A Hard Wet Night

Dec 10th, 2016
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  1. The hard smashing of raindrops against the metal roof and meld together into one loud purr, as if from the island itself.
  3. You snuggle in closer to Herb. You love the feeling of being under a cozy blanket in a cold night. It reminds you of your highest point on Eelilee mountain. Your sisters would cuddle and keep warm after a day of songs and charms and duties. Tickle fights could get aggressive, since the loser would end up pushing themselves away from all that lovely warmth.
  5. Herb doesn’t smell like your sisters though. He doesn’t smell like anyone you’ve met. Is that diet? Is that just how mainlanders smell? No, Valerie smells similar, but distinct. He smells like a boy. A living, breathing boy.
  7. You push closer. Boys are big. Herb doesn’t seem exceptional, though. Actually, he’s not as muscular as a lot of boys. Mainlanders don’t get a lot of exercise. And without his clothing he looks especially less masculine.
  9. But there’s something undeniably masculine poking into you.
  11. You’ve seen them before, but never hard like this. And never so huge! You glance back up to him. Fast asleep. His aura is peaceful. Dreaming. You slowly move your way down under the blanket. It’s really dark, and Herb is shy, but you can’t help it. How many times does a girl like her get a chance to see a boy like this? There’s no harm in it.
  13. Bah! You moved to close and it poked your cheek. You take a moment to let your eyes adjust a little more to the dark, and lift the edge of the towel a little to let some light under. Cold air comes with it, though.
  15. You can’t believe the size of it. You know all the facts. They get bigger sometimes and boys can’t control it. They go in girls. They’re sensitive. Scholars and civilized people have smaller, proper ones, and savage, dumb brutes have large ones.
  17. But Herb doesn’t seem like a brute. Or dumb. He doesn’t know about your ways, but he knows all sorts of other things. But you understand why he’s shy about it now. He’s probably worried about getting picked on for his size.
  19. Your belly is tingling at the faint smell. It’s not really a good smell like food or a flower, but there’s a strange appeal to it.
  21. You move a little closer to get a better look. Your breath touches it, making him twitch and mumble.
  23. You race back to a normal cuddling position as quickly and stealthily as you can, even facing away this time. Your heart pounds out of your chest. That was close.
  25. That was bad.
  27. What’s wrong with you? Herb’s the sweetest boy you met. He’s been nothing but respectful and nice and you violated his trust. Your guilt makes your heart ache, but something else is making your body ache. You know this feeling. It’s a distraction. It clouds your mind.
  29. You’re not technically forbidden from...that stuff. But you’re supposed to not let anything cloud your mind, either. Only the most wise and skilled priestesses get married, because they’re the only ones who can prove they still do their duties with a focused mind. The spiritual world is no place for someone tethered by the material.
  31. But right now you don’t want to get married. You just want the other stuff that comes with it. You’ve had thoughts like this before, sure, but ever since Herb touched you that way, they’ve been so intense and distracting. It’s gone from very rare musings, thought exercises really, to a growing hunger. You start turning back around to face him. Maybe all those stories about their corrupting ways are true after all. He seems fast asleep, but what if he just has an unreadable aura and that’s why he always appears so nice? Who knows what strange ways they have.
  33. Maybe you want him to corrupt you a little.
  35. No! Stop it. Herb is as pure as the Eelilee snowtop. He’s strange and exciting and brave even though he’s not really strong, or maybe because of it, but he’s not for lewd things. And neither are you! You’re not like this. These are the types of thoughts that make nudity and freedom feel awkward and stifling.
  37. Besides, just because he doesn’t see you the same way normal boys do, as someone to be respectful towards and never touch, doesn’t mean you can take advantage of that. You like what you two have, even if it’s only been a short amount of time. Don’t ruin it with fleeting, bodily urges. Just like you don’t eat meat even if it sometimes makes your stomach growl, you should just resist any urges your body tempts you with and go to sleep.
  39. You turn back to face away from him and squeeze your eyes closed. You’ll do a thought purifying ritual again later and get this under control. Maybe some extra exercises. You can almost smell the incense as you picture it. Yes. That’s the way.
  41. Herb rolls over to face you and his arm drapes over you. You snuggle into him closer. That’s warm. That’s nice.
  43. That’s your boob he’s grabbing!
  45. You try to glance back. He’s still fast asleep.
  47. Well, whatever. You gently reach to pull it back.
  49. And that’s what he starts massaging it. Oh. Oh! Oh wow.
  51. He mumbles something about oranges being in season. That brings you back and you quickly move his hand away while you still have some focus left. You hold his arm and keep his hand up high near your shoulder. There. Now it won’t move and it’s still warm.
  53. You sigh and try to get to sleep. You think about counting different pokemon, different chats, craftwork with plants.
  55. Gah! Will he stop poking you with his barbaric thing? You can’t think straight!
  57. You move your legs and butt a little. But when you do, it starts pushing between the gap in your thighs. You just accommodate it without thinking and before you know it, it’s pressing right against you.
  59. “Herb?” you whisper.
  61. Herb mumbles something again in his sleep. You fidget in distress, but that just shoots a wave of temptation through your body. What’s he going to think if he wakes up? What if he actually is awake and he’s tricking you? Your mind is really feeling really clouded now.
  63. You try to think about anything else. Your mind goes to plants. You remember one time seeing some tomato plants drooping, well before they had any weight to them. Your teacher told you that it was because the wind wasn’t reaching them. They never got hardened by the winds, and their stems never strengthened. They fell over and failed before they were strong. You feel like those plants not. No exposure to this, and you’re failing. You’re very gently rubbing against him.
  65. There’s nothing going on. You’re just adjusting. It’s just that you feel like you have an itch and this is the best way to scratch. A wet, soaking itch.
  67. This is so wrong. But it feels sooooo good. You’re scared out of your body, as the expression goes, but your body and its sensations make you keep going.
  69. It’s not your fault, you tell yourself as you fight less and less and keep rubbing. You’re just adjusting how you’re sleeping, that’s all. He’s the one corrupting you with his mainlander ways. You bet if you hold his hand close to your chest he’ll start fondling you again. See, you’ll just bring his hand down close to your chest.
  71. He doesn’t do anything as you keep rubbing against him. You push your chest out more and arch your back. Please touch me.
  73. You shudder and gasp as he finally does. Your face is sweaty and stinging your eyes, but you don’t care about anything other than the amazing sensation between your legs and on your chest. You’re not rubbing against his thing anymore, you’re sliding. It’s wetter there than outside.
  75. “Uhn. Uhm, Uhn!” You try to keep your perverted voice down. It’s hard. So hard. You bite your lip.
  77. You feel like you’re hitting a high point. Something’s going to happen. You want it so bad. You want him to wake up right now and put it inside you and fill you up.
  79. You stop. What’s left of your functioning brain tells you to.
  81. It doesn’t count if you don’t finish, right? You sigh. You feel guilty. It’s not a big deal to your people, but what if what you did was taboo to his culture? No, surely he would have said something before sleeping naked next to you. He’d probably just be really embarrassed and that’s it. Especially since you know how huge he is. He wouldn't want that getting out, people would think he's some sort of berserker.
  83. You slink out of the bed to the shed door and quietly open it. Your hands reach out and collect some rainwater to splash on your face. You’re so tired, so hazy with lust, and so confused. But that water quells the fire in your belly for now.
  85. You crawl your freezing butt back under the towel between Tropius and Herb. It takes awhile, but you warm up again and feel cozy once more. Even Bella, who you were starting to think doesn’t like you, moves closer in her sleep. It’s warm here.
  87. The rain is slowly stopping, and it’ll be the period of refreshment and growth for plant life when the sun comes up. That’s your favorite time. A less confusing time.
  89. As you drift off to sleep, you wonder where you’ll end up tomorrow night.
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