Masoukishin 2/3 + DP story stuff, Model kit manual fluff

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  1. Stuff compiled from the old spoiler threads
  8. First of all
  12. LOE is the subtitle of the first game you stupid fucks. Why don't you go refer to Return of the King as Fellowship of the Ring 3?
  15. Masoukishin 2
  17. Precia route: When Zeoroot died an ancient curse Volkruss put on the Zenosakis clan came into effect stopping her growth (which is why she looks exactly the same even though three years have passed since 1). They bring her to Elsine for treatment but it turns out she's an archbishop of the Volkruss cult and brainwashes and kidnaps her. Final boss is Elsine and a relatively powerful bunshin of Volkruss. Nobody significant joins your group.
  19. Wendy route: South Shutedonias under Ongared's command complete a plasma cannon even more destructive than nuclear weapons. Also it's revealed that Wendy only has half the lifespan of a regular person because of Tudy's death, but Elsine ressurects Tudy who reconciles with Wendy, thus healing her (Tudy goes to sleep within Wendy). Final boss is Elsine, two weak Volkruss bunshin, and a weakened Sava Volkruss (Volkruss at full power). The Sandreave twins and Adversary squad join. Ryune learns Mebius Jade on this route.
  21. Yanlong route: Yanlong falls in love with Elsine, who is brainwashed and kidnapped by the Volkruss cult. When he manages to reach her, though, it turns out that she wasn't brainwashed and was one of them all along. Yanlong learns two new skills, including his strongest attack Paope Kafuuseiunken which is second only to possession Cybuster and Cosmonova (it's also a lot more useful than Cosmonova because 1-3 range and P). Final boss is Elsine, Sava Volkruss and Rusamno Rasfitot (full power Rasfitot). Shuu's entire group joins you in this route because your main objective is taking care of Volkruss. Eran and Zelvoid just completely evaporate after that one fight on the stage after Masaki gets possession. Elsine sacrifices an entire fortress full of Shutedonias troops to summon Volkruss at close to full power; His name is displayed as S(ava) Volkruss, his portrait is a flaming demon face thing like Rasfitot's instead of the usual skull, and he speaks normally instead of the usual katakana.  The masoukishin pilots manage to defeat Volkruss but some idiot press assholes got all of it on video (up till now Volkruss' bunshin were purely astral beings that couldn't be caught on film, but this incarnation is powerful enough to show up) and decided to broadcast it all over Ra Gias even after they're told why it's a bad idea (he feeds off negative emotions, especially fear, and broadcasting him around would make him stronger). The dicks even go and edit out the bits where you hand his ass to him to make him look scarier. Seals all over Ra Gias start to break, and the group figure that the only way to stop Volkruss now is to seal him away completely. To do that they head over to Ibun's place and into the astral plane, and drag Volkruss and Elsine into there too.  Ending is nothing special, peace is restored to Shutedonias, everyone lives happily for now, the mysterious mastermind is going all "I am immortal and everything is going as planned ha ha ha". Oh, one more thing, Shuu says that according to ancient books in the Volkruss cult, the three ancient gods of legend (God of Destruction Sava Volkruss, God of Balance Ruzamno Rasfitot, God of Creation Gizoth Gragioth) are actually three aspects of a single entity.The Volkruss cult is summoning Rasfitot because they believe they need to summon all three gods to bring Volkruss back to real full power.
  22. Nothing is resolved, new characters introduced do absolutely nothing (Eran "OH LOOK BLACK CYBUSTER THIS IS GOING TO BE REALLY IMPORTANT TO THE STORY lol just kidding he does fuck all" included), a bunch of enemies run off, nothing with Volkruss and Rasphitot are resolved, and the mysterious mastermind you see only in the prologue and epilogue is all mysterious and shit. She apparently needs all the Masoukishin to go into possession to achieve her plan (Mio hasn't even gone into possession once yet).
  24. Zelvoid: Eran is also a descendant of Landor Zenosakis, but his bloodline split away from Zeoroot and Precia's 2000 years ago. Zelvoid is the "original" Cybuster. In one of the Rasfitot temples Masaki discovers an ancient, destroyed Zelvoid, and Wendy says that when she was building Cybuster she suffered from a lot of memory lapses. She didn't know at the time but now that she thinks about it, it was probably Tudy who built Cybuster. She doesn't know where the original design came from, and things Tudy somehow knew about Zelvoid and copied it. One of Eran's goal's is to destroy Rasfitot, in the second-last stage they head over to one of the temples but the Volkruss cult guys (who for some reason keep trying to ressurect Rasphitot too) are unable to summon her at full power. You fight a bunshin instead. He repeatedly says that he wants to use Rasfitot, and Cybuster for that matter, as a "stepping stool". When asked why he wants to kill Rasfitot, he says it's because he wants the title of "god-slayer". Despite his face he doesn't seem to be a bad guy, he tells you how to break Precia's curse at least.
  26. All the Masoukishin 1 endings are canon (a combination of all of them happened). Tudy possessed Wendy then was defeated, all the stuff with Zetsu and Rasetsu happened, Precia ran away from home, Gino is a pedophile, Shuu and Masaki killed Luozorl.
  28. -
  30. Masoukishin 3
  32. Quit message
  34. Masaki: "What? You're the one who keeps running away after getting beaten up."
  35. Shuu: "I'd be glad to be your opponent... I won't hold back, though. (Evil laugh)"
  36. Eran "...uhhhh WELL WE CAN COMPETE AT OTHER STUFF! Like what about our lineage!"
  37. Shuu: "I'm of royal blood."
  38. Eran: "I'll let you off easy this time, Shuu! Masaki, you don't even have a maid do you? You peasant!"
  39. Masaki: "Well yeah the only thing in my family I can boast of is... Presia, I guess."
  40. Eran: "CURSE YOU MASAKIII"  
  42. Shuu: "There are four forces in this world. Gravitational interaction, electromagnetic interaction, strong interaction and weak interaction. Of these four, gravitational interaction is particularly weak. But with the power of numbers that is mass, gravitational interaction eventually leads to gravitational collapse, and creates black holes."
  43. Masaki: "What the hell are you going on about all of a sudden?"
  44. Shuu: "I replaced the chant to unleash the Granzon's full power. It's a necessary ritual. And it's been some time, but now... Behold, the Neo Granzon!"
  46.  >Eric selling photoshopped bromides of all the Antilus girls
  47. >They beat him up and confiscicate the goods
  48. >None of Rosary's because it was all sold out
  50. >"I know they're fake because the muscles are all wrong but I bought them all anyway to protect Rosary's honour!"
  52.  Mio's summoning during EX wasn't an accident like everyone else, she alone was summoned by Zamush.
  54. Shuu: "Well than, I suppose I'll be with you for awhile."
  55. Senia: "By 'for awhile' that means we can upgrade your machines too?'
  56. Shuu: "Yes."
  57. Chika: "We'll be here till the end this time so you can spend all your money on us!"
  59. There's stuff on zelv not being an actual spirit, Eran describes it as a void that speaks to him, and later on when he gets possession he says that it's the hearts of people or something like that (so EARTH FIRE WIND WATER HEART).
  60. Zelvoid isn't its "real" name (which is unknown, it being 55000 years old and all), he named it after Zelv himself in Langran tradition. He only got it running around during the end of the events of Masoukishin 1 (i.e. he doesn't have much experience piloting it), his "possession" in 2 was just cheating with a device, they actually mention how he just suddenly disappeared during the events of 2 (it's explained that this is when Thorne stole the device), and basically his entire arrogant rival character is now "stupid annoying rich kid". But after the shit about the Zenosakis clans and Thorne and his butler he mans up and gets better.
  61. Stuff with Guido and Trace: They get along well. Trace's theme is "cross dress". He's actually a woman. Simone thinks Guido is gay now. They kill the creepy stalker pervert who traumatised Trace into not wanting to be a woman. That's it pretty much.
  62. Trace gets the Jaohm in the Bagonia and Langran routes but in the Shutedonias route Gennady sticks around and keeps it.
  65. *Incomplete because the Masoukishin 3 spoiler thread was never finished because of cocksucking retard mod/janitor, blame him
  69. Fang route
  70. Main antagonist is Fang's crazy cultist grandfather who wants to use Gragios' power to bring his family (Fang's grandmother and parents) back from the dead. Also Mio gets possession.
  72. Eran route
  73. First route split is inconsequential where you run about Langran with that moustached knight from the first stage being a dick at you (he then disappears entirely). Only thing special is the part where the ship is downed and all the terrorists and then the Volkruss cult attacks you with (fake) Elsine revealing herself for the first time. She runs off and by chance meets Thorne and hangs out with him a bit. Mio is the main character in this route.
  74. The second route split is up to the halfway point shared with the Bagonia Fang/Mio route, except that halfway through Eran contacts you asking for help. You can choose to ignore his plea and go on to the Fang/Mio route (also the Bagonia route's first route split has Fang but not Mio, so a proper run with her would mean going to Langran but not helping Eran) or choose to head over to his giant mansion and help him out. It turns out that Thorne, Eran's master in the jingimukyuu school of swordfighting, stole a device crucial to the Zelvoid (which allowed Eran to go into possession) and ran off, and the mass produced Zelvoid Vasts by Parsemute are based off the tech he stole. Throughout this route split and the third and last one you pretty much just keep chasing Eran around who is chasing Thorne around who is running around like fuck.
  75. Eventually Thorne has Parsemute build him a new giant masouki (I'm kind of forgetting its name at the moment. Abiraume? Something like that) which uses the zelvioria (the thing stolen from the Zelvoid). Shit about the Zenosakis clans is explained: (It's unclear how many are left in the present day but) traditionally there are four Zenosakis clans (north south east west) and Eran's heritage is of the south clan, and Thorne was originally the oldest son of the "ushitora" (archaic word meaning northeast, in-game explanation says that it's a "translation" of an archaic Ra Gias word) "ura" (hidden/behind) clan which deals in assassination and other dirty shit. He thinks that his clan was betrayed by the south clan; The entire northeast clan was supposed to join them in an all-out attack on the Volkruss cult but the south clan never showed up and they got slaughtered, and the cultists headed over to the clan village and killed everyone else there too and he was the sole survivor, and Eran's grandfather took him in. Eran's butler (who also originally served Thorne's father in the northeast clan) says he's mistaken and that they were set up by the cult; The south clan's forces were delayed by other cultists, but it's too late and Thorne's too obsessed with hur power to really care (he also absorbs some of Rasfitot's power at one of the shrines, corrupting himself).
  76. (Masaki notices how Eran and Thorne's relationship kind of resembles how he used to be with Shuu, and even says he gets the same vibes off Thorne as he used to with Shuu, and that this is too similar to be a coincidence)
  77. After the butler sacrifices himself (he's not confirmed dead, just missing) Eran gets his shit together and finally figures out how to use possession without relying on the device, and learns Musouchidorimai after he gets Masaki to use Ranbu no Tachi on him and picks parts of Zeoroot's skills out of it.
  78. Masaki naming possession Cybuster's thing "Shinden" (nuance is "the true way it's supposed to be passed down") Ranbu no Tachi is a total coincidence, but Eran notes that it's actually really similar to the real jingimukyuu-ryuu skills. Masaki says he made it up by copying Zeoroot, and Eran makes his Musouchidorimai by copying Shinden Ranbu no Tachi.
  79. Route ends in a three-way fight between the Antilus people, the Volkruss cult, and Thorne and Foran (fake Elsine) with her Elsine cultists. You start off fighting a wall of bullshit boss enemy level Volkruss cultists who can kill you in two hits with Elsine cultists on the other side (Pileil and the assassins are around too; The assassins run off when Pileil dies) and Thorne and Foran show up when everything else is dead (Foran is an optional target). Defeat him and it turns out that Pileil is still alive and uses the last of his strength to cause the temple to collapse and you run off leaving Thorne and Foran to die together in the cave in and I'm sure we'll never see them again right (did I mention how Masaki was drawing parallels with Shuu who we know died once then came back?)
  80. By the way at one point early on Thorne shows up in a Zelvoid Vast in an event and uses a move called Chidorimai, IIRC this is the only time you ever see it and you never actually fight him but Eran's final move is clearly based off this (shooting mini akashic busters, the name and all).
  82. Tytti route
  83. Tytti gets a new boyfriend (Zvolba), mad scientist (Seurant) is mad, new boyfriend is kidnapped by mad scientist who mass produces the Gazzo, Tytti gets possession with the power of love, beats shit out of mad scientist.
  89. Please stop "translating" stuff from a language you don't fucking understand for people who don't know any better and just gobble your bullshit up.
  91. -
  93. Dark Prison
  94. Original thread:
  96. > My copy actually only just arrived this morning. The game was pretty short, only about 12 hours playtime. A lot of filler, I'd say a third to half the game was stages where Shuu's group just wandered around and just happened to run into random inconsequential enemies.
  98. The EX part of the game was mostly based off the EX's stuff (duh) but with stuff from Masoukishin 2/3 in. Satirus talks to Luozorl a bit, there's of course Gaen, the cult gets their Diens (the purple things with claws), and it's mentioned that Yotennai (though she isn't actually mentioned by name) knew precisely what was going on all along and that it was all part of her plans.
  100. Gaen betrays you at stage 20 and leaves permanently, Ahmad joins pretty late (IIRC 17 or 18) and also leaves permanently after stage 20. Stages 21-27 take place on the surface and have Shuu working behind the scenes to fight the Guests and later the Zovorg arms corporation Gorainkel which was backing Zezenan (from a gaiden manga). Final boss is one of those giant cannon ship things that showed up in the Inspectors TV series.
  102. You only get the Neo Granzon at the end of stage 20 (you have to fight a bunch of other enemies first then only get it when Volkruss shows up in his combined form) and on stage 27 (shows up midway through the stage as a reinforcement as Shuu was off hanging out with the Hagane and Hiryuu).
  104. On the final stage you start with Selena, Al, Yon and Terius. The three Guest bosses are guests but you can't upgrade them or anything so they're useless. Shuu (Neo Granzon), Saphine and Monica show up as reinforcements.
  106. Possible foreshadowing:
  108. -Ganeden is shown shooting the moon, and it's mentioned that it hit a valley west of the Moon Cradle which is completely uninhabited, and people wonder if it just missed the Moon Cradle or if it was aiming for something else. Like I don't know maybe some aliens who live inside the moon or something. Nah that's just silly. Right?
  110. -In the final stage, it's mentioned that the floating island orbiting Earth (i.e. the garden of Baral) has turned into a giant ring. (Crossgate)
  112. -Selena's backstory from Alpha 3 hasn't happened yet (I've seen people spouting bullshit saying instead of whatshername it was Shuu who killed Team Shelba, it's total bullshit)
  114. -Al (black guy) had a girlfriend who was on the Shirogane during the antartic incident and got killed by Shuu. He and Selena were on a mission to find the remains of the Neo Granzon when they got summoned to Ra Gias and end up following Shuu around (wanting to figure out what he's up to), eventually Al comes to the conclusion that Shuu's not bad a guy and gives up on revenge. He's just so obviously going to be the "REMEMBER THAT GUY WHO DIDN'T REVENGEANCE ON SHUU BECAUSE REVENGEANCES IS BAD" guy (He's totally going to die is what I'm trying to say). Also he says that their captain (some guy named Symphonia) also said that revenge comes to nothing and whatever so that guy's probably going to die too.
  116. -Shuu returns to Ra Gias at the end of the game, and also mentions how that there's some weird dimensional interference shit going on that might result in Ra Gias being completely cut off from the surface world, permanently, and he plans to find out what's going on. (Retrospect: This was referring to the events of Masoukishin F)
  118. >Yon
  119. She's a Zovorg and working for Mekibos. The plans for the Pfeil was loot Mekibos stole back during the Inspector incident and she just completed it according to them (the gun is her own design though, based off the Greaterkin's thing)
  121. -
  123. Neo Granzon model kit manual fluff translation
  125. One thing that puzzled the people who helped build the Granzon are the black boxes known as "Riddles". These were things that Shu installed into the Neo Granzon himself. Though they vary in size all can fit into the palm of a hand, and so they left him to do whatever he wanted because it didn't affect the weight or anything. All the Riddles formed a network controlled by the Kabbalah Program Shuu designed.
  127. The system was thought to boost the output and power up some of the Granzon's weapons. Shuu named this the Mahakala System.When people who thought it was an inappropriate name for something controlling a black hole asked him why he named it so, he replied that Mahakala is another name of the Hindu god Shiva, meaning "Great Black". It is said that those who heard his words were more inclined to shudder than to laugh. Most did not find it in taste for him to be naming it after a destroyer god.
  129. At the end of the Shura War, responding to mysterious words uttered by Shuu, the Granzon transformed into the Neo Granzon, and embodiment of fear created from Ra Gias alchemy and the power of the ancient dark god Volkruss. The Neo Granzon, now worthy of its being named after a destroyer god, took on the Masoukishin Cybuster and the task force that would later be known as the Kouryuu Sentai.
  131. After the battle, Shuu left behind more puzzling words, and vanished from the surface world. According to Masaki, Shuu had had his will bent and his body controlled by Volkruss.
  133. Rumours have it that Shuu has not died, and that the Granzon too is still in action. One rumour has it that he returned from the dead along with the Granzon in Ra Gias, and is know fighting his former master Volkruss. If so, where will the road lead Shuu Shirakawa, and the Neo Granzon?
  135. Baryon generation halo (ring)
  136. A device that creates baryons from fluctuating ether. The Neo Granzon requires black holes, and thus overwhelming large amounts of mass, and it extracts the necessary mass from the ether. By doing so the Neo Granzon's power output is compared to the Granzon entire digits higher.
  138. The Bridles of Volkruss (giant shoulders)
  139. Bridles usually refer to a horse's reins, but in this case refer to the chains of Volkruss. The core of the network system Kabbalah which has the power to warp the laws of physics itself is said to exist here. The details behind the system are unknown but it is said that by borrowing power from Volkruss results in the user being controlled by said power. Shuu later analyzed and recreated this system to not require Volkruss' power.
  141. Degeneration cannon
  142. A weapon that creates and fires black holes even greater than the black hole cluster's by degenerating the mass created by the baryon creation halo in the black hole engine. Through the high dimensional degeneration of large amounts of mass it is able to cause a small supernova and thus overwhelming physical damage to a contained area. The gravitational collapse that comes after this also has a pull to it that breaks down all matter close to it.
  144. Gravity control device (yellow things on arms)
  145. Allows movement via the setting of a virtual "ground" and a vertical axis. It can also crush targets by generating gravity of up to 3200 Gs in a wide area (Gravitron Cannon). It is also used in mass reduction and inertial control. As the Neo Granzon can change G vectors in 3 microseconds, regular inertial control systems are incompatible with it.
  147. Distortion shield (field) generation device (yellow things on shoulders)
  148. Creates a homogenized force field in a sphere around the Neo Granzon that warps the kinetic energy of anything that tries to pass through it from the outside, dispersing it across the surface of the field. As electromagnetic waves too are cancelled out entirely instead of being dispersed, this has an effect on both kinetic and beam ammunition.
  150. -
  152. Granzon model kit manual fluff translation (only stuff that isn't shared with the Neo Granzon)
  154. Black Hole Cluster: A weapon that creates micro black holes with quantum-sized schwarzschild radii in a special gravitational field and fires them. It is similar in nature to the RTX-008R's black hole cannon, but the reasons for this are unknown.
  156. Gran Worm Sword: Melee weapon in the shape of a sword. The blade causes dimensional tremors, and banishes space itself to an imaginary dimension. It can also launch imaginary space. There are two versions of the blade.
  158. Gravity control device: Neo's "It is also used in mass reduction and inertial control" is missing, instead having "also used in movement".
  160. -
  162. Possession Cybuster model kit manual fluff translation
  165. Pilot
  166. Masaki Andou
  167. The pilot of Masoukishin Cybuster. Summoned to Holy Kingdom of Langran in the underground world of Ra Gias from Japan during the Third Surfacer Summoning Project. He was later chosen by Cybuster's guardian spirit Cyphis to become a Masoukishin pilot. Has an extremely straightforward personality, gets lost easily, is good at sports, and has a strong sense of justice. Later became the closest thing the Antillas Corps has to a leader after it was founded.
  169. Unit
  170. Cybuster is a masoukishin created in the Holy Kingdom of Langran of Ra Gias, a parallel world that exists on a different plane inside Earth. Its contract spirit is a higher spirit of wind, the Wind Spirit Cyphis. It was designed by Wendy Rasm Ignart. It can transform into Cybird, a cruising form which is modelled after the Langran god-bird Dishnas, and can on its own open and pass through a gate between Ra Gias and the surface. Langran, upon receiving the prophecy of a demon-god that would destroy all of Ra Gias, started a project to create the Masouki, multipurpose humanoid weapons which gained great power through contracts with spirits, in order to resist this coming threat. Sixteen Masouki were created, and the four which succeeded in binding themselves to higher spirits became known as the Masoukishin. The Masoukishin have massive power that puts them on a level far higher than that of other Masouki, and also host the will of the spirits contracted with them, and people not chosen by the spirits cannot become their pilots. Cybuster did not have a pilot at first, and it was only until after it was taken by Saphine Volkruss that Cyphis accepted Masaki, who had chased after it, making him its pilot.
  172. Possession Cybuster is what becomes of Cybuster when Masaki and Cyphis synchronise their wills and activate Possession. Astral Armour is added to various parts, and its base weapons such as the Discutter and High Familiars gain new, stronger forms. Masaki first activated Possession when it was still only possible in theory, albeit for a very short time, when he confronted Shuu Shirakawa who had killed his foster father and master, Zeoroot Zan Zenosakis. Later, during the fourth Shutedonias North-South War, he gained the ability to control Possession by his own will after conversing with Cyphis in the spirit realm. Cybuster in possession has overwhelming power, and brought order back to Ra Gias by defeating the Dark God Ruzamno Rasphitot and Mother Elsine Volkruss who had plotted Rasphitot's summoning. However, when the Prophet Yohtennai set into motion her Coffin of the End Project which would bring destruction to Ra Gias by stopping time itself, it was overwhelmed by and lost to Yohtennai's Rezenkaim. Masaki and Cybuster, as well as the other Masoukishin and their pilots were taken prisoner, but they were later saved by Shuu and joined up with the Antillas Corps. Alongside Sakito Asagi and other surfacer allies, they entered the chambers deep underneath Langran palace, and after a grueling battle defeated the Rezenkaim, thus stopping the Coffin of the End Project. However, the Giants returned immediately after this, and they were unable to defend against the sudden attack and lost companions while fleeing. The king of the giants, Kadum Hacham, was the original form of the three dark gods, and a being which came to Ra Gias aeons ago from another world and gave knowledge to the humans there, becoming their ruler. Even if defeated, the cursed will of the giants would become the three dark gods, and if the dark gods were defeated, they would fuse and bring back the giants, meaning that it was truly impossible to vanquish them by regular means. Though the people of Ra Gias were unable to find a way to solve this problem, Masaki managed to succeed in contacting Cyphis. In the final battle with Kadum Hacham, Cybuster, in possession, used the Akashic Nova, the result of gathering all the energy in the spirit realm and releasing it in a single attack. By using the power of the spirits, the exact opposite of the negative beings that are the giants, they succeeded in defeating them. The price, however, was that the power of all the spirits in Ra Gias too were cancelled out by that of Kadum Hacham's, and are now lowered to levels that not even Masoukishin pilots can sense, and all engines that relied on the power of the spirits, such as those of the Masoukishin and Masouki, stopped completely.
  174. Parts/Weapons
  176. -Extending Shoulder Armour
  177. When Cybird form and Akashic Nova are used while Cybuster is in possession, the shoulder armour extends and the Astral Synchroniser mechanism added inside the armour by Cyphis is exposed and activates. This mechanism is a collection of countless Astral Fragments that increase energy efficiency and also act as extremely strong armour. It is also thought that it helps to amplify and control the flow of energy from the astral realm into Cybuster, but the exact structure and logic is as of yet unknown.
  179. -Main Wings
  180. Six wings attached to the back. At their bases are Aether Thrusters, propulsion devices that use aether (an energy that has no mass and remains perfectly still in relation to absolute location) as a magical medium.  In possession they give Cybuster the ability to move at speeds that greatly overwhelm conventional weapons.
  182. -Astral Armour
  183. Energy that flowed in from the astral realm, hardened, and became armour. Cybuster's design had not accounted for the effects of possession, and so achieving it posed a great risk to both the machine and pilot. Cyphis thus added this armour to Cybuster when Masaki gained the ability to activate it at will, making the machine strong enough to withstand possession.
  185. -Cosmonova Reactor
  186. The mechanism which compresses and launches all of Cybuster's energy as the attack Cosmonova. The armour opens when it enters firing mode and begins gathering energy, and the energy missiles formed are launched and guided via a system which uses magic. As it is unstable and prone to breaking down, its usage was avoided in possession which already puts a high amount of strain on the machine, but it was upgraded by Cyphis before the final battle with the giants. As a result, the output and control ability of the device increased exponentially, and Akashic Nova, an attack in which the machine veils itself in the released energy and crashes into an enemy, became usable.
  188. -Extending Leg Armour
  189. The armour on the back of the legs can also be extended, and like in the shoulders, astral synchronisers exist here too. However, unlike the shoulder ones which are seen in Cybird form, the leg ones are only activated during Akashic Nova, when Cybuster's maximum power output is required. Also, the shape of the astral fragments here are less uniform.
  191. -Discutter Kyou
  192. A mutation to the Discutter, brought about by possession. Kyou means “strong”.  The blade is much wider and sharper compared to the regular Discutter, and more blades are added to the hilt. Also, the words that appear on the surface of the blade are symbolic manifestations of Cyphis' power, and are not used anywhere in present-day Ra Gias.
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