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  1. Hello,
  3. As some of you are already aware, on February 25th at about 17:00 CET we at TruckersMP had an incident in which an unauthorized user gained access to the forum database which contains usernames, passwords (of which were hashed and salted) and email addresses. If you have received this email, we regret to inform you that you were in the list of those affected.
  5. We were notified about the breach by other staff members (at around 17:30 the same day) who received an email about an offer to purchase the hacked database. We immediately proceeded to begin investigate how the breach had happened and ensure that no other data was obtained.
  7. After investigation into the logs to see what else may have been accessed, we determined that after making repeated forum user backups using the forums built-in utilities. (Some of which failed to execute). The user then logged into the administration interface and deleted all of the game servers in the listing section and left the site. We quickly restored the server listings and forums were disabled until a lengthy upgrade to the newest version of the forum software in the event that we may have missed something in the logs. Additionally, posts were made to our website, and social media outlets alerting users with forum accounts that a compromise occurred.
  9. TruckersMP Team urges everyone to change their passwords as a precaution if you have not done so . In addition to the change, we strongly recommend you do not reuse passwords from other sites.
  11. We feel badly that this breach has happened and have made changes to our internal processes in regards to password reuse to ensure that future breaches don't happen via this manner. In addition, we have also begun to lock down access to the servers as well as a regiment of applying software updates on a more regular basis. We wish we could have sent this sort of email to all users affected sooner, but we did not have the email infrastructure to safely complete an 83,000+ emails in fear of getting blacklisted.
  13. Thanks,
  15. Tuxyq, Kat_pw and the TruckersMP Team.
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