Collecting Panties

Dec 5th, 2018
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  1. /////Panties Collection. It's been talked about, let's do it. We can finally start collecting all those panties Koraeli put in the game, and more
  2. ////[Cabin]>Panties.tooltip="[if collection=0 then {Create a collection.} else {Manage your collection.}] Requires drawer built, only appears if you have panties in your inventory or a collection already exists. Does not count store-bought panties.
  4. ////Cabin description if you have a panties collection. Also rewriting jewelry box desc here.
  5. Your dresser is standing near the wall opposite from your bed. [if hasJewelryBox then {You have your jewelry box placed neatly on top of the dresser. }][if pantieCollection>0 then {One drawer has been dedicated to housing your growing collection of panties.}]
  8. ///Adding your first pantie
  9. Having mulled over the idea, you could start building a collection of the various panties you've 'acquired' from the denizens of this world. It'd be a nice way to remember it all, wouldn't it?
  10. [Add Panties].tooltip="Let's build that collection!" [Nevermind].tooltip="On second thought, 'tis a silly idea."
  11. ///Viewing collection after it has at least 1
  12. [if pantieCollection=1 then {Your entire collection is dedicated to a single pair, which you cherish appropriately.} elseif pantieCollection>1<10 then {You have a number of panties stowed away for your personal enjoyment.}
  13. elseif pantieCollection>9<50 then {A significant collection of panties is stowed away here, filling you with a sense of pride and accomplishment.} elseif pantieCollection>=50 then {Absurd numbers of panties have been brought together for this titanic collection. Such an accomplishment would normally result in mandatory therapy.}]
  14. {# pair(s) of [panties]} // newline;repeat for every kind of random pair
  15. {You've collected the panties of [NPC], [NPC2], and [so-on]} // I don't know the code magic. You get the point. "You've collected the panties of Telly, Shouldra(somehow), Chad Thundercock, and 2hufag."
  16. [Add Panties] [Appreciate].tooltip="Enjoy what you have." [Back]
  17. ///Add. Use pantie-specific scene if from a named NPC, otherwise randomly pick.
  18. //
  19. You retrieve the [panties] from your bag, holding it up to reminisce. You place the panties in the drawer.
  20. //
  21. Placing the [panties] in the drawer, you ponder the ethics of how you obtained it.
  22. //
  23. The [panties] shall go in the drawer, growing your collection suitably.
  24. //
  25. Not many can boast about a collection of [panties]. Then again, who would? You consider this as you add the pair to your drawer.
  26. //
  27. [Panties]. Still smells like their original owner! You place it in the drawer.
  28. //
  29. You pull out your [panties], appreciating the fine work that went into the tailoring of this garment. This will make a fine addition to your collection.
  30. //
  31. ///Appreciate. How do we even go about doing this one...
  32. [Random Pair] [{insert NPC here}]
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