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Aug 15th, 2014
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  1. 1. LiveUSB/LiveCD Squad Edition Power Rankings:
  3. A. LPS (Lightweight Portable Security) Public Edition (
  5. Size: 440MB (Deluxe Edition that comes with LibreOffice and other programs)
  6. Created by: ATSPI Technology Office of AF
  7. Purpose: fallback distro in case your military computer breaks and you have to access/edit/view top secret information
  8. Official Flyer:
  9. Pros: Created and maintained by the military, hardened debian, clean UI, comes with Encryption Wizard (, most go-to distro for accessing your bank account from an unsecure computer, basic set of office tools and programs, partial XP theme that doesn't scream its linux
  10. Cons: No anonymity
  11. Online use: depends, some anonymity might be achieved through public hotspots that also dont record with cameras
  12. Offline use: best candidate hands down
  14. 2. Tails 1.1
  16. Size: 1GB
  17. Created by: ?
  18. Purpose: Instant magic solution to privately browsing the web via Tor, or accessing hidden services
  20. Pros: encrypted persistence, built in Tor, i2p, basic set of office tools and programs, PGP, privacy centered, optional full XP theme
  21. Cons: heavily relies on Tor which can be compromised, comes with shitty defaults like enabled javascript, always gets patched revealing previous fuckups that may deanonymize its users (browsed i2p in 1.0? sorry, it was broken and unsecure but we fixed it in 1.1 ;-))), nowhere near ready enough to be trusted with anything serious
  22. Online use: with a prayer
  23. Offline use: good to go
  25. 3. Liberte Linux
  27. Size: Under 700MB
  28. Created by: anonymoos skids
  29. Purpose: serious COMSEC
  30. Pros: hardened gentoo, clean ui, basic office programs
  31. Cons: dead, outdated kernel, most likely filled with hundreds of exploits, huge attention grabbing anonymoos man wallpaper/lockscreen
  32. Online use: you will get fuckoed, guaranteed
  33. Offline use: probably ok
  35. 4. Whonix
  36. Size: 1.3GB
  37. "I don't see the point in a VM if you want anonymity. Your external OS is prone to leaking out information, and thanks to the fact that the VM is running inside an OS on your HDD you could be leaving behind shit you don't want to. Obviously there are ways to tweak an OS to make a VM safe, but it's a lot less riskier and a lot easier to just use a LiveOS."
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