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  1. Forces of Arkantos vs. Icaros
  3. Thousands of Years Ago in Greece, Arkantos leaves Atlantis with his crew, including warrior Ajax and centaur Charon, to find Elysian Shrine, where pillars of time are supposed to be located. In the shrine, an escaped titan Icaros finds out about intruders and attacks them. Arkantos isn't afraid of him, but Icaros shoots flaming rocks from the sky, taking down most of Arkantos's men. The remaining trio with Charon's centaurs attack the winged entity, but Icaros escapes, warning that the one who messes with time shall be punished by Kronos.
  5. Mortal Kombanants vs. Sagat's Forces
  7. Guile is brought to Kombat base and NIghtwolf, who has discovered a hole to Netherrealm near India. Raiden doesn't want Guile to go on a mission until they find Guile's Street Fighter allies. Guile believes most of his allies have already been killed. Stryker tells Guile that Raiden is a god and can easily find a lost person if he needs to. Sonya wants to confort Guile, but Guile doesn't want to be talked at. Raiden sends out Liu Kang, Kitana, Sonya, Jax, Sub-Zero and Stryker for the mission.
  9. At the meantime, Sagat has been given a mission to attack on the power plant in order to open the gate to Netherrealm and recover Quan Chi's allies. For that mission, Shadow Master's minions Trigger Happy and Sickle have been sent to help him. Mortal Kombanants get there in almost time but Trigger Happy shoots down the jet of Sonya and Jax, sending them to downfall. Sagat himself rushes through the gates just in time for chaos.
  11. Robocop vs. Mad Dog's biker gang
  13. General Warhawk receives a report from an anonymous GEZZAN authority which reveals that Mithril has sent Rambo and Robocop to help Savage Dragon in order to stop Warhawk's army from conquering Tierra Libre, but Robocop will be sent later than usual due to Detroit's crimewave. Warhawk sends ruthless biker Mad Dog, along with his henchmen Jerkface and Razor to Detroit so they could distract and possibly kill Robocop.
  15. Mad Dog's Biker Gang causes havoc in a Detroit Mall, where Robocop quickly arrives for justice. Since Robocop is all alone against three bikers, he is thrown around and then buried under rocks by Mad Dog, succeeding in Warhawk's mission.
  17. Rayman and Vexx vs. War Grok
  19. Two of the captured heroes are ready for their first fight in DreadZone, belittled by announcers Dallas and Juanita. Rayman tells the silent one that depending on the opponent's strength Rayman can take on it all alone. Twinsen is watching the fight along with Globox, who was also captured by Vox. The first exterminator they have to face is incredibly dangerous War Grok, Vexx is ready to fight against it, but Rayman wants to find another way, with both heroes having secret powers.
  21. Epilogue:
  23. Shinji is walking back home in rainy day, watching the destruction caused by BAHRAM and his Evangelion's fight. Suddenly, the Student Council of Tokyo-3 Campus led by Satsuki Kiuryin make their announcement, letting the worms to know who runs the place.
  25. In Mithril's headquarters, Kalinin has received four new allies to replace Robocop with, Russian Super-detective Captain Pronin and sportful task force of Prostars. Mithril's other lead Tessa Testarossa isn't sure how much help is enough in this age.
  27. Robotnik rushes in to the evil land of Metroid to scold at King Koopa for capturing his hedgehog. King Koopa tells him he deserve it for stealing the enemies he intended to destroy. Robotnik tells Koopa that he forgot to capture Sonic's friend Tails, who might find an exasperating way to get Sonic out of jail. Mother Brain breaks their fight and convinces Robotnik to join Videoland Villains for possibility that both Mario and Sonic will be destroyed and he'll get to work with more dangerous equipment. Koopa doesn't like the new addition, however.
  29. Tails arrives to Mushroom Kingdom to ask help from Mario Brothers. Plumbers can't believe the sight of skating two-tailed fox and believe he might in league with Coconuts, but Tails gets them on their side by saying his friend Sonic has been captured by King Koopa. Princess Peach wants to Tails to join their group and stop the evil Koopa once and for all.
  31. Raiden comes to tell Street Fighters Blanka and Chun Li that Guile is alive and they must come to the secret base of group known as Mortal Kombanants. Chun Li has only barely heard of them and trusts Raiden, but Blanka refuses to. Raiden tells them to take other Street Fighters with them.
  33. Gleeman Vox meets with Admiral Razorbeard, who originally ordered Rayman to be kidnapped into Dreadzone and now wants to know had Rayman died in his first battle. After hearing that Rayman won the fight, Admiral gets upset and threatens to bomb the DreadZone and take Vox as his slave. Suddenly, a wizard named Ripto appears in front of them and sneaks in that Rayman could possibly be killed with a certain dragon of Dragon Realm. Gleeman Vox get interested and asks what dragon he had in mind. Ripto tells them to capture purple dragon by the name of Spyro. Both of them like the idea.
  35. Back in Earth, a cat named Garfield is lost in a forest and doesn't know why. He comes across a dog with a bird, Snoopy and Woodstock. Garfield wants to make an alliance with them and lead him home, but Snoopy, hating cats, is afraid of Garfield.
  37. Malmoth decides to make his first move in the war and release two demons LeChuck and Pyron into the universe to cause destruction. The Gatekeeper of hell doesn't like Malmoth's idea of sending evil so corrupted it could destroy Malmoth himself into living realm, but Malmoth still forces him to open the gate. Malmoth is satisfied when two nightmares and awake, believing to plant the seeds of Ragnarok.
  39. Hemera is watching all of the resistance against forces of evil happening. Hemera wishes luck to the heroes of the universe.
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