Autocorrect Party

Feb 23rd, 2013
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  1. [22:23:26] <RadishPhone> Okay so.
  2. [22:24:40] <RadishPhone> You guys entered an office. Desks and shit. Roll notice.
  3. [22:25:34] <Kraken> (Sentence is infinitely more amusing if read as "orifice")
  4. [22:25:49] <DJ> 1d100 notice
  5. [22:25:50] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, notice: 57 [1d100=57]
  6. [22:25:54] <DJ> yaaay
  7. [22:26:00] <RadishPhone> Yaay
  8. [22:26:12] <Larissa> 1d100 notice
  9. [22:26:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, notice: 64 [1d100=64]
  10. [22:26:23] <RadishPhone> YAAAY
  11. [22:26:31] <DJ> Can I like, use the experience I never used yet to boost that so it doesn't near-fail?
  12. [22:26:40] <RadishPhone> Yes.
  13. [22:26:58] <DJ> (I was gonna boost that and inspire and dodge, for reals)
  14. [22:26:59] <RadishPhone> Which turns your defeat
  15. [22:27:04] <DJ> (Since notice is like everything ever)
  16. [22:27:13] <RadishPhone> into a great success
  17. [22:27:14] <Larissa> (i've been basically pouring all my exps into Notice :v )
  18. [22:27:30] <DJ> How many do i have by this point?
  19. [22:27:39] <RadishPhone> Like Phoenix Wright or somethimg
  20. [22:27:42] <RadishPhone> 8
  21. [22:28:09] <DJ> I guess that'd be 3 dodge, 3 notice, 2 inspire. EDIT TIME
  22. [22:30:06] <DJ>
  23. [22:31:45] <RadishPhone> ANYWAY, Don notices a wonderful array of wires over the room, like a net, as well as a seemingly pristine pair of gloves on a shelf on the other side
  24. [22:33:36] <DJ> "...Jesus." DJ stands in the doorway, holding his arm out to prevent Larissa from potentially sauntering in.
  25. [22:34:00] * Botherer ( has joined #CarrionRiot
  26. [22:34:31] * Larissa stays safely outside anyway. After the last death trap, she's starting to learn to assume everything is trapped, unless she can prove otherwise.
  27. [22:34:58] <Larissa> "What is it?" She asks, presumably not noticing any of the wires!
  28. [22:37:04] <RadishPhone> The gloves look elbow length and made of a black material similar to latex
  29. [22:38:15] <Kraken> (I didn't think there'd be an S&M ending)
  30. [22:39:25] <RadishPhone> Continue?
  31. [22:40:08] <DJ> (Sorry, back)
  32. [22:40:44] <RadishPhone> It looks like it'll take a lot of effort to reach those gloves without setting off a wire
  33. [22:41:21] <DJ> "Look closer. There's wires everywhere." He stands quiet for a moment. "There's something on the other side. Gloves, it looks like. If you think we need them, I'll go in. Otherwise, it doesn't look like we'll get much else. your call."
  34. [22:42:17] <DJ> *Your
  35. [22:42:36] <Larissa> "Weren't you the one that told me not to risk my life?"
  36. [22:43:09] <DJ> DJ glances back at her. "Yeah, that's why I said I'd go in, if you think it's worth it."
  37. [22:43:42] <Larissa> "Unless they're protective, or somehow magical..." As she says this last bit, she tries to focus on the gloves (hopefully DJ pointed them out to her!), trying to detect if they have an unusual aura.
  38. [22:43:47] <Larissa> 1d100 mage sight
  39. [22:43:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, mage sight: 76 [1d100=76]
  40. [22:44:00] <Larissa> (thats a fail on anything but a minor check :v )
  41. [22:44:26] <RadishPhone> You notice that you have a headache
  42. [22:44:55] <Larissa> "Anyway, I don't think they're important enough."
  43. [22:45:42] * Larissa wishes she brought a first aid kit. Not just to bandage all the scratches, bruises, and burns they've acquired, but now for some asprin too.
  44. [22:45:59] <DJ> "I wouldn't put it past this place to booby trap the shit out of something worthless, and lock off the room." He lowers his arm. "Guess we gotta head to the next."
  45. [22:46:27] <Larissa> "It's probably some symbolic bullshit."
  46. [22:46:39] <Larissa> "Like, it might be the gloves of whoever's masterminding this place."
  47. [22:46:58] <Larissa> (did ghost mcgee ever tell us her name?)
  48. [22:47:08] <RadishPhone> Four doors to investigate, including the male and female toilets
  49. [22:47:31] <RadishPhone> You didn't ask.
  50. [22:48:30] <RadishPhone> She didn't ask for yours, either.
  51. [22:48:34] <Larissa> "Hey, uh..." She begins, before realising she has no idea what to call the ghost. Leaving her main question for later, she settles on saying, "Hey, ghost chick. What's your name, anyway?"
  52. [22:49:31] <RadishPhone> She appears. "Call me Alex."
  53. [22:50:39] * DJ decides to remain silent for the moment and let Larissa talk this out and what have you. Proooooobably still a bit unnerved by ghosts and such.
  54. [22:52:10] <Larissa> "Alright, Alex. I'm Larissa, by the way. The current apprentice of the Loveless family."
  55. [22:52:36] <Larissa> "Do you know if that glove in there's some stupid important thing we need, or does this place usually deathtrap useless stuff?"
  56. [22:56:09] <RadishPhone> " see an entire room trapped like that..."
  57. [22:56:46] <RadishPhone> "I'd say it's likely necessary or helpful."
  58. [22:58:17] <RadishPhone> "I'm not alive, though, so don't take my judgment calls too carefully."
  59. [22:58:29] <Larissa> "Alright... well, we can go back for it, if we need to."
  60. [22:59:22] <RadishPhone> She nods and disappears
  61. [22:59:47] <Larissa> "Maybe there's something we could use to disarm traps... more... safely than just with pliers and wirecutters..."
  62. [23:00:20] * Larissa cautiously makes her way to the next door, searching it (and anything along the way, given how fucking trapped the previous room they just saw was) for more traps.
  63. [23:00:34] <Larissa> (inb4 alex is actually a boy, and is just another trap)
  64. [23:01:44] <RadishPhone> I'm assuming you mean not a bathroom. In which case it's locked.
  65. [23:01:56] <Larissa> (yeah, the other office door)
  66. [23:02:43] <RadishPhone> And there's also a door near another turn in the hallway and a red web
  67. [23:04:45] <DJ> "Locked again? Alright, lemme at it." DJ actually remembers his key ring this time, and starts trying them out.
  68. [23:05:30] <RadishPhone> None of them fit. :/
  69. [23:08:18] * DJ matches Josh's :/ face and puts the keys away. "Nothing going. Is there anyplace else?"
  70. [23:08:20] * Larissa looks to see if the door hinges are on the inside or outside of the door (eg if she can reach them or not).
  71. [23:08:53] <RadishPhone> You can reach them.
  72. [23:09:02] <Larissa> "We could just take it off its hinges."
  73. [23:09:26] * Larissa gets out her screwdriver~
  74. [23:10:40] <RadishPhone> Roll, uh.
  75. [23:10:44] <RadishPhone> ...
  76. [23:10:53] <Larissa> (charm)
  77. [23:10:57] <Larissa> (to convince it to come off properly)
  78. [23:11:33] <DJ> Probably speed, because dexterity
  79. [23:11:48] <RadishPhone> Uh, let's say speed, yeah.
  80. [23:12:43] <Larissa> 1d100 i got this
  81. [23:12:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, i got this: 18 [1d100=18]
  82. [23:12:46] * Larissa got this.
  83. [23:13:01] <RadishPhone> Off they come~
  84. [23:13:06] <Larissa> (lewd)
  85. [23:13:17] <RadishPhone> ~
  86. [23:13:52] <RadishPhone> Now what?
  87. [23:14:39] * Larissa tries to remove the door. Safely and cautiously. Who knows what death traps lie on the other side!
  88. [23:14:52] <RadishPhone> Body.
  89. [23:15:09] <DJ> "Hey hey, not by yourself, in your condition." He goes in to help.
  90. [23:15:33] <RadishPhone> Both body.
  91. [23:15:50] <DJ> 1d100 Both of our bodies, together?
  92. [23:15:50] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, Both of our bodies, together?: 38 [1d100=38]
  93. [23:16:19] <RadishPhone> Your body was ready.
  94. [23:16:21] <Larissa> 1d100 lewd
  95. [23:16:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, lewd: 98 [1d100=98]
  96. [23:16:28] <DJ> (That is actually a stellar roll if I don't have penalty[ies].)
  97. [23:16:37] <Larissa> (it's ok, i just fucked it up)
  98. [23:16:53] <RadishPhone> Her body wasn't
  99. [23:18:19] <RadishPhone> You manage to pull the door out, but when you move it to set it aside
  100. [23:19:30] <RadishPhone> Larissa drops her half of it and it hits her foot. Owwww
  101. [23:19:30] <Larissa> 1d100 endure pain: i shan't scream in pain
  102. [23:19:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, endure pain: i shan't scream in pain: 91 [1d100=91]
  103. [23:19:31] <Anise> (yes you shall)
  104. [23:19:48] <Larissa> "Ow, fuck!"
  105. [23:21:31] * Larissa leans on the wall or something, to avoid putting weight on her now wounded foot D:
  106. [23:21:31] * DJ is startled by the outburst and sudden shift of weight. "Shit! Dammit, what the hell did I tell you about doing heavy shit? You don't wanna live in a jar too, do you?"
  107. [23:22:18] <Larissa> "I'm not going to die from a foot injury."
  108. [23:23:18] <DJ> "And how are you donn't run away from shit with a foot injury? You should be lucky all you did was hurt your foot. This thing ain't light."
  109. [23:23:27] <DJ> Uh
  110. [23:23:28] <DJ> *gonna?
  111. [23:23:39] <DJ> How did
  112. [23:23:40] <DJ> Whatever
  113. [23:23:57] <Larissa> "Run away from what?"
  114. [23:24:42] <DJ> "Falling spikes. Spiked walls on wheels. Demons. Crumbling floors."
  115. [23:25:43] <RadishPhone> Spiked floors
  116. [23:25:49] <Larissa> "Never show weakness to a demon. They'll take advantage of it."
  117. [23:26:36] <DJ> "And now they're gonna see your foot's fucked up and know you're already too weak to get away."
  118. [23:29:26] <RadishPhone> Well
  119. [23:29:33] <Larissa> "Anyway, is there anything in there, or did I hurt my foot for nothing?"
  120. [23:29:49] <RadishPhone> Beyond the door is another office
  121. [23:30:04] <RadishPhone> roll notice and MAGE SIGHT
  122. [23:30:16] <Larissa> 1d100 maybe this time i'll actually succeed a mage sight check?!
  123. [23:30:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, maybe this time i'll actually succeed a mage sight check?!: 45 [1d100=45]
  124. [23:30:19] <DJ> 1d100 Time to fail my best skill
  125. [23:30:19] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, Time to fail my best skill: 53 [1d100=53]
  126. [23:30:24] <DJ> Or not.
  127. [23:30:28] <Larissa> (holy shit i... still failed)
  128. [23:32:37] <RadishPhone> Larissa roll notice too
  129. [23:33:28] <Larissa> 1d100 notice
  130. [23:33:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, notice: 44 [1d100=44]
  131. [23:33:40] <Larissa> (aw yeah i get +1 notice)
  132. [23:33:52] <Larissa> (oh wait)
  133. [23:33:54] <Larissa> (only in major checks)
  134. [23:33:57] <Larissa> (i keep forgetting that part)
  135. [23:34:14] <Larissa> (aori i dont suppose a skeleton can spontaneously attack me mid-check and-oh)
  136. [23:35:30] <AoriPhone> Hi!
  137. [23:35:35] <Larissa> hi
  138. [23:35:52] <DJ> [00:31] <Larissa> 1d100 notice
  139. [23:35:52] <DJ> [00:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, notice: 44 [1d100=44]
  140. [23:35:52] <DJ> [00:31] <Larissa> (aw yeah i get +1 notice)
  141. [23:35:52] <DJ> [00:31] <Larissa> (oh wait)
  142. [23:35:52] <DJ> [00:31] <Larissa> (only in major checks)
  143. [23:35:52] <DJ> [00:31] <Larissa> (i keep forgetting that part)
  144. [23:35:52] <DJ> [00:32] * RadishPhone has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
  145. [23:35:52] <DJ> [00:32] <Larissa> (aori i dont suppose a skeleton can spontaneously attack me mid-check and-oh)
  146. [23:37:09] <AoriPhone> Another office, as I may have said before. There's a shiny on one of the desks! Looks like a key! But...
  147. [23:37:32] <DJ> How many wires?
  148. [23:37:40] <AoriPhone> there's also a glory thing
  149. [23:37:46] <AoriPhone> Glowy
  150. [23:37:54] <AoriPhone> like Alex was
  151. [23:38:07] <AoriPhone> but red instead of blue
  152. [23:39:55] <AoriPhone> Alex speaks. "that's....she's the one who killed me!"
  153. [23:42:38] <AoriPhone> "Don't let her get hold of you, or you're gone!"
  154. [23:43:46] <DJ> "You fucking had to ask what we might have to run away from, didn't you. Can we uh... Hurt it?"
  155. [23:44:17] <Larissa> "There's a chance my fire might hurt it, but we've been relying too much on the flashlight for me to try that now."
  156. [23:45:50] <AoriPhone> "No, you can't remove her, and she can't be reasoned with, I tried."
  157. [23:46:15] <DJ> 1d100 taking a hunch
  158. [23:46:16] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, taking a hunch: 31 [1d100=31]
  159. [23:46:28] <DJ> Fucking really
  160. [23:46:52] <AoriPhone> "she's missing part of her body, which is likely what's driving her mad."
  161. [23:47:45] <DJ> "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to keep this thing occupied while you got the key."
  162. [23:49:40] <DJ> "You think it might be her hand that's missing? All I see is a blur, yanno."
  163. [23:49:41] <Larissa> "No, you probably wouldn't. You don't even have any defense against magical attacks."
  164. [23:50:20] <Larissa> "Let's get out of here, and maybe look for its missing bodypart or something, before it tries to eat us."
  165. [23:51:11] <DJ> "I'm thinking, maybe that glove will do it."
  166. [23:51:17] <AoriPhone> "she's probably like me and can't leave her main body."
  167. [23:51:30] <Larissa> "Maybe."
  168. [23:51:55] <Larissa> "Do you know what's missing?" She asks Alex.
  169. [23:53:52] <AoriPhone> "It's foggy, because I was so scared, I think. She was missing...two...limbs? Yeah..."
  170. [23:54:48] <DJ> "Whole limbs? ...How did it kill you?"
  171. [23:55:35] <AoriPhone> "I guess you'd call it magic..."
  172. [23:56:57] <Larissa> "I don't want to ask what killed her."
  173. [23:57:05] <Larissa> "Are you sure you want to go into the death trap room?"
  174. [23:57:59] <DJ> "I think it might be worth it, thinking back on it. Somehow. Call it a hunch."
  175. [23:58:00] <AoriPhone> "Yeah, I'd...rather not share."
  176. [23:58:34] <Larissa> "Well, it's your choice."
  177. [23:58:47] <Larissa> "If you die, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to save you from this place, though."
  178. [23:58:49] <DJ> "We haven't really come across anything that's been guarded to mess with us, you know?"
  179. [23:59:26] <DJ> "I'm going back for that glove." he goes off without further ado.
  180. [23:59:44] <AoriPhone> Doin it?
  181. [23:59:59] <DJ> Yup. Time for some careful steps, mang
  182. [00:00:11] <AoriPhone> using your hunch to get to the gloves?
  183. [00:00:24] <DJ> Since it easily passes a speed check, yep.
  184. [00:02:27] <AoriPhone> You have sexy gloves. Now roll to get back through.
  185. [00:02:57] <DJ> 1d100 Here goes nothing!
  186. [00:02:58] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, Here goes nothing!: 84 [1d100=84]
  187. [00:03:02] <DJ> WOO
  188. [00:03:13] <AoriPhone> WOO
  189. [00:04:52] <Larissa> (if it's a deathtrap, aori, larissa might react to it :v )
  190. [00:05:35] <AoriPhone> Okay, so, you lose your footing as you go off a desk, stumbling into a mess of wires
  191. [00:05:58] <AoriPhone> THWIP THWIP THWIP
  192. [00:06:25] <AoriPhone> Larissa can hear them all triggering from outside.
  193. [00:08:02] <Larissa> "Shit, move!" Since DJ's too off balance to dodge, she decides to move him for him. Time to tackle a dude out of the way. Hopefully as far out of the way as possible, and hopefully with both of them getting out of the way. Also, she has a wounded (and so far uninspected) foot, and if the deathtraps are anything like the other ones, she has to outrun gravity.
  194. [00:08:07] <Larissa> does that count as 'impossible'?
  195. [00:08:30] <AoriPhone> YES
  196. [00:08:33] <AoriPhone> GO
  197. [00:08:35] <AoriPhone> FOR
  198. [00:08:36] <AoriPhone> IT
  199. [00:08:41] <Larissa> sweet. Larissa's good at that kind of stuff.
  200. [00:09:11] <Larissa> 1d100 what the fuck am i even rolling anyway, i dont even know
  201. [00:09:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, what the fuck am i even rolling anyway, i dont even know: 31 [1d100=31]
  202. [00:09:24] <Larissa> (if that fails, i'll swap it. if swapping it fails too, i'm rerolling it instead. >:o )
  203. [00:09:52] <AoriPhone> Swapping that would pass like qnuthing
  204. [00:10:03] <Larissa> what's a qnuthing
  205. [00:10:04] <AoriPhone> *anything
  206. [00:10:28] <Larissa> ok, i am charming DJ out of the way
  207. [00:10:31] <Larissa> with my body, it's a very physical charm
  208. [00:10:37] <Larissa> and invoking my noble to make it work
  209. [00:11:26] <Larissa> (more seriously, my dodge is 15% so swapping that should succeed)
  210. [00:11:39] <AoriPhone> Write your fluff. There's guillotine and sawblades and shit
  211. [00:13:52] <AoriPhone> I'd write it bit phone keys.
  212. [00:13:59] <Larissa> Larissa runs into the room, giving no shits about wounded feet or death traps, and literally tackles Dave to the far side of the room, where hopefully no deathtraps will reach.
  213. [00:14:01] <AoriPhone> *but
  214. [00:14:20] <AoriPhone> ~
  215. [00:14:28] <DJ> ("Hey, I'm not even on the same side of the wall!")
  216. [00:15:13] <AoriPhone> showing swing which woosh buzzzzz
  217. [00:15:20] <DJ> (...Though you know, my first initials are D and J)
  218. [00:15:29] <Larissa> (oops)
  219. [00:15:34] <Larissa> (shit i saved the wrong person)
  220. [00:15:43] <Larissa> (sorry don)
  221. [00:16:02] <Larissa> (you died so that dave might survive)
  222. [00:17:12] <AoriPhone> There's a bunch of lines in the room and deathtrap pieces strewn all over the floor.
  223. [00:17:17] <AoriPhone> it looks like
  224. [00:18:40] <AoriPhone> don triggered every digging wire in the room goddamn
  225. [00:18:51] <AoriPhone> *fugging
  226. [00:19:10] <Larissa> (digging is our new swear word)
  227. [00:19:17] <Bigwood> (go dig yourself)
  228. [00:19:22] <Bigwood> (dig yourself a huge hole)
  229. [00:19:31] <Larissa> (lewd)
  230. [00:19:34] <DJ> (More like a grave)
  231. [00:19:35] <AoriPhone> ;_;
  232. [00:19:43] <Larissa> (even more lewd)
  233. [00:21:00] <Larissa> "Fuck... are you okay?" Larissa very cautiously gets off of DJ, half-expecting to trigger another trap just by moving.
  234. [00:24:56] <AoriPhone> Roll me notice you two. Don seems okay, but jittery. ROLL ME VIOLENCE STRESS
  235. [00:25:08] <AoriPhone> roll roll roll
  236. [00:25:21] <DJ> 1d100 ogod
  237. [00:25:21] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, ogod: 50 [1d100=50]
  238. [00:25:26] <Larissa> 1d100 notice
  239. [00:25:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, notice: 19 [1d100=19]
  240. [00:25:32] <Larissa> 1d100 sanity
  241. [00:25:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, sanity: 1 [1d100=1]
  242. [00:25:33] <AoriPhone> four flipper rolls one two three four.
  243. [00:25:39] <DJ> 1d100 stress
  244. [00:25:40] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, stress: 56 [1d100=56]
  245. [00:25:42] <Larissa> (success success)
  246. [00:25:56] <AoriPhone> haha oh wow, that's awesome.
  247. [00:26:28] <AoriPhone> You both notice...
  248. [00:26:29] <DJ> Another really good notice, whee
  249. [00:26:43] <AoriPhone> that the air in here smells differwnt
  250. [00:26:53] <AoriPhone> *different
  251. [00:27:09] <Larissa> Different compared to outside, or different compared to pre-traps?
  252. [00:27:23] <AoriPhone> Both.
  253. [00:27:36] <Larissa> "We should leave. Now."
  254. [00:27:43] <DJ> Also I think I failed the violence? What was that against?
  255. [00:27:48] <Larissa> (mind)
  256. [00:27:52] <AoriPhone> mind
  257. [00:28:02] <DJ> Yeah I missed by 1 then
  258. [00:28:38] <AoriPhone> paralysis, flight, or RAGE
  259. [00:28:54] <DJ> Paralysis, because I had a thing written already
  260. [00:29:17] <AoriPhone> Onlyarissa notices, then
  261. [00:29:33] * DJ doesn't say anything, but he rolls onto his back once he's free. He inhales but can't seem to exhale. And again. "W...ind...knocked..."
  262. [00:29:34] <AoriPhone> *only Larissa
  263. [00:30:45] <DJ> his voice is very shallow, liek someone who's had the wind knocked out of them!
  264. [00:31:00] <DJ> *His, like :|
  265. [00:31:40] <DJ> Dave, type slower
  266. [00:31:51] <Larissa> Is the glove nearby? Also, does anything happen when you crit succeed a sanity check, I forget.
  267. [00:33:07] <AoriPhone> It's near, yeah.
  268. [00:33:25] <AoriPhone> and
  269. [00:33:50] <AoriPhone> if you have a suggestion
  270. [00:35:14] <AoriPhone> For sancrit
  271. [00:35:16] <Larissa> could remove a failed notch too or something, I dunno. I just can't remember if I've read something about it or not.
  272. [00:35:26] <AoriPhone> I'm all ears
  273. [00:37:28] <Larissa> Anyway, Larissa grabs the glove, and tries to help the winded DJ get the fuck out of the room before it blows up or something.
  274. [00:37:59] <Larissa> It's probably not a good thing to make someone walk around after they've got the wind knocked out of them, but it's an even worse thing to let them die in a fiery explosion, so, y'know.
  275. [00:39:34] <AoriPhone> Anyway, Don's in shock, you need a body check to determine how fast you get him up and nudged
  276. [00:40:03] <Larissa> 1d100 surely my luck streak will continue (inb4 nat100)
  277. [00:40:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, surely my luck streak will continue (inb4 nat100): 60 [1d100=60]
  278. [00:42:33] <AoriPhone> It takes a loopy of work to het him out, and when you get out you both feel your lungs hurting and light headed.
  279. [00:43:22] * Larissa closes the door behind her, once they get outside. That might keep whatever it is from contaminating the rest of the building that quickly.
  280. [00:43:28] <Bigwood> (I'm saving this log as 'Autocorrect Party' fyi)
  281. [00:43:59] <AoriPhone> Fuck you tree.
  282. [00:44:02] <Bigwood> <3
  283. [00:44:37] * DJ slumps to the floor as soon as he's let go.
  284. [00:45:07] * Larissa does just about the same, coughing and hoping coughing will get whatever it is out of her lungs.
  285. [00:45:26] * DJ hasn't been able to inhale for the duration D:
  286. [00:45:36] <DJ> Most of, anyhow
  287. [00:45:58] <Larissa> (to be fair, that's still a good reason for your lungs to hurt and for you to be lightheaded :v )
  288. [00:46:15] <AoriPhone> Don's not as bothered by it, yeah.
  289. [00:46:17] * DJ finally catches his breath not long after that, and insert the biggest exhale ever here.
  290. [00:46:33] <AoriPhone> but he got wind knocked out so yeah.
  291. [00:47:48] <Larissa> "I feel a little... sick..."
  292. [00:48:37] <AoriPhone> You kind of...wanna take a nap. Yeah, that sounds nice...
  293. [00:49:17] * DJ is staring at the ground, after sitting up against the wall. He's talking between deep breaths. "I told you... not... To do that kinda shit..."
  294. [00:49:20] <Larissa> Naps sound nice... going to sleep would be nice... she could just sort of wake up in her bed, and realise it was all some crazy dream.
  295. [00:49:49] <Larissa> 1d100 mind check: realise what a stupid fucking idea that'd be
  296. [00:49:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, mind check: realise what a stupid fucking idea that'd be: 60 [1d100=60]
  297. [00:50:44] * DJ looks over at Larissa. "Are you okay?"
  298. [00:51:10] <Larissa> "There was... some kind of gas... or something." Gotta fight sleep!
  299. [00:52:05] <Larissa> "We should probably get away from the door..." Moving around would keep her awake. She tries to get away from the door. Hopefully fresh air will somehow help.
  300. [00:54:17] <DJ> "Alright, uh..." He gets to his feet, finally having his breathing under control. His balance is a little off, but not enough that he can't function. "I see what you mean. Cmon, let's get somewhere else and figure out what to do now."
  301. [00:55:10] <AoriPhone> Uuuugh, it feels so hard to stay awake...
  302. [00:55:56] <AoriPhone> Body checks
  303. [00:56:19] <DJ> 1d100 you just want to check my body
  304. [00:56:20] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, you just want to check my body: 29 [1d100=29]
  305. [00:56:24] <Larissa> 1d100 lewd
  306. [00:56:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, lewd: 69 [1d100=69]
  307. [00:56:37] <Larissa> (i take my bow)
  308. [00:56:47] <Larissa> (campaign won.)
  309. [00:56:52] <AoriPhone> Larissa clonks slowly
  310. [00:56:53] <AoriPhone>
  311. [00:56:54] <Larissa> (sorry aori. you might have killed larissa off)
  312. [00:57:02] <Larissa> (but it was her victory)
  313. [00:57:44] <Bigwood> (Alright now you can kiss her she won't notice)
  314. [00:57:52] <Bigwood> (ever again)
  315. [00:59:41] <AoriPhone> We'll find out whether she's dead or alive next time
  316. [00:59:49] <AoriPhone> ~
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