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  1. So first off to be clear and not cause any confusion,  this is about ZRP and again it's current administration and their actions. This isn't because I'm a script whore, or that I'm just whining no I feel like it's really unfair for a lot of players inside the faction and outside, and I'm feeling it's a big circlejerk with favouritism.
  3. So what's it about?
  5. Well currently in the police faction we are running low on ammunition, weaponry and better armour. This has been made clear around three/four days ago by a admin character. We all got told the armoury is empty and that we gotta deal with what's inside. The days after this situation i've been asking ICly about the current situation of the equipment and ammunition, my character was running low on ammunition having around 10 9x19 rounds on his person. A lot of other players that have police characters were also running low on ammunition and also asked about the equipment situation. Our captain (Drewerth that's also the faction lead) said IC that  he doesn't know when or how and that he will inform us when there is equipment.
  6. So time passes and it's 23-3-2019 around one hour before the big event when the zombies break into Brooklyn and the official /outbreak/ is happening. Two players hop on the server and ask on the radio about equipment, I the Captain and several others inform them that there is nothing left and that the armoury is empty, the two players went to the armoury and asked in admin chat for scripts. A couple of minutes pass and they recieved them. Riot gear, ammunition and a shotgun. It sounds logical. They are just getting gear from the armoury but it kinda isn't.. The thing is all other players have been told that the amroury was empty and had no supplies anymore. No riot suits, no extra weaponry, no ammunition. This made me really irritated, why would they get stuff (normal players nothing special) while other players don't recieve anything. Of course you could say well they gathered the remaining supplies but how could they grab stuff from shelves that are empty for the other players?
  7. lovechildToday at 7:33 PM
  8. Maybe there are only two sets of riot gear in the armoury.
  9. Mr_Cookie13Today at 7:33 PM
  10. Maybe it's speculation or just a weird thought but I'm quite sure if I would been earlier did a "/me grab shotgun and riot gear" I wouldn't have recieved the same equipment like they did. This bothers me and it's just really unfair for other players like me. Why should they just get stuff by asking trough staff chat while others just RP for it and neatly wait until a response about equipment from the Captain. Funny thing is I did the same two minutes after they did it. I went into the armoury and RP'd grabbing a shotgun and a packaging of riot gear. Guess what I recieve twenty 9x19 rounds and nothing else.
  12. This makes me think this is just clear favouritism, just admins giving their buddy's or well known people better scripts and the privilege of getting gear.
  14. I think this because all the other cops got told to wait until a message from the captain,
  15. Well the thing is Brim, if there were only two sets of riot gear inside the armoury. Why did we (The cops) got told 1 day earlier there is nothing inside the armoury.
  16. By the faction leader...
  17. Funny thing is I discussed this with a admin from ZRP. I can send you the logs if you'd like.
  18. lovechildToday at 7:34 PM
  19. Because he probably didn’t know himself if admins were going to let people have anything.
  20. And maybe the two people that did get it are trusted more than you, or anyone else.
  21. Mr_Cookie13Today at 7:35 PM
  22. So players that are more trusted recieve more scripts?
  23. Funny thing is.. one of the players that got the script complained about me saying: "It's IC not OOC" while he just got a full set of riot gear trough ooc means.
  25. Pastebin
  26. [Yesterday, 21:28]  Mr_Cookie13:    Can I speak to you on discord  ...
  28. As you read the chat logs, you can clearly see that the admin is making up a excuse after another excuse and in the end just says "end of it"
  29. The thing is the whole aqquiring equipment went trough OOC manners while everyone else got told to take it IC and get equipment IC.
  30. There was a admin character that is a FBI agent. She handed out the equipment to the police officers, I couldn't be there when it happened so I didn't recieve a thing.
  31. Now I see two people just running into the armoury grab shit and get it spawned right infront of them while I got told to wait until the FBI agent comes back, both by admins and IC higher ups alike.
  32. I think this is just fucking crooked once again.
  33. lovechildToday at 7:42 PM
  34. Yes, players who are trusted in this community get more script weapons given to them by admins.
  35. That’s how it works if you prove that you can be trusted, and you’re less likely to cause issues.
  36. How many unban requests have you made at tnb?
  37. Mr_Cookie13Today at 7:42 PM
  38. One..
  39. lovechildToday at 7:42 PM
  40. How many times have you been kicked or banned?
  41. Mr_Cookie13Today at 7:42 PM
  42. Why would other people also have issue's then?
  43. why would other people also not recieve shit.
  44. Q: Are guns easily obtainable?
  45. A: Sure, easier than the last RR's + Paroxysm, but you're not gonna spawn in with one.
  46. Official FAQ of ZRP the revisit..
  47. Look I'm not trying to be a whiny bastard here.
  48. but I just think it's reall unfair... for all players. This basically means if you are friends with a admin you have the following benefits:
  49. - your character won't quickly die because he's better armed
  50. - You'll have a really large chance to recieve scripts
  51. - Your character will be more involved because you got a awesome gun
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