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  1. Special CW:
  3. Conquerors! Raise your weapons! Today is a good day to hunt your enemies as they prowl in the lands of Evolution!
  4. Introducing the Special Club War!
  5. Schedule:
  6. Rewards:
  8. Special Tyranny:
  9. Represent your nation as you capture the three towers of Evolution! War is in the air don't miss this chance to bathe in your opponent's blood!
  10. Introducing Special Tyranny!
  11. Schedule
  12. Rewards:
  14. Suryun:
  15. Experience the gift of evolution as you proceed to slay the monsters who are constantly trying to conquer our town!
  16. As you slay these monsters you will be compensated with special rewards so make sure not to miss this chance!
  17. Introducing Suryun event!
  18. Schedule:
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