Round Two

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  1. =================
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  5. --Patty
  6. And there she was, trouble blowing in like before. Bomber jacket zipped up, yoga pants and old army boots, hair curly and wild. Patty has her hands stuffed in her jacket pockets, and had a scowl on her face. She was looking for only one face, and it was Duke’s. She looked like she had malice aforethought.
  8. --Sarah
  9. Sarah drives towards the pizzeria once again. This time, she is bringing Daniel with her for dinner. Parking her bike just in front of the place, as she usually does. She hops off from the vehicle alongside her escort, both of them wearing the same type of fashionable attires as they usually do. Sarah herself leans down a compartment in the bike's back, and from it, she takes a small box wrapped in gift paper with a slight smile while Daniel leans to the bike and looks at her. "I hope this is open tonight. It's almost Christmas, you know?" The blonde man comments while he gets dismissed by a wave of the redhead. "Don't worry, he leaves here. And besides, I have his number. Come on, nobody can resist a gift!" Sarah giggles, and Daniel grins as well as both of them walk towards the place.- Not knowing of Patty's coming.
  11. --Duke
  12. The light's are on, sure enough. The place looks about as clean as it usually does, giving off the false impression that all is right within Duke's world, But that couldn't be further from the truth. He sat in his usual spot, his custom jacket *split* open at the left shoulder, and along the right sleeve, with dark patches of caked blood soaking into the fabric and leather. His whole frame was shaking, his head bobbing as he tried to keep his eyes open...or maybe he just couldn't keep awake. The vitae, the *taint* Syaka had forced into him robbed him off his sleep, forcing him keep awake and contemplate how low he'd been brought, the agency in his life that had been stripped away by nothing but pure malice. In his hands, his Glock shook, chambered and ready to deter any others that were...decidedly not vampiric in the slightest.
  14. His eyes barely registered Sarah or Daniel. Even now that glimmer of hope wavered within him, threatening to be snuffed out by the dark forces that were in this cruel, vicious world. "...Welcome to Viper's. Little Caesar's is in another part of Downtown..."
  16. --Sarah
  17. "...!" Sarah blinks for a moment after she notices the scene, or more accurately, after she notices the state that Duke has been left after her encounter with a cryptid. The couple looks at each other with surprise before approaching to him rapidly, Sarah leaves the gift on the side of the counter as she looks at him. "Duke! What happened? What happened to you?" She asks worriedly, meanwhile Daniel keeps a little more distance, but looks at him as well with a slight frown. "Are you hurt?" He asks, even if he noticed the blood is already dry.
  19. --Duke
  20. "...Only where it matters." Duke spoke with an emotionless tone, swaying in his chair. True to his words though, the cuts in his jacket revealed healed skin, full of color and vitality. The blood looked fairly fresh despite the dark patches. This was recent. "I got attacked by Patty's friend, who I now know is a fucking vampire with a hate boner for white dudes of just about any variety. Asshole'd been popping up to sneer down at me whenever they felt it, and the moment I stop giving a shit about their stupid bullshit, they just about damn near killed me out in public."
  22. --Patty
  23. Patty was quick to blow past the two of them, pushing them aside and pulling her bomber jacket open with fists clenched. Her eyes are wild and they are like daggers toward Duke. She had no preamble, she simply began peppering him with curses, “Alright you dumb son of a bitch! You promised me an ass kicking, and I’m gonna get what I came for!”
  25. It was like the other two didn’t even exist, she stormed up to Duke I and grabbed him by his jacket, getting her hands smeared the blood. Her snarl turned into a look of surprise, “Holy shit! You’re bleeding! Oh my God!” She grabbed at the nearby towels for bussing tables and pressed them to his shoulder. “Stay still!”
  27. --Sarah
  28. "A-A...A vampire?" Sarah stumbles upon her words. He's gotta be kidding, there is no way. However, when her eyes turn down to his wounds her expression then turns into a grimace. So does Daniel, who recognizes them even better than Sarah herself, making him huff and shake his head. "Jesus Christ of Nazaret. H-How..." They both seem stunned, and just in the right time, for as Patty shoved them away they put barely any resistance. Although Sarah rapidly try to stop her. "W-Wait! He's not hurt, he's not bleeding!" She called out.
  30. --Duke
  31. He just sighs with utter *exhaustion* as Patty enters the scene precisely when he thought she would. "Patty, Sarah and Daniel; Sarah and Daniel, Patty." Introductions over? Good. "Sorry Patty, your piece of shit *friend* Syaka beat you to punch and just about hacked me to pieces with a fucking *tomahawk*. Really good company you keep these days, huh?" Duke didn't have the energy for compassion or empathy. He was far too broken to be anything resembling understanding. "Also, Patty, I'm not going to fight you when you're *fucking PREGNANT* because I don't have fists for brains and I don't take to pissing all over things, or beating the shit out of people with a certain skin color and gender but, *YOU KNOW*..."
  33. Duke throws his hands up in up in the air and drops them into his lap.
  37. --Patty
  38. “What.”
  40. Her question was flat, blank. You could see the realization in her eyes as she begins comprehending what he’s saying. It went from disbelief, to confusion. After that, it was all fury. Her teeth clenched, and she spat with all the anger within her.
  42. “I’m gonna fuckin’ kill her.”
  44. She released him, looking at the bloody spot Syaka had given him. She looked to Daniel and Sarah, “We met. Nice ta meetcha.” She touches his bare skin where there should be a wound, then places a hand on his face for a moment.
  46. “... She’s fuckin’ dead.”
  48. With that she blew past the two of them again, storming out of the restaurant with no further ado. Patty mutters to herself as she stews, “No bike. I’ll hitchhike. I’ll make it by sunset. You..” Her face twists in conflict, “How the fuck am I gonna do this?”
  50. --Sarah
  51. "Crap." Sarah finally swears! even if under her breath. Her eyes follow the scene with still a dim of worry in them, even so that she only baraly manages to make a faint small and wave to Patty in return to their...Small presentation, Daniel was a lot more awkward, looking at Duke with confussion before he turns to Patty herself. The pair moves aside as she runs away like a bullet and they both look at each other.
  53. "She's going to kill her?" Daniel asks.
  55. "No. **She** is going to kill her." Sarah corrects and tilts her head at the door. Daniel rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "You got to be kidding me. She's going to..." "Go." Sarah interjects and Daniel lets his shoulders fall in defeat before passing his hand over his face. "Your call."
  57. The blonde man finally turns and run to Patty. Sarah herself knew that she would die if she fought against a vampire, and she heard she was pregnant. How could she not do anything? However, her gaze then turns to Duke and she walks back to him with a slight frown. "Hey. You..." Sarah mumbles, not even sure herself how to approach after that fall out. Moving to take a seat. She looks at him. "How did that even happened?"
  59. --Duke
  60. In the time that Sarah had sent Daniel off to grab Patty, to her turning back to Duke, Duke had vanished...wait. No. Not vanished. He'd *vaulted* himself over the counter, bullrushing past Daniel as he *kicked* the door open, and practically tackled Patty into the light post just outside. But not into the ground, or into the post itself. The young hauled her up with his arms wrapped around her waist, ignoring any and all attempts to hurt him, or break loose. He jammed his foot between the door and the frame just in time, elbowing the door back open and marching inside. Daniel and Sarah saw the red surging to the surface of his face.
  62. Broken. Stressed out. Ripped clean of his security and sanity, and pushed to the limit...
  64. Duke snapped.
  66. He slammed Patty ass-first into a booth seat, raised his freed arms, and *SLAMMED* them down on the table, the sound of particle board splitting as a third of it broke off in a messy pattern.  "*STOOOOOOOOOOP!!!*" The air was filled with the full boar *rage* of a man who had been pushed too far, given too little in return for the suffering he'd been put through.
  68. "JUST FUCKING STOP, YOU STUPID, FUCKING, *IDIOT!!*" He gripped down on the broken table piece, flinging off into the side with reckless abandon as he lost his god damn shit. He gripped Patty's shoulder's shaking her back and forth as his nails dug in, even through her jacket. "STOPSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOP!! JUST FOR ONE, *SINGULAR*, **FUCKING** MOMENT, ***STOP!!***"
  70. His chest heaved as he finally let himself breath again, dragging his lungfuls off air in and out and swaying with the stars that danced across his vision. His face was red hot with absolute fury.
  72. --Duke
  73. "Stop, and think, about how utterly fucking stupid you are being. You are a normal human, pregnant, and trying to square up against a supernaturally juiced being with spirit magic *bullshit*. They *toyed* with my body, Patty. Dragged me into the alley and threatened to end my life there, after I'd fired three god damn round into their *skull*. You aren't going to win, and if you so much as set foot outside that door..."
  75. ...God, what was he going to do.
  77. "...I'm going to break down, Patty. I can't keep doing this. Trying to save you from yourself. But I don't want you or your kid to end up dead, no matter how much I utterly *despise* you."
  79. --Patty
  80. Patty was tempted to fight it. She really was, but the feeling of Duke's arms around her both surprised her and took away any of the fight she had planned to give. Well-cushioned on the fall into the booth, she gave a little "Oof!" sound as she landed.
  82. As expected, she was about to spring off the seat again, but the breaking of the table gave her pause. Her eyes were wide, looking to the table, then to Duke, then the table again. Her mouth just stood open, dumb-struck. As he tore into her, she watched him rage and let the shouting and rage sink into her, and after she sees she's not going to be able to break in, Patty scoots back into the booth and tucks her knees up next to herself, waiting. She seems to be in rapt attention, and far from angry or frightened, there was a look upon her face. Appreciation? Possibly.
  84. After he broke, she looked at the table once more, then back to him. "...You can't blame me for that one, that's all you."
  86. She smiles a bit, then realizes that's not the right reaction and her expression changes to chagrin. "So.. so you despise me." She nods, as if chewing it over for a moment. "...that means you think of me?" She tries not to sound too happy about it, but her tone was unmistakably upbeat as she rises through her apology, "Well, what am I supposed to do? Leave it alone? I brought her into your life, it's my fault. I can't let you be hurt by her. That ain't.. that fuckin' cool with me. I can't just, you know..." She swallows hard, "I can't just.. can't leave you alone?" She swallows hard, then adds, "...that sounds really nuts. Like stalker and shit." She shrugs. "..I mean, I guess if you shot her in the head, I can't really be mad at her?" She asked this as a question, but it was more just a reassurance to herself.
  88. "...and just so you know, you could still have, like.. punched me in the face. Like.. when I was kickin' your ass. That's probably still allowed." She looked to Sarah with a 'Help me, here!' look, but it was unclear what she wanted help with.
  90. --Sarah
  91. Sarah stands back as he bolts from his spot to go rushing against Patty just as she sent her own ghoul after it. Daniel was fast, but he wasn't batshit insane and adrenaline filled as Duke, who flew like a bullet going straight for the madwoman. Both Domitor and Thrall stood still in surprise, although Daniel's reaction was more of unamusement, as he rolls his eyes due to being shoved away. "Gh...At least I won't have to get.-...!" He was about to grumble something under his breath, but whatever he or Sarah were going to say was shut down hard by the table being broken down and Duke's desperate yelling.
  93. Sarah cringes, the yelling disturbing her mental peace clearly as she just notices the true magnitude of what she got herself into. Daniel wasn't happy either, sighing deeply with a face that says its not the first time he gets himself in something like this. However, he shows surprising initiative at Patty's words, making him frown. "Girl, are you nuts?" He asks straight on, furrowing a brow. "Didn't you hear him? She's a vampire. She could kill you as easily as you can kill a small dog.- There is nothing you can do, nothing you."
  95. "**Quiet**, Daniel." Sarah said, clearly not wanting him to speak up now. Her words were enough to shut him down as he nods and keeps his mouth shut. The redhead then approaches them more slowly, trying to not disturb them more than what they already were. "Hey. Duke...You should really...Step back and breath." She says softly, not quiet reaching for him but saying as if a whisper. "Calm down. Wait a moment. Focus in your breathing..." She continues, assuming Patty is worried that this other madman could get worse. Daniel just keep his place with crossed arms.
  97. --Duke
  98. Duke can barely respond,  given how much he exerted himself in the outburst. He nods a little at Sarah's words, stumbling back and onto on of the bar stool near the counter. For now, he's just catching his breath as tears spill over his cheeks. His mind was frayed to hell and back, and he'd spent his last bit of energy trying to keep Patty from getting herself killed.
  100. He heaved quietly, closing his eyes to focus on his breaths. Nothing less. Nothing more.
  102. --Patty
  103. Patty just gawks at Daniel, "...what?? Who kills small dogs??" She looks at the two of them incredulously for a second, then shakes her head, "..who says that?"
  105. The pained expression on her face was obvious. She opens her mouth to speak to Duke, to say something, anything to make it better. She can't, of course, and knows her words just fuck things up more than silence. She looks to Sarah a moment, struggling to explain herself in some way without digging the hole any deeper.
  107. "What am I supposed to do? Do I just let her hurt the..." She looks at Duke, then changes direction. "So.. you're not in the middle of this. You can see, I'm kinda.. like, fucked up. Right? I'm just.." She keeps watching Duke and wanting to talk to him directly. It wouldn't end well.
  109. "...what do I do?" She is watching her intently, it didn't seem rhetorical at all. She was genuinely asking. "On all of this. Duke. Syaka. Everything... LA.. the kid.... what am I supposed to do?"
  111. --Sarah
  112. "It's a metaphor! I mean...Agh, christ." Daniel shakes his head, awkwardly so. Letting Sarah handle the tact in this case while he scratches his head and sighs.
  114. "Right. Good job. Just...Breathe." Sarah says finally as Duke leaves to the counter and she nods a few times. She then turns to Patty and blinks a few times as she watches her, biting her own lips, she rises a hand to signal her to stop. "Right, so..." Sarah takes a moment as well, watching Patty, Daniel and Duke in that order before taking a deep breah.
  116. "You can't beat that girl. That much I know. There is simply...No way you can." Sarah says with a grimace, but clearly confident in that statement. "She's not someone you can just teach a lesson with a bat. I don't know why she didn't kill him, but she could have, and so she could kill you." Sarah then pauses again and plays with her hands a little, just before crossing them. "He really cares about you. And you seem to care about him too, so...Stop doing these things. It really hurts him, and it will end either of you two if you don't stop. About your kid? Protect them. What else can a mother do?" Sarah says, tilting her head slightly. This felt...STrange to her, oddly familiar. Her voice was soft and caring, even if she barely knew Patty or her circumstances, it sounded like she truly cared. "Please. Don't go...Just stop for a moment, and think." She said with an almost begging tone, her frown showcasting worry.
  118. --Duke
  119. Duke looks back up for a moment, still panting and heaving against the counter, his gaze locking with Patty's. It was honestly nice having someone else being able to put it in eloquent terms, unmarred by rage, frustration, or any other negative emotions. Words that spoke how he felt, even if he didn't want to readily admit he did in fact care.
  121. He simply nodded as Sarah continued speaking. Yep. That sums up his concerns.
  123. --Patty
  124. "Well I do owe Syaka. She did already save my ass once." She looks at her knees, and from this point on she's covered her face in her mass of hair, speaking through the curls, "So I'm gonna leave it. He wants me to leave it. I don't wanna die, so... I'll leave it. It's what he wants."
  126. She swallowed hard, then spoke with a cracking voice, "I really mean, though.. on.. the baby thing." Patty clears her throat, trying to be as collected as she can. "I mean, like, should I keep her."
  128. That was the real question that had been plaguing her for a while now. She was still watching her knees. If she looked at them she'd crack, and she needed to say what's been on her mind. "..I don't have to like, get rid of her, like.. that's a sin. I mean, I sin all the time, but that's heavy. Like, I can't be forgiven kinda thing. And... and I don't think I could l-" She halts, sniffing hard before going on, "I couldn't live with myself? If I did?" It was too late, she could feel her eyes burning, rubbing her face on her yoga pants until her knees are soaked with tears and snot.
  130. "I could keep her 'til she was born, and like.. give her to somebody. Somebody not fucked up, like me. They don't need a mom like me. Nobody needs somebody like me." Those red-rimmed eyes look over to Duke again, "That's obvious. But what if it's got like, it's brain is fucked up like mine? Is that right to do to somebody?"
  132. Patty swallowed, then added in a soft, scratchy voice, "I *am* sorry I fucked up yer life, Duke."
  134. --Sarah
  135. Meanwhile. Daniel sighs a little and tries to look away, certainly awkward but somewhat moved by the scene as he closes his eyes. Meanwhile, Sarah kept doing her job supporting her, her hand softly reaching for Patty's shoulder while her other hand opens her own jacket and takes a rosary that is hanging from her neck while she continues to speak in a low tone, hushed, like a whisper. "I...I believe in God, myself...At some points I don't think I know what to believe, but I do." She explained before truly starting. "And yes, it is a sin.- You can't just take a life like that. And you shouldn't even if you don't believe, but..." She pauses again. Giving Patty another brief moment to breath while Sarah brushes her shoulder comfortingly.
  137. "If you feel like you can't...Don't drag anybody else with you." Sarah says, now that's why she gave her a moment, for while kind she also had to be realistic. "You have too much to deal with. Don't kill her, but don't take a burden that will make both of you suffer. If you feel like you can't...Don't make her suffer too. Give her a place where someone can help her...And find somewhere you can be helped, too." With that, she took her rosary from her neck, hanging it around her left hand and moves said hand to slowly move away the hair from Patty's face, standing aside to let her see Duke.
  139. --Duke
  140. Duke finally opened his eyes and peered over at Patty, his eyes worn out, but still holding onto that shred of hope inside of him. "...First a for most, you need a psychiatrist. Probably more than that, but with the whole whispering to yourself bit...while, I'm not sure that's a good sign, no offense. Maybe they can help you with some of the other baggage you got going on, I 'unno. Never really been to therapy myself. But you can't keep trying to wing it in life. You gotta have plan, make some compromises. I think right now both of those entail giving up your chase to become the next platinum album, and focusing on getting healthy, mentally, and getting ready for a kid."
  142. Duke shrugs a little, smiling ever so faintly. "I uh, hear post birth depression can be absolute hell, and if you're mind's already a bit fucky...well, it's not the kinda circumstance you want to have to deal with if you can head it off early enough. I'm not saying you should forget your dreams either, Patty need to change your priorities. Keep away from vampires and getting into trouble, better yourself as a person."
  144. --Patty
  145. The mere fact that he would still bother to speak to her and cared to give advice, after all she's put him through? That's what really, truly broke her. She looks elated and destroyed all at the same time. There was this sense of gratitude in her eyes, looking at Sarah for a moment. She couldn't really express it, but she felt it nonetheless.
  147. She sniffed, wiping her face on her arm again and nodding at the hard truth, "Maybe.. I'm not cut out." She looks a bit heart-broken about that, "I might still get into show biz. Who knows? I mean, I really should keep working to pay for baby stuff. Oh!" She lights up as she looks to Duke, "I totally forgot to tell you! I got a job! Like, a real job!"
  149. And then her face would ever-so-slowly crumble.
  151. "...OH SHIT!" She looked around for that clock on the wall, then gasp, holding her hand up to her mouth, "OH shit shit shit!!" She bolted out of the booth, stepping on the cracked table before she hits the floor, looking frantic. She takes enough time to grab Sarah and give her a breathless hug, then sped for the door.
  153. She stopped and looked back at them for a moment, "I gotta go. I'll try not to fuck up so much." She watched Duke too long, then broke off and ran as fast as her feet could carry her down the street.
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