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The Trip pt. 2

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  2. Part One is located here: http://pastebin.com/erNhfawm
  4. ---
  5.         Cayden found himself being shaken awake. He heard the cab door open and a rush of cold air blow in. He shivered and scooted closer to the warm mass beside him.
  6.         “Hey...hey buddy...you’ve gotta get up.” A voice from above him boomed. Everything around him blended together, it was overwhelming.
  7.         “Comon, get up here.” the voice commanded. Suddenly he felt himself being lifted and shuffled around.
  8.         “He doesn’t look too good.”
  9.         “Maybe you overdid it Kev...”
  10.         “I’ve got everything handled. Jack, just get him to our room.”
  11. ---
  12.         Jack lay Cayden down on the hotel bed. He was glad their room was on the first floor, he didn’t feel like having to cradle him up a flight of stairs.
  13.         Looking down, he could see Cayden really didn’t look very good. He had been sweating in his sleep and when Dillon opened the back door the cold air made Cayden cuddle up closer to him...Jack thought it was actually a pretty cute moment. But now Cayden’s hair was damp with sweat, and his jeans were damp with...well, pee. It’s a good thing the seats in the van were leather.
  14.         Kevin frantically burst into the room a moment later.
  15.         “Alright, all the guys are in their rooms. How is he?”  He said quickly as he set some bags on the foot of the bed.
  16.         “Not very good, I think we need to cool him down somehow, he’s burning up.” Jack turned his gaze to Kevin.
  17.         "Has this happened before?”
  18.         “No!” Kevin was insulted, as if he would knowingly endanger the kid’s life, “I mean, I used some different stuff this time because the stuff on the streets was getting expensive...and I had to give him a tad larger dosage but...I don’t know! I’m not a pharmacist!” He paced the room for a moment, with Jack staring him down. “Strip him down. I’ll run a cold bath.”
  19.         “That’s jumping the gun a bit, don’t you think? It’ll mess up the process.”  
  20.         “I don’t give a shit about the process right now, I just want him to make it through the night!”
  21. Jack nodded to the bags on the bed, “Your bags say otherwise.”
  22. Kevin whipped his head up and glared at Jack “Shut. The fuck. Up. Get him ready.”
  23. ---
  24.         Cayden could feel someone pulling his shirt over his head. He tried to open his eyes to see who it was but the light in the room stabbed his pupils like needles.
  25.         “What...doing?” Cayden awkwardly blurted out.
  26.         “Oh shit, you’re awake. How do you feel?” He recognised it as Jack’s voice.
  27.         “Bad...really bad...what’s wrong with me?”
  28.         “You’re sick. Don’t worry, Kev and I have everything under control,” Jack responded as he pulled off Cayden’s pants, “Just sit back.”
  29.         “Why are you taking off my clothes?”
  30.         “Well for one they’re really wet. And two, you need to get cooled down.” Jack picked the now underwear-clad boy up in his arms and carried him to the bathtub. Cayden buried his head in the crook of Jack’s arm to shield his eyes from the light.
  31.         Jack carried him into the bathroom and set him down on the toilet.
  32.         “It’s really bright...” Cayden whispered drowsily. Just then Kevin walked in and turned off the bathroom light.
  33.         “Better?” He asked as he walked over to Cayden. Kevin then kneeled down and put his fingers around the waistband of Cayden’s boxer-briefs and started pulling them down.
  34.         “Stop...” Cayden said, squirming “Why are you doing this...”
  35.         “I’m not going to hurt you, don’t worry.” Kevin replied as he tossed Cayden’s soiled underwear off to the side. “We just need to get you into the bathtub to cool off. Do you need to pee first?
  36.         “What? No, I-” but Cayden’s reply was interrupted by a torrent of urine running into the toilet. He whimpered a little.
  37.         “It’s okay, don’t worry.” Kevin said comfortingly as he brushed Cayden’s damp hair out of his eyes. “Get into the tub, you’ll feel better.”
  38.         10 minutes later Cayden had fallen asleep in the bathtub. Kevin scrubbed him down gently while Jack was in the bedroom going through the bags he had bought. Kevin felt horrible, he had never meant for him to get sick like this, but he looked peaceful right now, laying in the bathtub sleeping. Looking down at him, Kevin decided to take this time to decide what areas of Cayden’s body would need to be altered. His pubes would obviously go, even though they were neatly trimmed right now. He decided to just do away with any hair below his nose; after all, that’s what the bulk of the money for this project had gone to, the expensive oil that would destroy hair follicles. The stuff didn’t come cheap.
  39.         Kevin drained the tub and carefully toweled off Cayden. He carried the naked and now seemingly drunken boy to the bed, where Jack was rustling through the shopping bags.
  40.         “So,” Jack said as he inspected the bags, “What are you planning to do with him tonight?”
  41.         “Tonight I’ll just put him in a Goodnite. We have to introduce everything slowly and stick to the plan.” Kevin set Cayden down on the bed and grabbed a Goodnite from one of the shopping bags.
  42.         “Yeah well I don’t think the plan is working out so far...” Jack rebutted.
  43.         Kevin whipped around and looked at Jack, “Listen, I’ve done this before, I know what I’m doing. As long as we all stick to our fucking roles, everything will go swimmingly.” He turned around, quickly slipped the Goodnite up Cayden’s legs, and walked over to the other bed. “Now do your job, I’ll do mine, and you’ll see how stupid you’re being.” With that, Kevin stripped down and climbed into his own bed.
  44.         As Jack got ready for bed, he thought about what exactly his role was. Kevin’s ‘codename’, as silly as it sounds, was “Initiator,” which meant he would be the one to introduce every new concept or treatment to Cayden. That’s why he had been there in the Family Bathroom with him, to introduce him to the idea of not being independent. That’s why he gave Cayden the bath and put the Goodnite on him, not that they were expecting Cayden to remember that.
  45. Jack’s title was “Teddy’, as in the bear. He was supposed to always be there to comfort Cayden. When Kevin is introducing a new concept to Cayden, Jack would be there to offer comfort and reassurance. He hoped that he could help this difficult transition be easier for Cayden. In the end, the goal was for Cayden to become attached to him; to see Jack as someone he could go to when he was confused or scared.
  46.         Jack walked back to the bed in his boxers and looked down at Cayden. Clad only in his Goodnite, he looked very innocent and vulnerable. Jack pulled up the sheets and climbed in beside him. He maneuvered Cayden into the ‘little spoon’ position, wrapping his arm around Cayden’s waist and pulling him close. As he tucked some of Cayden’s wild hair behind his ears,  Jack realized that he was very much looking forward to his role.
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