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/vp/'s MS Paint Topics: The Second Generation!

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  1. /vp/'s MS Paint Topics: The Second Generation!
  3. [What are these topics?]
  4. This is a project being held on /vp/ to draw every single Pokemon in existence, one per day. Everyone is welcome to make an entry and post it. When the next topic is made, I (MSP Guy) add all the drawings to a pretty collage.
  6. For you newcomers, we've already covered the past 721 Pokemon and are currently working on the new batch that Alola has provided us.
  8. [Weren't you dead?]
  9. My threads cease when there is no work left to be done. My goal is to cover every official Pokemon, as well as redo a select few by popular demand.
  11. [Sweet! Can I join in?]
  12. Sure! Just make a quick drawing and post it! Simple as that!
  14. [When do these topics happen?]
  15. Each topic starts at 8 PM Eastern Time, and ends when the next topic starts (which is, again, 8 PM Eastern). In other words, each thread goes on for 24 hours. Please do not bump an old thread when a new one has begun - the time limit is there so /vp/ isn't flooded with my topics.
  17. As far as DST is concerned, the schedule does not change. It will remain 8 PM Eastern regardless of forward or backward clock movement. I will notify you before it happens.
  19. [How are the Pokemon selected?]
  20. I have a list that we'll been following. I've constructed it using http://randompokemon.com/ and adding them as I saw them - saving legendary Pokemon for every Saturday (which I've labeled Legendary Saturday). So they are essentially random. I do not manipulate the list outside of extreme circumstances. If you have to ask, you're better off not knowing.
  22. The contributors can also vote for older Pokemon to be recovered, which will then be held every Sunday.
  24. [Are there any rules?]
  25. Just a few common sense ones. Of course, all the rules of 4chan apply in the threads, but as for my project:
  26. 1. No pornography. If it's something a mod/janitor would delete, or something that would warrant the Mature Content Filter on DeviantArt, I will not accept it. If I do accept it, it will be heavily altered.
  27. 2. Your drawing must at least vaguely resemble the Pokemon of the day. So if today is, say, Bulbasaur, don't draw a Mewtwo and expect me to accept it. I've covered for it in the past, but not anymore. I do not mind small inaccuracies as a result of Hard Mode.
  28. 3. Your contribution must be your own work. If a quick Google search or other posters tell me it's from elsewhere, it will not be accepted.
  30. [What if I'm late? I was busy!]
  31. I understand that people have other obligations, but the threads have to keep moving. If we stalled, it would take forever. I don't mind the occasional late entry - they can be accepted and added to the archive version. However, the hard deadline is when the collage is added to DeviantArt. I will not accept any more entries after that, as it can cause problems with my statistics tracking. Don't make it a habit of being late!
  33. [But wait! These drawings aren't done in paint!]
  34. I started with MS Paint because it's simple and easy to use. Honestly, I did not expect most of the entries to have so much effort put in, so I'm really lax about it. You can use any art program you want! Though I'm keeping the name to avoid confusion.
  36. [When will this project be finished?]
  37. The most likely date for the project to end is March 30th, 2017.
  39. [Will you cover Fakemons/Fakedex/Fangames/etc?]
  40. This project is for official Pokemon only. If there's a good enough reason for it (such as MissingNo.) then it shall be. Otherwise, don't expect any fan-made Pokemon.
  42. [I can't post on 4chan! How will I send my contribution?]
  43. There are two ways to do so.
  44. 1. Upload it to DeviantArt and send me the link through there.
  45. OR
  46. 2. Upload it to any other image hosting site and send the link through DeviantArt.
  47. Be sure to get your entry in before the archive is updated!
  49. [My entry looks a little different!]
  50. Sometimes I make slight changes when putting them in the collage, such as connecting line breaks. This is so it doesn't look messy from when I move the image onto it. I try to make as little change as possible, but sometimes it cannot be helped. Do not worry, as the original remains untouched in the archive's imgur link.
  52. [My entry isn't in the collage!]
  53. This could be due to one of three reasons:
  54. 1. You didn't draw it. A simple google search showed me this.
  55. 2. It wasn't made before the deadline. (Hard deadline is when archive is updated)
  56. 3. I am a derp and forgot it.
  58. If you are in the third category, let me know in the next thread! There are a lot of images and it's sometimes hard to keep track of them all! I know I'm not perfect. I make a lot of mistakes. Don't be afraid to let me know what's going on!
  60. [Notice me, MSP-san!]
  61. I love you guys, but my threads are not about me. You get in, you draw Pokemon, and you talk/comment/laugh at others' contributions. We're (at least I'm not) not here for fame or glory (though admittedly some artists got their start in my threads!), so, really, don't mind me.
  63. Any other questions, feel free to ask in the thread. I will update the Pastebin if necessary.
  65. With that said, welcome to the project! For returning veterans, welcome back! Make your mark today!
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