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Oct 11th, 2013
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  1. Before I start. I was going to release this as a book, get a publishing deal ect. But, it's not long enough, I don't have the patience and I couldn't find anyone who'd give the profits to charity.
  3. If you feel like donating you can donate via bitcoin: 1NBX3XHPxE4J8Vh5td178pZbGzwCPk5r2n
  4. Every single cent will be donated too a charity dedicated to helping children. Ever single cent is appreciated.
  6. Book
  8. Talking to friends sometimes brings up funny,strange and memorable stories. After talking, many friends said I should write about my life. As I'm sure many of you're aware I used to be a Blackhat.A common question I get is, why did you do it? The simple answer? Survival.
  10. Through years of chasing leads this is my story. This is my life. This is me.
  12. Ill explain why computers,people's stupidity and people I've never met saved mine and my daughters life. Ill start from the very beginning, when I was 5 to be precise. My Dad was heavily involved in gangs. Drug trafficking,murder,prostitution all the bad stuff you never want to happen to anyone. Not only was he a brutal drug lord with more blood on his hands than a butcher he also beat my mother. As I was only four I didn't know what was happening never mind trying to stop it.
  14. My mother would regularly be sent to hospital after "falling whilst hiking" or "getting drunk at the weekend" of course this isn't what was happening. These were just sick excuses that my farther created to hide his cold hearted beatings of my mother. I remember one day having to visit my mum in hospital after she was put in a coma from a savage beating. He forced her into prostitution in exchange for drugs,money or just for a "favour".
  16. Eventually my fathers days of being a drug lord caught up to him. It was about a week before my sixth birthday. I was asleep in my bed inside a small, 1 bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom at the end of the corridor with holes in the roof big enough to slide fit a person through. More a dormitory than a apartment. We was on the bottom floor as this was the cheapest. I never knew what my dad spent his money on, nor do I want to know.
  18. The bedroom faced onto a quiet back dirt track mainly used by people not cars. 1am, the time my life would change for ever. A loud screech of tires grinding on the road then the roar of a cars engine,beating like the heart of the largest animal, followed by a deathly silence. Then, suddenly the gates of hell opened up. Hundreds of bangs,closely resembling the sound of the largest firework you've ever heard followed drowning out the calls and screams from my mother.
  20. She ran into my room,picked me up shielding me with her own body, ran towards the back of the house and laid on top of me, or at least that's what I thought. Then the gates of hell closed, and the deathly silence came back. I was waiting for my mother to stand up and say it was all ok, I was waiting for my mother to stand up and say it wasn't real. But it was real and it wasn't ok.
  22. I spent just short of five months in hospital. My mother died instantly, she was hit by a total of 26 bullets, 3 before she picked me up and another 5 carrying me to the back of the house. I had a collapsed lung, both legs were broken and I was shot in the mouth. Luckily, one person saved me. My neighbour. Ex US military. Greatest man I've ever met, my true farther. He adopted me, treat me like his own kid. But I couldn't stay, I had to see the scene of my mothers brutal murder every day.
  24. So, when I was 9 I ran away. Don't get me wrong, I loved the sergeant but I couldn't live there. I lived on the streets,stealing food,sleeping in parks and having a shower the occasional time it rained. I was walking back to the tent I had set up in a park bush when I heard someone crying, the crying was easily distinguishable as a baby and it was coming from a dumpster. There I found a baby, probably 4 days old at the bottom of a bin,Starving. I decided to look after the baby (the police were corrupt and would sell/give babies to gangs for child trafficking). I had no clue what to do, I would go to the church and say she was my sister. There she would be fed, given new clothes and be warm. I'd spend the day stealing food from market stalls too feed us. I now consider her my daughter. She's 19, called rosia and works at a modelling agency. So proud of my little girl.
  26. I became good friends with a kid called juan. He was short, had long brown hair and dark brown eyes. He Lived in a strict catholic household, a nurse mother and a farther who worked in a Internet cafe. This is where my life became what it is.
  28. I'm not sure exactly how but I ended up stealing people's money, items and account details from games. Selling the currency or creds on forums,irc's or back to the user. I made friends, who recommended me to other websites, each time advancing in skill,intelligence and determination. I remember writing my first botnet aged 14. It was pretty basic. DDoS,page loader,download and execute, and a key logger. The forums back then wasn't like they're now. Feds didn't care so everyone was open.
  30. I met a few of the guys of there,most adults and most still my close friends. I received pretty good feedback on the botnet and I was probably one of the best for updating bugs and customer support.
  32. Ever time I wrote a new piece of malware it became more and more advanced. Soon, I became involved in banking Trojans. Formgrabbers capturing keystrokes and POST,HTML inject using translators to make sure the language reflected the bots location. With a increase in sophistication came the increase in cost. Before I knew it I was selling source+bins for 20k or 10k cash.
  34. My malware became I big hit. The forums I posted on sometimes got 5-10k posts a day and I regularly hit the most viewed thread of the week page. (I actually once got post of the year).
  36. I become heavily involved in "piratas del océano digital" pirates of the digital ocean translated from Spanish to English. I started of as what is called "scrub". Basically my role was to find vulnerabilities in websites to pass up to the next rank "messenger" who did the attack. I slowly progressed through the ranking, becoming more and more respected as time went by. Our group was incredibly powerful in Spain. We had police on bribes and even had a small time drug cartel in the palm of our hand.
  38. I eventually found my speciality, social engineering. Telling lies in a believable manner was my gift from god. I ran a small time shop on the side offering to hack any email account for a set price. Eventually I became the leader. We had nearly 300 members and regularly did paid attacks in government "cyber war".
  40. We dominated the 0-day market, the botnet market and the hacking market with about 70% of sales coming from us. All of a sudden I've gone from poverty to millionaire and I was having the best time of my life.
  42. I moved to the UK. I still kept making bigger and better botnets. Now incorporating tor to hide c&c traffic, P2P botnets and ones that used Instant messaging services like msn. As a group we probably controlled close to 20 million computers. Mainly used to send spam,launch ddos and of course, carding.
  44. I decided to stop doing Blackhat activities. I now class my self as a Whitehat. I use my knowledge of being Blackhat to prevent malicious attacks. This is my hobby, and this is my life.
  46. I'm now on twitter as @trojan7sec
  48. Dear Feds, if you subpoena my twitter IP it's most likely a bot. Hehe.
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