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  1. Key: Sentinel Prime
  2. Character: Piper
  3. Skill(or transformation): Ascension 3 //
  5. Reasoning: - Piper's mission has been simple since she's been summoned: Protect the human she's been contracted to. As it stands, she's an avatar of the horror beneath. Relius seems to find it fit to go after all sorts of different things stronger than him: Demons, Saiyans, Arcane Beasts. Each time, she has to clean up after him by either making sure he doesn't bleed out or by fending off the creature he's attacked.
  7. This doesn't go well, naturally. From being beaten into submission by the opponents herself, it doesn't seem to bring her much good fortune or tiding to remain as weak as she has. Not to mention Relius' steadily growing power threatens the monster's hold upon him. With training her mind, body, and fists, she aims to grow stronger in and of herself. With more of the Eldritch being ending up revealed to the world around her, people have started outright running away from the fear factor that she can incite in those around by simply attuning to that destructive nature within.
  9. Being a janitor was never quite her style, and losing bids on her contracts aren't ones she wishes to deal with, either. Growth is do or die, and she doesn't plan on dying any time soon.
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