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  1. [00:56:12] * Henry strolls into the Lazing Slaking one day, looking around.
  2. [00:57:54] * Nephene 's back is turned as she's finishing washing the dishes. Business from the lunch rush seems to be over with.
  3. [00:57:56] <Henry> Notably, he's carrying his camera in his hands instead of slung over his shoulder.
  4. [00:58:23] <Henry> "Excuse me, Nephene?" he calls out, not venturing into the kitchen, but standing in the bar area.
  5. [00:58:57] <Nephene> "Hm?" The innkeeper looks over her shoulder. "Hello there, Henry. Another drink this time?"
  6. [00:59:30] <Henry> "Oh, no thank you. I was actually wondering if you could help me with a bit of a different service."
  7. [00:59:47] * Henry indicates his camera, which he sets on the bar, before lugging a large photo album there as well.
  8. [01:00:02] * Nephene towels off her hands, and pulls her sleeves back to their original length.
  9. [01:00:06] <Nephene> "...you want pictures?"
  10. [01:00:24] <Henry> "Yes. I've been attempting to take pictures of pokemon techniques for my album."
  11. [01:01:26] <Henry> "It's... not very large so far, but I plan to take as many as I can. Studying these moves can help myself and my pokemon to counter these techniques in future battles, and with time, I'll even be able to teach pokemon techniques directly from these pictures."
  12. [01:01:35] <Nephene> "Hm. Well, I only have Amon to help out right now. He's taking a break."
  13. [01:01:54] * Henry leafs open the album, showing her what he has right now. "If he doesn't mind, then he'd do splendidly."
  14. [01:02:26] <Henry> The moves in his album as of right now are: Faint Attack, Low Kick, Sand Attack, Leer, Secret Power, and Poison Jab.
  15. [01:02:57] <Henry> The pictures are of Bernard, Herbert, and the gigantic tentacruel from the beach.
  16. [01:03:24] <Henry> Interestingly enough, every single attack looks like it's aimed at Henry.
  17. [01:03:31] <Nephene> ".....um."
  18. [01:03:36] <Henry> "Hm?"
  19. [01:03:49] <Nephene> "Why is Bernard attacking -you-?"
  20. [01:05:17] <Henry> "It's for the positioning of the photograph. The attack needs to be clearly caught. And it actually has to be an attempt at an attack. If Bernard doesn't have a target, then the attack will be more half-hearted and it wouldn't be any use for studying, see? And unfortunately, to get both a clear photograph AND the correct bodylanguage necessary, the person with the camera has to be the
  21. [01:05:17] <Henry> target of the technique."
  22. [01:05:49] <Henry> "It's complicated, but I assure you that I am a professional and I can take my share of lumps."
  23. [01:05:52] <Nephene> "That's....that's pretty dangerous. Having him attack something else won't do?"
  24. [01:06:00] <Henry> He shakes his head.
  25. [01:06:09] <Henry> "The angle would be wrong."
  26. [01:06:58] <Nephene> "Well, the Flying Swellow style is unique in that it teaches ways to ensure the safety of the attacker."
  27. [01:07:20] <Nephene> "That's a big reason why it tends to disable, rather than, well, harm or kill."
  28. [01:07:28] <Henry> He nods.
  29. [01:07:40] <Nephene> "Amon! Break time's over! I've got a special job for you!"
  30. [01:07:57] <Nephene> The Riolu walks out of the massage parlor, growling but ultimately ready to work.
  31. [01:08:20] * Henry picks up his camera, moving to a relatively empty space.
  32. [01:08:33] <Henry> "I appreciate this, Nephene. You'll have to know how I may pay you back."
  33. [01:08:50] * Nephene smiles. "Just having you around is great."
  34. [01:09:05] <Nephene> "Right, then, Amon. You'll have to listen to Henry. He....wants to take your picture."
  35. [01:09:16] <Nephene> "He wants a picture of your best attacks."
  36. [01:10:15] <Henry> "Surely you don't mind, my good Riolu? Please, feel free, and don't worry about harming me."
  37. [01:10:45] <Nephene> "Hm."
  38. [01:10:58] <Nephene> "Well, I can help ease the pain a little."
  39. [01:11:13] <Nephene> "I know our fighting style well - it's easy enough to tell you where he'll hit and what you should defend."
  40. [01:11:19] * Henry nods.
  41. [01:11:43] <Nephene> "Worst comes to worst, I can ease the pain more directly," she says, stretching.
  42. [01:11:52] * Henry gets his camera ready.
  43. [01:11:58] <Henry> "I appreciate it very much."
  44. [01:12:02] <Nephene> "Watch your chin."
  45. [01:12:43] * Henry|Tanara attempts to heed this advice, but you know, action photo+ ensures the attack will hit. :3c
  46. [01:12:59] <Nephene> "Here we go! Show him that Sky Uppercut!"
  47. [01:13:55] <Nephene> The little Riolu runs, and just as Neph advised, hits Henry right in the chin with a powerful flying uppercut! The blow contains enough force to send the photographer staggering back a couple of meters.
  48. [01:14:06] * Henry interrupts with Action Photo+! +1 Photo of Sky Uppercut! -1 successful photo.
  49. [01:14:18] * Henry staggers, but the camera flashes.
  50. [01:14:39] <Nephene> (( 56 fighting damage. ))
  51. [01:14:56] <Henry> (kk)
  52. [01:14:58] * Henry checks the photo as it comes out and develops in the light.
  53. [01:15:06] <Henry> "...Excellent, yes. That's one."
  54. [01:15:16] * Henry doesn't seem too badly hurt.
  55. [01:15:24] <Cleff> (you need to roll for action photo don't you)
  56. [01:15:28] <Henry> A little blood is running down his chin.
  57. [01:15:37] <Nephene> "He knows a couple of counterattacks. One isn't too bad, but another requires some participation."
  58. [01:15:39] <Henry> (I'm actually using successes I've already rolled. :B)
  59. [01:15:49] <Henry> "Oh?"
  60. [01:16:12] * Henry calmly removes a red handerchief and wipes his mouth with it.
  61. [01:16:19] <Nephene> "That is to say, he actually needs to be -attacked-."
  62. [01:16:53] * Nephene goes back to the counter, and retrieves a towel and a basic first-aid kit. Something tells her that she's going to need quite a few bandages.
  63. [01:17:39] * Henry|Tanara shoulders the camera carefully, and removes a pocketwatch from his breast pocket, checking the time before closing it and grasping it firmly in his hand, rattling the chain a little.
  64. [01:17:51] <Henry|Tanara> "I'm afraid this is the only implement I have... but it should do."
  65. [01:18:13] * Henry|Tanara moves forward and attempts to strike Amon with the chain.
  66. [01:18:26] <Nephene> "Watch your gut!"
  67. [01:19:09] * Henry|Tanara gets ready!
  68. [01:19:52] <Nephene> The Riolu acts quickly, stopping the chain with his left paw, and delivering a straight punch to the gut with his free hand. It's a perfect example of a Counter attack, but thankfully isn't too bad.
  69. [01:20:03] <Nephene> (( I don't have a damage value for the chain. :B ))
  70. [01:21:41] <Henry> Flash! The camera goes off again. "Hrk."
  71. [01:21:46] <Henry> (Sorry, I thought it missed. :3c)
  72. [01:22:00] <Nephene> (( Ah, well. ))
  73. [01:23:08] <Henry> (How much?)
  74. [01:23:13] <Henry> (What's his defense? :3c)
  75. [01:23:32] * Henry waits for the picture to develop, and has a look at it. "...Yes, this will do nicely." he sets it aside.
  76. [01:23:38] <Nephene> (( 7. ))
  77. [01:23:42] <Henry> "Thankfully I've brought extra film today."
  78. [01:23:47] <Henry> (So I take 6 damage total)
  79. [01:24:03] <Nephene> "....okay, that one wasn't too bad."
  80. [01:24:11] <Nephene> "I -think- you may want to take a break, though."
  81. [01:24:23] <Henry> "Mm, yes, I probably should."
  82. [01:24:44] * Henry sits down for a moment, catching his breath. "Thank you for the help, Amon! I highly appreciate it. You're a strong one."
  83. [01:24:58] <Nephene> "....this still seems so -odd- to me, I have to admit."
  84. [01:25:12] <Nephene> "Perfection requires effort.....and effort can be painful."
  85. [01:27:31] * Henry nods. "I wish it wasn't this difficult, but so it is."
  86. [01:27:55] * Nephene sighs. "Need some help?"
  87. [01:28:21] <Henry> "Please."
  88. [01:28:43] <Henry> He sets aside his camera for the moment.
  89. [01:28:57] * Nephene strolls over to Henry, and takes a seat immediately behind him. "Just lean back and relax, then."
  90. [01:29:07] * Henry leans back, then.
  91. [01:31:12] <Nephene> She simply eases the pain in the shoulders, allowing the feelings of relaxation to flow to the problem areas - namely, the chin and the stomach. The wounds and bruises don't go away, but the pain is definitely dulled.
  92. [01:31:29] <Nephene> When she's done, she simply hands Henry a bandage.
  93. [01:32:55] <Henry> "And once again, I find myself submitting to your delicate, but firm and focused touch. It's certainly pleasant, at least.
  94. [01:33:08] * Henry takes the bandage gratefully.
  95. [01:33:16] <Henry> "Thank you."
  96. [01:33:41] * Henry bandages the place that was bleeding.
  97. [01:33:47] <Nephene> "The bleeding is something I can't do much about. Scrapes and cuts are fine, but I imagine that you need to see a doctor more than most."
  98. [01:35:06] * Henry waves it off. "It's fine, really. I heal quickly."
  99. [01:35:44] <Henry> "You've already done well by me."
  100. [01:35:50] <Henry> "And I thank you for it."
  101. [01:36:00] <Henry> He stands, taking the photos and adding them to his album, marking places for them.
  102. [01:36:01] <Nephene> "Well, just as long as you know that I can't replace a doctor."
  103. [01:36:09] <Henry> "Of course."
  104. [01:36:17] <Nephene> "Maybe we can do this again later and safer."
  105. [01:36:25] <Nephene> "Amon's definitely capable of great things."
  106. [01:36:36] <Henry> "I hope so! And he certainly is. You as well."
  107. [01:36:43] <Henry> He shuts the book with a smile.
  108. [01:36:54] <Nephene> "....you know, you should -probably- get some safety equipment before you do something like this again."
  109. [01:36:57] <Henry> "And perhaps I will find a way to repay the favor sometime."
  110. [01:36:59] <Nephene> "Some simple padded armor or -something-."
  111. [01:37:07] <Henry> "Ah, yes."
  112. [01:37:22] <Henry> "I've been considering visiting Arawn, the smith, but he seems to be in a strange mood."
  113. [01:37:35] <Nephene> "If nothing else, we can attach pillows to your body."
  114. [01:38:36] <Nephene> She slaps her forehead. "I probably should have thought of this earlier."
  115. [01:39:20] * Henry laughs.
  116. [01:39:20] <Nephene> "Let me know the next time you do this, and I'll get a few out of the closet."
  117. [01:39:31] <Henry> "It's quite alright. Thank you anyway. Yes, that would be wonderful."
  118. [01:39:37] <Nephene> ".....though it probably won't work for the more dangerous things! Do you work with -fire- attacks, too?"
  119. [01:39:48] <Nephene> "Or the more mental ones...."
  120. [01:40:00] <Nephene> "Or ones involving sharp implements, and....oh, dear."
  121. [01:40:04] <Nephene> "Why -do- you do this?"
  122. [01:41:03] <Henry> "Various reasons. To aide my pokemon, to fulfill a hobby, to train my body to withstand blows, and to improve my skills as a photographer."
  123. [01:41:24] <Nephene> "As long as you recognize your limits...."
  124. [01:41:26] <Henry> "It's quite enjoyable, aside from the inevitable pain."
  125. [01:41:30] <Nephene> "Just....be safe, okay? Please?"
  126. [01:41:40] * Henry nods. "...Thank you for your concern."
  127. [01:42:36] <Henry> "It's good to see at least someone's worried about poor Henry and his odd hobbies." he chuckles.
  128. [01:42:45] <Henry> "But such is the life of the best photographers."
  129. [01:43:03] <Nephene> "I don't want to see anyone stitching you back together."
  130. [01:44:13] <Henry> "I'll be careful, I promise you."
  131. [01:44:49] <Henry> "I'll see Arawn about that armor as soon as my wallet and his mood allow for it."
  132. [01:49:02] <Henry> "In any case, thank you very much for your help. Please let me know if I can repay you, and both of you take care!"
  133. [01:49:06] * Henry tips his hat.
  134. [01:49:34] <Nephene> "I'll see what I can do. Take care, Henry."
  135. [01:51:18] <Henry> He heads out.
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