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  2. This reminds me...
  4. When I was 15, my mom invited my cousin over for a pool party for my birthday. She brought a friend, Shawna. I immediately fell for her. She had auburn hair, hazel eyes and a beautiful smile. She was wearing a tiny bikini that showed off her perfect ass and her amazing tits.
  6. We stayed in the pool for most of the day and Shawna kept rubbing up against me. It was driving me absolutely crazy. I was so hard I felt like I was going to explode. With each "bump," she brushed my cock. I know she knew I had a hard on.
  8. After about an hour of this, I couldn't take it any more. Then next time she tried it, I grabbed her hand, smiled, and put it down my bathing suit. She retracted in horror. Fucking cocktease.
  10. I'd have none of this. I told my mom to go get us some snacks so we'd be alone. I pulled my shorts off, pushed Shawna under the water, and forced my rock hard member into her agape mouth. I knew she couldn't breathe. I just kept mouthfucking her. And then she bit my cock. I jump out of the water and pull her out with me. Blood is dripping from the end of my dick. Fucking bitch.
  12. I take her into the woods behind our house, throw her to the ground. I flip her over, rip off her bathing suit bottoms. She starts to scream. I smash her head in with a rock. And then I put my fist into her dead asshole. Reaming this hot little cunt's shithole was an awesome birthday present. I put my dick in her ass along with my hand. I jacked myself off in her ass. God, that was awesome. Her asshole ripped, but I figured she wasn't going to be using it for anything anymore so fuck it.
  14. When I got done, I noticed that a crowd had formed. All the people from my party were standing around watching me anally violate this beautiful corpse. They just gathered around. Gather 'round the good stuff. Pizza Hut.
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