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Sep 16th, 2019
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  1. //some thoughts and stuff about me//
  2. **Sorry for spelling errors not my main language**
  4. Written by
  5. Twitter : vrathz
  6. Discord : Neko#1119
  7. Name : brandy block or bb for short
  8. Health : well
  9. Beliefs: neo Nazism,Satanism
  10. Age : 17
  11. Bday: 23 September
  12. Looks : ok not cute though
  13. Gender : female
  14. Born in : germany
  15. Music : hardcore,hardstle,rap,doomshop,death metal
  16. Fetishes : gore,necrophilia,knifeplay,wax
  17. Hobbys : painting,crossdressing
  18. Likes : talking about gore,selfharm
  19. Dislikes : water,loud sounds
  20. Pornhub account : soon stuff to do with putting wax all over my worthless body and burning my body
  22. Ive been trying to cut myself open lately i got so many knifes but im too weak to use them i feel weak inside.
  24. Its weird how i like knifes but i cant use them its to hard to get it stuck in my worthless body but why is it so easy to selfharm hm?
  26. One day i will have the guts to cut my arm off and eat it
  28. I would like to be tied down and have stones thrown at me
  30. I wondering why others call me sick..
  31. Im normal im just sexaul to dead bodys and shit like that
  32. One day ill be accepted for being weird you might say
  34. Im waiting for that one boy~ to skull fuck me to death~
  35. My fluids to slowly drain out my worthless skull slowly making me brain dead or someshit like that or....
  36. Maybe get drowned while being decapitated part by part
  38. I like selfharm and stabbing me and dead stuff nyahh
  40. I was thinking of asking someone to beat me the other day
  41. Till i bleed just till it starts hurting in a lustful way i guess lol
  43. Lord its my birthday soon.... September yayyy 23thhhh
  45. I wondering if there is a boy who would do all this ohhh i would kill for it
  47. Something might happen soon if i act up uwu
  49. I might get a video camera and record myself cutting myself open
  50. I wondering what its like to have a battle axe cutting your throat is like i bet its warm and calming
  52. Im wet now from thinking of this all haha
  54. ((Everything i written is not false its fine to not like what i like just dont hate on me because we all have feelings and soul i might not have many feelings or talk about something new
  55. But i do feel hurt sometimes so dont be mean or say shit idk /: ))
  57. And if you want to ask me anything message me ill be glad to say anything even if its lewd stuff uwu
  60. Joke
  61. Mfw: poilce at the door asking to see me
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