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  1. Sims 4
  2. ----
  3. Is sims 4 worth buying?: If you've got 400+ dollars to was- I mean, spend, then by all means.
  5. Where do I pirate?: Try Fitgirl, thesimarchitect games4theworld
  7. How do I update once I pirate?: Skidrowcodex has seperate patches and updates.
  9. Is there a way to access the gallery on a pirated copy?:
  10.  >Where do I put trays I got using this method?: They're tray files. They go into the tray folder.
  11.   >An Anon has written script for greasemonkey/tampermonkey that basically gives you the browsing privileges of a premium member. In addition, all download links go directly to the file instead of going to that "thank you" page. It also allows you to download directly from the gallery page by clicking on an item's preview image. If you want to navigate to an item's page, just click on the info that's below the preview image. (Thank you, Anon!!)
  14. Can you use cracked DLC with a legit basegame: No.
  16. Which sims is the best sims?: 4 has it's own merit but is missing alot of things from previous games, and it's CAS is superior to all else. 3 has performance issues and doesn't look as nice as 4, but has the best mods, open world, and the most content. It also has a create-your-own-world tool. 2 has a lot of charm but isn't too nice to look at. It's got good content, CC and mods. Also has a bunch of sim stories floating around on livejournal, if you're into that. 1 has a great soundtrack and has a nostalgic feel to it, even if you haven't played the game. There are lots of things to do and interact with. However, there is a difficulty curve regarding keeping your sims needs up, and seeing how the game is almost 20 years old, it's not very pretty. It is also isometric. Tldr: they're all great
  18. Can you use lewd mods with a legitimate copy(or pirated)?: Yes and yes, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to.
  20. how do I install mods?: save to Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims 4>Mods. Depending on how much you plan on picking up it might be easier in the long run to have your cc and mods organized by type. However, script mods can't be buried too deep in subfolders or they will not work.
  22. But I don't have a mods folder!: ThEn MaKe OnE.
  24. Why won't my mods work?: MAKE SURE THE MOD YOU PICKED UP IS NOT OUTDATED AND IS GUARANTEED TO WORK WITH YOUR GAME VERSION. There is an option in settings that allows custom content and script mods to work; this option is disabled after every update, make sure it's always checked. As mentioned before, script mods can't be buried more than two subfolders or they will not work properly. Your mods might also clash with eachother, don't skim through the descriptions of where you got them because they normally do state what they won't work with.
  26. I'm getting a bunch of last exceptions, and I can't understand the txt files:
  28. What are Alpha, clayified and maxis match textures?: Maxis match is the style that resembles vanilla sims the most. Alpha textures are more shiny and realistic, often photocopied and pasted onto items. Clayified is the attempt to make alpha hair look more like maxis match. It's often not shiny like alpha textures but doesn't have the bulk that maxis match hairs do.
  30. Where do I pick up my own hoarde of CC?: Ultimate cc find blog for 2 through 4 is
  34. Are there sliders yet?:
  35. Experimental hands/face:
  36. Height:
  37. Boobs, butt, thighs and hips:
  38. >
  39. >
  40. >
  41. >
  42.  >Sliders that effect the same thing will not work with eachother.
  44. How do I get a sim from /tsg/ into my game? How do I upload my own?: Copy paste all of their tray files into your tray folder. Use tray importer to zip a household, it also conveniently bundles up all CC used too. Then dump in dropbox, mediafire, or mega and paste the link in thread and/or if you want to share longterm, paste it in the google docs in the OP. Please also paste an image link too!
  46. Why can't I find my sim in my library?: Enable custom content in the side panel.
  48. I want to get rid of some ugly CC, but I have so much that I can't figure out what's what! What do I do?: Make a sim and load it with every bit of CC you don't want, then save the household. Tray uploader will show you everything you used, and will highlight what you probably don't want gone gray ie. default cas items. Compare and delete. Alternately, you could download Sims 4 Studio, and click my CC. It shows you your .package files in your mods folder on a sim model.
  50. I think I may have some duplicate content, but I don't know how to find them!: The conflict detector will scan through your mods folder and show you things that may not belong, like duplicates, broken files and conflicting mods.( some mods will false flag, be aware) It can be found here:
  52. I've found gameplay to be dull recently, how do I get back into the sims again? Try a challenge!
  54. I'm a gross lolicon, where 2 find loli mods?!(yes, I am shaming you.): In general, most dirty, degenerate mods and animations can be found on Allthefallen. Please search that site before asking /tsg/.
  56. Can you fuck the dogs?:
  58. Traps??: Already in basegame, try loverslab for additional cc.
  60. Are there incest mods?: Latest editions have teen and incest sex removed due to Patreon's rules, however there is a patch to fix this in the mega with the rest of Wicked Whims.
  62. Prostitution and Pornography?: AEP and Nisa's perversions.
  64. What are /tsg/'s reccommended mods and CC?:
  65. CL Clothing Disallowed for Random Everyday Outfits(TY Anon!)!TKIzHASS!UpxVv2JNxxr0M9STbDICR-viuhMyajz9qaOel0GtCkg
  66.  >IL Version:!zOxx1KJI!ZhZiP1ed55An5syU-2mSlsYHhzhyi-NsaeneT4za4EI
  67. MC Command Center:
  68. Basemental Drugs:
  69. Wicked Whims(Sex Mod):
  70. Wicked Perversions (prostitution, Wicked whims req. to work):
  71. Hiroki's Better Bodies (if the feet provided aren't detailed enough, just remove the file and use necrodog's instead):
  72. Necrodog's 3d Feet:
  73. Kijiko's 3d lashes:
  74. Cien EA Lash remover (optional):
  75. Roburky's meaningful stories:
  76. CAS column extender:
  77. Reduce Townie Generation:
  78. NPC Control (Assign NPCS, almost stops townie generation altogether):
  79. Blue Lighting remover:
  80. Glow remover:
  81. Sacrifical's Mods, including extreme violence:
  82. AEP Pornography Mod:
  83. Faster Homework:
  84. Masterlist of littleMsSam's mods, 'random bug fixes' specifically recommended:
  86.  >Here's a link to the F95 forum where the mega patreon collective (NOT AN ALL-IN-ONE) of some of these mods are posted. Read the post. Seriously. If you download the entire mega folder and come to /tsg/ asking why your game doesn't work anymore, congratulations, you're a certified retard. If you picked out the mods you wanted but are still having trouble getting them to work, please see "Why won't my mods work?" and "how do I install mods?", and finally, read the separate FAQ posted in the F95 link. If you have done all of this and your mods still don't work, maybe we'll be able to help you.
  87. Forum post:
  88. Direct link to the mega:!GpIVDJgI!cQGMID1gkw8Rkw4Myxxh2w
  89. ----
  90. Sims 3:
  91. ----
  93. Is sims 3 worth buying?: Wait for a steam sale.
  95. Where to pirate?:
  96. Store content:
  98. How do I install mods?: If it's a sims3pack, your webrowser will open it in 3 launcher(if your adblocker is disabled). The launcher will download and install the sims3pack, and if your game is open, it will be available almost immediately. For package files, see:
  100. CC Finds?:,,,
  102. Lewd mods??:
  103. Majority of animations do not come with the mod. You have to download them separately. When playing, KW might not recognize some animations right away. You have to open the menu and input the name of the animation manually, then it will load it into your game.
  105. Where can I find some custom worlds?: General rule of thumb; bigger the world, longer the load, and the worse it will run.
  110. >When extracting a multipart file with 7zip, make sure each file is named sequentially and extract all of them together. 7zip with recognize it as such and combine them into one.
  112. Can you fuck the dogs?: ... Yes. And horses.
  114. Incest?: Yup.
  116. /ss/ and loli?: Don't know don't care. Ask 8chan, or again, browse allthefallen.
  118. How do I make a good-looking sim?: Default skin and eye CC are a must. Make sure you have your sim texture setting to very high.
  119. 3D eyelashes and extra slider settings may help.
  121. Masterlist of sliders: (may clash with eachother, read descriptions)
  123. How do I make the game not run like hot garbage?: It's going to run somewhat badly regardless of what you do, but a SSD will reduce stuttering, lag and loadtimes drastically. Run your game with only 3 or 4 EPs and SPs at a time. NRAAS's Overwatch helps routing errors and cleans excessive car and radio usage, too.
  125. ----
  126. Sims 2:
  127. ----
  129. My resolution is stuck on 800x600! How do I fix this?: Find your Graphicsrules.sgr file in  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Config. Open it with notepad and change  “seti Low 1” “seti Medium 2” both to 3. Then, open the find box and search for 'ScreenModeResolution'. There will be a bunch of resolutions here, all set at 800x600. Set the first two lines of each one to 1080x1920. Now when you open your game again, you'll find several new resolutions.
  131. I'm getting black boxes as my sim's shadows: Here is a mod and instructions on how to fix
  132.  >W7 and 8:
  134. Where can I get custom content? Lana CC finds and
  136. How do I install custom content?: Go to C:Documents\EA Games\The Sims™ 2 Ultimate Collection and create a new folder named 'Downloads'. Unzip and paste all your mods here.
  138. Are there sex mods?: Fan favorite is Tits and Arse by Chris Hatch
  139.  >Alternatively, there is also a family friendly version
  140.   >To install these, take the folder of the pack you want to play (you can't have both installed) and drop it in C:\Program Files\EA Games. Run the .Reg file. Then take Sims2EP10.exe found in The Sims 2 Tits and Arse Stuff\TSBin, create a shortcut and put it on your desktop. You must run this .exe every time you want to play with this pack.
  143. ----
  144. Sims 1
  145. ----
  147. Where can I download the complete collection?: An anon has shared their game and entire mods folder for us, found here:
  148. >Alternate download:
  149.    >CC and mods:
  150.  >To install, you don't need a virtual disk drive. Unzip the folder, then look for start.exe. When it asks for the crack, go to the crack folder and enter the serial. Now let it install. When it finishes, go to c:\program files (x86)\maxis\the sims and locate the sims.exe, delete it and replace it with the sims application found in the crack folder. To play in windowed, create a shortcut to your desktop, right click, go to properties and and (space)-w at the end of the target line.
  151.    >If you are unsure where to put your downloaded CC, read this guide
  152.    ***save often. It is an old game and can be prone to crashing. Legit copies also had this problem.****
  153. Where do I find CC?:
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