xiaomi powerkeeper

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  1.         //make sure this is xiaomi device
  2.         if (android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER.equalsIgnoreCase("xiaomi")) {
  3.             Intent intent = new Intent();
  4.             //setting the xiaomi power manager as the app and the right activity
  5.             intent.setComponent(new ComponentName("com.miui.powerkeeper", "com.miui.powerkeeper.ui.HiddenAppsConfigActivity"));
  6.             //setting the extra package (dosn't seem to do anything)
  7.             intent.putExtra("Package", "ui.bosco");
  8.             //setting the label => the title of the activity
  9.             intent.putExtra("Package_label", "Bosco");
  10.             startActivity(intent);
  11.         }
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