GSA Letter to Peter Drew / Hyperallergic

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  1. To: Peter Drew
  2. 1 July 2013
  5. Dear Peter,
  7. We have had two conversations about your posting graffiti and posters in Glasgow. Our meeting of 8 March, 2013, followed your placing a large three dimensional piece on a lamp post on Parnie Street against the express wishes of the venue manager of our interim show, and myself. At this meeting, I made the following clear:
  9. 1. For any art work that potentially could break Glasgow City Council regulations on use of public space and private property, or that might be deemed to put the health and safety of yourself or passers by at risk, permission had to be sought from Glasgow City Council.
  11. 2. Therefore unless you obtained written permission from Glasgow City Council, your street art works could not be condoned or supported by Glasgow School of Art.
  13. At the time you stated that you understood the school’s position but disagreed.
  15. I reiterated that the school would not be happy for you to continue with your uncommissioned art activities without appropriate ethical consideration, health and safety arrangements and agreement with Glasgow City Council, in line with procedures followed by other departments at Glasgow School of Art.
  17. At our meeting on 28 March 2013, you stated that you had continued to post graffiti in Glasgow, and that you did not intend to stop, nor to seek permission from Glasgow City Council. I explained once again that this attitude to the matter puts the GSA in a very vulnerable position in relation to the Council as well a potentially with the UKBA. The UKBA issues visas to students in good faith, assuming those students will comply with the rules and regulations of the educational institution as well as the laws and social norms of the land.
  19. Having given you two verbal warnings, and having consulted with the Head of Graduate School, I am now writing formally to request you to cease your non commissioned art activities until appropriate permissions have been sought and granted. If you continue without such permissions, there will be a need to review your status as a student with Glasgow School of Art.
  22. Sincerely
  24. Ranjana Thapalyal
  26. Ranjana Thapalyal
  27. Programme Leader- Master of Research in Creative Practices, Graduate School
  28. Lecturer -Forum for Critical Inquiry
  29. +44 (0) [REDACTED]
  32. Glasgow School of Art
  33. 167 Renfrew Street
  34. Glasgow G3 6RQ
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