Golden Opportunities VIII

Dec 30th, 2016
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  1. >"Nonny..."
  2. >Someone began to run their fingers through your hair
  3. >"Nonny..."
  4. >You grumbled, your face contorting
  5. >While it felt nice having fingers running through your hair, it was causing you to wake up
  6. >And you didn't want to wake up
  7. >You wanted to sleep
  8. >SLEEP
  9. >"Nonny..."
  10. >It's WHAT mystery person
  11. >Not nani
  12. >Goddamn moon-speakers...
  13. >Grumbling a little louder to voice your protest, you nuzzled your face into something soft and warm
  14. >It also smelled slightly of peaches for some reason
  15. >Your tormentor giggled, the musical sweetness of her voice waking you up a little more
  16. >Unfortunately
  17. >"Sweet Celestia are you cute... Come on, Nonny, it's time to wake up. We don't want Twi having a heart attack."
  18. >You twitched when you felt a hand across the back of your neck
  19. >It slipped down to the middle of your back, where it began to rub in tight, circular strokes
  20. >Your grumble turned onto a low, happy groan
  21. >The hand was small, soft, and warm, and sweet Christ did it feel nice rubbing your back like that...
  22. >The rubbing, along with the other hand working your hair, slowly but surely pulled you from unconsciousness
  23. >You tried your hardest to stay there, of course
  24. >You made sure to do all that you were able to get away from the hands, wiggling and squirming like a mildly upset worm, but the hands were relentless
  25. >In the end, there was nothing that you could do
  28. >You were powerless; ill-equipped to handle such a voracious and unrelenting foe
  29. >Your eyes began to crack open
  30. >A sigh, filled with both irritation and content, escaped your throat
  31. >Once again your conqueror giggled, their fingertips teasing your scalp
  32. >"There we go. I knew you were fine," they chirped, before what felt like a cheek nuzzled the top of your head
  33. >Your body tensed and relaxed, getting used to being awake once more
  34. >You blinked slowly, feeling the fog that one felt when first waking up in the morning slowly leaving your mind
  35. >You were awake
  36. >...Mostly
  37. >And because you were awake you were determined to see who the heck thought it was a good idea to bring you to such a sorry state
  38. >To give them a piece of your mind if nothing else
  39. >So, summoning your willpower, you lifted your face from the warmth, softness, and peach-smell that it had been basking in and looked up
  40. >A pair of bright blue eyes stared back at you
  41. >"Good morning sleepyhead," someone that sounded awfully like Sunset said, giving your back a scratch
  42. >...
  43. >Wait...
  44. >Blinking rapidly, you leaned back as far as you could in your position
  45. >A quick look around showed you that you were, in fact, not sleeping in your bed
  46. >Your tormentor also wasn't Courage the Cowardly dog like you had been expecting
  47. >Thank god...
  48. >No, you were in a bedroom that was unfamiliar to you, laying in a bed that wasn't yours, nestled up nice and close with none other than Sunset Shimmer herself
  49. >Sunset was giving you a bright, cheery smile
  50. >Her usually neat and tidy hair looked a bit messy, with some of the red and gold locks tickling your nose
  51. >Her eyes were also half-lidded and slightly hazy, as if she had just gotten up too
  54. >...
  55. >Wat?
  56. >Your heart jumped into your throat
  57. >Why the hell were you in a bed with Sunset?!
  58. >Did she kidnap you?!
  59. >Had you been stolen?!
  61. >Thankfully, before you could start properly losing your shit, it all came back to you
  62. >Being asking to come over to Sunny's house, snuggling with her and Twilight near a fire, them telling you that they were... horse aliens
  63. >The whole thing with Sunset and those wings of light and magic and the mirrors that let them travel across dimensions...
  64. >...
  65. >Holy shit...
  66. >That was REAL?!
  67. >Your eyes widened in alarm
  68. >You looked away from Sunset's face and toward the arm that was draped on your side so that she could rub your back
  69. >Following the slop in her arm, your eyes naturally made their way toward her chest
  70. >A mile of sweet, mouth-watering cleavage stared back at you
  71. >...Cleavage with facemarks…
  72. >...
  73. >It almost looked like someone had pressed their face in between those puppies and...
  74. >...
  75. >O-Oh...
  76. >Sunset giggled again
  77. >The sound made you twitch, and your eyes jerked back up toward her face
  78. >You weren’t doing anything wrong!
  79. >You weren't staring at boobs!
  80. >Nope!
  81. >Youwereagoodboythatdidn'tdonuffin'!
  82. >"You know, you had me and Twi a little worried," Sunset commented. "You've been out for quite awhile."
  85. >Out?
  86. >What did she--
  87. >You then remembered that you had passed out after S-Sunset...
  88. >...
  89. >W-Wew...
  90. "S-Sorry about that," you mumbled. "I d-didn't mean to make anyone worry..."
  91. >"Twi's gonna be happy that you're awake," Sunset said, shifting her body so that more of it was pressed up against yours
  92. >Her eyes carefully took in your face
  93. >"Do you feel alright?" she asked, a bit of concern mixing with the playfulness in her tone. "Does anything hurt? Do you feel woozy or lightheaded?"
  94. >Sunset really needed to pull her shirt up a bit...
  95. >She was lucky that you hadn't accidently pulled her tits out of her shirt when you had your face in between them...
  96. >But GOD were those things sof--
  97. >...
  98. >Wait...
  99. >She was talking, wasn't she?
  100. "I, um, n-no. I'm alright," you said, your face reddening
  101. >Sunset smiled, leaning down and nuzzling your nose
  102. >"Good. I'm glad," she chirped
  103. >Your eyes wandered up to her forehead
  104. "...So it wasn't all a dream? You and Twilight are from that Equestria place or wherever?"
  105. >"Yep, I was born and raised in Canterlot," Sunny replied, resting her head on a pillow.
  106. "And you did that whole thing with the light wings and the horn?"
  107. >"I did," she said, nuzzling her cheek into her pillow
  108. >A big smile came to your face
  109. "That was really neat," you said with a little wiggle. "The whole wings and horn thing. I thought that the people at school were just full of it when they talked about what happened with you at the dance and all of that other stuff..."
  112. >"It's all true," Sunny said with a grin, brushing a bit of your hair out of your face and tucking it behind your ear. "Magic's real, I turned into a demon and almost destroyed the school, the Siren's turned into fish monsters and tried to take over the world, and the other Twilight tore a hole through dimensions."
  113. >...
  114. >Huh...
  115. >You rested your head on the bed, letting all… THAT wash over you
  116. >Sunset and Twilight were from ANOTHER world...
  117. >Magic existed...
  118. >The girl holding you was a creature straight from King Arthur...
  119. "Wow..." you mumbled, before a dopey smile came to your face
  120. >Magic was real!
  121. >How fucking AWESOME was that?!
  122. >Maybe Hogwarts was real then?
  123. >Maybe there were wizards and witches and stuff like that running around!
  124. >Thatwouldbesofckingawesome!
  125. >You must have really looked like a dork because Sunset let out a chuckle and nuzzled you again
  126. >"I'm surprised that you're taking it this well," she commented. "I was expecting you to freak out when you woke up."
  127. "Why would I freak out?" you demanded excitedly. "Magic, unicorns, everything that I've read in stories might be real!"
  128. >Sunset's smile grew
  129. >"Well, we DO have dragons in Equestria..."
  130. >A low, happy sound escaped your throat
  131. >Dragons?!
  132. >They had dragons too?!
  133. >Ohmygosh!
  134. "Really?!" you asked with another happy wiggle. "That's so freaking cool!"
  135. >A sigh escaped Sunset's throat
  136. >"Sweet Celestia are you too much," she murmured affectionately, leaning down toward you
  139. >Before you could go on and start asking questions--if they had dragons there did they have other things like gryphons and centaurs too? How did magic work? Could virgins only see unicorns, and was that why you could see her now?--Sunset pressed her lips against yours
  140. >It was a much longer kiss than the first one that Twilight had given you
  141. >Sunset leaned into the kiss
  142. >You could feel your nose rubbing up against hers
  143. >Her hair tickled your cheeks and forehead
  144. >She hummed, which caused your lips to tingle slightly
  145. >A happy hum escaped her throat as she held the kiss for five, ten, twenty seconds, her eyes never leaving yours
  146. >When she did finally break the kiss she giggled at your stupefied expression before pressing your face back in between her breasts
  147. >"You and Twi are going to be the death of me," you heard her say as she kissed the top of your head
  148. >Even though it felt like all of the blood in your body had made its way to your face--and NOT your dick-- you found yourself sighing
  149. >You closed your eyes, basking in the warmth and scent of the beautiful girl holding you while you replayed the kiss that had just happened over and over and over in your head
  150. >None of this was a dream...
  151. >Everything had happened...
  152. >Everything that Twi had said, everything you had said, Twilight naked and the kisses and Sunset turning into some horned angel
  153. >...
  154. >Wait...
  155. >TWILIGHT!
  158. >In an instant your eyes snapped open
  159. >You yelped, and in a flash you pulled yourself out of Sunset's loving grasp, promptly rolling out of the bed
  163. >You wildly flailed for a moment before you slammed against the ground
  164. "MOTHERFUCKER!" you swore, more out of surprise than anything
  165. >Looking back up at the bed, you could see Sunset looking at you in surprise and concern
  166. >Ignoring the pain, you began crawling backward
  167. >You fucked up, you fucked up!
  168. >Twilight was going to be mad and she wasgoingtohateyouandyouweregoingtoloseyourfirstgirlfriendeverbecauseyouwereafuckingidiotandWHATTHEFUCKWASWRONGWITHYOU?!
  169. "W-We kissed!" you squeaked. "We kissed! We k-kissed and I'm dating Twilight and she'sgoingtobesomadandwhydidyoudoitand--"
  170. >The surprise in Sunset's eyes turned into realization
  171. >"Oh, you don't remember Twilight telling you that she wanted to herd?" she asked
  172. >...
  173. >Oh...
  174. >Oh yeah...
  175. >You placed a hand against your chest to keep your heart from bursting out
  176. >...
  177. >But wait…
  178. >How did that shit work...?
  179. "I-Isn't Twilight going to be m-mad?" you asked
  180. >"We could kiss right in front of Twi and she wouldn't have any problem with it," the bacon-haired girl told you, resting her head on her arm
  181. >...
  182. >Really...?
  183. "R-Really?"
  184. >A playful smile came to the girl's face
  185. >"Yep. As of now you're both our stallion," she said matter-of-factly. "I can do everything that Twi does to you. Kissing, hugging, snuggling--"
  186. >Her smile turned a little toothy
  187. >"--Other~"
  188. >...
  189. >This...
  192. >This took a little longer to process than the whole magic thing
  193. >...
  194. >A LOT longer to be honest...
  195. >You could feel yourself getting a little dizzy just thinking about it, but thankfully you didn't up and drop
  196. >Partially because you were already laying down but whatever…
  197. >...
  198. >Herding...
  199. >You had two of the most beautiful women in the whole wide world all to yourself...
  200. >Two women wanted to have a relationship with you WILLINGLY
  201. >[spoiler]Just like in your Chinese comics...[/spoiler]
  202. >As you sat there, too stupefied and flushed to do more than just lay there and breathe, Sunset rose from the bed
  203. >Her breasts bounced as she rolled off of it and stood up, rolling her shoulders
  204. >The shirt that she was wearing strained
  205. >In the back of your mind you knew that those puppies would pop out with one more little bounce...
  206. >Smiling, Sunset made her way over to you and bend over, giving you a...
  207. >A view...
  208. >"Come on," she said, offering you a hand. "Let's get you up and in the kitchen, cutie. After we all get something to eat, me and Twi will answer any question that you have."
  209. >Her eyes flicked down to your groin
  210. >Her smile widened
  211. >Your gaze flicked down and--
  212. >Goddammit dick!
  213. >You saucy Englishmen!
  214. >Your eyes snapped back up at Sunny
  215. >She giggled, wiggling her hips
  216. >"Come on, Twilight said that she was gonna make Hot Pockets."
  217. >Sunset pulled you to your feet and lead you out of her bedroom and down the stairs
  218. >You allowed yourself to be led, both embarrassed and aroused and just a little bit hungry
  219. >The two of you quickly made your way down the stairs and toward the kitchen, where the sound of someone humming could be heard
  222. >Entering the kitchen--which seemed slightly smokey-- you noticed a couple of things
  223. >One, the lights were on, which meant that the power had turned back on after you had opened your eyes
  224. >Two, it smelled like hot pockets, which meant that the food was done
  225. >And three, Twilight, who was hunched over the stove, looked really, REALLY cute in that little white apron she was wearing
  226. >...
  227. >Really, really, really cute
  228. >"Hey, Twi, look who woke up," Sunset called, giving your butt a light pat as the two of you entered the room
  229. >Twi, her hair in a tight ponytail, quickly looked over to the two of you
  230. >Hey eyes widened upon seeing you, a smile exploding across her face
  231. >"ANON!" she yelled bounding over to you and throwing her arms around your neck
  232. >You grunted as her weight slammed into you, and it was only by sheer luck that you didn't fall over
  233. >"You're alright! IwassoworriedthatwehadactuallyreallyhurtyouandIwouldhaveneverleftyoursidebutSunsetsaidifIdidn'tleaveIwasgoingtoripoutmymanesoIcameheretokeepmymindoffofitandI'MSOHAPPYTHATYOU'REALRIGHT!"
  234. >You blinked as she nuzzled the side of your face
  235. >...
  236. >You were pretty sure you heard I'm happy that you're alright in all of that...
  237. >Smiling, you returned the hug and the nuzzles
  238. >Because you were a hug-slut
  239. >...If there was such a thing
  240. "Y-Yeah, I'm alright," you told her
  241. >Twi pulled away from the hug, grabbing your face and forcing you to look at her
  242. >"Are you sure? Nothing hurts? You don't feel dizzy? Anything like that?" she asked worryingly
  243. >You shook your head as best as you could
  244. "Nope. Everything feels fine."
  245. >Looking over you for a few seconds, Twilight sighed in relief
  248. >"Thank harmony," she mumbled, giving you a peck on the lips before breaking the hug and stepping away from you
  249. >She then turned toward Sunset
  250. >The two stepped toward each other and hugged
  251. >Twi let out a horsey snort, nuzzling Sunset's face
  252. >Sunset answered her snort with a snort of her own, gently tugging at her hair with her teeth
  253. >...
  254. >Wat?
  255. >Your nose scrunched up as the girls broke the hug, all smiles
  256. >"Thanks for watching him for me, Sunset," Twi said with a little bounce
  257. >"It's no big deal," Sunny replied with a dismissive wave. "Now how about those Hot Pockets? I'm starved!"
  258. >"Oh, they're right over here! I think that I might have burned them a little bit but they should be okay to eat."
  259. >"Did you make the spinach ones that I asked?"
  260. >"I think so. It said on the package that--"
  261. >Both girls began to make their way toward the stove
  262. >Twilight grabbed your hand, pulling you along with them
  263. >...
  264. >Were you the only one that thought the hair biting was a little weird?
  265. >...
  266. >No?
  267. >Alrighty then...
  269. "--And we told Rainbow that she should have been watching those cluster of cumulonimbus clouds but she didn't listen! She went to sleep and an hour later half the weather team was flying around trying to stop all the hurricanes. I swear to Celestia that Applejack was ready to--"
  270. >As you told your silly little story about a certain lazy pegasus, you looked at both Sunset and Anon
  273. >You, of course, were sitting in Anon's lap
  274. >This was not only to signal potential rivals that you were this stallion's alpha mare, but it also had the added benefit of allowing you to rub as much of your scent onto Anon as you could
  275. >You didn't give a flying feather about what Sunset had said about humans not being able to smell
  276. >You were going to keep rubbing yourself against your stallion until EVERYONE knew to keep their dirty paws off
  277. >Just like your mom taught you
  278. >Anon, being the sweetie that he was, had his arms wrapped around your tummy so that you didn't accidently fall off of him while you wiggled
  279. >Sunset, as was her right as your herd-sister, was sitting right next to you
  280. >A half-eaten hot pocket sat on a plate in front of her, forgotten
  281. >Your friend had turned herself in her chair so that she was facing you, which allowed you to look her in the eye while you talked
  282. >You knew that she always wanted to hear about Rainbow and the other girls back home
  283. >And, to your delight, Anon seemed just as attentive as her
  284. >Whenever you looked up at him, the stallion seemed enraptured with your tales
  285. >Every time that you stopped for a breather he'd ask a question
  286. >What was magic like?
  287. >Could ponies really control the weather?
  288. >What other kind of creatures lived in Equestria
  289. >What was it like to fly?
  290. >What level wizard were you and did you have a cool wizard hat?
  291. >Before he had woken up you had feared that he wouldn't want anything to do with you, but, to your delight, you had found out that he was not only okay with what you were, he wanted to know EVERYTHING
  292. >He wanted to know how magic worked, he wanted to know how you could fly, he wanted to see what you really looked like, he wanted to see magic in action
  293. >For every question that you asked, he had two or three more already lined it
  294. >At points it got so bad that a few times Sunset had to step in and help you answer
  295. >And that was GREAT!
  298. >It made you excited...
  299. >Hopeful…
  300. >Eager for the future...
  301. >You could bring him home
  302. >Take him and Sunset around Canterlot, showing him the city where you had spend your whole life
  303. >Sunset didn't have to hide in this world like some criminal
  304. >She could go home, see her family, have a much needed talk with Princess Celestia
  305. >And you could show Anon all of the magic that he wanted to see
  306. >Heck, if you were lucky maybe you could TEACH him some magic!
  307. >You squirm extra hard in Anon's lap at the very idea, taking a big bite out of your fifth hotpocket of the night
  308. >Anon sucked in a breath, his grip around you tightening slightly
  309. >So focused on your story and the cheesy goodness in your mouth you barely noticed it however
  310. "--Poor Fluttershy had to get Mr. Bear to step in so that the two didn’t break anything else. Of course, they managed to break another chair, though, just before he could--"
  311. >Anon twitched a little as your rump grinded in his lap with a little more force
  312. >His knees knocked together, and though you couldn't see it he looked over at Sunset, mouthing something to her
  313. "--But that wasn't anywhere near as bad as when Pinkie accidently touched Cranky Doodle's rump--"
  314. >Sunset cleared her throat
  315. >"Twi."
  316. "You see Anon, Cranky is a donkey, and donkeys, like earth ponies, are very adapt in earth magic, but unfortunately for Pinkie the common donkey has FAR more magical ability than a earth pony, so when his WIFE found out--"
  317. >"Twi."
  318. >Anon's breathing started to get a little heavy
  319. >He tried to press his hands down on your thighs to keep you from bouncing, but that only caused you to grind your rump into his lap a little more
  322. "--if those workermares hadn't been carrying those mattresses near Sugarcube Corner when they had it might have been a LOT worse than it was--"
  323. >"Twi," Sunset said with a little more urgency
  324. "--but, in the end, everyone learned a very important lesson on not jumping to conclusions, and Pinkie learned to be a little more careful around mare's stallions, so the day wasn't a COMPLETE waste."
  325. >Anon's grip on you tightened a little more
  326. >As you continued to grind and you, you began feeling something poking your butt
  327. >Thinking that it was just some of Anon's pants that had bunched up you focused on it, trying to flatten it out
  328. >"Twi," Sunset said a little louder
  329. >Anon jerked, sucking air through his teeth
  330. >The lump got a bit bigger, prompting you to rub against it a little more firmly
  331. >Instead of solving the problem however, it seemed to make it worse
  332. >The lump got bigger and bigger until it had nestled itself between your butt cheeks
  333. >Much to your irritation
  334. >You huffed, looking spreading your legs and looking down at your lap
  335. >What the hay is up with this lump?!
  336. >It should be getting smaller, not bigger!
  337. >And why the HAY did it feel like it was twitching?
  338. >Sunset, shaking her head, stood up
  339. >Leaning over toward you, she flicking you on the forehead
  340. "Ow!" you cried, jerking back in surprise before glaring at your sis. "What the heck was that for, Sunset?"
  341. >Anon, panting, wrapped his arms tightly around you and placed his head on your shoulder
  342. >"You're... killing me... Twi," he rasped
  343. >...
  344. >What?
  345. >Your head jerked to the side so that you could look at him
  346. >His face was red, you saw, and a thin sheen of sweat covered his face
  347. >Your brow furrowed
  348. >What the hay was wrong with him?
  349. >You were just--
  352. >When the lump sandwiched between your cheeks throbbed hard--which was followed by Anon gritting his teeth-- you stiffened
  353. >...
  354. >Oh...
  355. >That wasn't...
  356. >You weren't...
  357. >That's his...
  358. >...
  359. >O-Oh...
  360. >Your head snapped over toward Sunset, who looked like she was trying REALLY hard not to laugh
  361. >"Stallions here get aroused easily here, Twi," she explained. "And with you rubbing his groin like that...
  362. >You looked down between your legs again, then back at Anon
  363. "...A-Anon?"
  364. >The hair on the back of your neck stood on end as your coltfriend let out a long, low groan
  365. >Oh geeze...
  366. >O-Oh geeze…
  367. >You…
  368. >A-And your rump...
  369. >Sunset, looking oddly proud of you, placed a hand on Anon's shoulder
  370. >"You alright there, Nonny?" she asked
  371. >Anon let out another groan
  372. >You bristled, ‘eeping’ quietly
  373. >Whattheheckwaswrongwithyou?!
  374. >"I'm s-sorry," Anon murmured in your ear, as if he thought that you were mad at him. "I was t-trying to ignore it but y-you kept moving around and..."
  375. >...
  376. >Wait...
  377. >A thought came to mind, one which made you perk up
  378. >You made your colt hard!
  379. >You made him hard and you barely had to do ANYTHING!
  380. >Despite yourself, you couldn't help but wiggle happily a bit
  381. >Anon groaned again, burying his face into the nape of your neck
  382. >"T-Twi..."
  383. >Ohshitstaphitfillywhatareyoudoin’?!
  386. "S-Sorry, sorry!" you apologised, ceasing your wiggles. "I'm just excited that-- I mean that I'm happy that you like me enough-- I mean--Ow!"
  387. >You reeled back again as Sunset gave your forehead another flick
  388. >"Twi, hold still for a minute or two," she ordered. "We don't want you getting him so excited that he makes a mess in his pants."
  389. >Anon reddened just a hair
  390. >"I'm sorry," he muttered again
  391. >Sunset gave his shoulder a squeeze
  392. >"There's nothing to be sorry about 'Non," she told him. "Twi's happy that she could make you feel good like that."
  393. >...
  394. >She was right...
  395. >You DID like it…
  396. >You liked it A LOT
  397. >...
  398. >But STILL…
  399. >You should have been paying attention....
  400. "I'm sorry that I didn't stop, Anon," you murmured, wanting nothing more than to spin around and nuzzle him.
  401. >But, since you didn't want him getting anymore excited--though you actually kind of did on the inside-- you just patted him on the cheek
  402. "I should have paid attention when you and Sunset were trying to get me to stop."
  403. >Anon's warm, moist breath washed over you as he let out a sigh
  404. >"There's nothing t-to be sorry about, Twi," he reassured, weakly chuckling as his stallionhood slowly softened. "Just g-give me a little warning next time, huh?"
  405. >You nodded, patting his cheek
  406. >...
  407. >You nearly made a stallion cum...
  408. >YOU nearly made a STALLION cum
  409. >If Sunset hadn't stopped you, Anon would have came right in his pants!
  410. >...
  411. >W-Wew...
  412. >Wew filly...
  413. >Trying VERY hard not to smile, you leaned back against Anon
  414. >You could feel the rise and fall of his chest as he tried to slow down his breathing
  417. >Slowly but surely, his stallionhood began to soften
  418. >You nearly let out a whine
  419. >A part of you wanted to start wiggling again
  420. >You wanted to feel him nestled between your cheeks, wanted to feel his heart pound in his chest and feel his fingers digging into your stomach as he tried his hardest not to groan
  421. >...
  422. >But you couldn't
  423. >Not yet…
  424. >...
  425. >Soon, though…
  426. >Hopefully soon...
  427. >Anon's grip around you loosened
  428. >He inhaled and exhaled deeply, lifting his face from your neck and placing his chin back on your shoulder
  429. "Are you alright now?" you asked
  430. >He nodded
  431. >"Yeah. I'm alright."
  432. >A twinge of disappointment washed over you, but you ignored it
  433. >Spinning around, you threw your leg around Anon so that you were straddling him
  434. >Grabbing his cheeks, you gave him a quick peck of the lips
  435. >Then, because you LOVED kissing this colt, you gave him two more
  436. >Anon happily returned each kiss, leaning forward so that your foreheads were touching
  437. "Are you done eating?" you whispered with a nuzzle, hoping that you could just ignore what had happened and go out as usual
  438. >Anon nodded
  439. >"Yeah. I'm all done," he replied, seemingly in the same mindset as you
  440. >You smiled
  441. "Good. Now what do you want to do?" you asked
  442. >For a moment, your question seemed to throw your coltfriend for a loop
  443. >He looked confused for a few moments, blinking slowly
  444. >"What do I want to do?" he parroted
  445. >You giggled
  446. >Sweet Luna was he cute...
  447. "Yes. What do you want to do?" you repeated. "The three of us still have the whole night to do something, so I wanted to know what you'd like to do."
  450. >It was a classic alpha mare move
  451. >Ask the stallion what he wanted to do
  452. >Show him that you cared about his hobbies and what he liked while also doing something that would strengthen the bonds in your herd
  453. >...
  454. >That and you kinda wanted to see if Anon liked the things that you liked...
  455. >Anon's face scrunched up, and he sat back in his chair
  456. >"What do I want to do... what do I want to do..." he muttered to himself, drumming his fingers against your back
  457. >He thought about your question for about a minute before his eyes lit up
  458. >"Hey, how about we--"
  459. >Just as quickly as they lit up, however, that light went away, quickly replaced by an embarrassed expression
  460. >"--No... We better do something else..."
  461. >Oh no you don't!
  462. >When he tried to look away from you, you gave his cheeks a squeeze
  463. "What do you want to do, Anon?" you asked. "Come on, tell me."
  464. >Your stallion squirmed in his seat, his face turning a little bit red
  465. >"I, um, well... I always wanted to read to someone," he admitted. "Have us all sitting on a couch or something and just read a book out loud to each other until he was finished..."
  466. >...
  467. >Best stallion
  468. >He was the best stallion
  469. >You picked the best stallion ever
  470. >He was A BEST
  471. >Giving him a kiss on the forehead, you looked over at Sunset, who had a hand over her heart
  472. "Does that sound good to you, Sunny?" you asked
  473. >Taking a step toward you, your sis gave both you and Anon nuzzles, a big, happy smile on her face
  476. >"As long as I get to pick the book we read," she said, giving you a kiss on the cheek
  477. >...
  478. >D-Dyke...
  480. >You found yourself sitting on Sunset's bed
  481. >This time though the room wasn't freezing cold and you weren't freaking out
  482. >You were in your pajamas
  483. >The room was a perfect temperature and was brightly lit
  484. >And your face hurt with how much smiling you had been doing today
  485. >For almost three hours, you, Sunset, and Twilight had read The Phantom Tollbooth to each other, all snuggled up nice and comfy on Sunset's couch
  486. >And it had been GREAT!
  487. >Everything like you had imagined, in fact
  488. >For as long as you could remember, you had always wanted to read aloud to someone
  489. >The problem was that you didn't want to read out loud in front of TOO many people
  490. >Less than five was fine but more than twenty was a big no-no
  491. >But you could read to two people!
  492. >Especially if those people were your alien girlfriends
  493. >...
  494. >Heh...
  495. >Girlfriends...
  496. >And, luckily for you, you didn't suck at reading to other people
  497. >Both Sunset and Twi really enjoyed being read to and, to your delight, they weren't shy about joining in whenever your throat needed a break
  498. >Sunset was a little better at the character voices, but you thought that Twilight had the better voice for it
  499. >You loved listening to them
  500. >Loved seeing the looks on their faces as you told the book's tale
  501. >And you especially loved hearing them giggle at the voices you made
  502. >It was awesome
  503. >Some of the most fun that you had had in...
  504. >In... forever you guess...
  507. >But, like all good things, it had to come to an end
  508. >Your voice, not used to that kind of strain, needed to take a rest
  509. >That and it was getting late
  510. >So there you were, sitting on the edge of Sunset's bed, waiting for the girls to brush their teeth and comb their hair and all of the other things that alien horse-women did before going to sleep
  511. >...
  512. >This was real life...
  513. >Actually had two girls that wanted to be a relationship with you
  514. >You had read to them and now you were waiting to sleep with them
  515. >This wasn't a dream
  516. >You had pinched yourself and everything...
  517. >The smile on your face grew a little wider
  518. >"Nonny~"
  519. >Looking up from your lap, you saw Sunset sauntering toward you with Twilight close behind
  520. >Both girls were wearing wearing fresh pairs of pajamas and undershirts, though they were without socks as they made their way over to you
  521. "You girls ready to go to sleep?" you asked
  522. >Twilight yawned
  523. >"It's been a long day," she said. "I could use some sleep.”
  524. >Sunset giggled
  525. >"Well, I could do with some more cuddling," she announced, looking you up and down with a grin
  526. >You jerked up, causing both of the girls to giggle
  527. >Twilight was the first to crawl into bed, making sure to nuzzle your cheek before making her way to the center
  528. >"Come on, Nonny," Sunny said, pushing you onto the bed. "You're in the middle. Same thing we did the night before."
  529. >You nodded, and with a little more eagerness than was necessary you climbed into the bed and made your way toward Twi
  532. >Twilight was on her side, looking at you expectantly with her arms spread out wide
  533. >Without a second thought you crawled over into her arms, resting your head right on her sternum
  534. >You sighed, taking in her scent as she let out a hum
  535. >Her arms wrapped around you, pulling you close
  536. >The bed creaked as Sunset climbed into the bed toward you
  537. >"Nonny!" she whined, plopping down right next to you. "Nooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"
  538. >Picking your head up, you looked over your shoulder to see that Sunset was looking at you pleadingly
  539. >Her eyes were slightly watery and her lip was quivering
  540. >Seeing you looking at her, she spread her arms out invitingly
  541. >Oh...?
  542. >She wanted to...?
  543. >Twilight, chuckling quietly, leaned down toward your ear
  544. >"Go ahead, Anon," she said. "I want to be the big spoon tonight anyways..."
  545. >You looked up at Twilight, who nodded encouragingly as she released you from her grasp
  546. >Rolling over, you wiggled toward Sunset, who let out a noise that sounded a HECK of a lot like a neigh
  547. >Her arms grabbed you, and with a surprising amount of strength she pulled herself towards you, her head finding his home right under her chin
  548. >"Hmm~ There we go..." she hummed, wiggling herself against you so that your bodies were pressed together
  549. >You, trying to ignore the fact that your bacon-haired gal wasn't WEARING A BRA, wrapped your arms around the girl, prompting her to let out another neigh-like sound
  550. >Twilight, not one to be left out, grabbed you and pulled the two of you toward her
  551. >...
  552. >Jesus...
  553. >For such a little horse-woman-alien girl she sure is strong...
  554. >You barely had time to mull that thought over, however, as a pair of soft, full breast pressed themselves against the back of your head
  557. >Twilight sighed, laying an arm overtop of you and nuzzling the top of her head
  558. >She then began to...
  559. >...
  560. >Nom on your hair?
  561. >...
  562. >Alright...
  563. >Sunset grabbed the blanket, throwing it over the three of you
  564. >She then clapped her hands, and with a click the light shut off
  565. >"Goodnight Nonny, goodnight Twi," she said
  566. >Twilight's grip on you tightened
  567. >"Night you two."
  568. >You sighed again, nuzzling the top of Sunny's head and closing your eyes
  569. "Night," you murmured
  570. >About a minute passed as the three of you lay there in each other's warmth
  571. >"Anon?" Twilight whispered
  572. "Hmm?" you asked, not bothering to close your eyes
  573. >"I don't... I don't remember you saying whether you wanted to be our coltfriend or not..." she said, sounding awfully worried
  574. >A soft snort escaped your throat
  575. >Eyes still closed, you fished around underneath the blanket until one of your hands found Twilight's and the other found Sunset's
  576. "You're going to have to beat me with a stick to keep me from leaving," you mumbled, giving their hands a squeeze
  577. >Sunset chuckled, leaning up to plant a sweet kiss on the lips
  578. >"You better stop it," she warned, snuggling a bit closer. "If you don't, I can't be held responsible for what I'll do to the two of you..."
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