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  1. Restoration Companies Long Island
  2. Address:
  3.  838 Old Country Rd,
  4. Westbury, NY 11590
  5. Phone:
  6. 516-629-0730
  7. Website:
  10. Additional Details
  11. Hours: 24h
  12. Payment: All cc, cash
  13. Discription
  14. Restoration Companies Long Island. The experts at Restoration Companies Long Island are ready to help you in any situation where you may have experienced water damage or a fire. Our specialists are trained to handle each one of these situations with ease and we have the tools and equipment to make it possible. Preservation of your home is our number one goal and we make sure that it happens.
  15. Often times, homeowners do not even know that they have water damage in their home until they look under the sink and see a bunch of mold. Mold is harmful to your health and you do not want to come into contact with it. If you have mold present in your home, now is the time to call us. We offer mold inspections and can eliminate all mold and mold spores immediately.
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