Founder Solicit

magtutu Jun 14th, 2013 41 Never
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  1. Mark suggested that I post this here. I guess it's as good a place as any:
  3. EdTech startup currently has one technical founder (me), but needs another with skills and interest primarily in marketing SaaS tools. Prospective founder would ideally have interest in education and experience in design (Photoshop & HTML/CSS/Javascript), but not a strict requirement. Our product is currently up and functional for selected users.
  5. I'm looking to meet in person with interested prospects anytime the week of June 24th, or more flexibly via Skype. Email me for more details
  7. Flipasaurus wants to be the first website to solve the problems teachers face when trying to share their instructional videos with their students. These problems include: Youtube blocked on school campuses, lack of internet in student homes, etc. We're currently in "late beta", with a public launch scheduled next week.
  9. So yeah... flip me an email if you're interested in working for equity. It's been fun so far.
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