Solving Session Recap - Apr 25, 2020

Apr 27th, 2020
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  1. A recording is here on Rayy's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2LR8a_in5PQMrrsdpp7tVw (thank you!)
  3. Timestamps for everything in that recording are here:
  4. 0:32 Puck's 10.jpg cribbing
  5. 1:40 WeKan
  6. 6:02 New wiki
  7. 7:40 WeKan again
  8. 13:42 Geomatria's idea on isopsephy
  9. 16:55 Mavic's idea: 15.jpg upper red runes
  10. -explanation starts at 18:20 (go to the reddit post for a better explanation)
  11. 24:45 A little bit of info about rtkd
  12. 26:45 Page numbering discussion
  13. 27:45 Puck's shift formula attempts
  14. 29:32 Puck's standardized word location system idea
  15. 34:06 WeKan again, also old WeKan
  16. 37:52 Thanking neuro (thank you!)
  17. 40:35 Digital root to 7
  18. 41:40 Sadowick's video on The Instar Emergence (there is a gap before we go back to talking about it)
  19. 45:13 Back to Sadowick
  20. 47:12 A categorization of Mortlach's cribbing words by part of speech
  21. 49:12 Spreadsheet from the GBS documentary
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