Horizon 9-B

Jul 2nd, 2016
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  1. Chapters 30-32:
  2. Kasuya's unit fights Maeda and his skeleton army.
  3. After comparing the tower of ether coming from Honnouji with the one at Mikawa, Class Plum concludes Motonobu may have blown up Mikawa to hide the fact that he was using a ton of ether to transfer something through the ley lines.
  4. With help from Shakespeare, they fully decode Carlos I's message, but still aren't entirely sure what it means.
  6. Chapters 33-34:
  7. Maeda summons an 800 meter skeleton that battles the Azuchi by throwing battleships, firing rocket punches, and shooting gigantic ether beams.
  9. Chapters 35-36:
  10. After some help from Takenaka, the nonhuman unit, and Zwei Furstin, Kasuya goes through her werewolf transformation and defeats the giant skeleton.
  12. Chapters 37-39:
  13. Kiyomasa holds her own against Niwa.
  14. Sakon takes over the fight against Niwa so Kiyomasa can continue on ahead.
  15. Kani fights Fuwa but is defeated.
  17. Chapters 40-42:
  18. Sakon defeats Niwa.
  19. Katou Yoshiaki "helps" Kani regain consciousness and escape the ship she's trapped inside.
  21. Chapters 43-44:
  22. Kani has a rematch with Fuwa and wins this time.
  23. Oichi attacks Kiyomasa.
  24. Kiyomasa tries to negotiate a truce to get Katsuie and Oichi to help with Honnouji, but they refuse and insist on fighting to the bitter end.
  26. Chapters 45-47:
  27. The Musashi arrives at Honnouji and tries to fire its main cannon into the ground to mess with the ley lines and keep the Genesis Project from working, but Mitsunari and her fleet of unmanned ships stop the attack.
  28. Before they head out, Toori gets in some last minute lewd with his harem.
  29. Yasuke and his unit of shadow-walking half-dragons attack the Musashi troops in the woods, but they're no match for Muneshige and Gin.
  31. Chapters 48-51:
  32. Toshiie sends in some ghost troops remotely, but Uqui and Narumi take care of them.
  33. Nate and Narimasa play a few rounds of Adele Ball.
  34. Nate, Adele, Mary, and Persona-kun take turns battling Narimasa with some occasional help from Tenzou, Hassan, and even Ohiroshiki.
  35. Adele gets in the final blow and defeats Narimasa.
  36. Muneshige and Gin continue fighting the shadow-walking half-dragons.
  37. The Musashi group makes their way further into Honnouji and prepare to enter the room where Ranmaru and Yasuke await.
  39. Chapters 52-56:
  40. The Musashi group battles Yasuke, but Kimi gets the better of him.
  41. Fukushima finally finds her way to Katsuie's troops.
  42. Kiyomasa finally discovers the truth of the misunderstanding between her and Fukushima.
  43. Fukushima battles Katsuie and Oichi.
  44. Just as Fukushima is about to be defeated, Kiyomasa shows up and saves her.
  45. Upon being reunited after so long, Fukushima and Kiyomasa kiss and prepare to face Katsuie and Oichi together.
  47. Chapters 57-End:
  48. Fukushima and Kiyomasa win by chopping off Katsuie and Oichi's right arms.
  49. Juana contacts the Musashi group to explain that Carlos I's memo was referencing the Messiah and Golgotha plans.
  50. The Musashi group confronts Hashiba and they have a battle using the two complete sets of Logismoi Oplo.
  51. Hashiba is ultimately defeated by one of Horizon's arms.
  52. Nobunaga shows up and explains a great many things:
  53. *She is Horizon's original body with an automaton mind and she has Horizon's old memories. Her designation is P-01m.
  54. *Hashiba is another automaton created to let her interact with the outside world (since Horizon's body was so badly injured Nobunaga herself can only be active for two hours a day). Her designation is P-02m.
  55. *Horizon's Logismoi Oplo were the original set that Motonobu realized wouldn't work, so he created a new set that Nobunaga has.
  56. *During the Age of Dawn, destiny was given a personality so it could actively help mankind, but destiny could not stand seeing all the death caused by destiny and it decided people would be better off without destiny. Thus, destiny eventually began slowly killing itself in a process that became known as the Apocalypse.
  57. *The Genesis Project will execute destiny's personality, so destiny itself will remain but it will no longer have the personality needed to kill itself.
  58. *However, this will also erase everything in the world that was brought about by destiny. That means all civilization, culture, and relationships will be erased and mankind will have to start over.
  59. *To do this, Nobunaga will be linked to destiny via the second moon (the ether one), Nobunaga will act as a vessel for destiny's personality, and she will be executed.
  60. *The Princess Disappearances are a process destiny uses to get rid of anyone who tries to stop it from committing suicide.
  61. Nobunaga begins the Genesis Project process, but Horizon's arm saves the day again and stops the linking process.
  62. Even so, Nobunaga is carried up to the moon and Asama guesses the Genesis Project will be completed on the full moon after the next.
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