Lewd Kroots

Sep 15th, 2013
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  1. Deep inside the thick, hostile jungles of a distant planet, a lone warrior found herself in despair. Born and raised in Catachan, she had always believed she was ready for absolutely anything that the wilderness could throw at her, but unfortunately a very recent incident had proved her wrong. While hunting for food, she had accidentally cut herself in the shoulder with a rather sharp plant she had never seen before. She immediately took a variety of potential antidotes, afraid that it could be venomous, then put some herbs on the wound and bandaged it, which did help with the pain, but did not heal the wound.
  2. A few hours later, much to her dismay, the pain suddenly returned stronger than ever. Unable to continue, she sat down in the shade of a tall tree and removed her bandages. Viscous green scales now covered her skin where her she had previously wounded herself. Audibly gasping, she touched it in disbelief. Taking out her knife and a piece of cloth, she covered her mouth and bit the cloth as she tried to forcefully remove the alien scales. Before she could even start, however, the pain started spreading at such an incredible pace that she was completely incapacitated. Scales slowly began covering her entire body. Her hair turned into sharp sensory quills as her jaw was violently pushed forward and her lips became ragged and firm. Everything went dark for a moment, before returning even clearer than usual as her eyes lost their pupils and became a bright white. In reaction, she felt her now alien head with her hands, noticing that her nose had been substituted by two large holes and she now only had four clawed fingers. As the transformation reached her torso, she moaned in surprise as her organs and musculature started wildly morphing. She could feel her bones getting gradually lighter as muscle spasms took over her.
  3. As the scales covered her arms, pointy quills grew from her elbows. She looked down at her own body; a half-Kroot half-human monstrosity with tattered, ruined clothes. Inhuman pleasure clouded her thoughts as the transformation reached her waist, turning her supple vagina into a tight, highly sensitive cloaca. Drooling in pleasure as her reproductive system adapted itself to her new species, the transformation spread down to her legs, turning her toes into large claws and extending her feet into those of a digitigrade. As the pleasure subdued and her muscles relaxed, her mind slowly adapted itself to her new shape. It wasn’t such a bad change, she thought. Kroots had always been great predators, and she could definitely appreciate that.
  4. Standing up, she checked herself out. Now completely a Kroot and stark naked, she decided to scavenge some clothes and perhaps find a few fellow Kroots and join them. Unfortunately, while she was gathering materials for some great looking tribal clothes, she was found by a lone Kroot scout. Caught off guard by his sudden appearance, she fell on her back. The scout, having never seen her before and unsure what to do, just silently pointed his musket at her, before noticing the enticing pheromones the unknown Kroot was unconsciously secreting. With their usual clicking and whistling, he asked her name and what was she doing in the middle of nowhere. She was not sure what to reply, but she could instinctively feel something weird about the way that alien was talking to her, but she liked it. Unbeknownst to her, he was also secreting the same pheromones.
  5. Unable to resist it any longer, the scout dropped his weapon and hurriedly took out his clothes. She knew exactly what that meant, but did not resist, choosing to silently comply instead. Upon seeing his surprisingly large xenomorphic cock, she let out a pleased, inviting cry and spread her legs wide. Without further delay the scout penetrated her scaly orifice with a soft whistle. She hugged him tight and thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure of every forceful hump. Neither of them had ever felt so good in their entire lives. His thick meat sent jolts of carnal joy through her very existence with every thrust. With a soft screech, he soon unloaded his warm alien semen all over her insides, which helped her reach the best climax she had ever felt.
  6. That woman was later introduced to Kroot society and became one of their greatest warriors. It is, admittedly, hardly a surprise that the ferocity of a Catachan warrior and the able physiology of a Kroot would result in an unstoppable war beast.
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