Secret Lewds: Harshwinny x Spoiled Rich Hatefuck

Dec 30th, 2020
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  1. >Parent-teacher conferences are, by far, the worst part of this job
  2. >You are Victoria Harshwhinny, and currently you’re seated across your desk from the woman who’s practically single-handedly funding CHS, and who therefore feels like she owns the place
  3. >Spoiled Rich is wearing a loose-fitting evening dress of silver silk that hangs loose around her shoulders and around her chest, looking more like she’s fishing for drinks at a bar then attending a disciplinary meeting about her daughter’s behavior
  4. >And speaking of her daughter, Diamond Tiara is sitting next to her mom, staring at the ground and looking miserable
  5. >Spoiled Rich has her smoldering eyes firmly trained on you
  6. >Somehow, even though she’s a few inches shorter than you, she still manages to seem like she’s looking down her nose at you, and the corners of her mouth curl
  7. >”So, I’m going to need you to repeat that. Your problem with *my daughter*, is what, exactly?”
  8. >You sigh and prepare the list
  9. “Ms. Tiara here has, in the last month, turned in zero work. Her assignments are left blank, and she scribbles some truly offensive messages in the answers on her tests. She has been consistently dismissive of me and refuses to learn.”
  10. >”Perhaps there’s a problem with the work *you’re* assigning?”
  11. “I am a professional, Mrs. Rich. I assign work specifically designed to reinforce these concepts.”
  12. >”Oh? Do you?”
  13. “Indeed. I take this job quite seriously.”
  14. >”And yet you’re treating my daughter like some common slacker?”
  15. “I require the same work of her as I do of everyone else.”
  16. >”Diamond is *not* like the other rabble at this school. You can’t interest her, it would seem. Perhaps I should suggest to Principal Celestia that she should find someone more qualified?”
  17. >Your hands curl into fists at your sides
  18. >You meet Spoiled’s flinty glare, and you don’t blink
  19. >She leans forward, and her dress droops even lower
  20. >Your eyes don’t waver, though
  21. “There is nobody more qualified in the entirety of this city. If Diamond would simply *work* with me, I’d happily help her catch up.”
  22. >”My Diamond deserves far better than some lousy, childless, miserable public educator.”
  23. >You can feel a furious, trembling rage building in your gut
  24. “Then maybe you should look for someone better able to handle her.”
  25. >”Maybe I should.”
  26. >Diamond looks up, her face miserable, clearly wishing she was anyone else
  27. >She glances between the two of you, opens her mouth like she’s about to say something, then shuts it again
  28. >”Diamond? Go wait outside. I think it’ll be best if *Ms.* Harshwhinny and I finish this conversation in private.”
  29. >”Okay…” she mumbles, and slinks out
  30. >The second she’s gone, Spoiled stands up from her chair
  31. >She walks slowly to the door, places her hand on the handle, and locks it
  32. >You stand up from your desk, still trembling, with your back to the whiteboard
  33. “I’ll be expecting an apology now. Speaking of my marital status was *entirely* uncalled for.”
  34. >Spoiled turns around, faces you
  35. >”How *dare* you talk about my daughter like that! A low-society public educator like you, disrespecting *my* Diamond. I could… agh!”
  36. >She screams out in frustration and throws herself at you
  37. >She pressed you back against the wall and smashes her mouth against yours
  38. >You kiss her back, angling your head so that she can part your lips with her tongue, forcing it into your mouth
  39. >She pulls away with a wet *smack*, strings of spit connecting her tongue to yours
  40. “You were drinking before this. I can taste it. You are a *terrible* parent.”
  41. >”And you’re a failure of a woman.”
  42. “Perhaps I am. But you keep coming back… for this…”
  43. >You kiss her again, this time letting your tongue worm its way deep into mouth and swirl against hers
  44. >She pulls away
  45. >”Get out of your clothes. Now. I won’t keep my Diamond waiting for *you*.”
  46. “You want my body so badly. What would your husband think?”
  47. >Spoiled glares
  48. >”He doesn’t need to know. I gave him what he wanted. Now, *strip.*
  49. >You let a thin smile touch your lips as you slip off your high heels, then start to peel off your stockings
  50. >”Faster! I can’t waste time on you all night.”
  51. “Maybe you could help out.”
  52. >”Oh, you incompetent little…”
  53. >She shoves you backwards and starts tearing at your suit jacket
  54. >She throws it aside and practically rips your shirt away, kissing you all the while
  55. “I trust… you’ll be… replacing this?” you ask between furious, sloppy kisses
  56. >”Shut up. I’ll buy you a whole new wardrobe. Just get this *off*.”
  57. >She tears off your shirt, then pushes your skirt and panties down to your knees
  58. >You step out of them and kick them aside
  59. >Spoiled circles her hands around your back, fumbling with your bra
  60. >When it falls way, you’re standing totally naked in your own classroom, pinned up against the wall by this woman who probably hates you more than anyone else in the world
  61. >You’re a slick mess down below, and she can feel it
  62. >”Already like this. You’re sick. You were staring at me all evening. I could feel it.”
  63. “You did make it quite inviting. Do you dress like this for everyone? Or just poor common women you’re addicted to?”
  64. >”Shut up. I’m not addicted. You’re just easy.”
  65. >She pressed her face between your breasts, her wet mouth running over your skin
  66. >You throw your head back, letting out the quietest gasp of pleasure you can manage
  67. >She shoves her hand between her thighs, her fingers working into you and rubbing furiously
  68. >You grab the straps of her dress and push them aside
  69. “This is… u-ungh… hardly fair, is it? Leaving this on?”
  70. >”Oh? Now who’s desperate?”
  71. “I just want this garish thing off, to be perfectly honest.”
  72. >”Then *take it off*.”
  73. “Gladly.”
  74. >You shove her dress down the length of her body
  75. >She’s wearing nothing under it: no bra, no panties
  76. “You certainly came prepared. What would Diamond think, if she knew her mom wasn’t wearing any underwear?”
  77. >Spoiled freezes, her eyes flaming
  78. >”Don’t you dare.”
  79. “It’s not a threat. But wouldn’t she be disappointed to know her mom was letting a commoner do *this* to her.”
  80. >You grab a big handful of Spoiled’s fat, soft ass and pull her against you
  81. >Her naked skin is silky, her body warm and plush
  82. >Her breasts squish up against yours, and Spoiled groans
  83. >”I hate listening to you drone one…”
  84. “Then shut me up.”
  85. >She kisses you, her mouth open, as she grabs your leg and lifts it up
  86. >You slides your hands along her body, letting yourself squeeze her soft chest, her belly, her ass, then eventually you let your hands drift down to her pussy
  87. >Her hair is slick with her juices, and you slide a finger along her lips
  88. >She groans into your mouth
  89. >”Stop teasing me. Just make me cum so I can *leave*.”
  90. “I’m in no rush. And I appreciate doing things well…”
  91. >You start to rub her, feeling her get wetter and wetter, her fluids dribbling into your palm
  92. >Spoiled groans and twitches
  93. >You wrap an arm around her, holding her against you
  94. >She breaks the kiss, then bows her head in order to get at your breasts again
  95. >You let her, and she takes your nipples into your mouth, sucking it hard enough to leave a mark
  96. >She lets out an unladylike noise, somewhere between a grunt and a squeak, and starts bucking her hips against your hand
  97. >She’s about to climax, you realize
  98. >And just at the last second, you pull your hand away
  99. >She glares up at you
  100. >”No. Absolutely not. I told you, I don’t have time for… that…”
  101. “Well, I do.”
  102. >”I hate you.”
  103. “I know.”
  104. >”Let me… text Diamond…”
  105. >She drops her head, unable to meet your eyes as she uses the same hands that were just caress your nether regions to text her daughter
  106. >”Just… get it over with.”
  107. “I didn’t hear a please.”
  108. >”Don’t make me. You don’t deserve my body, let alone for me to bed.”
  109. “Maybe I don’t. But you’ll do it anyway.”
  110. >Spoiled grits her teeth
  111. >”Do it or I’ll have you fired.”
  112. “Oh? What a threat. I suppose now I have no choice. Bend over.”
  113. >”G-guh…”
  114. >Spoiled turns, her face blazing red, and bends over the nearest desk, squishing her breasts against the cold wood and exposing her ass to you
  115. >You place your hands on her hips, holding her in place, and you mash your slick crotch up against her defenseless, pillowy flesh
  116. >Spoiled snarls
  117. >”You should be thanking me, you know… or begging me to let you… do this to me…”
  118. “Oh. I will thank you. By doing this.”
  119. >You bend over and press your chest against her naked back, your mouth ending up on the back of her neck
  120. >Her voice cracks and she loses control
  121. >Sweat is streaming down her body now, and you taste it as you lick her neck
  122. >This, you know, drives her wild more than anything else
  123. >Spoiled is groaning and shaking, and her pussy is a sloppy mess
  124. >You slip two fingers inside her easily, massaging her quivering insides as you hump her, smearing your own fluids over her buttocks
  125. >She writhes beneath you, trying to insult you, but instead just moaning
  126. >”Finally… just let me cum already, you… wretched *bitch*...”
  127. >You let her, though you keep your body on top of hers, your naked self pressing her down, holding her in place as her insides clench around your fingers
  128. >Even once she’s finished, you keep grinding yourself against her, making the desk rock and creak beneath the two of you
  129. >She hangs her head, red-faced as the post-orgasm clarity hits her and realizes what she’s letting you do to her
  130. >”Don’t tell Diamond.”
  131. “I… mmmf… have no reason to.”
  132. >”Please… I can’t believe I… oh, I’m such a…”
  133. “You’re an addict. It’s only natural. I promise to… nnf, be gentle when I… oh, good lord, this is *heavenly*...”
  134. >You slow down, savoring each inch of her butt, rubbing yourself against her in slow, delightful circles, until eventually you feel yourself building up to your own climax
  135. “I’ll see you next week, Mrs. Rich.”
  136. >”You will not… this is *not* happening again! A-ah!”
  137. >She cries out in surprise, but you merely grunt as you cum, splattering her with your juices
  138. >Once you’ve calmed down, you stand back up and head to dress yourself
  139. “Well, that was a productive meeting.”
  140. >Spoiled slinks over to her dress, the haughty fire gone from her
  141. >”You’re the devil. I can’t believe a woman like you is near my child.”
  142. “Mrs. Rich, you’re the one raising her. And you’re just as bad.”
  143. >”I…”
  144. >She doesn’t have anything to say to that
  145. >”I…”
  146. >She pulls on her dress, then suddenly whirls around, grabbing your face in her hands
  147. >She kisses you, kisses you again, and then kisses you a third time
  148. >”I hate you.”
  149. “I hate you too, my dear.”
  150. >”Next week. Perhaps. If I don’t come to my senses.”
  151. “I’m looking forward to it.”
  152. >Spoiled turns, tries to straighten out her dress and her hair, and marches out of the room with what little dignity she has left
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