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Mar 16th, 2012
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  1. <Pwnanza31> sooo
  2. <Pwnanza31> how bout them random bans
  3. <Donseluke> Love that don't you?
  4. <Donseluke> And why isn't hanz0 fired yet?
  5. <Donseluke> Oh gee.
  6. <Donseluke> Thats right. The fucking staff are pretty much corrupted.
  7. <Pwnanza31> haha
  8. <Donseluke> If skulfuk now he only acts 50% like them.
  9. <Pwnanza31> only 50?
  10. <Donseluke> Good point.
  11. <Pwnanza31> so what are you up to?
  12. <Donseluke> But don't think for one minute i woiuldn't boot him from the clan and put him on the infamous list with a link to a long detailed thread of why i would be ashamed to call him a fellow parrot and to think that he had changed for the worst. But he probably wouldn't care and neither would anyone else. Because to be honest. Nobody gives two shits wether he comes or goes cept the people in parrot,
  13. <Donseluke> and he goes around making garbage compos of his friends. or people who thought they were his friends.
  14. <Donseluke> But thats alright though.
  15. <Donseluke> Typical staff behavor. I understand not everyone can handle responsibility in toribash.
  16. <Pwnanza31> i pretend the staff isnt there
  17. <Donseluke> I can't ignore them because they add more infractions to my shit everyday for nothing.
  18. <Pwnanza31> unless there in a betting server throwing cash around
  19. <Pwnanza31> lol i only have the one from a few years ago for insulting someone
  20. <Donseluke> four years i played this game without a single infraction. Four years. And then hanz0 gets pissed because i called him out on his fuckup.
  21. <Donseluke> The staff are trolls.
  22. <Donseluke> And the best part about being american. You can sue anybody for anyreason no matter what country they are in.
  23. <Donseluke> ;)
  24. <Pwnanza31> oh yes the sues
  25. <Pwnanza31> those are always fun
  26. <Donseluke> I've honestly thought about it. their little ToS isn't rock solid and almost 80% of their own staff violate their own rules.
  27. <Donseluke> nude*
  28. <Donseluke> Oh and lets not forget the countless thousands of penises.
  29. <Pwnanza31> all of the dicks
  30. <Donseluke> I think its sad.
  31. <Donseluke> Say you were to buy Toricredits from nabi studios?
  32. <Donseluke> Hanz0 or anyone else can come right into your account, and delete it for whatever reason they see fit.
  33. <Donseluke> NEVERMIND the fact that it is ILLEGAL. To sell something in america, and then DENY SERVICES.
  34. <Donseluke> That means mr. HAMPA would get sued, and all his Toribash WII games would be torn off the shelves and sent beck in a massive recall. And america would close its borders and webspace to toribash.
  35. <Donseluke> Just like hulu blocks canada.
  36. <Donseluke> I could fuck up Their shit and not shed a tear.
  37. <Pwnanza31> lol
  38. <Pwnanza31> sounds fun
  39. <Donseluke> I think i just might do it. i have all this cash stacked up that was originally going to be invested into the clan.
  40. <Donseluke> Registration to all our services are completely free.
  41. <Donseluke> All virtual currency and items are the the property of Nabi Studios Pte LTD.
  42. <Donseluke> Nabi Studios reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason. They also may ban and modify accounts for any reason, without an obligation to tell you in advanced or afterwards..
  43. <Donseluke> Racisim, illegal pornography, snurf material and anything that is widely regarded as illegal is NOT allowed anywhere on any of our services. Failure to abide by these simple rules, will result in your termination.
  44. <Pwnanza31> ok
  45. <Donseluke> 3. Member Conduct
  46. <Donseluke> All information, data, text, sound, photographs or other materials posted by other users are the sole responsibility of the person from whom that content originated. You understand that by using this service, you may be exposed to content that is offensive, indecent or objectionable. Nabi Studios cannot take any responsibility for the content that users post. Racism, illegal pornography, snuff
  47. <Donseluke> material, warez, pirated software, and anything that is widely regarded as illegal is NOT allowed anywhere on any of our services. Failure to abide by these simple rules will result in termination of your account(s).
  48. <Donseluke> This is them saying that they are not able to be sued for it... But they can ban people for it.
  49. <Donseluke> lol
  50. <Donseluke> There is always a way to sue people.
  51. <Donseluke> Are you ready for the BIG SMACK?
  52. <Donseluke> You agree to not:
  53. <Donseluke> Post any content that is unlawful, threatening, abusive, harassing, vulgar, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.
  54. <Donseluke> Post, distribute, or otherwise make available or transmit any software or other computer files that contain a virus or other harmful component.
  55. <Donseluke> ^^ 99i.9% of staff right there.
  56. <Donseluke> 99.9%
  57. <Pwnanza31> ya
  58. <Pwnanza31> sooo
  59. <Donseluke>
  60. <Pwnanza31> nice
  61. <Pwnanza31> i are minecrafting
  62. <Donseluke>
  63. <Donseluke> Thats the server forums
  64. <Donseluke> go to the main page to find the server.
  65. <Pwnanza31> i put a; my time into this server already man
  66. <Pwnanza31> no time for 2
  67. --> Kyou-kun ( has joined #parrot
  68. <Pwnanza31> sup
  69. <Donseluke> Hanz0 sticking his nose into things again.
  70. * Donseluke rolls his eyes.
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