Talk with Horikawa

Jan 29th, 2017
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  1. <Shroom> I can't proceed from Episode 1 to Episode 2 in MaGLX2, because for some reason my stars are not carried over when entering the Section 9 door from Episode 1
  2. while for raocow it worked out
  3. what could be the problem?
  4. <Horikawa> huh?
  5. that's very strange
  6. i honestly couldn't tell you....
  7. do you have a MAGLX2Data file?
  8. <Shroom> is the "butts" folder relevant in any way?
  9. I removed that one actually (because I supposed it to be something joking)
  10. <Horikawa> it is
  11. it is relevant to the postgame
  12. <Shroom> why did it actually have to be split into halfs?
  13. oh wait I guess the issue is the following: the two halfs are both saved into the worlds folder separated from each other
  14. <Horikawa> yes it did
  15. at the time, there was a 200 warp cap
  16. now that's been expanded
  17. but we also use a huge variety of bgos, etc.
  18. <Shroom> so I can just put both folders in a new one and I'm fine I guess
  19. <Horikawa> huh?
  20. no they need to be structured like they are in the distribution
  21. <Shroom> well I re-extracted the thing from the rar file and put it under "MaGLX2 V1.0" in "worlds" and now I can't access it
  22. <Horikawa Otane>
  23. you need to put the folders MaGL X2 Episode 1, MaGL X2 Episode 2, and butts into the worlds folder
  24. <Shroom> so it was just "butts" that was missing
  25. to carry the stars over
  26. <Horikawa> i have no clue why you're having that bug
  27. <Shroom> well we'll see what happens if "butts" makes a difference
  28. <Horikawa> it shouldn't/won't
  29. if you look in the data/worlds folder
  30. do you see a bunch of txt files?
  31. <Shroom> the only .txt I see is "npc-23.txt" and some lua stuff
  32. also since you say that today the episode wouldn't need to be split, would it be easy to merge both episodes together? and if so, could I transfer the .sav file after downloading it and preserve my progress that way?
  33. still doesn't work
  34. can you please screenshot the txt files that are relevant?
  35. <Horikawa> which version of smbx are you using?
  36. 2.0 beta 3, right?
  38. <Shroom> those appear nowhere in my worlds folder so that's obviously why
  39. <Horikawa> are you using SMBX 2.0 Beta 3?
  40. <Shroom> yes
  41. download for those separately pls?(edited)
  42. <Horikawa>
  43. <Shroom> not sure if you got that right, I asked for some zip with the LuaData files only
  44. <Horikawa> i mean they'll overwrite your save data
  45. my guess is, you copy/pasted smbx 2.0 beta three OVER either beta 2 or an existing smbx install
  46. OR one of the two thing is occurring
  47. 1) You are playing in a very bizarre path with either lots of foriegn characters or a period in the path
  48. 2) You are playing on some ancient thing like Windows XP
  49. or a third, actually
  50. 3) You are playing in some path where you don't have full write permisssions
  51. <Shroom> why will the luadata files override my safe? Can't I just transfer the .sav file?
  52. <Horikawa> no?
  53. <Shroom> my path is actually C: --> Users --> [family name] --> Desktop --> SMBX 2.0 Beta 3, so possibly a path without full writing permission
  54. and the thing is Windows 7, so semi-ancient
  56. [at this point Horikawa asked me to stop the PM conversation and join Discodehaus]
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