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Sep 22nd, 2019
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  1. # Default messages for CombatLogX
  2. # DO NOT set a message to `false` or null
  3. # DO NOT delete any messages
  4. #
  5. # To remove a message, set it to "" or ''
  6. messages:
  7. plugin prefix: "&6&l[&fCombatLogX&6&l]&r"
  8. expansion prefix: "&6&l[&fCombatLogX &7- &b{expansion}&6&l]&r"
  10. loading expansion: "Loading expansion '{name} v{version}'"
  11. loaded expansions: "Loaded {amount} expansion{s}"
  13. enabling expansion: "Enabling expansion '{name} v{version}'"
  14. enabled expansions: "Successfully enabled {amount} expansion{s}"
  16. unknown entity name: "unknown entity"
  18. broadcasts:
  19. on load: "§cCombatLogX is preloading expansions this is W.I.P, report any issues!"
  20. on enable: "&2CombatLogX is now enabled."
  21. on disable: "&4CombatLogX is not disabled."
  23. commands:
  24. no permission: "&c&oYou don't have the permission &c'&a{permission}&c'&c&o."
  25. invalid target: "&c&oInvalid target &c'&a{target}&c'&c&o."
  27. combatlogx:
  28. reloaded: "&a&oYou have successfully reloaded all of the configs."
  29. tag: "&a&oYou just forced &f{target}&a&o into combat. This may cause issues!"
  30. untag: "&a&oYou just forced &f{target}&a&o out of combat. This may cause issues!"
  31. not in combat: "&c&oThat player is not in combat."
  32. help:
  33. - "&f"
  34. - "&6&lCombatLogX Command Help:"
  35. - " &f&l/combatlogx help&7: View this help page."
  36. - " &f&l/combatlogx version&7: Check your version of CombatLogX."
  37. - " &f&l/combatlogx tag <player>&7: Forcefully put a player into combat (may cause errors.)"
  38. - " &f&l/combatlogx untag <player>&7: Forcefully remove a player from combat (may cause errors.)"
  39. - " &f&l/combatlogx toggle&7: (Requires Notifier expansion) Enable or Disable your boss bar, action bar, and score board."
  40. - "&f"
  42. combattime:
  43. not in combat: "&c&oYou are not in combat."
  44. not in combat other: "&c&o{target} is not in combat."
  45. time left: "&a&oYou have &c{time} seconds &a&oremaining."
  46. time left other: "&f{target}&a&o has &c{time} seconds &a&oremaining"
  48. combat:
  49. expire: "&a&oYou are no longer in combat."
  50. enemy death: "&a&oYour enemy has died."
  51. tagged:
  52. attacked by player: "&c&oYou were attacked by &f{name}&c&o. Please do not log out!"
  53. attacker of player: "&c&oYou attacked &f{name}&c&o. Please do not log out!"
  54. attacked by mob: "&c&oYou were attacked by a(n) &f{mob_type}&c&o. Please do not log out!"
  55. attacker of mob: "&c&oYou attacked a(n) &f{mob_type}&c&o. Please do not log out!"
  56. unknown: "&c&oYou are now in combat. Do not log out!"
  58. expansions:
  59. cheat prevention:
  60. gamemode:
  61. change: "&c&oYour gamemode was changed to &f{gamemode}&c&o because you were tagged."
  62. not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot switch gamemodes during combat."
  64. flight:
  65. disabled: "&c&oYour flight was disabled because you were tagged."
  66. not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot enable flight during combat."
  68. elytra:
  69. disabled: "&c&oYour elytra was disabled because you were tagged."
  70. not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot use elytra during combat."
  72. riptide not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot use riptide during combat."
  74. command:
  75. not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot execute &a{command} &c&oduring combat."
  77. teleport:
  78. enderpearl:
  79. not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot use enderpearls during combat"
  80. other:
  81. not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot teleport during combat."
  83. inventory:
  84. closed: "&c&oYour inventory was closed because you were tagged."
  85. not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot open inventories during combat."
  87. chat:
  88. not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot send chat messages during combat."
  90. blocks:
  91. breaking not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot break blocks during combat."
  92. placing not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot place blocks during combat."
  93. interaction not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot right-click that during combat."
  95. items:
  96. pick up not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot pick up items during combat."
  97. dropping not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot drop items during combat."
  99. entities:
  100. interaction not allowed: "&c&oYou cannot interact with that during combat."
  103. notcombatlogx:
  104. all damage: "&c&oYou took damage. Do not log out!"
  105. damage tag:
  106. contact: "&c&oYou were pricked by a cactus. Do not log out!"
  107. suffocation: "&c&oYou are suffocating in a wall. Do not log out!"
  108. fall: "&c&oYou fell down. Do not log out!"
  109. fire: "&c&oYou walked into fire. Do not log out!"
  110. fire tick: "&c&oYou are burning. Do not log out!"
  111. lava: "&c&oYou are boiling in lava. Do not log out!"
  112. drowning: "&c&oYou are drowning. Do not log out!"
  113. block explosion: "&c&oYou were exploded by tnt. Do not log out!"
  114. lightning: "&c&oZeus hates you. Do not log out!"
  115. starvation: "&c&oYou are starving to death. Do not log out!"
  116. poison: "&c&oYou are poisoned. Do not log out!"
  117. magic: "&c&oSomeone threw a potion at you. Do not log out!"
  118. wither: "&c&oYou are withering away. Do not log out!"
  119. falling block: "&c&oA block fell on you. Do not log out!"
  120. custom: "&c&oYou took damage from an unknown source. Do not log out!"
  121. fly into wall: "&c&oYou hit a wall. Do not log out!"
  122. hot floor: "&c&oThe floor is lava! Do not log out!"
  123. cramming: "&c&oYou are being squished. Do not log out!"
  125. factions compatibility:
  126. no entry: "You cannot enter a no-pvp area during combat"
  128. towny compatibility:
  129. no entry: "You cannot enter a no-pvp area during combat"
  131. residence compatibility:
  132. no entry: "You cannot enter a no-pvp area during combat"
  134. lands compatibility:
  135. no entry: "You cannot enter a no-pvp area during combat"
  137. red protect compatibility:
  138. no entry: "You cannot enter a no-pvp area during combat"
  140. worldguard compatibility:
  141. no entry:
  142. pvp: "You cannot enter a no-pvp area during combat"
  143. mob: "You cannot enter a non-mob area while tagged with a mob"
  145. placeholder compatibility:
  146. zero time left: "Not in combat"
  147. unknown: "Unknown"
  148. status:
  149. fighting: "&cFighting"
  150. idling: "&aIdling"
  151. in combat: "&aYes"
  152. not in combat: "&cNo"
  153. newbie helper:
  154. in protection: "&aProtected"
  155. not in protection: "&cNot Protected"
  157. citizens compatibility:
  158. kick message: "&cYou are not allowed to log back in until your clone is killed or removed."
  160. newbie helper:
  161. pvp:
  162. enabled: "&7&lPVP: &aEnabled"
  163. disabled: "&7&lPVP: &cDisabled"
  164. no pvp:
  165. self: "&c&oYou cannot hit that player while your PVP is disabled."
  166. other: "&c&oThat player doesn't have pvp enabled."
  167. disabled:
  168. attacker: "You attacked someone so your newbie protection was disabled."
  169. expired: "Your newbie protection has expired."
  170. check:
  171. format: "&a{target} has pvp set to {setting}"
  172. setting enabled: "&aON"
  173. setting disabled: "&cOFF"
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