bet you. I wanted to see how you reacted" And she was right, as always. The bite hurt, but in a good way. Suddenly she bit my other nipple.
  598. "Ouch." She giggled
  600. "I didn't want to make it jealous." She was obviously in a very playful mood. And I loved it. She stroked my dick a couple of times again. The feeling of the good pain while being jacked off was incredible. She then continued stroking me, slowly, giving my head an extra rub each time. I moaned again. And she bit me again, this time leaving her mouth on my nipple, biting and sucking. I had never felt anything like it before. The biting and stroking turned surprisingly on. And the warm water hitting my face didn't actually do anything to turn me off.
  602. I could feel her teeth let go, and as I opened my eyes I saw that she was on her way down to my dick with her mouth.
  604. "Just don't bite down there" She laughed again.
  606. "I'll try not to" Before I could speak again she had her lips wrapped around my dick. I couldn't say anything. I only managed to moan. I looked down and saw five inches of my dick go in her mouth this time. She was improving. She slowly moved back, sliding my dick out of her mouth. It felt that every nerve in my body had moved down to my dick now. Every single movement she made felt multiplied by ten compared to my ex. Her mouth was warm, and her tongue so soft. I could feel the drops from the showerhead dripping down the part of my shaft she didn't get in her mouth. Then I could feel something stroke my balls. It was her hand. She was gently massaging my balls, rolling them around. I had to place my hands on the shower walls to support myself, I could feel my knees shaking. If I hadn't known better, I would have sworn she was smiling as I kept moaning.
  608. Then I felt my ball tense, hard. I almost stopped breathing and went completely silent. Like a pro Sandra realised what was happening, and took my dick out of her mouth. She probably got the idea from porn, because when I looked down she was jerking me off with her mouth open an inch from my head.
  610. I let out a loud moan as the first load of cum sprayed out. The first load hit her cheek and her hair. The second one offloaded more or less in her mouth, even though some of my cum was dribbling from her lip. The third delivered a nice spray in her mouth and down on her chest. The fourth just squirted out, and most of it got caught by her hand. She was on her knees, her mouth filled with cum, which she quickly swallowed, and with nice jets of cum on her cheek, in her hair and on her gorgeous tits. The rest was in her hand. Mixed with the water it was almost shining on her skin. She began to lick and suck clean her hand, one finger at the time.
  612. When she was done she got up and kissed me.
  614. "Thanks for the candy" She giggled.
  616. "No, thank you" was all I managed to answer.
  618. After a few more minutes I managed to stand without any support. We finished the shower, and got out. After getting dried up we stood looking in the mirror, me standing behind her, wrapping my arms around her. We looked at each other in the mirror, not saying a word for several minutes. She looked out the window.
  620. "It's begging to get dark" I just nodded. She released herself from my not so firm grip and went for my room to get her clothes. When she came back I had managed to find a clean pair of boxers, and she just stood in the doorway.
  622. "I'm going home now. Mom and dad might get worried if I stay longer."
  624. "Yeah." Right before she left she just said to me playfully
  626. "I left my panties on your bed. I didn't want to put on dirty ones." The thought of here being naked under her pants was rather arousing. She walked over to me and gave me a kiss. Her face was more serious now.
  628. "I'll let myself out. Thanks for being such a good man to me, not pushing on in there." She gave me another kiss. I was too exhausted to answer anything smart, so I just kept my mouth shut. "Bye" "Bye sweetie" I kissed her. "See you tomorrow"
  630. "Always" she giggled and disappeared, just like a dream.
  632. After a couple of minutes I went to my bedroom, and there, just as she had said, were a pair of white panties, still with a dark spot on the front, on my pillow.
  634. "Wow. What a girl"
  637. Chapter Four
  639. From that day onward everything changed. Usually when we met each other at school we would just nod to each other or say good day or morning. Now however, we could never ignore each other. I definitely couldn't ignore her. After seeing her naked, taking her virginity and washing her in my own shower I noticed different details with her looks, details that I hadn't spotted before. I even noticed now how perfectly shaped her wrists were, her forearms, every little detail of her body was perfect.
  641. Now I couldn't help but smiling every time I passed her in the hallways. If I was patrolling the school yard, I would always look for her, trying to spot her. I was, addicted to her. I don't know if the others in school, teachers and students, noticed it. Honestly I couldn't care less.
  643. One afternoon Sandra gave me a call.
  645. "Hello"
  647. "Hi Albert." For some reason right then an there I moved my feet from the table and sat upright, eager like a child being told that there soon would be a special treat for him.
  649. "Hey Sandra. How is it going?"
  651. "Actually, I'm kinda worried." I suddenly got puzzled. What was it? I hadn't come inside her, so there shouldn't be a reason why she might get pregnant. And I hadn't any STD's. Did she regret us having sex? Was she getting bullied by some of her friends?
  653. "What's the matter, sweetie?" Now I was concerned.
  655. "I'm sort of having a problem."
  657. "About what?"
  659. "My upcoming math test" I felt my entire body just relax. It was just maths. Thank goodness, just math. "And I wondered if you could come over here and help me a bit"
  661. "Sure, but what about your parents?"
  663. "They are gone for a while. Besides, they won't mind you. I didn't tell them about our… extended trip" I got a bit relieved, but I knew that most fathers were rather sceptical about their daughter's boyfriends. One could never be too cautious when one approached who could be your next father in law.
  665. "When do you want me to come around?"
  667. "Would now be okay?"
  669. "Sure. I'll just get some books and I'll be around."
  671. "Great. The door is open, so just walk right in."
  673. "Okay. See you in a bit then."
  675. I hung up the phone and went to get my books. Hopefully I could be of some help. I am a math teacher after all.
  677. The drive to her house didn't take long. She only lived a couple of minutes away, so it wasn't the longest distance I had travelled for a girl.
  679. The house was huge. She lived in one of the better neighbourhoods of the town, but even in this neighbourhood the house was noticeably larger, and much classier. It was indeed a sign of a rich family. In the huge garage I noticed a SUV, and something that looked like a convertible. I couldn't see quite clearly what it was, but it looked like a Porsche. There was a room for another car, but that one was gone. Guess the parents were away. I shook my head. No sex thoughts, she just wanted me to help her with maths. No wonder. I had seen how Mr. Panchy taught, and it was horrible. The old bugger really should retire soon.
  681. Sandra had told me to just go straight inside, so I didn't bother using the bell. Once I stepped inside I stepped inside a huge entry hall. ‘Wow' I thought to myself. ‘This place is huge.' I took off my coat and shoes and walked past the stairs, and into the living room. I don't know why I had expected to find her there, but when I was a child I used to study in either the kitchen or the livingroom.
  683. "Hello?" I almost shouted. I felt I was in a horror movie, being a teenage girl walking a round in a large deserted manor, ghosts walking around, just waiting to kill me.
  685. "Hello?" I called again, a bit louder.
  687. "Up here!" I turned around. She was upstairs. I walked up the stairs, passing door after door. How huge could this house be?
  689. "Where are you Sandra?"
  691. "I'm in here." I turned to my left and spotted an open door. Finally, I felt like I was going through a bloody maze. I walked in the door, and the sight in there made my jaw drop to the floor.
  693. She was sitting at her desk, ready with her math books and calculator, in just her underwear. And what an underwear. A sexy black bra, sort of push up that just covered her nipples, making her tits look at least one size bigger. Her thong was black and was a mix of thong and g-string, that's the best I can describe it as, being a guy. It emphasised her ass, making it look nothing less than perfect. It had to be the most perfect piece of underwear existing. I could feel blood flowing to my dick, and my heart was beating faster. It must have been some sight, me standing there with a bag with math gear, stunned with my jaw as far down as humanly possible.
  695. "Hi honey" She seemed like she was 21, and not 16.
  697. "Ummm, hi" I was speechless.
  699. "You like my new underwear?" I couldn't speak. Saying yes would have been a huge understatement. I shook my head to try to focus.
  701. "Where the hell did you manage to get clothes like that? And who helped you?" She giggled.
  703. "There's a shop in the mall, and mom helped me pick it out."
  705. "Your mom?"
  707. "Yup"
  709. "Did you just say, "Mom, I need a piece of sexy underwear?" and she helped you by it, no questions asked?" Sandra laughed
  711. "Haha, both mom and dad know about our relationship, but only mom know about the intimate part."
  713. "Didn't you say that you hadn't told your parents?" I walked over to the bed and sat down. My knees were buckling, making it impossible to stand. All the blood seemed to flow from my feet to my dick, which was now throbbing.
  715. "Well, I wasn't completely honest, but don't you know that mothers and daughters talk about everything, and I mean everything?"
  717. "Since I'm not a girl, I can't say I know that part, but I'll keep it in mind." Sandra stood up and walked towards me. Every step was filled with elegance. I bet not even angels can walk or fly with such a grace.
  719. "At least me and mom does. Haven't told dad anything yet. I think it's best to wait with that. No reason to make him run after you with the shotgun yet." I my eyes turned wide by the remark. Sandra laughed from my reaction. "Haha, I'm just kidding. I think he'll be happy for me seeing that I've found such a good man and not some slob. But he still thinks I'm his little 6 year old girl. I think he's problems watching me grow up and becoming a woman."
  721. "I would as well with a beautiful daughter like you. I would never let you go." She smiled and let her hand rub down my cheek, seducing me in every move she made.
  723. "Awww, how sweet" Then she sat down in my lap, facing me, one leg on each side of me. "But I am no longer a little girl, I'm a woman thanks to my man here" She began slowly grinding her groin against my bulge. I couldn't help closing my eyes, loving her for the pleasure, and hating her for the temptation.
  725. She gave me a big kiss, her soft lips touching mine like a pro. I felt engulfed in her kiss, and she was in total control of me. Just like a sorceress she had put me under her spell. My hands went up her thighs. Her naked skin felt softer than ever before. Maybe because I was in her house, or it could be due to some skin softener I don't know, but it felt like the softest of silk. If I could touch clouds, they wouldn't feel half as soft as her skin. She smiled as my tongue entered her mouth. She was toying with me, I could feel it. No matter what she did now I would be powerless to resist. She had complete control over me, but I couldn't stop. She grabbed my hands and pushed round my back, as our kissing went on. I wanted my hands free to touch every inch of her body, touch every part of her smooth skin. Love her tenderly, worship her like the goddess she was. Suddenly I felt something cold against my wrists. She smiled again. I tried to put my arms around her, but I couldn't. I was handcuffed.
  727. "What is this?"
  729. "When you took my virginity, you didn't just make me a woman. You released a beast" I was worried now. What the hell was she planning to do? Was she going to take forth a whip and make me bleed? Toy with me before finishing me off and bury me in the backyard? Maybe lock me down in the basement and turn me into a slave. Or was she a vampire, in need of a slave to draw blood from every now and then. "Don't worry. I'm not going to destroy you or anything. It's just that if you were free, I wouldn't get to do what I'm planning to do, because you would be all over me before I even managed to begin."
  731. "What do you mean?"
  733. "Well, let's just say that it's a tradition that has been carried out by the women in my family on their future husbands for a long time." I was a bit shocked about that remark.
  735. "Future husband?"
  737. "Yes," She sat down on my lap again. "I have come to realise that I does in fact love you. After only a couple of weeks I know that I love you. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. The time we spent together on that Saturday. You always made sure I had a good time, and you didn't care about yourself. The way you cared for me that Sunday showed me how much I matter to you. I'm not just a fling that you fuck and throw away. You pulled out of me when I said that it hurt, and you comforted me when I was crying, telling me that I hadn't failed you. I love you Albert." I was stunned by the remark. She really did love me. And as I came to think about it, so did I. I actually loved her. I have had other girlfriends before, but I've never felt anything like this towards any of them. She was so special.
  739. "You know. I actually love you too. I've never felt for you what against anyone before, not even myself. I've never cared for anyone as much as I care for you. I actually love you." She kissed me, deep, showing the love she had for me, just with a kiss. After a minute, that seemed to last for an eternity, although a fantastic eternity, she broke the kiss and looked me deep into the eyes.
  741. "I have a debt to pay back to you, and I will pay it now, my Love"
  743. With the words ‘My Love' Sandra had me spellbound. She could have gunned me down right then and there, and I couldn't have cared less. I had a girl that loved me, and that was all that mattered.
  745. She stood in front of me, dressed in the sexiest piece of underwear known to man, and I was cuffed, not being able to touch, love and kiss her. She began dancing, her moves filled with elegance and perfection. I wondered how long she had practiced on this dance. She looked so soft and agile, like a dancer with a long experience. The way her hair flowed as she moved her head, fast, then slow before fast again made me feel like time was going in a slow motion. I couldn't think straight. My head was spinning. Each move she made turned me more and more on. I had never before noticed her legs as much as I did now. Long, smooth. If she had kicked me I would be glad, just to be able to touch her legs.
  747. Then she slowed down to a halt, and looked me into the eyes. She could see just from my eyes I was horny as hell. I wanted her. I needed her. She walked over to me and sat down in my lap, facing me, with a big smirk. Without speaking she ripped open my shirt and pulled it down my arms. Then she bit me, soft on my chest. I could only moan. Her teeth felt like heaven. She giggled as her teeth found a new spot, nibbling and sucking my skin. I tried to break away, I wanted to just break the cuffs, wrap my arms around her and hold her tightly. But the metal was too strong, and it killed me. She found a new place on my chest to bite, her teeth digging in. I moaned again, my eyes were rolling. To make things worse she was now beginning to grind her ass against the bulge in my pants. My eyes were rolling, I had troubles focusing. I only knew I was getting close to a climax unlike any other I had had before.
  749. "Sandra" I gasped for air "I think…I'm gonna cum." She quickly got off me and signalled me to stand up. My mind was too blank to do anything else. She quickly undid my pants and pulled them down. I let out a soft moan as my dick escaped. A finger began stroking it up and down as her other hand began gently rubbing my balls. My knees were buckling, I had to hold onto something, but with my hands cuffed on my back I only managed to stand a few more seconds before I fell backwards onto the bed.
  751. "What? You can't stay on your feet?" Sandra had a big grin on her face.
  753. "No, and you're the one to blame for that." She giggled
  755. "Little me? How can you say that?" She grabbed my dick and stroke it a couple of times "I can't understand how you can say that." I could only moan. "Cute little me giving a big man like you a hard on" She kissed my shaft a couple of times, causing me to yelp.
  757. Suddenly I felt a pair of soft wet lips touch my dick. I moaned again, wanting to beg her for more, plead her to continue, but I couldn't speak. I was paralyzed. And the strange thing was; I liked it. I felt the head of my dick go inside her mouth, slowly being engulfed by her wet lips, sucking and playing with my dick. I moaned again as I heard a sound from her sucking me, almost like she was slurping. For the first time my dick went all the way in. She almost choked, and quickly took it out again, but I had felt her lips on my pubic hair. I let out a shivering moan. It didn't take many more strokes before I felt the pressure building up again.
  759. "Here…it…comes" The last word was incredibly tense. When she heard my words she went all the way in her mouth with my dick, reaching my pubes. That did it for me, and my cum went flowing from my dick, pumping down her throat. I couldn't even moan. I almost passed out as I heard slurping sounds from Sandra, sucking my dick clean of cum. She must have noticed that I was only half conscious, because I heard her voice
  761. "Don't you even think about passing out on me. I'm not even half finished with you. Not by a long shot."
  763. I was exhausted. My dick was semi hard, and I thought that I could never get a hard on again. That's how good the orgasm was. Sandra crawled up on me and sat down on my chest. My vision was blurry, but I could easily see the fantastic curves of her body.
  765. "Your turn." She said.
  767. "What?" I was still trying to get to my senses.
  769. "Your turn. Now you are gonna do me." Oh God how I wanted to.
  771. "Ok. But unlock the cuffs first." Sandra just smiled.
  773. "No. I think I'll keep them on." I couldn't believe what she was doing to me.
  775. "I won't do anything with you before you uncuff me" The cuffs were begging to hurt, especially with her sitting on top of me. She didn't weigh much, but she pressed my back on the iron.
  777. "Are you sure about that?" She had a grin on her face that I really didn't like at all.
  779. "Yes I am." I was determined not to give up.
  781. "We'll see about that." Her grin got bigger. I did not like this.
  783. She began just slowly rubbing her pussy against my chest, through her black thong. I could see she was enjoying it. Her eyes were closed, and she made small, almost inaudible pleasure sounds. The strange thing was that I enjoyed it too. The feeling of her pussy against my chest was strange. Her thong was pretty moist, although not drenched in juices, it was clearly that she was turned on. Then the bad part began
  785. "Oh yeah. That feels so good. Your chest is so good against my pussy. I can feel it all the way through" Although she was enjoying it, she was exaggerating. It couldn't have felt that good, but she was doing it to tease me. I wanted to scream. "Can you feel my wet pussy on your chest? Can you feel how my juices is making my thong so wet?" I wanted to scream ‘Yes, now come here and let me lick your pussy', but I had made up my mind. I wasn't going to give up. This was a trench war, a war of wills, and I had no intention of loosing it. "Still don't want to taste it?"
  787. "Not until you uncuff me" She smirked again.
  789. "Really?" I nodded.
  791. She stood up and took off her bra and thong. God she was gorgeous. She threw the bra on the floor, but kept the thong in her hand. She sat down on my chest again and held up the thong.
  793. "It looks a bit wet. Don't you think?" She held the thong close to my face. I could smell her. Her sweet juices were on her thong, and there was clearly a wet spot. She began rubbing her now bare pussy against my chest. The wetness was almost painful as she slid slowly back and forth. My dick was now fully erected, and it was throbbing. Sandra turned her head and looked at with a smile.
  795. "Oh my, seems like there's another one that wants attention" She gently gave my dick a couple of soft strokes, releasing a moan from me. "But it won't get any playtime before you are finished with me" she said firmly. I had to bite my lip not to release a whimper. Then she threw the thong on the floor. "You want a closer look sweetie?" She moved closer, now her pussy was only a couple of inches from my chin. Even if I had said go away she wouldn't have moved, but I didn't want her to go away. I wanted her to sit on me, so that I could taste her.
  797. She was close enough for me to smell her. Her sweet scent was strong, and it tortured me. My nostrils inhaled her scent, and sent shivers done my spine, and my dick throbbed once again. Oh how I wanted her.
  799. "Still don't want to lick me?" She looked at me with cute innocent puppy eyes. I couldn't speak, and I couldn't move. Sandra leaned back, to give me a better view of her pussy
  801. "Look at it. Look at my little clit" She gently rubbed it "Ah. It wants to be caressed and played with your tongue, to be sucked by your lips. And look at my lips" She slid two fingers up and down her slit, gently rubbing her lips "They too want to be loved by your tongue, feel the flat of your tongue go up and down." Then she spread her lips "And I know you want to bury your tongue deep inside here, to go how far you can go."
  803. At that point I just whimpered. I had tried to hold back, but the sight, the smell, the feeling had given my lust the final edge that it needed to kill my stubbornness and admit defeat. My head leaned forward, trying to get to heaven. Sandra almost cheered.
  805. "HA! I knew you couldn't hold back. Do you admit defeat?" I leaned my head back and sighed.
  807. "Yes. I lost, you win" Her face was just one big smile. Then she leaned forward and whispered in my ear "If you had just held out one minute longer, I would have been forced to release you. I'm so horny right now" She giggled as she got up again. I wanted to kick myself for not having better self control. Now I had to do the best out of the situation.
  809. Sandra got up again, but this time she sat down on her knees, right above my face. Then she slowly lowered down her waist until her pussy was in reach of my mouth. Right then I was unsure of what I should do. A part of me wanted to go head in, like a ferocious animal and lick and suck and nibble, while another part of me wanted to take it slowly, bit by bit. That's when I saw my chance for revenge. I was gonna go slowly, painfully slowly ahead.
  811. I began to kiss her inner thighs. They felt so smooth, so silky against my lips. My tongue trailed up along her thigh, leaving a moist trail as it travelled towards her inner sanctum. I heard her panting getting louder as I approached her lips. Just before I reached them, I switched to the other thigh and trailed down it with my tongue. I had to smile as I skipped her pussy. This was going to be fun. Sandra let out a small whimper when I denied her pussy the pleasure. My tongue continued down the thigh, before I stopped. At the stopping point I gave her thigh a big wet kiss, before trailing my tongue upwards again. I could see her lips pulsate, begging me to kiss them. I gave in and gave her pussy a gentle but firm kiss. As my lips met her pussy Sandra let out a moan, mixed with pleasure and relief. Her moan made my dick throb again. It needed attention, but it was Sandra's turn now. But just when she thought I was going to give her the cunnilingus of her life, I let loose my evil side and kissed her thigh again. Her body loosened up, and she looked down on me. Although she couldn't complain about my caressing of her hips, it was a bit of a downer to go from kissing her pussy to her thighs. Well, for her at least. I continued to kiss and lick her thigh, causing small gasps from her.
  813. "Why did you stop?"
  815. "You teased me, now it's my turn" I just smiled as I continued to kiss her thighs.
  817. "You better start doing me right now, without the teasing, or this little one here" she stroked my dick a few times "is going in for a long run, without relief." Now I knew she was capable of doing something like that. If one had asked me two days ago, I would have said no, but now, now she was almost scaring me.
  819. "Alright then, since I care for you so much." She smiled down on me, the prettiest smile you can ever imagine. Every part of me that wanted to tease her more surrendered after I was exposed to that smile. I knew to myself that if she smiled like that, I could do anything for her.
  821. I gently kissed her pussy, excluding her clit from the kiss. A small shiver went through her body as our lips met again. Another kiss, wetter and more sucking this time. Then I let out my tongue, and let it slowly slide up on of her lips, then down the other. Sandra gasped for air, her breathing getting heavier every minute. She was soaked. That meant more juices for me to lick up. I licked up and down again, only applying the tip of my tongue, with just enough pleasure to avoid teasing her. She tasted fantastic. I felt I was drinking the nectar from ambrosia. I smiled to myself. This was just perfect. Sandra was now beginning to mover her hips back and forth, eager for me to get a bit rougher, eager for me to use more of my tongue.
  823. I took a lick with a flat tongue, going all over her pussy, ending with the tip of my tongue barely touching her clit. She moaned as I finished the lick. Good God she tasted fantastic. I took another lick, followed by another moan from Sandra. I loved hearing her voice in that manner, a real ego boost that I was doing something right. I moved my mouth closer and gave her pussy a good kiss, sneaking my tongue between my lips and inside her pussy. She grabbed my hair as she felt my tongue inside her, letting out what almost sounded like a scream. This time I didn't stop. My tongue went around inside her as I continued to suck her lips. Now her fingers were going through my hair as she was gasping and moaning. My dick was rock hard, but I couldn't care less about it. Right now I wanted her to come, on my face. My tongue flickered inside her, exploring her walls, enjoying every part of her warm inside it could touch. Sandra was now almost ripping my hair, moaning, panting. Her hips were rocking back and forth, and it was difficult for me to keep my mouth on her pussy.
  825. I removed my lips and let my tongue go fast up and down her slit, caressing her lips, licking away her juices. As she was getting closer to climax I moved up to her clit. Even with a gentle soft lick from my tongue her body shivered, making me smile once again. I paused a bit, letting her catch her breath. Then I gave her clit another lick, a bit harder this time. This caused a scream from her, then panting. This time I didn't let her catch her breath. I began playing with the clit, slowly, and not so hard. She moaned and arched her back again and again as my tongue touched her clit. I picked up the pace, the tip of my tongue going over and over it again. She was almost grinding her pussy down on me now, and her lips were touching my chin. I could feel juices sliding down along my neck and jaw line. As I began flickering her clit with my tongue, it sounded like all her moans became one long loud moan. Happy with my work I moved my lips to her clit and began to suck on it. This did the trick, and with a loud scream her juices began flowing out. I could feel my neck almost drenching as I continued to suck and lick, with no intentions to stop.
  827. I didn't stop before Sandra managed to lift herself off me and gave me a big kiss. To my surprise I had actually cum myself. I had some cum on my stomach and running down the shaft. I was too obsessed with Sandra to notice that I had exploded over myself. Although it wasn't much, it was obvious what had happened. Sandra look down on my cum and wiped my stomach clean with two fingers, then put it in her mouth.
  829. "Mmmm, tastes good" She smiled. "Want me to release you?"
  831. "Yes please. The cuffs are beginning to hurt." Sandra laughed.
  833. "Oh my poor precious thing" She gave me a kiss "Roll over on your back" As I did she went for her drawer and found a pair of keys to uncuff me. When I finally got free, it felt like my hands had their own orgasm. I rubbed my wrists, trying to get blood to them. Sandra looked at me.
  835. "What we gonna do now?" I looked at her with the straightest face.
  837. "Sigh. I guess we gotta study for that test you have coming" She got a really disappointed look on her face. That face disappeared when I grabbed her and pinned her down on the bed "After I have paid you back for teasing me like that". She just smiled and giggled.
  839. Our lips locked together in a passionate kiss, our tongues playing with each other. For some reason, this moment was perfect. We both knew it. We both felt it. As she lay on her back, with me on top of her, we just looked each other in the eyes. She seemed so pure, so innocent. Her eyes were shining. A part of me didn't want to have sex with her. It felt that if I pushed my dick inside her, the purity would fade away. I could lie still like this for hours, days, months. I could spend the rest of my life, looking into her smiling innocent eyes. I gave her a soft kiss.
  841. "Sandra" her face seemed worried "I… I Love you" The words felt clumsy. The second I said it I regretted it. Not because I told her what I felt, but it was the way I said it. I felt like a 15 yo kid that was about to lose his virginity, telling his partner that he loved her, just so he was sure that it wouldn't end and that he could go all the way. But Sandra smiled.
  843. "I know. I Love you too Albert". Her words felt like she had lifted the world of my shoulders. I felt lighter. I knew to myself that I had never Loved any person like this before. My former girlfriends seemed like one night stands compared to Sandra, even though one of them had been my girlfriend for two years. I kissed her again, a soft and gentle kiss that told her how I felt. She moaned softly as she felt my tongue brush her lips.
  845. "Please Albert, I need you now." Her voice wasn't filled with passion, or lust or hornyness. It was indeed filled with Love. She wanted our bodies to melt together into one creature oozing of Love. I kissed her again.
  847. "You sure?" She just nodded. I smiled as I saw the nod. This was going to be magical.
  849. I looked down on our bodies, and positioned myself so that my dick was right over her pussy. I could feel the warmth from her, even though I was 4 inches away. I took my dick with one hand, and slowly lowered myself, guiding my dick towards her pussy. Even though I hadn't touched her yet, I could feel her wetness. Another inch and my dick were at her opening. She gasped as my head touched her lips. "You sure you want me to go in?"
  851. "Yes. Please." She leaned up and gave me a kiss. The little doubt I had disappeared with that kiss.
  853. With my hand guiding my dick I slowly pressed myself inside her. She was soaked, so it wasn't really a problem to get in, but she was tight. That just added to the pleasure. Sandra let out small gasps for every inch of me that went inside her. I groaned as I kept advancing in her tight hole. I was afraid of hurting her, but none of the signals she gave out showed signs of anything but pleasure. As I came all the way into her, Sandra let out a small gasp and stopped breathing. The moment I began pulling out she exhaled and moaned loudly. I went inside her again, a bit faster this time, but still moving slowly, being careful and not wishing to hurt her. Her pussy felt amazing. It was perfectly lubricated and tightened. Some girls probably dream of their first time being romantically and passionate and everything fits like a glove. At least, that's what I've heard. If Sandra had ever dreamt of her first time to be like that, she probably wouldn't be disappointed, even though this technically was the second time. Her pussy was tight, but not so tight that it was painful for either of us, but perfectly tight to maximise the pleasure for both of us.
  855. I picked up the pace, and suddenly Sandra wrapped her legs around my back, making sure I wouldn't slip out of her and get away. If it was intentional or her body had taken over now, I don't know, but she was moaning and thrusting her pelvis against me, making my balls almost smack her ass. My mind was like it was floating. It sounds like a good old cliché, but right then, two became one. Sandra was panting now, but I could only barely hear it over my own breath. I didn't think it would be this great. Her pussy almost grabbed my dick, like it was letting it slip in, but pulling it back inside as I went out, like it wanted me to stay inside her.
  857. As I was closing towards my own climax, I was afraid I wasn't going to hold on long enough to give her an orgasm, but as I felt it beginning to build up Sandra's moan became louder, and she arched her back.
  859. "Oh God, Oh God, Oh dear Goooood!" She screamed out as her entire body tensed up. It seemed like almost her heart too stopped beating. Even her pussy tensed around my dick, and that pushed me over the edge. I could feel it pumping inside her, even though I did nothing. I was just standing there, moaning out loud as my cum kept flowing inside her. After what felt like 5 or 6 pumps, I managed to slowly pull out. A small series of gasps came from Sandra as she felt my semi hard dick pull out from her. She must have been really sensitive after what looked like a really hard orgasm. My dick was covered in our cum, and when I finally came out, I lay down next to her. She was the first to break the silence.
  861. "Thank you."
  863. "No, thank you. That was amazing. I never thought sex could be this good."
  865. "You mean I was good?"
  867. "Good? No. Excellent? No. Fantastic? Maybe. I don't think there's a single word in the dictionary that can describe how you were. I think divine sex goddess is the closes thing you can come to it." She laughed.
  869. "You are pretty funny aren't you?" She rolled over and rested her head on my chest. I looked down on her.
  871. "I do my best" She closed her eyes and rested on my chest.
  873. After what must have been no more than 10 minutes of silence, my mind was beginning to get online again.
  875. "Ummm, shouldn't we get dressed and begin studying?"
  877. "Moodkiller" She poked my side.
  879. "Well, I was more worried about your parents finding us like this." She laughed, and raised her head and looked at me, resting her chin on my chest. She began tracing a finger around my chest, stroking me gently.
  881. "First of all, I'm not having a test tomorrow. I had to find a reason to make you come over. Second, my mom already knows about us." She pulled the covers over us
  883. "And your dad? He's the one I actually fear."
  885. "Well, I can handle my dad. Besides, what's he gonna do with the man that I Love?" I looked down on her.
  887. "The man that you Love?" She nodded.
  889. "The man that I Love." I gazed her deep in the eyes.
  891. "Well then, the woman that I Love" I poked her nose to underline who it was "What's your next thing on today's schedule?"
  893. "Rest" She said as she rested her head on my chest again and closed her eyes as she snuggled up closer to me. ‘Fair enough' I thought. I was rather exhausted myself.
  896. Chapter Five
  898. I woke up, not being sure where the hell I was. I looked at my watch. 6 PM. Did I oversleep with 12 hours? What the fuck. Then I noticed something on my chest. I looked down, and I saw Sandra. Her brown hair was almost floating on my body. Yeah, I think I forgot to mention that she had dyed her hair from black to a more brownish colour. Only way I could notice that she had done something to her hair, and even then it took me some time to notice. I am a male stereotype on many things. I realized that this wasn't a dream at all. The sex earlier today (3 hours ago to be exact), had actually happened. I was still in shock. I had no idea what I should do. Somehow, I thought about Iron Maidens "Run to the hills/ Run for your life" but it really didn't seem like the smartest thing to do. I was glad Sandra was asleep. That gave me the extra time that I needed to think what the hell to do. When you hear and read about it, it's all so simple. But when you get the situation in your hands, I can guarantee you your mind will go blank.
  900. After a couple of minutes I thought the smartest thing to do was to wake her up, but in a gentle and loving way, and not by pushing her on the floor. I began gently stroking her hair. It was more for my pleasure then for hers. Feeling her silky smooth brown hair through my fingers felt like skies floating in between my fingers. After a couple of minutes she began to wake up. She probably smiled, because she made that nice "hmmm" sound that a pleased girl gives when waking up. I was relieved.
  902. "Hey you" I spoke to her in a soft voice, almost whispering. She lifted her head and looked me in the eyes.
  904. "Hey. What time is it?"
  906. "We had fantastic sex a couple of hours ago, and all you care about is the time?" I said in a playful voice, letting her know I was kidding. "Women" I shook my head and looked at my watch. Before I could answer I felt something soft hit my head. It was one of those huge fluffy pillows that girls have in their bed. After the "punch", if one can call it that, Sandra was laughing.
  908. "What the hell was that for?" I asked as I removed the pillow, showing me a smiley and fully awake Sandra, now sitting in front of me. She was topless, and her beautiful breasts were kinda bouncing up and down as she laughed.
  910. "I dunno really. I felt like it" She continued laughing.
  912. "Why you little" I said with my best Homer Simpson impersonation as I leapt forward and began to tickle her. She squirmed as my hands hit her sides, and she continued laughing as my hands danced over her stomach and sides.
  914. After probably two minutes of tickling and hard laughter I heard a knock on the door. I froze and my eyes turned wide, probably to the size of dinner plates. I had forgotten about the parents.
  916. "What is it?" Sandra asked with a noticeable irritated voice.
  918. "Are my two lovebirds awake?" A female voice asked, most likely her mother. Fuck. How could I forget? Her parents had probably been downstairs a while, and they had probably seen us lying in bed together. I pictured a furious father running after me with an axe, ready to chop me up and bury me in his backyard or something.
  920. "Yes we are. What do you want?"
  922. "I was just telling you that dinner will be ready in about half an hour, so if you're gonna take a shower you better get started."
  924. "Okay. Thank you." Her mother walked away from the door. I was sitting stunned.
  926. "I wonder what's for dinner" Sandra sad as she got up. I didn't react. I was staring straight ahead, like I was dead. "Albert? Albert?" *Smack* Another pillow hit my head. "Wake up!" I shook my head trying to wake up.
  928. "Who? What?"
  930. "Geez, what's wrong with you? You seem pretty distant." I looked at her
  932. "Distant? Well, let see. A couple of hours ago, we had sex, and we probably didn't lock the bedroom door, which means, that your parents probably saw us sleeping together, clothes scattered all over the floor. Somehow, I feel a bit worried." Worried was an understatement. I wanted to grab my clothes and jump out of the window and run like hell.
  934. "Why?"
  936. "Because your dad is most likely downstairs, and if I were your dad, I'd probably try to kill every man that was closer than 9 feet of my angel" Sandra giggled. It eased me up a bit, but I was still a bit scared.
  938. "Don't worry. Only mom saw us. Dad doesn't walk in to my room unless the door is open or I tell him to come in. Besides, he won't kill you or anything. And you are stronger than him."
  940. "Thank you. That really made me feel better" I said ironically.
  942. "Haha. I told you not to worry. Now come on, let's go take a shower.
  944. She grabbed my hand and pulled me across the room and down the hall into a huge bathroom. I had barely been allowed to grab my clothes as she forced me to follow her. Sometimes, you just know when not to argue with a woman. This was definitely one of those times.
  946. "Cum on, why are you so slow?" It felt like she was going to pull my arm off. Why she was in such a hurry, I did not know.
  948. "It's you that's fast, not me being slow." She gave me look that made it clear to me not to argue with her. She pulled me into the bathroom and locked the door.
  950. "Get into the shower and turn on some hot water." She commanded. For some reason, I enjoyed being commanded like this. Maybe I do have a small thing for being dominated, I don't know. As I turned on the water I was a bit shocked as the cold water hit me, but me being a stubborn man, I refused to make a sound or twitch in fear of showing a sign of weakness.
  952. After a couple of minutes Sandra came into the shower, with a smirk all over her face.
  954. "What?" I asked, with a rather sceptic voice. She was indeed planning something. Without any warning she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss, her tongue parting my lips and beginning to play with mine. It took me a couple of seconds to get over the sudden shock, but as I realized what was happening, I wrapped my arms around her back and pushed my tongue ahead. The reaction from my dick too was imminent. It went from limp to rock hard in only a couple of seconds. I could feel it pushing against her stomach.
  956. "I need you" She whispered in my ear "Now! I don't care if I don't come. I need you now!" Maybe I should have said ‘No, your parents are downstairs' or something like that, but I didn't. Those words drove me mad.
  958. I pushed her against the wall and began to kiss her neck. Hard. She let out soft moans as I began biting. I was a wild animal. I don't think that her dad with a shotgun could have stopped me. Every time I bit her, she let out another yelp, but she didn't tell me to stop. This was going to be a rough one, but neither of us cared. This was about sex, not Love. After what was only a couple of minutes of "foreplay" I felt I had to go inside her. My dick was hard as a rock, and I needed some relief. She automatically spread her legs as her back was against the wall, the water flowing down on us making it even hotter. I could feel that she was soaked inside, just by poking my head around her entrance. With a soft but quick thrust I went inside. It felt like I had entered a rainy heaven. I started thrusting in and out, slowly at first, to pick up a good rhythm. Sandra let out small gasps every time I pushed into her. After a few minutes her body began to shiver every time I thrust inside her. I was actually hitting the mythical G-spot. This sent me in a blind frenzy, and I lifted her right leg up to get deeper inside her.
  960. The first thrust made her moan loudly, almost as loud as when she came earlier. She realized that she was screaming, so she wrapped her arms around my and pressed hard as she bit my shoulder to muffle her own moans. I could feel her walls contracting against my dick, gripping it like a firm hand stroking it. With my free hand I grabbed her ass and pressed her against me with every thrust as I tried to get as far inside her as possible. With one final thrust I felt my cum pump inside her. As I thrust again to pump more cum inside her, she bit my shoulder hard as she screamed and came as well. She bit me hard, and it hurt. I could feel blood running out, but I didn't care. I had had the two most intense orgasms in my life within a couple of hours.
  962. Both exhausted, we slipped down along the shower walls and onto the floor. There Sandra almost collapsed in my arms as my now semi hard dick was getting cleaned by the running water.
  964. "That… was… intense" Was all I managed to stutter.
  966. "It really was." She looked at my shoulder.
  968. "Oh my God. You are bleeding!" If she had had breath to it, she probably would have screamed, but we were both too exhausted. I was too exhausted to care.
  970. "It's nothing. I'll fix it when I have my breath back."
  972. "You sure?" She was worried now.
  974. "No problem sweetie." I kissed her on her forehead. "Let's just try to get our breath back, shall we?" The water running down on her face made her look beautiful, although it kept me wondering if I saw a tear in running down her cheek or if it was just water.
  976. 15 minutes later I was sitting on the toilet with only a towel wrapped around my waist. Sandra was standing and cleaning my wound. A human bite can be much worse than an animal bite. Suddenly Sandra's mom came barging in.
  978. "Dinner was ready 5 minutes ago, where are… OH GOD!" She was shocked. First I didn't know the reason. If it was because a 21 yo man she never had seen before in her life was sitting on her toilet, wet and with only a towel wrapped around him. "You are bleeding!" She was staring at my shoulder.
  980. "Yeah" started Sandra. "We had a little-"
  982. "- accident." I cut her off, a bit embarrassed that I had fucked her daughter hard only 15 minutes prior. "I lost the showerhead and it ripped open an old wound." I knew it was a horrible excuse, but I was hoping that she was buying it.
  984. "Oh. Are you sure you are ok?"
  986. "Yeah, I'm fine. Your daughter is doing a great job cleaning it up." I said with a smile. Sandra blushed from the comment.
  988. "Good to hear. I'll let you two finish it up then. Make it quick though. Dinner won't stay warm forever."
  990. "Yes mom. Now go away." Sandra was clearly annoyed. Her mom took the hint and closed the door.
  992. "Really nice going" Sandra punched my arm. "You think she's gonna believe that?"
  994. "You had a better idea?" I smiled at her.
  996. "Ummm, no. But that's not the point." I caught her off guard and kissed her.
  998. "Finish it up. Making love with you two times in one day makes me hungry"
  1000. "Yes sir" She answered with a smile.
  1002. After 5 more minutes we were downstairs, walking into the dining room hand in hand. Around the table were 3 people and two empty chairs. The man, obviously Sandra's father, looked to be in his mid 40's. He was about 6 feet, had short black hair, and weighed probably about 180 pounds.
  1004. His wife was about 5'5". She had long brown hair, a beautiful slim body. It was obvious where Sandra had her good looks from. She was probably about mid 40's, but that was just a guess, because she looked like she was around 30. Her weight, I didn't care about, since you shall never ask a woman about her weight or age. In the centre of the table was a young girl, probably about 10. She was a cute little thing, and had a long blonde hair, probably about 4 feet or something about that. Hard to guess height when they are sitting.
  1006. "Mom, dad. This is Albert" Sandra smiled like she had not a worry in the world. Me however, was a bit more nervous. Her dad got up from his chair and walked towards me. I was afraid he was going to punch me and send me flying across the room. To say I was relieved when he held out his hand is an understatement.
  1008. "Pleased to meet you Albert. My name is Magnus" His handshake was firm, like a man's handshake should be.
  1010. "Pleased to meet you too sir."
  1012. "Please, drop the formalities. Call me Magnus" Then Sandra's mom got up.
  1014. "And I'm Samantha" As she stood up there was no doubt in my mind where Sandra had gotten her good looks from. And her walk was as gracefully as her daughter's. "And don't even think about calling me ma'am. I'm not that old yet" she smiled.
  1016. "As you wish, Samantha" Our handshake was soft, but not careless. It was more like gentle, as I was afraid of hurting her hand.
  1018. "I'm Zoe" a little voice said as she jumped down of the chair and ran around the table and hugged me, although her head only reached to my stomach.
  1020. "Zoe, mind your manners." Samantha looked down on her youngest daughter. "Her real name is Josephine, but after seeing some show, she insists that everyone calls her Zoe." She looked down on her daughter again. "Let go of Albert now" I smiled.
  1022. "It's ok. I know how 10 yo girls are like. A good friend of mine has a 10 yo sister. She's not much different"
  1024. "Are Sandra's boyfriend?" She let me go and looked me straight in the eyes. I could feel myself blush, and strangely enough, I could hear Magnus chuckle from the awkward question.
  1026. "Well, ummm-" was all I managed before Sandra interrupted me.
  1028. "Yes he is. Now sit down" I was rather relieved not to be forced to answer that question, especially in front of the girl I Love's parents. It was strange, since I never used to be nervous when around "the in-laws", but somehow this time was different.
  1030. We all sat down and began on our dinner. Samantha had prepared lamb chops. It tasted quite good, especially when I could eat a lamb on my own. Dinner was very quiet. Magnus and Samantha were talking about this and that, and how work was, and the weather, all the standard things during a dinner. I was glad I wasn't put under a third degree. Then suddenly, I felt something stroking my leg. My first thought was that there was a dog I hadn't noticed, or maybe a cat, because it was soft. Then I felt it was not stroking past me, but going up and down. I looked to my right and I noticed Sandra had a small smirk on her face as she was eating. That horny little rascal was trying to turn me on, while I was eating dinner, with her parents, for the first time. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I froze, I couldn't move a muscle. Suddenly I heard Samantha speaking.
  1032. "Albert? Are you ok? You're suddenly all red" I began thinking quick and began a fake cough.
  1034. "No, it's just that *cough cough* I swallowed something a bit wrong *cough cough* I'll be fine" I grabbed my glass of water and emptied it. Sandra was giggling.
  1036. "What's so funny, Sandra?" Zoe was asking.
  1038. "Nothing. It's just that he does stupid things like that sometimes." I wanted to poke and tickle her for that, but my manners kept me from doing it. I couldn't make a bad impression on her parents. But somehow, I felt confident enough to carry out my revenge.
  1040. I placed the knife slowly on my plate, and took the fork in my left hand. I slowly placed my hand under the table as if I was going to scratch my thigh or something. Instead, I placed my right hand on Sandra's thigh. Her leg produced a bit of a reflex as I slowly began to stroke up and down her inner thigh, but she tried to act as nothing and eat her dinner. As I continued stroking I could barely hear her breath getting a bit heavier. I smiled to myself. It was time to make the next move.
  1042. I let my hand slip between her legs, and slowly began stroking her between her jeans. She probably didn't feel much, but the knowledge of my hand being on her pussy was probably enough. I didn't want to make her cum, just make her horny. As I began stroking her pussy up and down, I turned to Samantha.
  1044. "This is really good. The meat is so tender, so good that you almost don't have to chew it. It just releases an aromatic thunderstorm inside your mouth as you chew it." To my huge surprise, Magnus joined in "Yes, it really is. Sort of the way the juices from the meat almost plays with your tongue inside your mouth."
  1046. "Thank you" Samantha smiled. "What do you think Sandra?"
  1048. "Excuse me. I have to go to the bathroom." The "dirty" talk obviously sent her over the edge where she could stand no more. I smiled to myself as I saw a rather red Sandra get up from the chair and head upstairs.
  1050. "Strange" Samantha said "She usually doesn't use that bathroom during dinner" I smiled to myself, thinking ‘Mission Completed'
  1052. "Well I think it is REALLY good, mom" Zoe said with her young childish voice. Samantha just smiled to her youngest daughter.
  1054. After about 10 minutes Sandra came down from the bathroom. As she sat down she whispered in my ear
  1056. "You are SO getting back for that." I just smiled and looked at her.
  1058. "You better eat fast, or your dinner's gonna get cold" If looks could kill, I would be chopped up in a million pieces.
  1060. After dinner Magnus invited me into the lounge. It would be just us men talking, as the girls were cleaning the table and doing the dishes. It seemed like I had went 50 years back in time, where the women did all the housework. For all I knew, it was just a façade they showed me. Maybe it was Magnus who really did all the housework. I didn't care. I was now on my way to the much feared third degree interrogation, in the lounge.
  1062. "Tell me Albert, do you drink whisky?"
  1064. "Ummm" not quite the question I had expected "Yes. As long as it's not bourbon, but from Scotland or Ireland" Magnus laughed
  1066. "A man after my own heart." He went opened a cabinet full of clear bottles with brown content. ‘Oh dear goodness' I thought. ‘I have to get a long with this man'.
  1068. "Let's try this one. I haven't tried this one yet." He took out a small fat bottle. Not your regular whisky bottle, more like a low round version of Jack Daniel's. "I bought it in Newcastle. It's called ‘Ben Navis'. Got it from a whisky shop. It's their own brand" He took out two glasses, and poured about 6cl in them. I accepted the glass.
  1070. "Thank you" I wasn't nervous anymore. I was actually quite eager to try this new whisky. It seemed pretty good. I took a sniff of it. The strong liquor smell went in my nostrils. I wasn't really prepared for it, and I had to work hard not to cough from the strong smell.
  1072. "Go ahead and try it son." It seemed like it was from a script. We both raised the glass at the same time, and took almost the exact amount of whisky in our mouth. Sandra told me later that she and her mom had seen it, and almost fell on the floor of laughter. She said we were so similar, that it was almost scary.
  1074. It was a good whisky. Actually one of the best I've ever tasted. Magnus must have seen I was much more relaxed now.
  1076. "Well now. Let's have a talk, just you and me. Man to man" My pulse doubled. He seemed like a smart man, so he probably knew that I had slept with his daughter, in HIS house. "You are a teacher, at the age of 21, and you are applying at the local university to try and get a PhD, is that correct?" I swallowed hard before answering "Yes" I couldn't answer with words that had more than one syllable.
  1078. "What do you think of the whisky?" He looked at me before he looked at his glass again.
  1080. "I like it. It has a warm taste with a bit of sting. I think it settles quite well in the mouth, and it's not to strong either." Magnus just smiled.
  1082. "I couldn't agree more" He took another sip of the whisky "Now, what makes you think that you are special enough to be with my daughter?" His eyes pierced me. I remembered how my dad told about a man picking out his new dog. He placed all the puppies in front of him, and he stamped the foot in the ground, then he chose between the remaining puppies, looking for the strong ones. Magnus was now stamping his foot, checking to see if I was a confident one, or a sissy. I took another sip of the whisky, suddenly feeling a lot more relaxed and more confident. It must be said, that I'm not the one with the highest amount of confidence in the world, but now, I was going to show him.
  1084. "Why I'm special? I don't know really. You would have to ask Sandra about that. I'm just me, and I do what I feel is right." Magnus continued looking at me, as if checking if my wall of confidence was breaking. Suddenly he just laughed.
  1086. "Hahaha. A very good answer my boy. A very good answer indeed." He emptied his glass. "How about another one?"
  1088. "Yes please. I would love one" The ice was broken, and I was accepted by Sandra's father. The worst part was indeed over.
  1090. That day never seemed to end. Me and Magnus emptied the bottle of whisky that he had paid £45 for. I never saw Sandra the remainder of that day, and quite frankly, I wasn't bother by it. We were talking like a couple of old friends, talking about politics, economy, children these days and how rude they are, the environment. We talked until our throats went dry, and I enjoyed it. Except the time I had spent with Sandra, it was the best time I had had in many years. To think it was with my "father in law" was for me pretty unbelievable.
  1092. At around 2 AM we decided it was time to go to bed. Magnus insisted on me staying, but I told him I had to get home. I had some stuff to fix at home, like get some new clothes. Besides, tomorrow was work day, and I had just been drinking half a bottle of whisky. I told myself that work tomorrow would never happen.
  1094. Half drunk I walked what would usually take 5 minutes to my house. I think it took me 15 minutes, I'm not sure. I didn't throw up or anything, I just had a problem finding my direction. 8 AM, after roughly 5 hours of sleep, I woke up. My head felt like someone had been playing football with it 24 hours straight. My mouth was dryer than a desert, and I could barely move. It was a huge effort to get the phone and call the principal and call in sick.
  1096. "Well, you don't sound too good either. Get some sleep and relax this weekend, and I'll see you on Monday."
  1098. "Thank you sir" I was far from good. Half a minute after hanging up the phone I was asleep again.
  1100. I woke up around 1 PM. My first thought was water, and I "ran" towards the bathroom, drinking what felt like a gallon of water. Then it was in the shower. My mind was blank for the half hour I was in the shower. I could barely move. I wasn't a heavy drinker, so last night had taken its toll on me. After the shower it was straight for the kitchen to get some decent food. All I managed to make was some sandwiches, but I hadn't eaten for almost 18 hours, so it was no time to be picky.
  1102. At around 3 PM my phone vibrated. A text, and from who other than Sandra.
  1104. ‘Had a good time with dad last night?:P' She was obviously trying to embarrass me or something like that, but this was one raid that was going to backfire.
  1106. ‘Yup. He told me a few amusing stories;P' I wrote back. And as expected, just half a minute later my phone rang, and who other than Sandra's name could be on the display.
  1108. "Hello, this is Albert." I said trying my best to be serious.
  1110. "What did he tell you!" She had an angry voice, but she wasn't so angry that I couldn't have a little fun.
  1112. "Nothing really. Except that I would loved to seen you as a child. Seems like you did a lot of adorable things."
  1114. "What the hell did he tell you?" I smiled. She knew I was playing games with her.
  1116. "Just some amusing stories."
  1118. "Tell me, or I swear I will kill you"
  1120. "Relax sweetie. It's nothing embarrassing. Although I must admit I laughed when he told me that you ran around in the neighbourhood in only your panties kissing everyone you saw." There was a silence on the phone. I could almost feel her eyes grow wide and her face get red.
  1122. "He told you that?"
  1124. "Yup" I smiled.
  1126. "Oh my God. I'm so gonna kill him. What else did he tell you?" This time, I wasn't going to reveal anything.
  1128. "You know, this and that. But I gotta go do something. See you around sweetie. Love you"
  1130. "Wait don't ha-" And that was the last thing I heard before I hung up. I knew I had pissed her off and that she would be here soon enough, but that was all part of the plan. My hangover was gone, and I was ready to tease my loved one.
  1132. Sure enough, 20 minutes later Sandra was barging in my front door.
  1134. "Hey sweetie. You know, you should learn to knock."
  1136. "Tell me what he told you!" I smiled as I sat down in my couch.
  1138. "Why should I?"
  1140. "Because I need to know, that's why."
  1142. "You afraid I'm not gonna Love you anymore?" That question distracted her. She had a ferocious attack plan for me, and when I just asked her that simple question her entire plan flawed.
  1144. "No, but-"
  1146. "Sit down here sweetie." I pulled her to my lap. "The only thing with you running almost naked around the neighbourhood kissing everyone is that it's quite cute. Too bad I wasn't there to get a kiss"
  1148. She smiled. "Ok. What else did he tell you?" I grinned
  1150. "What's in it for me?"
  1152. "What you mean?"
  1154. "If I give you information, then I should get something in return" I grinned again. It was obvious what I was after. And the bulge growing in my pants confirmed it.
  1156. "And what do you want from me?"
  1158. "I don't know. What do you have to offer?" She looked at me before she punched me in the arm.
  1160. "Perv. Tell me what he said, and I'll think of a suitable reward"
  1162. "Ok then, Nymph" I squeezed her ass. Sandra yelped as my fingers tightened around her cheek "He told me that you had a thing for showing everyone how good you were at peeing in the toilet. That you ran around to a lot of neighbours, asking them to borrow the toilet just to show off how good you were." Sandra immediately turned red.
  1164. "He told you that? I'm so gonna kill him!" I laughed before I gave her a kiss.
  1166. "Don't do that. I think it's rather cute. After all, you are a bit of a show off"
  1168. "Am not." I shook my head
  1170. "Yes you are. At least towards me you are." I kissed her again "But I wouldn't like it any other way." Sandra smiled and snuggled up in my lap and rested her head on my shoulder.
  1172. "You know I Love you Albert, don't you?" she said, still resting her head on my shoulder.
  1174. "Of course I do. And I Love you, more than anything in the world."
  1176. "Even more than whisky?" I laughed at the comment.
  1178. "Yes sweetie. Even more than whisky." She snuggled up again, as trying to get even closer to me, and before I knew it, she was asleep.
  1180. I let Sandra sleep in my lap for a while, before I lay her down on the couch and pulled a blanket over her. She looked so cute, snuggled up on the couch with the blanket, sound asleep. I probably could have looked at her for hours, probably even days without doing something else.
  1182. First thing I did was that I called Samantha, telling her not to worry about Sandra, that she was sound asleep on my couch.
  1184. "Yes, she did seem rather tired when she went to school today, but then again, she's never been a morning person."
  1186. "Well, from the look of it now, she loves sleeping."
  1188. "Speaking of which, how was the shower yesterday? I guess it was rather pleasing." I blushed, and I bet Samantha was smiling.
  1190. "What you mean? The water was quite good."
  1192. "Aw come on. I saw the mark on your shoulder. It was quite clearly a biting mark, and it wasn't an old scar." I went dead silent, trying to think of an excuse.
  1194. "What do you want me to say? It seems like you already know everything" I was embarrassed. My voice, the way I said things, even my body language showed I was acting like a 14yo busted by his parents while jacking off. Then Samantha burst into laughter.
  1196. "Haha. I was just pulling your leg. But I must say that you looked quite cute laying together in Sandra's bed."
  1198. "Sigh, so you saw us?"
  1200. "Of course I did. Besides, it wasn't a shock to me. Me and Sandra talk about EVERYTHING, don't you know? Although it did take some time to convince Magnus to calm down. At first he wanted to rip your head off with a bottle opener, but looking from his hangover today, I think he approves of you as a future son-in-law."
  1202. "Well, then I guess I owe you one."
  1204. "Just be a good man to my daughter. That's all I wish for."
  1206. "I will. Goodbye Samantha"
  1208. "Goodbye" We both hung up and I felt rather relieved. So it wasn't a secret that we were having sex, and both parents seemed to approve of me. Didn't seem like it was too bad after all.
  1211. Chapter Six
  1213. About 9 PM Sandra woke up, a bit groggy.
  1215. "Where am I?" I laughed from the comment.
  1217. "In a space ship, millions of miles from your home planet. You're on the way to planet Glorx, where you will be put into a zoo." That was all I managed to say before a pillow came flying in my face.
  1219. "Goof" I smiled and kissed her
  1221. "Good morning sunshine" Sandra rubbed her eyes, trying to get the sleep out of her eyes.
  1223. "What time is it?"
  1225. "9 PM. You've been sleeping for about 5 hours."
  1227. "I have? Why didn't you wake me up?" I sat down on the couch next to her.
  1229. "Because you were so cute, so I didn't want to wake you up. Besides, you were making some really strange noises." Sandra frowned, her face looking like a questionmark. Then she punched my arm.
  1231. "I did not!" I laughed again
  1233. "No, you didn't" I gave her another kiss. Her red, soft lips were too much of a temptation to stay away from.
  1235. "Why you always kissing me?"
  1237. "Because I want to. And it feels so good when I taste your lips. Besides, you're a pretty good kisser" She smiled
  1239. "Yes I am." I moved in for another kiss, but instead of kissing her I let my tongue glide around her lips, gently licking the taste.
  1241. "Getting a bit cocky, are we?" Sandra just nodded. "Perhaps I should tie you up and punish you for being so cocky? Can't going around having a cocky girl all the time" She punched my arm again.
  1243. "You just try."
  1245. "Is that a challenge?" Sandra sat up
  1247. "Nope. It's a threat that means that if you try it you'll regret it."
  1249. "Really? What you planning to do against me?"
  1251. "You won't like it." She traced a finger down my chin. "You have already experienced that I can be quite the tease if I want to" I shrugged
  1253. "Yeah, I know. Wasn't best experience in my life" Sandra laughed
  1255. "Haha, but you liked the reward for being patient, didn't you?" I smiled as I kissed her hand
  1257. "Can't complain about that one." Her hand suddenly fell on my thigh. A soft yet firm grip. My dick began to harden. Earlier, the thought of masturbating and squirting in her hair while she was asleep had struck me more than once, but I had settled with the bathroom.
  1259. "Now, since you've been so kind to let me stay here, sleeping on the couch, maybe I should pay rent" She grinned as her hand began stroking me. My dick got a sudden boost going from semi hard to rock hard within a second. She really was something special.
  1261. "And what did you have in my mind as a suitable rent?"
  1263. "Oh I don't know. I don't have any money. I guess I should pay back with another currency"
  1265. "Oh? I do take most currency you know." She got up from the couch, and stood right in front of me. Her beautiful curves as my eyes examined every part of her body. Her too tight blouse really showed off her tits. I wanted to grab them, touch them, kiss them, love them in every possible and impossible way imaginable.
  1267. Sandra grabbed thighs and spread my legs and got down on her knees.
  1269. "You have quite a bulge in your pants. Do you have a good reason for that?" She said to me, like a teacher asking a student why he threw parts of an eraser around in class.
  1271. "Oh I don't know. Maybe because I have the most wonderful girl in the world between my legs, hands only inches away from my crotch." Sandra giggled
  1273. "I'm not the most wonderful girl in the world, but yeah I rate pretty high" Her hands slowly went up along my thighs. Painfully slowly, as if to check the fabric of my jeans. After what felt like a year she finally reached my belt buckle and undid it. I let out a little gasp of relief as some of the pressure on my dick was released. Then the button and my zipper went slowly down, making my boxers press up.
  1275. "Oh, a pretty large bulge too. Naughty boy" She winked to me. I was too turned on to even bother to answer. With a feather light touch she traced a finger around on the head outside my boxers. I moaned as her motions went through the fabric. With an expert touch her hands went to the side of my boxers, and with a yank she had pulled down the boxers and jeans to my knees. My dick was standing straight up, precum leaking out of the tip. Half of me wanted to just throw her on the couch and fuck her without mercy. The other half told me stay put and let her to her thing. I knew she was good at it.
  1277. "Did you know Albert, I'm getting quite wet too" I groaned as she said it. I wanted to beg her to wrap her hand around my dick and jack me off, hard. I wanted to beg her to make me cum. I was so horny I would probably have cum in a matter of seconds.
  1279. "But I should get home. Goodbye." Before I even had registered the words she was up and ran towards the door, quickly grabbing her shoes and within 20 seconds she was outside on her way home, leaving me with a throbbing hard dick and an expression mixed with surprise and disappointment.
  1281. I was turned on more than I thought was humanly possible. A couple of strokes on my dick, no matter who it was, would have sent sperm flying across the room. Sandra had run out the door, probably laughing her ass off. I was too horny to care about cleaning, so I thought what the heck. I grabbed my dick and began stroking, without any tissue, and without any care about where it would fly off too. I groaned as I came after just a minute with stroking, sperm flying on the coffee table and the floor and in my hand. Luckily, I didn't get any on my couch. How, I do not know. God probably wanted me to have this fap and not get too much problems cleaning it up. I was left panting on the bed, eyes closed.
  1283. After about 10 minutes of recovery, which basically just meant not moving at all, I grabbed some tissue on a counter on the other side of the room and cleaned up my dick. I then began wiping up the mess on the floor, saying to myself "She is so gonna get back for this."
  1285. The following weekend can only be described as hell. Sandra kept on sending me text messages like ‘I'm all alone in my big comfy bed, and I'm naked and I'm sooo wet;)'. She even sent me pictures that I had to delete immediately so I wouldn't be busted by the cops for having child pornography on my cell. God how annoying that she wasn't 18. Those pictures were fapping material for months, even for gay guys.
  1287. Monday was the day for payback. I knew it as I woke up. I've never like Mondays. In fact, I hate Mondays. It's the end of the weekend, or end of freedom. It's back to being the machine again. Up at 7, take a shower, grab some breakfast, go to work, teach kids, go home, mark tests, dinner, TV then sleep. But today was different. I looked out my bedroom window, and the sun was shining, it was clear blue sky. Even the birds were singing. I thought I could hear them sing "Today is the day", but that was probably just my imagination. But today was indeed my day.
  1289. During our relationship, Sandra had made one mistake. It was a mere detail, but a detail that can turn into a huge flaw if you notice it. She had told me about one outfit I had, a blue shirt and a pair of rather nice jeans. They should be. Cost me £90, and Sandra insisted on me buying them. When I wore them and the sun was shining, she got instantly horny.
  1291. I looked through my closet and found the shirt. It was ironed and neat, and the jeans were fresh. You could smell the cleanliness in them. I grinned as I got dressed. I've never really cared about clothing really. I just wore what felt good. Now I was dressing for one purpose only. Turning Sandra on.
  1293. Monday's at work weren't that bad. I had only one class in the morning, and they were usually too sleepy to make any trouble. I wasn't the only one hating Mondays. Then I had free until the last class before lunch, then a full day of three classes before ending the day. It could have been a lot worse.
  1295. After finishing the first class I got to my desk and sat down, preparing for next class. The school was big enough to provide us with our own offices. Although small, it was always nice with your own office. It wasn't much that needed to be done, so I got finished in 15 minutes. Then the principal popped his head in.
  1297. "Albert, I need to ask you a favour"
  1299. "Oh?"
  1301. "Yeah. Can you take class 10A in science in the third period? Jesse's kid got ill, and she had to go get him and take him home. I know that's the class where Sandra goes, but I'm desperate and I do hope that you can act professional at least for 45 minutes." Sweet Lady Luck smiled on me, and she smiled from ear to ear.
  1303. "Sure thing sir. And I'll stay calm. What are they gonna do?"
  1305. "Just make them do assignments or homework or something. I just can't let them be alone."
  1307. "No problem. I'll keep them busy"
  1309. "Thanks." Oh she smiled today.
  1311. When the bell rang I got up and headed for the classroom. I was a bit excited, but I knew that for once I had the upper hand. This time, revenge was the dish, but it was hot as hell. I looked for Sandra as I saw the class. I was about 30 feet away from them. Then I spotted her, and I smiled to myself, thinking ‘haha, got you now'. I walked straight towards the class, not looking at Sandra but keeping her in the corner of my eye. When I was about 15 feet away from them she spotted me. Her look froze, and if I had been looking straight at her, I could probably have seen a red colour appearing in her cheek.
  1313. "Good day class" I said as I walked towards the door to unlock it. A few of the girls giggled, some of them gasped before quickly turning red. I unlocked the door and let the class inside. It was the usual chatter, talking about this and that. I couldn't care less. I was just thinking about how I could turn Sandra on.
  1315. Unfortunately for Sandra, her desk was right in front of me. As I stood up, waiting for the rest of the class to calm down, she was just staring at me. I waited for the class to be silent, before giving them the ok to sit down. It didn't take longer than usual.
  1317. "Good day"
  1319. "Good day" was the answer from the entire class, except Sandra.
  1321. "Miss Lohan had to go and pick up her ill kid today, so I'm going to be your substitute today. Since I haven't been told what you are going to do, I'll just let you do homework. You can work in pairs, but keep somewhat quiet." I sat down on my desk and began to do what seemed like preparing for next class. I was trying, but I was to busy having Sandra in the corner of my eye.
  1323. Sandra had serious troubles concentrating. She would always try to have a quick look at me before looking down at her books again, like nothing ever happened. Sometimes, she looked up, as if trying to think, her pencil tapping her book. But her eyes exposed her. She was staring right at me, pinning me to the wall with her eyes. She probably loved and hated me at the same time. Loving me for wearing her favourite outfit, hating her for deliberately putting it on, knowing that it would make her horny. I smiled to myself
  1325. "Having troubles concentrating Sandra?" It was like I woke her up from a dream, even if she was staring straight at me.
  1327. "No Sir, I was just thinking about something, but I think I got it figured out now." Although everybody knew we were a couple, we had decided that in school we should keep it formal, like teacher and student should.
  1329. "Good" I smiled to her. Her face became red, and it was obviously not from embarrassment.
  1331. When the school bell rang everyone got up at the same time. Most of them didn't bother to finish writing what they had begun. Guess they were waiting too much for the break. 55 minutes left until lunch. As Sandra passed my desk I got a little curled-up note thrown in my lap. I closed my legs to cover up the evidence as I gathered my things. Almost unnoticeably I picked up the small paper note and put it in my pocket. I quickly locked the classroom and headed straight for my office not taking notice of anyone I passed, just answering hello to those who spoke to me.
  1333. Well inside my office, I took up the note from my pocket. I was a bit shocked when I realized my hands were shaking, like a child opening the biggest Christmas present ever. It just said ‘Behind Wholeman Hill lunch'. Those words were enough. I was a bit surprised that she didn't manage the entire day, but then again, we were quite similar on many points.
  1335. 4th period went on without much happening. I came, I taught, I went.
  1337. Wholeman Hill was a rather big hill that was behind the school. No one ever went there, only the goth kids went there at night "summoning devils" and smoking weed or whatever they did. I found it despicable really, but that's just me. It wasn't much of a problem of getting over there without being spotted. The smokers went on the other side of the school, at some old shed. Teachers never went there either really, only when they were pissed off and wanted to mark some students. I once co operated with another teacher, and nailed 10 students for smoking on school grounds. 4 of them had never had a single mark before in their life, and then they get marked for smoking. That was rather fun, and we had a good laugh about it at the teachers lunch room.
  1339. As I came behind the hill, my eyes searched the area for Sandra. No sign of her. I had delayed a couple of minutes, so that I wouldn't have to wait for her, but she wasn't here. Suddenly someone jumped on my back and bit my neck. I knew those teeth.
  1341. "Hi sweetie"
  1343. "You bastard" I turned around and looked at her
  1345. "What?"
  1347. "You know exactly what I mean. Coming to school, in the outfit you know I love." She grabbed my hand and lead it under her skirt and between her legs. "Can you feel that? I've been soaked for the last hour and a half. I had to remove my panties to avoid them getting soaked and unpleasant." I burst into a hard laughter
  1349. "Suits you right for leaving me like that on Friday." She looked at me as if trying to remember.
  1351. "So?"
  1353. "So? This is my revenge" She punched me in the arm.
  1355. "Well, you better finish off this, or I'm gonna get really mad at you!" She quickly undid my belt and my jeans and yanked my jeans and boxers to my ankles in one quick movement. I felt I was victim of some kung fu move. My dick was standing straight up. Touching her wet pussy was enough for me to go from soft to rock hard in a second.
  1357. "Where the hell did you learn that?"
  1359. "Mom!" I rolled my eyes.
  1361. "Should have figured." Sandra suddenly stared me deep in the eyes.
  1363. "Now quit it and fuck me." The look she had was the look of a girl you don't argue with. If I did I would probably have a furious girl for the next month or so. And all the hornyness from the pictures and text over the weekend suddenly flowed to my dick. I realized that I wanted her, perhaps even more than she wanted me. I grabbed her and gave her a big kiss, pushing out my tongue and parting her lips, letting it crawl into her warm mouth, finding her tongue. She wrapped her arms around me, and pressed her lips against mine as our kiss became more passionate. I could feel my dick poking her belly, and she let out a little giggle as it hit her bellybutton. I forgot that she was rather ticklish. I grabbed her ass with both hands, squeezing it through the soft fabric of her skirt. She let out a small gasp as I squeezed it. I loved feeling her ass in my hands. It was perfect. Firm and perfect size. That said, everything about Sandra was perfect. I broke the kiss.
  1365. "You know you have to be quiet? Can't scream like you always do." Sandra smiled.
  1367. "Ok, I'll try." She kissed me, softer than our previous kiss, like she was preparing herself for the things to come.
  1369. I grabbed her waist and turned her around, and made her bend over. She grabbed a big tree and held onto it as she began wiggling her ass, telling me to come and get her. It was too tempting to stay away from. Once again, I was drawn to her as a fly towards a lamp.
  1371. I positioned myself behind her, placing one hand on her ass and the other one around my dick, leading it towards her pussy. The moment my head touched her lips we both let out a small gasp, synchronized as it was something we had planned. I began stroking my head up and down her slit, feeling her wetness. She was really soaked, no doubt about it. Sandra let out small pleasure sounds as I increased the pressure. Suddenly, without intention, my dick slipped inside her. Sandra let out a small moan, trying her best to be quiet. My mouth was just hanging open. Watching her bent over like this, holding a tree with her skirt flipped up, showing her bare ass. It was one of the most arousing things I've ever seen in my life. I went all the way in, and Sandra made a small whimper as I met her ass.
  1373. "Remember, be quiet" I was scared, thinking about all the things that could happen if we got caught, but deep down inside, it just increased our arousal. I placed both of my hands on her hips, and began to slowly thrust inside her. The soft breeze brushed against my dick as it went in and out. It was a strange feeling, the cold breeze outside and the warm inside of Sandra. It was a strange mix of temperatures, but it was fantastic. I began thrusting faster, feeling the wetness and tightness as her pussy grabbed my dick. Sandra let out small gasps as my thrusts got harder every time I went inside her. I could see that she was having troubles not screaming out. Even though I was standing behind her, the times she turned her head her lower lip was white. She was biting down hard.
  1375. I kept thrusting, slipping my dick in and out of her tight hole, our bodies making small noises as they clashed together each time I went all the way inside her. I could feel my body tense up, an orgasm for the first time in what felt like ages. I increased my speed, fucking her almost franticly, desperate to cum. I could feel my sperm travelling from my balls all the way to my dick. I felt that the next thrust would do the trick. I was right. With a silent moan I did the last thrust inside her, and sent my cum flying in her. I didn't stop, I had so much in me. I think I must have sent 4 or 5 jets of cum inside her.
  1377. When I finally pulled out, it was almost like it was pouring out of her. A mixture of her juices and my cum. I looked around to find something to dry my dick with, since it was drenched. I shouldn't have bothered. Suddenly Sandra was on her knees and grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth.
  1379. "I haven't had lunch today" A really dry comment, but in a strange way, fitting.
  1381. Sandra began licking and kissing my shaft, making sure to get it all. Suddenly I felt the tension building up again.
  1383. "Oh God, I think I'm gonna cum again" Sandra quickly put my dick in her mouth and began to suck me, slowly. It didn't matter how she did it. I came again, although only squirting 2 streams inside her. "Holy fuck" I panted, trying to catch my breath after two quick orgasms.
  1385. "Hihi. You still taste good" Sandra giggled as she licked my shaft clean.
  1387. As I pulled up my pants, I noticed Sandra putting on her thong.
  1389. "Shouldn't you clean up?"
  1391. "Why? I want to have you inside me the rest of the day." I couldn't believe what she said. Worse, I couldn't believe what we had done. Fucking in lunch. I just prayed to God no-one saw us in the act. We decided to go different ways around the hill, at least try to avoid suspicion. It was indeed the best lunch I had ever had.
  1394. Chapter Seven
  1396. After that day, I felt that I and Sandra belonged together. I could give her unconditional Love. I had never felt that anything was as right as it was then. I had a good job, my application for getting a PhD was looking to be accepted, I had a big comfy house and I had a girl that I Loved and that Loved me. For once, I could lean back in my chair in the garden with a glass of coke and just feel that everything was right.
  1398. But as the intro to Heroes of Might and Magic IV says; "To all things comes and end".
  1400. That same day, as I was sitting and relaxing on my porch, I looked down the road towards Sandra's house. She was there, but there was a guy walking with her. They were holding hands. I thought to myself if it was some brother or something that she hadn't told me about. Or a cousin or some other family member. Then it hit me what it was.
  1402. Sandra leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. A somewhat innocent kiss, but it wasn't the kiss itself that drew my attention. It was his hand. His hand slid down her back, and met her ass. As he squeezed it, Sandra let out a small giggle. That wasn't a family member. That was what I had done to her enough times to know that she liked that, in a "turn me on" kind of way. I was stunned, like struck by lightning. I felt like Neo when he opened the door and finds Agent Smith placing a bullet in him. It was like I was pierced by something horrible, a deadly feeling that could kill me. I closed my eyes and the scene was played for me again. Every time I pictured it, it was like a new bullet hit my stomach.
  1404. When I opened my eyes again, I felt horrible. I ran towards the bushes, and I threw up. I had never thrown up before unless I was really sick or drunk. Throwing up by something I saw, throwing up due to emotions was something completely new. And it didn't have the same taste in my mouth as when I was drunk. It tasted more sour, a taste I wanted to forget as soon as possible. A taste that I didn't wish for my worst enemy, except that boy that groped my Sandra. Because she was my Sandra. Or, I had thought so until 5 minutes ago. 5 minutes ago, my whole world collapsed. Everything I knew suddenly disappeared. The rules had been changed. I threw up again. The taste in my mouth was horrible. I closed my eyes, and suddenly I pictured the hand on Sandra's ass again. I threw up once more. Not much this time. My stomach was empty, and I probably couldn't throw up anymore even if I wanted to. I had to get inside, take a shower. Yeah, a shower. That was a good idea.
  1406. I stumbled inside, spitting on my way, trying to remove the sour taste from my mouth. If it had been 4 on a Sunday morning people would probably think I was drunk. I couldn't walk straight. I had to use both hands to keep myself from falling. My vision was getting blurry, like I was going to pass out. I managed to pull myself up to the bathroom and undress, and turn on the shower and get inside. I could feel my knees buckle beneath me, and I slowly, almost painfully, slid down, leaving me sitting on the shower floor. My mind was racing, like it was driving 150 miles an hour through a narrow city street with heavy traffic, smashing into other cars, walls, everything.
  1408. For some reason, I felt dirty. I felt I was covered in dirt and filth. I managed to get up and began cleaning myself. I don't know how long I rubbed my skin with soap, trying to get the imaginary dirt off me. My mind had gone from racing to a complete halt. I was just looking straight ahead, no thoughts in my mind at all.
  1410. After probably an hour in the shower, I managed to get myself out. I was still in pieces, the body going on autopilot. I got dressed and went down to my living room. I dumped down in the couch, looking straight ahead, not thinking a thing. I blinked every now and then, just so that my eyes didn't dry up.
  1412. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door, and the door opening.
  1414. "Hey there handsome" It was Sandra. I didn't respond, still looking straight ahead, not moving an inch. "Honey, are you ok?" Her face got worried when she saw me just staring straight ahead.
  1416. "Who was that guy you were with today?" I didn't even look at her. Maybe it wasn't a smart thing to do, but when you're heart broken you tend to do bad choices.
  1418. "What guy?"
  1420. "The guy you kissed." I turned my head towards her. The look in my face showed I wasn't playing around for fun. I was deadly serious.
  1422. "Danny? He's just a friend."
  1424. "Just a friend?"
  1426. "Yes"
  1428. "Mhm"
  1430. "What? You mad at me for kissing a friend?" Her voice was a bit aggravated, but she still wasn't honest.
  1432. "No, I'm not mad for you kissing a friend. I'm shattered, from the way he groped your ass, and most of all, your reaction!" There was fire in my eyes. Sandra turned white. She realized it now, what it was. She remembered Danny grabbing her ass like I did when I turned her on. She must have been terrified, because without warning she turned around and ran out the door. She didn't even bother closing the door. I stood up, closed the door, and sat back down again.
  1434. I remained in that position, for I don't know how long. Suddenly my phone rang. Usually, I wouldn't have bothered answering it, but when I saw it was my sister, I decided to pick it up. My sister Jessie was the only one in my close family that I really trusted. She always gave good advice, and although we did have our fights every now and then, and sometimes really hard fights, we were always brother and sister. The thing I liked about her was that she wasn't afraid to tell me what she meant. If I fucked up, she had no problem with coming with "I told you so" phrases, although timing wasn't always her best skill when it came to that.
  1436. "Hey sis"
  1438. "Hey Brother Bear" She called me Bear. I don't know why really, but I think it's because she always have cuddled up to me, like I was a big teddy bear. Especially when we were kids, and if it was a bit stormy outside, she would come in my bed and curl up next to me. We were indeed inseparable. "What's up?"
  1440. "Nothing really, except that I just had a big argument with Sandra"
  1442. "Oh? About what?"
  1444. "Well, I saw her kissing another guy and some other stuff, so I was a bit mad about that. She disappeared out the door without warning. She's probably home right now."
  1446. "I tried to warn you. Girls that age doesn't always know what they want."
  1448. "I know, I know"
  1450. "When you gonna listen to your old sis?" I couldn't help but laugh
  1452. "When you learn timing. Right now isn't the best time for "I told you so"" Jessie chuckled
  1454. "I know, but I love picking on you you know."
  1456. "So much I've noticed"
  1458. We chatted for half an hour. Talking to my sis cheered me up. Strange how talking to someone can cheer you up like that. But the moment we hung up I was back to my old tired self. I managed to drag myself up from the couch and to the kitchen to get some food. A couple of slices of bread with cheese. It was all I bothered making. It was all I managed to make, my mind couldn't cope with anything that was a bit more difficult.
  1460. At 7 PM I went to bed. Early, yes, but I was exhausted. I wanted to cry, but I don't cry. I'm the kind of guy that rather shuts things inside than sit down and cry and let my emotions fly. Maybe I should have cried that day. But I didn't, and I don't care. Right then, I just wanted to sleep.
  1462. I woke up from my alarm clock at 7:30 AM. School day. I couldn't even think about it. This time I just sent a message to the principal that I couldn't come to work, and I lay my head on my pillow again.
  1464. At noon I woke up. My mind was still on an auto pilot. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, used the toilet, and went downstairs to grab some food. This time I chose something new. Bread and strawberry jam.
  1466. I sat down in the couch again, once again staring straight ahead. I wasn't thinking about anything. I was empty.
  1468. Then I blinked my eyes, and I spotted something across the room. I got up and walked towards it. I knew it was a bad idea. I knew it wouldn't change anything. I knew that if I did this, there was no way back, but right then and there, I thought to myself ‘Fuck it'. Feeling sorry for yourself is the worst thing you can do. Often you end up doing what I did; I grabbed the whisky bottle.
  1470. I sat down in the couch again, bottle in one hand and glass in the other.
  1472. "I'll just have one glass, nothing more. Just something to ease the pain. Just a small glass. I opened the bottle and poured myself a glass. It ended up being a big glass. I put the bottle down on the table, and had a large sip. I should have put the bottle away, but I wasn't smart enough to do that at the time. It didn't take me long to empty the glass, and even less time to fill it up again from the bottle. I was indeed a small time alcoholic, because of a girl.
  1474. After about 2 hours I heard it knocking on the door. I remembered I hadn't locked the door the day before, so whoever it was could just walk straight in. At the moment, I didn't care. If it was a serial killer coming to rape my ass and kill me I couldn't have cared less. I was half drunk and heartbroken. Nothing really matters to you then, not even your own life.
  1476. "Hello? Albert, are you here?" I recognized the male voice, but I couldn't exactly place it. The alcohol really had done its part.
  1478. "In here" I yelled. I wanted to tell the person to fuck off, but I still had sense in me to at least hear whoever it was out before I told them to get the hell out.
  1480. "Good God Albert. What the bloody hell are you doing?" I looked up, and it was Magnus. I smiled to him and said with my somewhat drunken voice "I'm trying to survive." Magnus shook his head.
  1482. "It looks more like you are trying to kill yourself" I laughed
  1484. "No, not yet. I haven't found the pills yet." A smile crept forward on Magnus' mouth.
  1486. "Well, I don't think you should." He sat down in a chair next to me. He took away my glass and bottle. I did little to protest. Partly because I was to far away to care, and partly because I respected him to much to argue with him. I tried my best to sober up.
  1488. "Now, can you please tell me why yesterday my daughter comes running home crying, and locks herself up in the bedroom and doesn't speak to any of us, and the next day I find her boyfriend half drunk in the middle of the day." I sat up in the couch, trying to sober up, trying my best to act like an adult, although I had screwed up quite good earlier. I sighed before I spoke, my voice suddenly a lot more sober.
  1490. "You want the whole story?" Magnus just nodded. "Ok. Yesterday, I was sitting outside enjoying life, feeling that for once everything in my life was ok. Then I saw Sandra and another guy talking. Right before they separated, Sandra kissed the guy on the cheek, and he grabbed her ass in a way that I know she only allows someone close to her to do, like a boyfriend." Normally, it would have been quite embarrassing to tell a father what his daughter got turned on by, but I was fired up, frustrated, hurt and drunk. "When I confronted her with it, she said it was just a friend. And when I told her I had seen his hand on her ass, she turned white and ran off home." Magnus just nodded. I wondered if he believed me, but I didn't care.
  1492. "Did she tell you the name of this "friend"?"
  1494. "Danny"
  1496. "Danny? You sure she said Danny?"
  1498. "Absolutely positive. Why?"
  1500. "Danny..sigh… is her ex boyfriend. She fell head over heels for him, no question about it. He's a good looking fellow, and she felt lucky that he picked her. There were a lot of girls after him. But after a while, he began treating her like shit, not showing up on dates, throwing the presents she gave him, all that sort of things, but she still stuck by him. When he dumped her, she was heart broken, almost as much as you are now. He's the sort of guy that didn't care about school, because he was going to be a pop star or something like that. He was naive. You on the other hand, you have worked hard to get where you are. I think she just had a flashback when she saw Danny again, and when she realized what she had done she came running home crying." I just nodded, looking straight ahead, although this time I was thinking. The look on her face wasn't an "Oh no, I've been busted" face, it was indeed a "I've fucked up" face.
  1502. "So what do you suggest that I do?"
  1504. "Do you Love her?"
  1506. "More than anything in the world."
  1508. "Good. I'll go home and talk to her. You stay here. She'll talk to you when she's ready. But stay away from the whisky."
  1510. "Ok. Why are you helping me?"
  1512. "Some people say that if you have to chose who you want as son-in-law, you have to choose the lesser of two evils. In my case, there is only one evil. You're a good man Albert. And I would be privileged to have you as a son-in-law."
  1514. "Thank you. But how do you know what you're gonna tell her?" Magnus smiled for the first time in a long time.
  1516. "Because I was in your situation myself. Samantha met another man that she fell for. In the end, she thought me the better man, and she's told me she never regretted the choice ever. When I saw her kiss that other man, I did what you did, although I drank 4 bottles of whisky over 3 days."
  1518. "What will you tell her?"
  1520. "I don't know really. It will come to me, and she'll listen to me. She is a bit of a daddy's girl, so it's better chance of listening to me than to Samantha."
  1522. "Thank you. I don't know how I can repay you for this"
  1524. "You can repay me by keeping sober, and if things should work out, you take care of my little girl."
  1526. "Yes sir" Magnus smiled again.
  1528. "Good. Good bye."
  1530. "Good bye."
  1533. Chapter Eight
  1535. Magnus opened the door to his home, took of his shoes and coat, and went for the kitchen. In there Samantha was sitting with a worried face.
  1537. "Did you see him?" Magnus just nodded"How was he?"
  1539. "Drunk and miserable. Long time since I've seen someone down like that. You know what happened?"
  1541. "No. Did they have a fight?" Magnus shook his head.
  1543. "Nope. Sandra supposedly kissed a guy, and he touched her bum in a... sexual way. A way that according to Albert really turns her on."
  1545. "Did he see who it was?"
  1547. "Sandra told him later. It was danny" Samantha just gasped. He had ruined her daughter once before, but that time it was for the better. Now, he could be ruining her life once again, and this time maybe ending the best relationship she would ever have.
  1549. "What should we do?"
  1551. "Honestly, I want to go and kill the son of a bitch and bury him in my backyard. But I think one of us should try to talk to Sandra, maybe see if we can get some sense into her. How is she?"
  1553. "Still sitting in her room, crying. She hasn't eaten all day, and she didn't eat yesterday. Only positive is that as long as she's crying, I know that she's still alive." Magnus nodded again.
  1555. "So what do you think?"
  1557. "I don't think it will be easy to talk to her."
  1559. "Who do you think should do it?"
  1561. "You. She's always been a daddy's girl, and I think it's more likely that she'll listen to you than to me." Magnus looked down on the table.
  1563. "For the first time in long long time, I'm afraid. To be honest, I wasn't afraid when she dated danny. He was an asshole, and it was bound to end. But Albert is a great guy. He is actually a guy that I can picture Sandra having a life with." Samantha just nodded
  1565. "And now you're afraid that she's blown it?"
  1567. "Yes"
  1569. "Well, what does he feel?"
  1571. "He is heartbroken, because he Loves Sandra with all his heart. There is nothing in the world he'd put over her."
  1573. "Then we should make Sandra realise that." She went over and hugged her husband, a tear running down her cheek. "Now go and talk to your little girl. Make her understand, and hopefully she'll make the right choice"
  1575. Magnus began what felt like the long walk up the stairs to his daughter's room. In his hand he had the key to her room. He knew that she rarely locked the door, only when she wanted privacy. He didn't want to think about what she did when the door was locked, but he and Samantha had agreed not to unlock the door unless it was something really important. He had never had to use the key before. He never wanted to do it either. He knew it was hard for a teenager to grow up, and one usually had to learn from experiences. That was the way he had grown up. He hadn't had much father to son talks, or learned things from his mom. He had only watched others, or tried and failed himself until he found the right way to do things. Therefore he believed that he shouldn't disturb Sandra when she had done a mistake, and just let her sort it out herself if she didn't ask him for help. But this, this was different. She was too young to know how to deal with this. He knew that for once, she needed daddy and daddy's experiences without coming to him and ask for it.
  1577. The stairs felt many times longer now than usual. It was like he was walking up a skyscraper. When he finally had climbed the stairs, the hallway to her door felt a mile long, and he felt he had the stamina of an 80 yo man with one lung that had smoked 20 cigarettes every day for the past 65 years. He finally reached the door and knocked.
  1579. "Hun, you there?" He just heard sobbing "Sandra, can we talk?"
  1581. "Go away!"
  1583. "I know that you want to be alone, but I really have to talk to you."
  1585. "NO! Just leave me alone." Magnus sighed. He had never unlocked the door to his daughter's room before. No one had.
  1587. "In one minute I'm gonna unlock the door and come in." No answer. He was sure as hell hoping she wasn't jumping out the window or something. It was just sobbing.
  1589. After a minute he stuck the key inside the keyhole und turned it. He turned the handle and opened the door. To his surprise, everything was neat and tidy. He was afraid that she had trashed the room in anger or something like that, but everything was in perfect order. Sandra was sitting in her bed, still dressed in the clothes she had been wearing the day before. Sandra saw him, although her face was blurred from almost constantly crying.
  1591. "What do you want?"
  1593. "We need to talk honey."
  1595. "No we don't!"
  1597. "Yes we do. I don't think you know everything that needs to be known." He closed the door and walked towards her bed. Sandra didn't do anything that signalled him to go away, he was quite pleased with that. It showed that she would at least listen to him.
  1599. "What do you want?"
  1601. "For you to tell me what happened yesterday. And I want you to tell me the truth."
  1603. "What do you know?" Magnus lied. It was a lie he was intending to keep until he had heard her story side of the story.
  1605. "That my happy little girl came running home crying yesterday, and that you haven't been outside your room for over a day. Tell me what happened yesterday. Tell me why you turned from leaving the house as the happiest girl alive, kissing me and your mom good bye, then storming through the house, not even speaking to me or mom." Sandra stopped crying, and began telling with a voice that sounded like it had been crying for a week straight.
  1607. "Yesterday, I was with the mall with Alice and Tracy. When I was walking home, I met Danny."
  1609. "danny?" Sandra just nodded
  1611. "He walked me home, and carried my bags for me. On my way home we talked." She stopped for a minute
  1613. "About what?"
  1615. "He said *sob* that he still had feelings for me." Magnus sighed. That slimy fucker. Now that he had seen how much of a woman Sandra had become, he wanted her back. "And he gave me all sorts of compliments, making me feel really sexy. And when I got my bags, I kissed him on the cheek like a thank you kiss, and he touched my ass, and I" she stopped for a minute. Magnus didn't interrupt her this time. "And I think I liked it" She began crying again.
  1617. "Your feelings for danny reappeared?" Sandra nodded. This was a bad situation, he knew it. He had to choose his words carefully from now on.
  1619. "Then what happened?"
  1621. "Later, I headed over to Albert's place, and he told me he had seen it. And I realized what I had done, and I began crying and I ran home." Magnus just nodded. Both sides of the story seemed to fit. She was indeed a teenager not sure who to choose between; The wannabe rock star, or the man that could make her happy for the rest of her life and provide her with a good home and a beautiful family. "What do you think Albert feel now?"
  1623. "I bet he hates me. I bet he wish I never existed!"
  1625. "And what do you feel about him?"
  1627. "I… I Love him" She began crying again, and Magnus quickly held around her, hugging his little girl tight. "I Love him, and now I've ruined everything!" Her tears were streaming down, now that she realized what she had done. Magnus patted his little girl's back, comforting her in the way that only a father can.
  1629. "You know what?"
  1631. "*sob* what?"
  1633. "I spoke to Albert earlier today." She stopped crying, and returned to sobbing, still resting her head on her father's chest. "You know how he feels?"
  1635. "What? He probably hates me."
  1637. "He's devastated. When I came to see him today, he was pretty much drunk. He had almost drunk a bottle of whisky on his own, and I think it was rather full when he began. You know why he's devastated and drinking?" Sandra shook her head, still hugging her father, afraid that he too should slip away from her. "Because the girl he Love more than anything in the world kissed another guy." He released the grip and looked down on her, right in the eyes. "He Loves you more than anything in the world Sandra." She knew he was serious, and not lying to him. He only used her real name when he was deadly serious. Other than that, it was pet names like hun, sweetie, pumpkin etc.
  1639. "You really mean that?"
  1641. "Yes. I think that you will never meet a greater guy than Albert. I think that if you end this, and begin something with danny again, you will lose something incredibly valuable. A relationship with danny will last no more than a year. He will use you, and then dump you like he did before. Why do you think he came to you now that you look like a woman, and not like a little girl anymore?"
  1643. "So what should I do?"
  1645. "In my opinion, I think you should forget about danny, and go back to Albert. He still Loves you, and he won't change that feeling until he dies, probably not even then. But it's up to you what you want to do, and no matter what you choose, know that me and mommy will be here for you." He kissed her forehead, his way of saying ‘I love you'.
  1647. "Thanks daddy." She hugged her father, tight, still a bit afraid that he might leave her.
  1649. "No problem sweetie. I'll go down and see if mom can get ready on some dinner. You take a shower and come down to have some food. You're probably starving."
  1651. "Yes sir" She saluted him. She always did that when she teased him.
  1653. "That's my girl." Magnus kissed her forehead again and went out of the room and closed the door. When he had closed the door, he sighed with relief and let his shoulders relax for the first time since he had set off to see Albert. He felt he had done all he could. The rest was up to his daughter. Although he was afraid that she might make the wrong choice, he knew that he had done all he could. Who knew? Maybe God did have mercy on her soul this time.
  1655. My talk with Magnus helped. To say it helped is really an understatement. After sitting in my couch, just staring at the bottle, I stood up, grabbed it and headed out the back. There I threw it down a rocky hill, waiting for the sound of the breaking glass. When I finally heard it, after what felt like ages, I finally, for the first time in what felt like weeks, but was more like 24 hours, I smiled. Finally I was pleased with something I had done, again. But it meant more than that. It meant that I had been through hell, and that I had survived. Although nothing was certain between me and Sandra, I was now sure that I could go back to have a normal life. 6 hours earlier, that didn't even seem too be a distant possibility. Then it was either to die or become an alcoholic. Magnus had saved my life. I went upstairs and took a long shower. This time not to get clean, except from the alcohol, but to give myself a little treat. There's nothing much you can do on your own that beats a good hot shower when you're tired.
  1657. When I got dried up and went down to the kitchen to get some food, I felt quite sober. I was probably pretty drunk still, but I didn't feel like I was having troubles walking straight or similar things. I watched ate, watched the news and went to bed at 8 PM. Early, but I decided that I needed a good night's sleep since I was returning to work tomorrow. I didn't want to go to school with a really hard hangover. Although I felt it was inevitable, I had the illusion that if I got a lot of sleep then it wouldn't be that bad. Half an hour later I was asleep.
  1659. I woke up at 6:30. Everything seemed ok when I opened my eyes. When I got out of bed it hit me. It was like Muhammad Ali had thrown a serious of punches at my head. I staggered towards the bathroom, desperate for some paracet. I took three, deciding that I should bring the rest with me to school, in case it didn't work. After a good shower I could feel the painkillers begin to work. The pounding in my head turned from nukes to school brass band; still hurting, but not so much anymore.
  1661. I got my ass to the school, my head still pounding. I prayed this to be a quiet day, although it probably would be difficult. Springtime, and the air is packed with teenage hormones. Flirting, kissing, touching/groping call it whatever you want, looks, it did surround us. Hopefully, they would be too shy to make any sudden moves, and rather sit quietly, passing a look to the boy or girl they liked every now and then. That was at least what I was hoping for. When I entered my office I sat down in the chair. My head was pounding again, although it wasn't nukes, it was still carpet bombing. I swallowed a two more painkillers, and got ready for class. I didn't want to do this, but I had to. The money don't come flying into your bank account on its own. I knew what I was going to teach them. It was simple, and I didn't need any preparation. I could present it and give examples right then and there. That's how much of a nerd I am.
  1663. The worst part of going back to work wasn't the noise from the students, nor the stress that came with tests and other stuff. The problem was the gossip, from the teachers. My colleagues were horrible. I could hear groups of three or four people whisper, and when I came close they just stopped talking, and looked around like nothing. I knew they were talking about me. It was obvious, and it didn't seem like they made a real effort of trying to hide it. I wondered what they thought about me. Maybe they were jealous of my "success". Success was a relative word really. Most people wouldn't call being a teacher and might be allowed to sit for a couple of years just writing about something that only 20 people are going to read, but then again, I'm not like most people. At least if I got my PhD I would be better off than most teachers at the school, getting a better paycheck, and maybe, if I got a work at a university; more freedom to work with what I really want to. But soon my mind began playing tricks on me. I had been away for a time, and so had Sandra. Now I was back, but not Sandra. Maybe they thought that I had killed her. That she had dumped me and that I had killed her in a rage, and dumped her body in a lake, and then coming back to school like everything was normal. I probably had changed. Who wouldn't? You see the girl you Love kiss another boy. It is bound to affect you somehow. I bet they were placing bets on when the cops would be barging in the door busting my ass, saying "Mr. Freeman, you're under arrest for suspicion of the murder of Sandra Vance." and then reading up my rights. I didn't care. I hadn't done anything wrong, except staying home one day in order to drink whisky. I just needed to get through the week to, and then I would be fine. Yeah. Just a couple of more days.
  1665. The next two days, I felt like I isolated myself from the others. I didn't think it was my fault really. I said good morning to everyone, and good day later on to those I hadn't spoken with earlier that day, but their response was, different. They didn't greet a friend, they greeted a stranger just for being polite. I noticed it the first day I was back, and the next day. People didn't speak to me unless they really had to, and no one ever did. They didn't include me, they deliberately excluded me. I wanted to spit at them, screaming to them that they were hypocrites, going out to the classes speaking warm about including everyone, but behind closed doors they pushed you out, not wanting to acknowledge your existence. I thought ‘Well to hell with them. I don't fucking need them' So the last day of the week I isolated myself in my office, not speaking to any of the teachers, not even saying good morning. I had tried to be nice, I had given an effort, but now I didn't bother. I always wanted people to like me, especially my colleagues and my students. Therefore I had often taken extra classes, and being rather lenient to the students, not striking down as hard on them as I should. But now, all I had was the students. And no more extra classes for me. I didn't have a lot of expenses, so the salary I had was more than enough. ‘Fuck em'.
  1667. I greeted the weekend bell just as much as the students. They didn't know what a week I had had. My Love not sure if she Loved me, my colleagues being total assholes. I envied them. They were young, and didn't have many worries. Although I was only 5 years older than them, I still felt old. Although people my age weren't expected to have a wife and kids, you should at least have a working relationship. I was beginning to wish I was living in a country with arranged marriages.
  1669. When I finally got home, I dumped down in the couch and turned on the TV. It showed a rerun of a Rugby Union match between Leicester and Gloucester. I had seen the first half before, but now I wanted greeted everything that could take my mind off things. I was a London Irish fan, so it didn't interest me too much, but every hour I didn't think of Sandra was a good hour. Magnus had sent me a text message where he wrote he had talked to Sandra, so it was up to her now. If she didn't Love me anymore, it didn't matter how many red roses or boxes of chocolate I sent her. It would only hit me straight in the face later.
  1671. I get easily involved in sports, especially sports I like, so it wasn't long before I sat in my couch with a beer, mandatory when watching any kind of match, and cursing the referee telling him to go to a hotter place. I was in my own world. Exactly what I needed.
  1673. Just when Leicester was about to move in for a try the doorbell rang. I didn't move.
  1675. "It's open!" I heard the door open and close shut. I didn't even look up to see who it was. At that point I didn't even care.
  1677. "AH FOR FUCKS SAKE! SHOULDER FUCKING TACKLE!" I screamed at the ref before I took a sip of my beer.
  1679. "Hi Albert" I almost choked on my beer as I heard the voice. I turned my head and there she was. She was beautiful, the sun making her just a silhouette. If it wasn't for the lamp in my living room I wouldn't have been able to see, Sandra in the Sun. She was stunning. She hadn't dressed up. In fact, it looked like she had sort of dressed down. Baggy sweatpants, sweatshirt that looked to be Magnus', white tennis socks and her hair back in a ponytail. If I knew how, I could probably have seen if she'd put little or no make up on. But right then and there, I didn't care. She was back. For a moment it was all positive for me, but then I snapped back to reality. Although she was here, it didn't have to be something good for me.
  1681. "Can I sit?" I just did a hand gesture, still not able to speak. "We need to talk" I wanted to say ‘No fucking kidding', but I thought it wasn't a smart thing to say. I just turned off the TV, and looked on her. "The last couple of days have been really hard. I've had to think a lot. What did dad tell you about Danny?" I swallowed hard. It was time to be honest. Not the time for jokes or laughter. Not the time for kidding around with her, saying something that would upset her, then smile and let her know I was kidding. Everything now, had to be deadly serious. You couldn't cut the tension in the air with a knife. You would need a chainsaw.
  1683. "He told me that he's your ex, that you dated a few years ago, and that he broke your heart by leaving you."
  1685. "Did he tell you what he thinks of him?" I just nodded. I didn't want to say what Magnus told me, because I was afraid that if she had chosen danny, then I would have hammered the first nail in their lovely relationship's coffin. "Don't worry. I know he hates him. Did he tell you why he thinks he's back?" I nodded. "Why?"
  1687. "Because that he know sees what a great looking girl you've become, so now he wants to get you to bed and brag to all his friends about it." She smiled
  1689. "That's Danny." Her voice told me that she didn't think to highly about danny, but she could still dump me even though she didn't want him. Her meeting with him could have proved to her that her feelings for me weren't as strong as they were. "So what do you think?"
  1691. "About what?"
  1693. "About us."
  1695. "I don't think anything about us. I just know that I Love you, and the last few months I've been with you have been the best months of my life. For the first time in my life, everything seemed to go right. I never thought that a girl would be the final piece I needed. I thought it was the PhD, or maybe Arsenal to take Premier League again, maybe the double, but I now know that it was you. You're all I need to be happy. I know that if I live in the gutter, I'll be happy as long is I Love you and you Love me." Sandra smiled. It was a long compliment, but it was the best compliment I had ever given her. I had just told her that she was my life.
  1697. "So you really do Love me?"
  1699. "Hell yes. I Love you more than anything in the world" Sandra just looked me in the eyes as I spoke.
  1701. "Dad was right. You do Love me." I saw a tear developing in her eye, then running down her chin. I wanted to reach out and wipe it away with my finger. But I was afraid it was a tear of sorrow, that she was crying because she was now about to break my heart.
  1703. Then she jumped forward and hugged me, hard. Really hard, like a leg hold trap closing around your body. But it felt good. "And I Love you too, with all my heart." With those words I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly. What had felt like 5 days of hell had finally turned out to be heaven in the end, like Kenny in South Park gets access to heaven in the end of the movie after spending half the movie in hell. Now I knew what he felt. Then I heard a little sob from Sandra.
  1705. "Are you crying?" I asked with an almost laughing voice.
  1707. "No" she answered with rather hoarse voice. We loosened our grips, allowing me to see her face. Her eyes were red and tears were streaming down her cheeks. I dried her tears away with my fingers.
  1709. "You are crying" I just smiled, feeling like I won the first prize in the world lottery. She punched my arm in her playful way.
  1711. "Why are you such a great guy?" I answered without hesitation.
  1713. "Because you are such a wonderful girl." Her tears came back again and with a small laugh she hugged me again, like she never wanted to let me go.
  1716. Chapter Nine
  1718. Sandra didn't leave me a second that weekend. I think she had already told Magnus and Samantha that she would be staying at my place, if everything went the way they all hoped. I guess when she didn't come home after an hour they took the hint and realised that we were back together, that all doubt that had ever been between us was now dead and buried. I knew that we were going to have fights later on in our relationship. All good relationships are hit by a fight every now and then, but the best relationships are those that survive these fights. We did. And not only did we survive this incident, as it wasn't really a fight, we came out closer than we had ever been. I think danny had hoped to drive a wedge between us, hoping that she'd come running to him and get comfort sex. But instead he drove us even closer.
  1720. I don't remember much of what we did that weekend. On the Friday, the glorious Friday we found eachother again, all she ever did was sitting on my lap. I could feel how her soft skirt rubbed against my legs, how her almost cuddly blouse brushed my arms every time I put my arms around her, and how her silky smooth hair teased my face and neck. It's a strange thing, feeling a woman's hair in your face.
  1722. Normally, it bugs you, you feel like there's something in the way and you can't get rid of it, like several flies that are bugging you in co-ordinated attacks. But when it's the hair of the woman you love, it's something completely different. I snuggled up against her hair, playing with it with my nose as often as I could, feeling it tickle my face. She giggled every time I did it, and I sent shiver down her spine whenever I breathed down her neck.
  1724. The most beautiful moment that day was about midnight. We were watching telly. What, I don't know. To be honest, I didn't pay much attention to anything, except whenever Sandra turned around for a kiss. It wasn't the passionate kind of kiss. This wasn't the time for it. It was one of those kisses where you reassure that the person you're kissing really Loves you. Then Sandra leaned against me, resting her head on my chest, eyes closed with a smile.
  1726. "Why are you smiling?" Her smile seemed to grow more confident as she came with the answer.
  1728. "Because I know that you Love me, and that you will never leave me." I kissed her head.
  1730. "I hate it when women are right." She giggled and punched my stomach.
  1732. "Silly" Then she fell asleep. Although I couldn't see her, I knew she looked cute. I didn't want to move, afraid I was going to wake her up form the beautiful sleep. I just managed to reach the remote, and turned the TV off. Then I just leaned back on the couch, and pulled a blanket over us. In her sleep, Sandra seemed to be trying to snuggle up closer to me. I smiled to myself, thinking I was the luckiest man in the world. And for the first time in long, I feel asleep with a smile on my face.
  1734. On Saturday, I was the first to wake up. Sandra's perfume was the first thing that struck my nose, and I had some troubles placing it. Not weird, considering that I had been almost a week without it. Then I remembered who it was, and when I opened my eyes, I just smiled. ‘Thank you God. It wasn't a dream after all'. I kissed her head and whispered "Sweetie, time to wake up. It's morning."
  1736. Sandra just shifted around a bit, just like a kid that doesn't want to wake up for school. I thought of rather brutal ways of waking her up, like tickling her, or smacking her ass, the latter being extremely tempting since it was so perfect, but I decided no to. The saying goes; "Never wake a sleeping bear". "Never wake a sleeping woman in any other ways than sweet words" is one of the most valuable lessons I've learned in life. They are practically the same thing. At least when they are sleeping. I kissed her head, smelling her scent once again. It was like she carefully crawled up my nostrils and caressed every part of my nose on the way up to my brain. For a second I knew why druggies did coke.
  1738. "Come on sweetie. No more sleepy time." Once again she just shifted, murmuring something that I didn't get. I gently ran my fingers through her silky hair, doing my best to wake her up gently. "Sandra. Time to wake up"
  1740. This time her murmuring was a bit louder "Love... him…." was all I heard. A part of me wanted to push her off me, because I was pretty hungry and in desperate need of food, but once again, I couldn't do it. The wakeup call had to be soft. So I did the only thing that was a mix of those two. I slowly pulled her a bit up, putting her head closer to mine. I made sure to do it gently, doing my best not to wake her up. She seemed to be pretty sleepy still, because when I released her she just shifted again. Now her head was on my shoulder, her lips next to my neck. I couldn't hear her breathing, but I could feel her soft breath on my neck, like she was teasing me, even when she was sleeping. I turned my head, and looked at her beautiful face. I moved in closer, and gave her a soft kiss, just planting my lips on hers. It took a couple of seconds, but the response came. She smiled as she returned the kiss before breaking it.
  1742. "You have a horrible morning breath you know" She smiled to me
  1744. "Well thank you. It's your fault."
  1746. "Oh? Why?"
  1748. "Well, you fell asleep on me, and I couldn't move you, because then I'd wake you up. If that didn't happen you'd end up sleeping here alone." She looked up, making a thinking face for a second.
  1750. "Ok, I forgive you." She gave me a kiss. "Now what's for breakfast?"
  1752. "It's the woman's job to give the man food" Although she knew I was kidding the comment still earned me a punch in the stomach. "Ouch"
  1754. "What's for breakfast?"
  1756. "What do you want?"
  1758. "Chocolate cake." She smiled a very satisfied smile.
  1760. "Nice try. I'll give you a full English."
  1762. "What's ‘a full English'?"
  1764. "Bacon, egg, baked beans, sausage, tomato and toasts." She frowned as I listed up what for me was the perfect start of the morning. I didn't doubt that the meal weren't too popular amongst girls, but for me it was perfect. Lot of calories that would keep you going for a long time.
  1766. "Ewww. That sounds just gross."
  1768. "It's not. It's perfect. Especially if you have a lot of activities later on in the day" I winked to her as I got up from the couch.
  1770. "Aren't we confident?" She turned around and sat in the couch on her knees, resting her hands on the back of the couch and her head on her hands. "And what makes you think that there might be activities later on today?" I just smiled to her.
  1772. "Call it… male intuition." Then I headed in to the kitchen.
  1774. I'm not the kind of guy that brags around that he's good at this or that, but I'm pretty good at making a calorie drenched breakfast. I knew that Sandra would be a bit suspicious to the thought of my choice of breakfast, but when she came in the kitchen about 15 minutes later, it seemed like she had changed her mind. But then again, the smell of bacon and eggs in the morning can make most people change their mind about a lot of things, at least their opinion about the food to come. Sandra came from behind and wrapped her arms around me, resting her head on my back, hugging me tight. It felt like one of those hugs a married couple gives eachother after 20 years of marriage and still Loving eachother. But then again, that's just a guess from me.
  1776. "How hungry are you" Sandra didn't let go of me. She just rested her head, like she was ready to go to sleep again.
  1778. "Mmm, starving. I feel I could eat a horse"
  1780. "Ok then." I got two plates from the cupboard, and put them down by the stove. "Now do something useful and get me the toasts from over there."
  1782. "But I don't want to let you go." I smiled a very satisfied smile to myself. ‘Thank you God' I though. She wasn't going to end what we had. At least, not now.
  1784. "Well, if you don't, you'll starve to death and then you will let go and not being able to hold on to me any more, ever." I put pressure on the last word. Although my voice was rather playful, it still earned me a punch in the arm. She was beginning to become strong, although it didn't hurt, I could feel it more and more. I thought to myself that maybe I should stop saying all these rather funny things to her. I knew what would make her laugh and what would make her laugh and punch. But her punching was a part of the things I liked about her. She was feminine, but she wasn't "bimbo-feminine". Probably one of the small details that I loved about her so much.
  1786. "Here you go" She placed the neatly on the plates. I then loaded up all the other pieces that made for me a perfect start to the day. Not surprisingly, Sandra looked a bit sceptic. After all, it did look like there was enough fat on each plate to feed an entire country, but that was the way I made food. I was every nutrition expert's worst nightmare, a status I had worked hard to achieve. What those so called experts said didn't matter to me. Usually they said to eat veggies and sand and bugs. I'll stick to my meat, thank you very much.
  1788. I didn't have any problems digging in. I was starved, and I felt that this was one of the better meals I had made for breakfast, even before I had started on it. Sandra was a bit more careful, slowly slicing off a piece of the egg, adding a few beans before putting it in her mouth. Her first chews were slow, almost frightened. But the increase of pace in her chewing showed that she liked it. I smiled as I saw it.
  1790. "What?"
  1792. "You like it."
  1794. "What gives you that idea?"
  1796. "If you didn't like it, you wouldn't have chewed as fast as you are." Her eyes widened. I thought she would compliment me on my eye for details.
  1798. "You're actually watching the way I chew food?" Her voice was sarcastic, and the look branded me like a weirdo.
  1800. "Body language are important my dear. No matter how strange it seems." I took a piece of my bacon with some sausage and a dash of beans, and while I put it in my mouth, my foot slowly crept along the floor under the table to her silky smooth legs. "Now, my dear. What can you tell from my body language?" My foot went gently up from her foot to her knee, and then down again. She looked at me with a clever smile as she chewed up the food in her mouth.
  1802. "I don't know. What is your body language telling me?"
  1804. "Tell me what you are observing."
  1806. "The man I Love having breakfast." I smiled at the comment, doing my best not to blush.
  1808. "Mhm. What more?" I took a big piece of toast covered in beans and plum from the egg.
  1810. "He's eating like an animal" I tried hard not to laugh with my mouth filled with food. It took me a little while to eat it and swallow it all.
  1812. "And what does that tell you?" She giggled as she playfully took a small piece of sausage in her mouth, giving me dirty thoughts.
  1814. "That he's pretty hungry."
  1816. "No kidding. Good observation little one."
  1818. "Little?" She kicked my leg. "Tell me I'm not little."
  1820. "What do you want me to call you then?"
  1822. "Hmmm. A mature young woman."
  1824. "Ok, my mature young woman. What else do you observe?" I finished up my breakfast and took drank the rest of my milk.
  1826. "I can feel something stroking up and down my right leg" She gave me a smile that can only be described as kinky. "What should I make of that?"
  1828. "Depends on how the stroking is. Only you know what you feel from that stroking, and only you know how you should interpret it." She shifted on her seat. I was wondering if she might was getting turned on.
  1830. "I don't know really. It could be a lot of things." She suddenly began returning the strokes, her soft leg slowly, almost painfully slowly, went up my leg. "It's sort of like this." I closed my eyes, enjoying the soft feeling brushing up my leg. "How would you interpret that?" I just smiled.
  1832. "I think it's time." The look on her face was that of a 10 year old being told that it's almost time to open the birthday presents. "To do the dishes"
  1834. "What?" Sandra blurted it out, the disappointment in her voice more clear than a cloudless sky. I smiled. Precisely the reaction I wanted. I had to control myself not to laugh.
  1836. "Yup. Can't leave all these dirty plates. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." If she could reach me she probably would have punched me. I quickly grabbed her plate, prepared to dodge any punch she tried to throw at me. I have a dishwasher (thank you God for creating Whirlpool), so it went fairly quickly. Only "problem" was the frying pan. Old school iron, a hell to clean up, but the food tastes so much better. Sandra had headed off to the livingroom, sitting on the couch probably watching TV. At least the noise I heard sounded like a movie or something.
  1838. I finished up and dried my hands on a towel. I felt pretty relaxed. It was Saturday, I had had my breakfast, the dishes were done and I had nothing I should have done today, except relaxing and spending time with Sandra.
  1840. I dumped down in the couch next to her, and put my arm around her. Surprisingly, it took some time before she leaned towards me. Usually she did that even before I put my arm around her.
  1842. "What's wrong sweetie?"
  1844. "Nothing." Female handbook, rule #10: ‘If she says nothing is wrong, then something is definitely wrong!' I kissed her head and rubbed her arm, reassuring her that I was there.
  1846. "Come on, tell me what's wrong. I know when my angel isn't 100%." She snuggled up a bit closer, pressing her head towards my chest.
  1848. "I'm sorry" I was a bit shocked by the answer.
  1850. "Sorry? For what?" She sobbed.
  1852. "For kissing danny like I did. I didn't know what I was doing." Then she began crying.
  1854. "Shhhh. Don't cry sweetie. That was just a mistake. That's the tests of relationships. You see, we had an argument where you did a mistake, but we came back together again. And now we are closer together than we ever were before, agreed?" She just nodded, clinging her head close to my chest. "This time it was you that did a mistake. Next time it will probably be me who does a mistake. Besides, you're only 16. You were confused when seeing your ex boyfriend again." I kissed her head, holding her close to me, doing my best to comfort her. "But you did the right choice in the end. And I Love you, and you Love me. And that's all that matters, nothing else."
  1856. "You really Love me, even after what I did?" She had stopped crying now, although tears were still running down from her eyes. I placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head, and looked deep in her eyes.
  1858. "I Love you more than anything in this world. I wish I could describe how my Love for you is, but it's not possible. My Love for you is out of this world, and I believe the only thing I could Love more than you is our children."
  1860. "So you want to have children with me?" There was a smile on her face. A cute smile, which could probably taste her tears. I kissed away one of the tears and smiled to her.
  1862. "I think we'll let you have an education first, don't you think?" She laughed, the kind of laughter you have when you laugh right after you've been crying. She was indeed the cutest thing I'd ever seen.
  1864. "How come I'm so lucky that I have you?" I looked at her eyes, red and wet from the tears. If I was the type that cried, I probably would have cried, because never in my life would I have imagined that I could hold something as beautiful and precious as her.
  1866. "Because you are the most fantastic person in the entire world." Sandra blushed as the words left my mouth. Then she placed a soft kiss on my lips, lasting only a second, not long enough for me to answer it. As she broke the kiss my head followed her for an inch or so, before I got the hint and leaned back again. She lifted herself up on my lap, facing me with one leg on each side of me.
  1868. "How do you think of all these cute things to say to me?" she said while she was playfully poking my chest.
  1870. "Because you bring out the best in me." She blushed again. The cute red colour really did make her look much cuter. I could give her compliments all day just to see that small hint of red in her cheeks. It gave her angel face a more human touch. She leaned forward and gave me another kiss, this time not breaking it.
  1872. Her soft lips almost engulfed mine before slowly catching my lower lip. Then I could feel a small and gentle suction to my lower lip, like I was pulled towards her. I placed my hands on her back, slowly rubbing up and down, feeling her sweatshirt and the strap of her bra through it. I wanted to just rip of her clothes, feel every part of her body, love every part of her body. But I wasn't sure if she wanted to do it. Maybe she just wanted to kiss and cuddle, as if checking that I still Loved her, and that I didn't just want sex. Although the thought kind off hurt me, I didn't care. She was only 16, and it wasn't strange if she needed some reassurance.
  1874. She placed both her hands on my cheeks, as if making sure that my head wasn't going to move away from her. Another one of her soft yet firm grips. Our lips locked together, like they were meant to be. From the way our tongues interacted, slowly playing with eachother, almost massaging eachother, it seemed like they were soulmates, Her warm mouth felt relaxing, almost like a middle temperature sauna. That's the best way I can describe it really. I noticed how her breath quickened, how she more and more pushed warm air in my mouth, and her breasts bushing towards my chest faster, and almost harder. I could feel myself grow, and it was only a matter of time before she would notice the bulge in my pants.
  1876. Suddenly I heard a small giggle from her.
  1878. "What?"
  1880. "Someone is finally waking up" She had an almost evil grin on her face. If not evil, then at least very satisfied, pleased with herself and her work.
  1882. "Well, can you blame him?" She leaned back, pushing her pelvis forward so that she was right on top of the bulge. I struggled not to gasp or moan, but I just barely made it.
  1884. "No, not really." She giggled again. "I guess I would have had a hard on too by now if I had a girl as sexy as me sitting on top of me" She suddenly began rocking her hips, grinding my dick against her pussy.
  1886. "You cocky little thing." She giggled from my comment. "I think I should push you down a couple of notches, make sure you don't get too confident." Sandra burst out into laughter.
  1888. "And how do you plan on doing that?" Her look said ‘Come on, do your worst'.
  1890. "Oh I have my methods. Remember, I got 5 years life experience on you." Put my arms around her, and placed my hands on her ass. "Hold on tight" She screamed as I stood up, holding her up by her ass. She quickly wrapped her arms around my neck not to fall down.
  1892. "Put me down." I just grinned.
  1894. "Nope. I have to teach you a lesson."
  1896. I carried her up to my room, all the time with a rather satisfied smile on my face. Sandra kept telling me to put her down, but she didn't really make an effort to "escape" my grip. I think she liked to be bossed around like that.
  1898. When we entered my room, I positioned myself at the end of my bed, and gave Sandra a big kiss.
  1900. "So you really want me to let you go?"
  1902. "Yes."
  1904. "Ok" I said with a smile and quickly released her, and almost pushed her down on my bed. She was surprised by the fact that I just let her drop down, and she didn't manage to get a good grip around my neck to hold her up, so she fell down on her back on my bed.
  1906. "You idiot" she said with a smile. I crawled up on the bed, placing myself on top of her.
  1908. "Oh, I'm so sorry sweetie." I gave her a quick kiss. "Let me make it up to you." Another kiss, on her cheek this time.
  1910. "You better." I laughed from the tone in her voice. She did a good effort in trying to conceal how excited she was.
  1912. I planted a kiss on her cheek, then another one on her neck. She gasped as my lips found her soft skin and caressed it. I continued to plant small kisses on her neck, causing her breathing to get heavier. My left hand slid up her stomach, and to her breast. When it reached its target, I gave her a quick squeeze, feeling her breast through her bra and sweat shirt. It felt bigger, for some reason, like it had grown. It was just me, but it turned me on. My other hand was softly sliding up and down her thigh, gently stroking her as my tongue played with her neck, licking it before it let my lips gently suck on it. In between her gaps I could almost hear a giggle or two.
  1914. "What?"
  1916. "Nothing"
  1918. "Tell me." I kissed her where the chest meets the necks.
  1920. "When you kiss me on the neck and there, it tickles"
  1922. "What? Like this?" I placed my lips on the exact spot again, this time sucking, almost hard, instead of kissing. Sandra only responded with a soft almost inaudible moan. I wanted to tear of her clothes and do her in every possible and impossible way. I had her back. It hit me then, that I actually had her back. I subdued a tear, doing me best not to cry. I feel less of a man when I cry. It might be strange, but that's just the way I am. I kissed her again, causing shiver to run through her body. My hands slid down to the edge of her sweat shirt and I pulled it upwards, dragging it over her head. The way her hair fell down again as the sweat shirt flew towards the floor made my dick throb. It was strange that such a simple thing made my dick throb. Then again, everything about her made my dick throb. I leaned down on her again and our lips met. The kiss was strange, our lips barely touching yet still full of passion. Our hands were all over eachother, like they were screaming for the touches of Love between us. We went from crazy hugging to soft touches in seconds before shifting back to the crazy hard hugging, like waves of lust suddenly rushed over us just to pass quickly by before they came back again. My hands went on her back and to the lock on her bra. I fiddled with it for a few seconds, trying to get it open.
  1924. "Is this one of your favourite bras?"
  1926. "Ummm, no. Why?"
  1928. "Good" With one hard snap I just pulled the lock apart, ripping it open. I hate bras. Sometimes they are just a pain in the ass to open, and this was one of them. No more. When Sandra heard the ripping sound she didn't quite know how to react, but she understood the frustration I had had right there, and just laughed.
  1930. "Maybe you should train on unhooking bras" Her smile was so cute, yet somewhat dangerous. She wasn't the innocent 16 year old girl sitting on the front row always doing what she was supposed to do or paying attention when I was trying to punch some knowledge into their heads. 16, yet she seemed like one of the most grown up girls I had ever met.
  1932. "Well, if that includes you as a teacher, I'll be more than happy to do some learning." She giggled again. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. It felt like such a cliché. I was an average guy that had the most beautiful girl ever. It could have been a romantic comedy with a crappy script writer that didn't know anything better than just plotting down this on a piece of paper and promise naked breasts in the movie so that someone made it. But still, it was true. She was mine, and I was hers. I smiled to her as the sun shined in the window and hit her now topless upper body. The light didn't hit her; it was more like it stroked her body, like everything in the universe was gentle to her. For once in my life, it felt like everything was just perfect.
  1934. THE END.
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