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Aug 2nd, 2016
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  1. I'm curious why you don't like the later 3D Marios, praise SM64, but then suggest that Miyamoto should move away from fluff and collect-a-thons, the things that made SM64 so boring to begin with. The Sunshine secret levels are the best levels in the series, and the closest to them are the Galaxy game (2 moreso than 1) and 3D Land/World. I'm too lazy to get vids atm, but Galaxy 2 has many of sequence breaks and ways to beat levels in different ways. SM64 only becomes interesting when you speedrun and even then a lot of advance tech isn't even intentional and only exists due to the lack of 'polish', what with it being an early 3D game. I'll agree that the movement system is great, I've been saying that since the first Galaxy before it was hip and cool to say it and all the game design analysts/theorists started worshipping SM64 (and its speedruns). And also, the later games 'suffer' from TOO much polish, so they can't be broken as easily, which imo is a bit of a flaw. They're still far more interesting to play normally though. I mean, without speedruns, SM64 is basically running around boring, open worlds devoid of any challenge, where missions consist of things like opening treasure chests in the correct order or scouring the land for coins or completely randomly hidden 'secrets' and generally boring stuff I can't be bothered to remember. The only things the Galaxy games need is to be sped up a bit and maybe make coins harder to come across (or reduce the life bar to 1 or 2 points). The polish thing is kin of hard to control. I mean, it's probably inevitable because dev tools are so much better nowadays, so yeah.
  3. And the console NSMBs are the best 2D game, they have enough effort put into their gameplay already. People only hate on them because the aesthetics are 'bland', but they look perfectly fine, and anyway, the other 2D Marios weren't really visual masterpieces to begin with.
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