MC-Market, Iiji's Bad Rep of Me is Inaccurate

PiggiesGoSqueal Apr 30th, 2019 18 Never
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  1. Well, if you saw the negative reputation given to me by Iiji (AKA Zahler on his old Discord account), he gave it to me because I gave him a negative reputation. Before that we had each given positive reputations toward each other when things were going smoothly.
  3. My Bad Reputation For Him:
  5. His Bad Reputation For Me:
  8. If you're not sure which side to believe, listen to both of our sides and determine for yourself. Here are some direct messages between us displaying different parts that prove his reputation post for me wrong:
  9. 1. His DM to me on MC-Market, providing his info that he's interested in buying my established server AND provided me with his Discord username/id so you know the pictures via Discord are legit. The rest of the pictures are a similar post on Discord then our brief chat afterwards. It's small but you can read it.
  10.   -
  11.   -
  12.   -
  13.   -
  14. 2. Proof that he paid me via Paypal $150. He DID pay me, I am not saying otherwise.
  15.   -
  16. 3. Proof that I suggested some stuff to him and noted that it is completely HIS choice, then him agreeing to add/keep those features. I did NOT force them upon him. That is shown clearly in these pictures.
  17.   - Me saying those words ^:
  19.   - Keeping the 2 highest staff members access to server console & files:
  21.   - Adding Custom Items on my last day as owner (WITH HIS permission & he fully approved of them):
  23.   - Asking if I could improve something and him 100% approving of it:
  25. 4. Proof of me giving him FULL ownership of everything and asking him to remove me from the stuff:
  26.  -
  27.   -
  28.   -
  29.   -
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