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  1. Start-Up
  2. H: Hixar
  3. C: Chall
  4. S: Sherilyn
  5. E: Eco
  6. LI: Linda
  7. AN: Anew
  8. L: Leif
  9. T: Telicyra
  10. BY: Bryn
  11. LA: Lars
  12. BE: Beside
  13. SL: Sulu
  14. HR: Hermiya
  15. Sol: soldier
  16. P.1
  17. Sol: Gwah!
  18. BE: Hear me humans...
  19. BE: Gundam will stop all conflicts
  20. P.2
  21. L: I woke up one day...
  22. L: And realize that I’m not human...
  23. L: I was told that I’m an Innovade...
  24. P.3
  25. L: Veda, our creator, gave me a mission to gather 6 Innovades
  26. L: I found Dr. Telicyra...
  27. L: As well as Bryn Sondheim
  28. L: But the next candidate is the Innovade Hunter, Lars Grise...
  29. L: Who has been killing our fellow Innovades, one after another
  30. P.4
  31. L: The doctor went to Katharon to find him
  32. L: While I followed the voice of a Gundam who has been calling for me
  33. L: And crossed paths with an unknown Innovade...
  34. P.5
  35. H: I’ll ask you once again
  36. H: What are you going to do with the 1 Gundam?
  37. H: This machine is created for Innovades to carry out armed interventions as Gundam Meisters
  38. H: If the power of Innovades and this Gundam are combined, it could result in an unstoppable force
  39. P.6
  40. L: Eye Gundam...
  41. H: The world may have been different from what it could be now, since...
  42. P.7
  43. H: Humans are chosen to be Meisters instead
  44. H: That’s why this machine was abandoned
  45. L: This Gundam was supposed to be deployed in the armed interventions back then...?
  46. L: But I was called here by this thing!
  47. H: Oh
  48. H: The Gundam summoned you here eh?
  49. P.8
  50. H: As expected from the Meister of this machine
  51. H: Still, to think that this machine is hidden on a facility where Alejandro developed Alvatore...
  52. L: Alejandro... Alvatore...
  53. L: I know that machine from the data I downloaded from Veda
  54. L: But...
  55. H: What?
  56. L: I got nothing to do with that
  57. L: You’re probably thinking about another Innovade
  58. L: The one with the same base sequence type as me
  59. P.9
  60. L: Veda also gave me a mission before all of this...!
  61. H: Oh? How intriguing...
  62. H: So you’re currently under Veda’s mission...
  63. L: T-that’s right...! I was tasked to find 6 Innovades-
  64. H: How strange
  65. H: I’m here because I followed Veda’s instructions
  66. H: That’s why I’m here, to hunt you down
  67. P.10
  68. LA: I... I killed a human...
  69. LA: Oh God...
  70. LA: What kind of future written on my destiny...?
  71. LA: Will it always be smeared by blood...?
  72. P.11
  73. SL: What did you say?! You want to meet that murderous bastard?!
  74. T: That’s my purpose here
  75. SL: Then I’ll go with you!!
  76. SL: I can’t let my brother face such danger alone!
  77. T: No no don’t worry about it! I can’t endanger my own sister like that! It’s for your safety!
  78. T: If we go together, he might notice that Sulu and I are the same type
  79. P.12
  80. SL: Nobody in this world would care about me as much you...!
  81. SL: Please, come back safe for me! Big brother!
  82. T: S-Sure...
  83. HR: What a TERRIFIC siblings love~
  84. HR: Then I’ll go with you instead to help-
  85. T: Don’t get in the way
  86. HR: Ouch...
  87. Lagrange 3 CB Factory
  88. LI: Feel free to ask me anything you don’t understand
  89. AN: Okay, I’ll try to learn things quickly and not hold you back too much
  90. P.13
  91. LI: Ptolemy’s Meisters are all present now
  92. LI: We have to develop variety or equipment to enhance the Gundams... we will be very busy later
  93. AN: Understood
  94. LI: Having a talented member like you is a huge help, Anew
  95. LI: Especially since there are a lot of weirdos around here, for example the mechanic, who is my husband he’s like a madness incarnate
  96. Husband
  97. P.14
  98. S: My development plans of Gundam power up parts...
  99. S: Will definitely surprise my master!
  100. Master
  101. S: Let’s start with Arios
  102. S: What if the additional equipment, is a transformable MS?
  103. S: I’ll send this idea to my master!
  104. S: Oh yeah! I think ‘it’ is still inside the warehouse...
  105. P.15
  106. S: GNY 0042-874 Gundam Artemie
  107. S: How nostalgic... This is the very first Gundam I created, we can use this
  108. S: Hanayo... how are you doing right now...?
  109. S: Now then...
  110. S: Let’s see if there’s anything else we could use~
  111. S: I wonder how the recovery operations are going right now...
  112. P.16
  113. C: Nothing left to recover?
  114. C: What the hell are you talking about?
  115. C: But Sherilyn just sent us the confirmation few moments ago!
  116. C: There’s supposed to be Fereshte’s Gundam equipment and maintenance parts there
  117. C: Don’t you know how important they are right now!?
  118. C: Everyone at Celestial Being is waiting
  119. C: Are you sure you’ve checked everywhere?  Pull yourself together Eco, concentrate!
  120. E: Geez I get it Chall!
  121. P.17
  122. E: But I’m telling you! The whole place is empty!
  123. E: The weapons and materials are all gone...
  124. E: Hell, even the Avalanche Unit disappeared!
  125. C: But that equipment could only be used by Exia type machines...
  126. C: Who could have...
  127. C: Could it be Fon?!
  128. E: Nah, no way!
  129. E: Because his Astraea is currently...
  130. P.18
  131. E: being piloted by me, right here!
  132. E: Currently powered by a GN Condenser
  133. C: You got a point...
  134. C: Maybe the UN Forces discovered this base and took it away back then
  135. C: I’ll try to look it up from here
  136. C: You can proceed to the next facility now Eco
  137. E: Roger!
  138. C: I wonder if Hixar managed to find him...
  139. P.19
  140. H: You’re not going to fight back?
  141. L: Did Veda really instructed you to kill me?
  142. H: No, I’m here for revenge
  143. H: Beside Pain
  144. L: But I’m Leif Recitativo!
  145. L: I don’t know anyone named Beside!
  146. L: I’m telling the truth here!
  147. H: And this is the information that Veda gave me
  148. H: Today, at this exact place, an Innovade called Beside Pain will appear
  149. H: And that Innovade is...
  150. P.20
  151. H: The Gundam Meister who killed my best friend 9 years ago!!
  153. P.21
  154. H: The seal broke?!
  155. L: Who...
  156. L: Who am I...?
  157. P.22
  158. BY: The 1 Gundam has been awakened
  159. BY: I wonder, where will this power head off to...?
  160. BY: Veda... what should Bryn do now?
  161. P.23
  162. T: Leif did what now?! To think he would go and...
  163. T: I think I might have a problem here as well
  164. T: Call me again later Bryn
  165. T: Phew...
  166. T: I have to persuade the Innovade Hunter, Lars to join us...
  167. T: Easier said than done...
  168. P.24
  169. T: You sure love coming out of nowhere...
  170. T: Lars Grise
  171. LA: You’re that doctor back then...
  172. T: The name’s Telicyra Herfi
  173. LA: How the hell are you still alive-
  174. LA: Well, I suppose I should thank you for that first
  175. P.25
  176. T: Oh?
  177. T: What is this about now?
  178. LA: It means I didn’t kill a human
  179. T: Hey, you’ve already killed hundreds at this point
  180. LA: They’re fake humans... they are different
  181. T: That may be so, but Innovades are living beings, just like humans
  182. LA: Why you... what are you-
  183. LA: Don’t tell me you’re...!
  184. T: Yes, just like you, Lars
  185. P.26
  186. T: Oh just admit it already! How the hell can you live over a hundred years?!
  187. T: It’s because you’re an Innovade, plain and simple!!
  188. LA: Shut your mouth!! Faker!!
  189. T: Lars Grise!
  190. T: Awaken, now!
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