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Big Reactors 0.2.15A - 0.3.0A

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Apr 6th, 2014
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  1. Big Reactors 0.2.15A - 0.3.0A
  3. Release 0.3.0A
  5. Bugfix: Fuel rods no longer visually "overflow" with fuel when one or more fuel rods are broken on a reactor with fuel inside
  6. Bugfix: Fuel rods now update their visual states when they should, instead of randomly/infrequently
  7. Bugfix: Turbine power taps now light up when compatible wires are placed next to them
  8. Bugfix: Cyanite reprocessors can again be managed with itemducts and other automation tools (e.g. AE)
  9. Bugfix: Potential fix for a rare crash due to cross-mod interference with some Minecraft GUI code
  10. Bugfix: Turbine computer port actually has a recipe now
  12. Release 0.3.0rc3
  14. Enhancement: Turbine and reactor fluid/coolant ports set to "outlet" mode will now automatically attempt to pump fluids into nearby fluid pipes/containers
  15. Enhancement: Yellorium and blutonium blocks can now be used to fuel reactors.
  16. Enhancement: Polish translation now available! Thanks, kostek00!
  17. Change: Size of a reactor's active coolant tanks is now based on the size of its casing. 100 mB per casing block, maximum 50 buckets.
  18. Change: Waste ejection has been simplified. The only options are now "auto-eject" or "do not auto-eject".
  19. Bugfix: Fixed a crash which could occur when breaking a reactor via a control rod while the reactor is running
  20. Bugfix: Mariculture's Titanium actually supported for turbine coils now
  21. Bugfix: TE Pyrotheum can be placed in reactor cores again
  22. Bugfix: "Dump all fuel" option now actually works
  24. Release 0.3.0rc2
  26. Enhancement: Russian translation, thanks to Vladimir Gendel!
  27. Enhancement: Glass can now be used inside a reactor. It's not a very good moderator or heat conductor, but is useful for corralling fluids.
  28. Enhancement: Invar and enderium blocks can now be used as turbine coil parts.
  29. Enhancement: TE, Mekanism and Metallurgy metals can now be used inside a reactor, similar to iron/gold/diamond/emerald blocks.
  30. Enhancement: Redstone Arsenal's fluxed electrum blocks can now be used in reactors and turbine coils.
  31. Enhancement: 3 new methods added to Turbine Computercraft API
  32. Enhancement: More-expensive coil parts now extract more rotor energy per tick instead of just being more efficient at converting rotor energy. This means you need fewer coil parts when using very expensive blocks.
  33. Balance: Cryotheum's heat transfer, moderation capability and heat efficiency have been significantly boosted
  34. Config: Metallurgy's fantasy metals can be disallowed as coil parts in the config if you feel them unbalanced. Set "enableMetallurgyFantasyMetals" to false.
  35. Config: Added "comedy" option. If enabled, allows MFR's sewage, meat blocks and fluid meat/pink-slime to be used as a slight upgrade to water inside a reactor. Disabled by default.
  36. Bugfix: Rotor turbines no longer become invisible if a turbine is broken while activated
  37. Bugfix: Control rods no longer cause fertility to skyrocket when inserted. (Thanks XXX!)
  38. Bugfix: Rotors no longer render incorrectly when bearings are on the top, east or south sides of the reactor.
  39. Bugfix: Hi-rez GUI icons no longer render at insane sizes
  40. Bugfix: Can now switch the direction of reactor coolant ports with both empty hands and a wrench, and it no longer spams chat messages
  41. Bugfix: Reactor coolant ports no longer delay their render update when not part of a reactor, so the visual switch between inlet/outlet happens instantly
  42. Bugfix: Reactors no longer occasionally "go haywire" and superfill themselves with fuel during chunk loading on SMP servers
  43. Bugfix: Turbines no longer randomly go super-overspeed during chunk loading on SMP servers
  45. Release 0.3.0rc1
  47. Core: Full rewrite of internal reactor mechanics. Substantially more efficient on servers.
  48. Core: Big Reactors and BeefCore now log to their own channels, for server admins' convenience.
  49. Feature: Reactors now have fluid inlet/outlet ports available to convert them to active cooling.
  50. Feature: Active-cooled reactors convert water into steam. Can be used in any mod which uses steam.
  51. Feature: Turbines have been introduced. Build a big turbine, pipe steam into it to generate power. Generally more efficient than passively-cooled reactors.
  52. Feature: Yellorium, cyanite, blutonium and graphite can now be converted to/from blocks for decoration and storage.
  53. Feature: Graphite blocks can now be used inside reactors as a radiation moderator. They're very good at this role.
  54. Feature: Turbines can be controlled via Computercraft. Build a Turbine Computer Port.
  55. Enhancement: Can now toggle direction of access ports by right-clicking them with a wrench, as well as within the UI.
  56. Enhancement: Reactor and turbine parts are more resilient to being hit, so they aren't accidentally disassembled so easily.
  57. Compatibility: Most metallurgy, Mekanism, TE and TiCo metals can be used inside turbines as induction coil parts. Rarer generally = better.
  58. Balance: Rebalanced reactor heat, energy production and fuel consumption. Most reactors should see all three rise compared to 0.2.
  59. UI: Reactor UI redone, tooltips on EVERYTHING! English only, currently.
  60. Bugfix: Fixed a rare crash that could occur with itemducts attached to reactor access ports set to "out" mode.
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