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  1. Loviatar
  2. ARM 0
  3. MUT 2
  4. ENH 0
  6. Special Skill
  7. The Gift that Keeps On Giving [Auto/0/Self] When you use a class skill, it can affect another target in range at no additional cost
  9. -----
  11. Necrotic touch [Auto/0/Self] When you deal damage to a target, they break one part. This can only apply once per maneuver.
  13. Cerebellar Disorder [Check/2/0-1] Hinder 1, for the rest of the round, the target makes any check with the maneuver you used this on at -1
  15. Hacking Cough [Rapid/2/0] Stagger + The target breaks two parts.
  17. Leper [Rapid/2/0-1] The target cannot be affected by moves, supports, or hinder maneuvers from other characters for 5 count.
  19. Company in Misery [Action/1/0-1] When used on an enemy, you get a +1 to attack them. When used on a friend, they get a +1 to attack checks as long as they stay in range, this use can only be declared at range 0 but is not lost unless they move beyond range 1. This can only be used once per round.
  21. Comforting End [Auto/0/0] When an enemy in range is annihilated, you may repair a part.
  23. Muscle Atrophy [Action/1/0] The next attack of the target does 1 less damage, to a minimum of 1. This cannot affect a single target more than once at a time.
  25. Bloated Organs [Auto/0/Self] Once per round, when you take damage, you may use a different Loviatar skill as if it were damage timing at 0 AP. This does not allow you to reuse skills that are stated to be usable only once per round.
  27. Special Skill interactions:
  28. Necrotic Touch: effect also applies to a different target in the same zone
  29. Cerebellar disorder: Effect applies to the last attack maneuver of a target in range
  30. Company in Misery: The same effect must be applied to the second target. No mix and match.
  31. Bloated Organs: No effect
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