Farewell from Download Squad

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  1. It is with heavy hearts that we must announce that Download Squad, as a group of passionate and honest software bloggers, is no more. The archive, we hope, will live on. The bloggers, too, will live on -- but elsewhere, beyond the lime-green walls of this software blog.
  3. We'd like to thank you all for reading our blog, commenting, and sending in tips. In the past six years, we've toiled through a complete redefinition of 'software', and lived to tell the tale. When we first launched, Windows Vista had not yet been released, and the iPhone was but a glimmmer in Jobs' eye. Six years ago, when we first launched, the word 'apps' didn't even exist.
  5. We're sad to see Download Squad go. In a world where everything is quickly becoming computerized, software has never had a more important role. With the ubiquitous smartphone, software is always there, always on, and always ready to do our bidding. If there has ever been a time when the world needs a software blog like Download Squad, it's now.
  7. With our warmest regards,
  8. Lee, Jay, Samuel, Vlad, Erez, and Sebastian
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