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  1. {"description":"Self Assignable Roles: |\n:video_game: <@&642138532084711424>\nGains access to <#642141995636228106> channel\n\n:art: <@&642138465668169740>\nGains access to <#642538929651974184> channel\n\n:tv: <@&642138275074670592>\nCan post your own videos in <#641597058825977872> and <#641596605585424384>\n\n:soccer: <@&642138620399976480>\nGains access to <#642141825020198924> channel\n\n:peach: <@&642518727904198663>\nGains access to <#641597270692855818> channel\n\n:headphones: <@&643546557290905601>\nGains access to play music in <#641681324691685377> channel\n---------------------------\nClick on the reactions below to give yourself these roles.","color":9442302}
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